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Qatar Foundation Telegraph jan13

  1. 1. CelebRATinG iSlAmiC ThoUGhT Qatar faculty of islamic stuDies is working to highlight the contributions of some of the worlD’s most celebrateD muslim scholars. finD out more on page 4 issue 24 thursDay 13 JAnUARy 2011Education LeaderShape course teaches EC students that anyone can become a leaderLearning to leadDozeNs of students have successfully One segment of the course was Starcompleted the latest LeaderShape Power, which introduced students toprogram, a course essentially designed the nature of power, how wealth influ-to instil integrity into the potential ences power, and the fine line betweenleaders of tomorrow. using power to influence or abuse oth- The program is now in its fifth year Qatar Foundation and has seen 240 Students were also told about visionEducation City students pass through processing and came up with bothits doors. manageable and improbable visions, Curt Kenoyer, Assistant Director finally walking away with a blueprintfor Campus Life at Education Divi- of how to think in realistic terms.sion’s Office of Faculty and Student Dana Atrach, 19, studies commu-Services, explained the aims of the nications at Northwestern Universitycourse when he told QF Telegraph: in Qatar. “I see myself as a leader but“It’s about getting students to recog- there is always space to grow and younize their impact on others and make can always improve yourself; the moredecisions that have a positive impact you improve the more you can im-on the world and those around them, prove the community.whether it’s their personal or their “I think the most important thing Iwork environment.” learned was that a leader needs to have Mohammed Al-Kubaisi, a 22-year- a vision as that’s what motivates you.old Qatari who studies petroleum en- A lot of people can say they want togineering at Texas A&M University at do something but how many of thoseQatar, said he applied for the Leader- people turn their words into actions?”Shape program as he wanted to im- Kenoyer said he believed Leader-prove his leadership skills. Shape will help undergraduate stu- He said: “I learned many things like dents, who came from the variousintegrity and the value of communi- universities at Education City, latercation. I got to know new people and in life.their habits and how to deal with them “I think they walked away from the world: team-working, communicat- a leader, anyone can be a leader at The six-day course, which tookand how I can get a vision for the fu- program with a better understand- ing a vision and so on,” he said. any place. It leaves students with the place from 3 to 8 January, was held atture.” ing of themselves and what their “Leadership is presented as some- impression that they can make an im- Al Sultan Beach Resort in Al Khor so This year, 100 students applied for strengths and weaknesses are - and a thing that is done with others. The pact, and gives them the skills to take as to take the participants away fromone of the 67 places on the course. lot of aspects of how they relate to the students were told that no one is born action and make a difference.” their daily lives. Women’s center New Qatar Academy playground Don’t miss the fifth in our milestones n Georgetown University School of Foreign supplement n Qatar Academy students are documenting the restoration of their Service in Qatar recently launched a center dedicated to supporting its female student series insiDe play area through photography. The new recreation area is currently undergoing major refurbishment to house more equipment and body. Read more about its services on page 5. this eDition provide shading in summer. Read more about the project on page 3.
