E-Waste Recyclers Like No Other


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To resolve this global issue, the US has taken its part of the job and has started writing and implementing laws that will require companies to recycle cell phones, computers, and other gadgets.

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E-Waste Recyclers Like No Other

  1. 1. Recycling: An Earth Worker Through and Through!E-Waste Recyclers Like No Other!We live in a world where technology is preponderant and booms without reprieve. Yet,the consequences are far from being beneficial- both to humanity and to the Earth in itsentirety. In the advent of higher-end electronic contraptions, more and more of ourold appliance and devices get sent to the local dumpsite or are discarded in the coldestof trash bins. This often leads to toxic pollution brought about by the breaking down ofelectronic parts and harmful chemicals. They can penetrate our soil and water reservoirsand contaminate them. Such a big problem to solve! Image Credit: www.treehugger.comTo resolve this global issue, the US has taken its part of the job and has started writingand implementing laws that will require companies to recycle cell phones, computers,and other gadgets. This is a straightforward action to lessen the amount of e-wastesthreatening to destabilize the earth’s ecological balance.According to National Geographic.com:“In the United States, it’s estimated that 4 million tons of e-waste gets dumped inlandfills every year, based on reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).U.S. dismantlers are much more closely regulated, although American companies andcities have long been accused of shipping material–and thus their toxic burden–overseas.”
  2. 2. The implication of this is that we should be an advocate of Earth’s healthy state andcontinue to be e-waste recyclers through and through. Here are several simple benefitsof e-recycling:1. Conservation of our resources. Contrary to popular notion, there are still highlyvaluable resources like plastic, gold, copper, aluminum and iron which can still berecovered from used, old, or broken devices. To preserve our natural resources, theyneed to be recycled and reused. For Pete’s sake! A healthy planet is such a gloriousreward for such small actions.2. Creation of new jobs. E-recycling not only benefits the environment, it can alsopave the way for people to have better lives by having a highly sustainable jobs. Wecan’t wait for the professional electronics refurbishing industry to boom and become theindustry to beat in the millennium. Imagine how it can create a profitable market for thepeople who want cheaper yet fully functional devices.3. Buy-back for customers. Not only do consumers get busloads of cash for theirgadgets, the manufacturing companies will also have a continuous supply of rawmaterials. This means, that the firms will no longer have to exploit our natural resources.4. Energy efficiency. Another amazing benefit of the e-waste recycling is thesignificant reduction of energy requirements. We are pretty sure that recycling e-wastesand turning them into useful stuff costs less than mining and processing new materialsfrom soil and other resources. It also reduces air pollution, the greenhouse gas emission,and too much dependence on fossil fuels and oil.This all boils down to our care for the environment and our care for our children andgrandchildren: May we all be good stewards of God’s creation.Source: http://indiscerniblegeek.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/recyle-cell-phones-earth-worker-through-and-through/