  2. 2. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 2 News Thursday 13 January 2011 Write to us: coming up 10 february Human Resources Center will help employees live up to their full potential life without limbs n education Division’s office of Faculty & Student Services and HR launches assessment center hoPe Qatar Center for Children QATAr fouNDATioN’s Human Re- role plays and case studies. Each as- help individuals and groups reach sors are being trained to take on a with Special needs are bringing sources (HR) Directorate is poised to sessment will take a day to complete. their full potential through scientific higher load as QF is growing at an nick Vujicic, popularly known launch a center dedicated to assessing “One of QF’s main objectives is to means,” said Ghanim Al Naimi, Di- incredible pace, Al Naimi added. as ‘the man without limbs’, to employees’ competency levels and achieve competitive advantage by al- rector of Talent Sourcing & Develop- education City. helping to screen applicants. locating right and qualified personnel ment. Competencies he will deliver a talk on 10 Assessments will be used to further to the right jobs and develop them for “We have been working on the February at 5pm in the Student the training and development of QF the future. Having a well-designed launch of the center for nearly a year. Center to motivate the Qatar staff to help them take up higher re- assessment and development center We realized the need to train dedi- Foundation community to aspire sponsibilities and key positions. They is an extremely effective method to cated staff to assess employees from n The center builds on the existing for more and overcome challenges could also help identify employees’ A to Z rather than hiring a third party competency framework, which by developing the right attitude. readiness for a promotion or job ro- to do so. We will be saving a huge outlines five core competencies Drawing from life experience, tation. »As the center is the first amount of money by internalizing everyone in the organization should he will describe how he was born Scheduled to open at the end of of its kind in Qatar, once the process. possess, plus another four to five job- without hands and legs and yet still this month, the Assessment & De- again QF stands out with “As the center is the first of its kind specific competencies. became a successful entrepreneur. velopment Center employs three as- the fact that it is moving in Qatar, once again QF stands out Despite the obstacles he faced in sessors who have been certified by with the fact that it is moving towards The five core competencies are: life, Vujicic obtained a double major the British Psychological Society, the towards having the best having the best HR practices, without 1) Client orientation bachelor’s degree and is now living representative body for psychology in HR practices, without external interventions on a regular 2) Collaborating for Success his dream of motivating millions of the UK. external interventions on basis.” 3) Planning & organizing people worldwide. They will assess employees or ap- The Assessment & Development 4) Problem Solving “nick encourages audiences to plicants through a series of activities, a regular basis.« Center will initially cater to up to six 5) Self Development reach for their goals, and not allow including personality and ability tests, people a day. However, more asses- their fears to dictate their future,” said Rajeev mathew Thomas, Founding member of hoPe Qatar and Senior business Planning Space Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, speaks at the launch of Space pioneer inspires scientists in Qatar Specialist, Strategic Planning Directorate at Qatar Foundation. “he coaches today’s young to understand that everyone is significant. The power of a positive Buzz AlDriN, the second human be- sign of life, no atmosphere and total attitude can be taught. nick ing to set foot on the Moon, gave an blackness beyond the sunlit terrain.” encourages his audiences to look inspiring talk at the launch of Qsci- He added that just as his team led beyond their circumstances and, the digital publishing por- the world in human space explora- move on to the next level.” tal for research journals developed tion, Qatar is venturing forward in by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation new frontiers of scientific research. To register and for more Journals launched last month. “Your work and the excitement of information, please visit The portal publishes peer- new research findings in the areas reviewed research papers freely of biomedical, engineering, com- available to all. It currently hosts puting and aerospace programs six scholarly journals, covering the have the potential to advance man- ConTACT US subject areas of cardiology, infor- kind in magnificent ways that may mation & librarian studies, engi- impact our everyday lives,” he said. communication Directorate rima ismail, neering, education, healthcare and “I encourage your exchange and +974 4454 0960 ghada saade, Islamic studies. interaction with scientists in your +974 4454 0961 Aldrin shared the experiences of own fields and cross-disciplines to his trip, describing the moments find solutions to the challenges hu- eDitorial Publisher following The Eagle’s landing to manity faces today. It is by working philip fenton an audience of 600 delegates at the together that we can achieve bold Group editor Qatar Foundation Annual Research outcomes that can transform the melissa sleiman, +974 4454 0954 Forum 2010. future. He said two contrasting words “You may work toward your Senior writer anealla safdar came to his mind as he set foot on goals ‘not because they are easy, but the moon: magnificent desolation. because they are hard’ as Kennedy Senior writer richard harris “It was a ‘magnificent’ accom- once described the moon mission. Design plishment for man to harness the You may encounter obstacles and Creative Director technology to set foot on another face significant challenges. But with fred Dittlau world for the first time,” recalled a united effort, you can achieve Designer mohammad marei Aldrin. “And yet the ‘desolation’ great things and set your sights of the lunar landscape showed no upon the stars.”Health conference to tackle diabetes Vodafone Qatar raises money for parksn A collaboration including Qatar Diabetes Association will be n Vodafone Qatar announced that to date it has raised morehosting the first international American Association for Clinical than QR 2.2 million that will go towards building public parks inendocrinologist conference on diabetes, obesity and endocrine Qatar. The money was raised as part of Vodafone’s local callingdisease in the Gulf. The conference, which will be held from 14 promotion ‘Get Together’, which was launched in August thisto 16 January, has invited international speakers from harvard year. The commitment saw Vodafone put 1 dirham towardsmedical School and from the Gulf as guest speakers. public parks for every local call a customer made.
  3. 3. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 13 January 2011Write to us: News 3 Football Tournament aims to bring harmony ROTA brings children’s street soccer to Qatar reACH ouT To Asia (ROTA) and the The popularity of football, espe- Asian Football Confederation (AFC) cially within the region, means the have signed a deal to bring street soc- game provides an opportunity to cer school challenges to Doha. raise issues and awareness. The competition, called Dream “Football is not only a game. The Asia School Challenge, will culminate more you immerse yourself in off- in semi-final and final matches on 27 field activities, the more you discover and 28 January. Children aged six to how much you can do, through foot- 17 will play the tournaments during ball, to change the world,” said Bin the last week of January at the Fan- Hammam.Debate First time for ABP debaters on the international stage zone in Aspire Park. His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin The partnership is designed to Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, theABP enters debut debate bring communities, which often lead President of the Qatar Local Organ- separate lives in Qatar, together. izing Committee of the AFC, added, “AFC Dream Asia will benefit the “The School Challenge aims to cre- communities of Qatar by encourag- ate a harmonization and integritysix sTuDeNTs from Academic Bridge ABP Debate Club, said he and the rest lost two and had six split decisions. ing unity through sporting activity,” among individuals of different cat-Program (ABP) proved they have what of the team had learnt a lot. Of the debates the teams won, the said Essa Al Mannai, ROTA’s Acting egories, genders and cultural back-it takes when they flew to Malaysia for He said: “The event gave the team a motions were ‘This house would allow Director. “Through football and ed- ground within Qatar society.”an international debating competition huge insight into what debating is really performance enhancing drugs,’ and ucation, young people can transform In addition to the children’s games,for Muslim countries. about. It was international and multi- ‘This house believes that there should their lives and forge a successful fu- the AFC is dedicating the opening The task was particularly daunting cultural.” He said the ABP debaters be an Organisation of the Islamic Con- ture by pursuing their dreams.” game between Qatar and Uzbekistan,for the students as it was their first time were now better able to construct and ference representative as a permanent During the games, there will be held on 7 January, to fighting hun-to debate at an international event. link arguments with other members of member of the United Nations Secu- plenty of entertainment for non- ger and poverty. The promotion is Ameena Hassan, 18, who was one their team, and that this would stand rity Council’. footballers, including concerts, a backed by the Food and Agricultureof the ABP team, said: “I was nervous them in good stead for the future. Everyone involved with the ABP food court, a virtual penalty, table Organization of the United Nations.before the first debate as we were wor- Overall the six, who were split into students said they had done incredibly top football and 16 flame and music Match scheduleried that we were competing against two teams of three, won two debates, well. shows by the students with more expe- Jamal Al Baker, of Qatar Debate AFC president His Excellencyrience. But it was amazing. I’m really »The event gave the team which sponsored the trip and helped Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hammam,proud of myself and what I did. To be with coaching, said: “They were per- said the project will create harmony boys:chosen to go there and represent my a huge insight into what fect, they debated really well.” in Qatar. n 23 Jan, 6 - 10 years oldcountry, even though we did not get debating is really about. Barbara Stoll, who teaches English Dream Asia, he explained, will n 24 Jan, 11 - 14 years oldthrough to the final, it was not some- It was international and as a Second Language at ABP and also “guide the youth from different cul- n 26 Jan, 15 - 17 years oldthing that everybody gets to do in their helps coach the debating team added: tural backgrounds into a life of har- Girls:lifetime.” multi-cultural.« “I thought it was very good for a first mony, mutual understanding and n 20 Jan, 13 - 17 years old Ali Al-Buainain, president of the time, international debate.” social cohesion.”Education Photography project sees playground upgrade recordedSchool pupils document changeAs pArT of a project to inspire creativ- said the entire student body will benefit take turns in shooting the progress.ity and teach children how construc- from the work carried out by the bud- “We stand in the same place, some-tion works, Qatar Academy has picked ding photographers. times in the morning, sometimes atthree students to document the resto- “This way, students will get to think break, to take the photograph,” Fatimaration of their play area through pho- about the materials being used. It’s im- explained. “I enjoy it and the schooltography. portant for children to learn about the lent me a camera for the project.” Every day, the small group takes a process of something while it is being Teachers hope that the students canphotograph of their new recreation built,” he said. practice photography skills but alsoarea, which is currently undergoing Most of the building is carried out learn about buildings, resources and Road trains start runningmajor refurbishment. In a few weeks’ when students and teachers are not at labor. In the future, younger children in n Three new gold and silver colored road trains recently commenced their servicestime it will house more equipment to school. One of the three photographers the school will be able to use the images in education City. The trains, which resemble old steam locomotives, run pastuse during break-time and shaded ar- is 11-year-old Fatima Al Thani. Every as resources in their own projects. Ceremonial Court and each of the branch campuses from 7am until 7pm on weekdays.eas for the summer months. day, Fatima and her two 11-year-old The play area should be completed Trains run every 10 minutes and are only for university students at present. Assistant Principle Derek Nelson classmates, Noor and Mohammed, by early 2011.VCuQatar offers scholarship Qatar school Debate league tournamentn Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar is offering n more than 50 debaters from 10 schools in Qatar took part in thestudents the chance to win a four-year scholarship. The second Qatar School Debate league tournament last month, heldcompetition is open to students who are eligible to enrol at annually by QatarDebate. A team from DPS modern indian Schooluniversity in August 2011. Applicants are asked to submit won first place, with birla Public School coming in a close second.artwork that expresses three moments during their day. Visit The best Speaker award went to Pavithra manghaipathy from for more details. modern indian School.
  4. 4. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 4 Perspective Thursday 13 January 2011 Write to us: AbdullA Al dAwoodStarting yourown businessiT All starts with an idea. Whether »Success init is to offer tutoring services, opena food and beverage outlet or man- business often liesufacture clothes, it is a creative idea in the simplicity ofthat is at the core of every success- an originalful company. idea - with the It does not take a magical for-mula to become successful. In fact, addition of lots ofsuccess in business often lies in the commitment.«simplicity of an original idea - withthe addition of lots of commitment.I’ve seen housewives who are good their products by participating inat cooking become businesswomen exhibitions and through differentwho now own their own catering sales channels, for We help entrepreneurs obtain the But transforming an idea into a right certification, and help themprofitable business does not happen with licensing. If needed, we canovernight. There are plenty of peo- offer enterprising Qataris financialple who have good business ideas, aid. Our Rasameel fund gives outbut the lack of a network, sufficient loans without interest, and we willbusiness knowledge, funds or sup- soon launch an incubator for entre-port services make it difficult to turn preneurs to offer support in everythem into successful businesses. aspect of running a business. So how can innovative thoughts The majority of people we dealgrow into a profitable business with are household entrepreneurs, Books QFIS project works to highlight Islamic thought Living in harmonywhen so many struggle to get it but we also cater to other groups –off the ground? Entrepreneurs are, students, employees who have freeby nature, focused and persistent. time, and retired people. They oftenHowever, they also need guidance. want to offer office and support It is incredibly fulfilling to see services like photocopying - or startnew and prospective entrepreneurs their own manufacturing business.develop through our work at the So- We are immensely proud whencial Development Center. We know we see people set up a flourishing AN AMBiTious project to highlight book, a study on Islamic philosophy with moderate Islamic thought,that setting up a business is a learn- business and achieve financial self- the works of celebrated Muslim and ethics scholar Muhammad Ab- however. It is also preoccupied withing curve, so we offer to help push sufficiency for their families. scholars is taking shape at Qatar Fac- dullah Draz of Egypt, which is now bridging the gap between the Islamicpeople’s ideas through in order to We invite anybody who believes ulty for Islamic Studies (QFIS). waiting to be published. A second and Western worlds. El-Moctar, forhelp them become successful. they can be an entrepreneur or are The work involves faculty staff re- book, which El-Moctar is currently example, chose five subjects who We offer training to guide these just starting out with an innovative searching and then publishing short researching, will be about the lawyer, were all familiar with both cultures.people, regardless of their educa- idea to come to us for guidance. We books on about 50 of the greatest author, philosopher and former Bos- He said: “I think Muslim society to-tion or background. Our center are more than happy to help, and moderate Islamic thinkers of the last nian President Alija Izetbegovi; while day is stuck with structural challenges.Tanmia is equipped with facilities hopefully our work will have a posi- century or so. his third will take on famed Pakistani It has issues with the outside and itto train people in project manage- tive impact on society. The idea is that eventually the poet and philosopher Muhammed needs clear ideas. What we’re tryingment: how to generate a business knowledge in the books could help Iqbal. to achieve is the propagation of ideasidea; how to start a business; how Muslim societies, perhaps particular- that may help people reform their ownto improve a business model. ly those who are a religious minority »We have at least 50 societies and live in harmony.” Not only that, SDC also gives in their country. As well as researching scholars, El-support through schemes that offer Mohamed El-Moctar is a research Muslim scholars from Moctar and other faculty membersmarketing and promotional sup- co-ordinator at QFIS and part of the the 19th century through have taken part in workshops, the lat-port, and helps entrepreneurs sell team working on the books. to the end of the 20th est with a group of leaders from Rus- “We have at least 50 Muslim schol- sian Islamic centres. ars from the 19th century through to century.« El-Moctar said: “They came here the end of the 20th century,” he said. for a week-long workshop and we»We offer training “We’re trying to write a short study talked about Muslim minorities andto guide these ColUmniST on each of them to highlight their Each scholar takes between three how they can live as a minority com- ideas on reform.” to six months to write about their fortably without losing their identitypeople, regardless munther Abdulla Al-Dawood It is hoped the books will begin to chosen subject. - but also without being an outsiderof their education Projects & Investment Manager be published throughout 2011. They Other books in the making include in their own country.”or background. « Social Development Center will be written in Arabic but con- one on Indian scholar Abu al-Hasan He added that a similar group from sideration is being given to printing al-Nadwi, researched by Husam Al- Azerbaijan had visited a few months English editions. It is also hoped that Din Khalil, and another on Syrian ago to discuss how people of minor- WhAT Do yoU Think? the books may be available interna- scholar, Mustafa al-Zarqa, by Majd ity religions can be good citizens inTell us how you feel by emailing us at tionally. Mekki. countries where a different religion is El-Moctar has finished his first The project is not only concerned in the majority.
  5. 5. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 13 January 2011Write to us: QF Spotlight 5 How do I...? QFTelegraph helps make your life at Education City easier n how can i submit a service request to the Facilties managment? Requests related to services provided by Facilities Management (FM) Directorate can be submitted to FM’s Business Support Group Helpline, which operates 24 hours a day. English- and Arabic-speaking operators will process your request. They can be reached on 4454 0073 and 5581 5940. n What does the helpline do? The Helpline receives approximately 200 service requests a day, usually related to furniture, air-conditioning, electrical issues, office space, transport, hard- and soft-landscaping, interior modifications, cleaning, maintenance and general works. End-users raise a work request, and depending on the nature of the problem, the request will receive a priority ranking. Requests are handled by the FM department concerned, which will dispatch an appropriate engineer to your office to survey the site or solve the problem. n What should i not contact the helpline for? Issues related to IT, such as internet or telephone requests; issues related to the Communication Directorate, suchSFS-Qatar Center caters exclusively to female student bodyWomen’s Work as event arrangements. n Who can i talk to if i have any questions or complaints about services? Feedback can be given to FM Customer Care, which falls under the Business Support Group. Comments of any kind can be sent to FM Cus-for feMAle undergraduates at stress related to the pressures they face Gender discrimination, like in alma mater campus in Washington tomer Care compiles a monthlyGeorgetown University in Qatar to be a good student while also being a many other countries, is still high on – to educate and empower women. report based on feedback received,(SFS-Qatar), life can get tough. dutiful daughter, sister or possible wife the agenda. “In general women have There, female students are also in the which helps it improve its services. Though in the majority at the cam- and mother.” still not achieved the same status as majority, making up 52 percent in thepus, making up 64 percent of the stu- Along with Brendan Hill, Dean of men, and this is especially true within 2008/09 academic year. n Can requests be submitted electronically?dent body, many women face difficul- Student Affairs, she decided to do the region,” added Lopez-Khoury. “We think it is important to pro- Some QF employees will soon beties in their personal lives or struggle something more about it. The center “This leaves our students without vide our female students and staff able to familiarize themselves withwith planning their path following they planned together opened in No- many role models or avenues to dis- a place where they can interact in a FM’s new Computerized Aidedgraduation. vember. cuss the challenges that many women warm and welcoming environment Facilities Management (CAFM) In an attempt to address some of face, such as finding that balance be- and discuss important issues in a system while it is in its currentthese concerns, the campus now has »We think it is tween work and family. safe and supportive environment,” testing (Phase-1). The systema Women’s Center dedicated to sup- “The Women’s Center is a safe said Hill. is expected to result in faster important to provide processing and will increase theporting them. place for women to come and dis- Last semester, the founding staff Elena Lopez-Khoury, a student our female students cuss issues that are relevant to them hosted bi-weekly ‘tea time’ where transparency of the work-requestwellness counselor at SFS-Qatar, had and staff a place where in their lives.” professional women discussed their process. All QF Directorates and Centers will be able to processrepeatedly heard the difficulties shared they can interact in a Providing mentors, holding talks career paths, the obstacles they faced their work request electronicallyby some students as part of her work. on career progression, sharing ideas and how they overcame them.“[Our female students] have discussed warm and welcoming across cultures and inviting the wom- “It was then opened to the students at a later stage - when Phase-2 of testing is completed.the challenges they face in finding a environment and discuss en students’ families for discussions to ask questions and build mentor-balance between the pursuit of their important issues in a are just some of the center’s work. mentee relationships,” Lopez-academic and career ambitions and safe and supportive The idea is not new to George- Khoury explained. email us your work relatedfulfilling cultural expectations of being town. Indeed the center reflects the The facility, which is still being de- questions at,a wife and mother,” she said. environment.« vision of the original, 21-year-old veloped, will eventually include offic- and we will do our best to help you “They’ve shared their feelings of women’s center at Georgetown’s es, lounge space and meeting rooms.
  6. 6. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 6 Focus Thursday 13 January 2011 Write to us: my QF Dr Basma Abdelgafar QF WhAT S T AT Dr basma abdelgafar, assistant professor at no TA FD Qatar faculty of islamic studies (Qfis), talks about ’R F e oW hen They writing children’s books, freedom of speech in name: Marwa Rowiha education and the power of a smile Title: Business Support Administrator, Support Services What is your greatest achievement? if you could have a book published by Directorate Being part of the amazing team bQFP, what would it be about? years at QF: 1 year, 9 months that is helping to establish QFIS I’ve already submitted a children’s as a world class research and story titled Bob and the Boohaha. Describe your role: We implement teaching institution. There is a It’s about a little boy who loves to business contracts and handle group of people working at QFIS break the rules so his parents send all invoicing where sent by whose dedication and motivation is him to boarding school. He breaks service providers to the Support very inspiring. I’m privileged and the rules there too until one night he Services Directorate. We humbled to be among them. goes too far and the consequences have agreements with service are serious: the Boohaha was providers such as Kodak, Bateel, Who inspires you? waiting. In the end, the only thing Starbucks and Coffee Bean. People who are passionate about that remains of the naughty little boy Every month I process and what they do... and who do it well. are his favorite red shiny shoes. review their invoices and write up a service report, which I then What’s the last QF event you attended? if you were an inventor or innovator, send to the Finance Directorate. I attended the Doha Debates. It was what would you invent? At the review stage, we check about the importance of freedom of A safe weight loss remedy that with end-users in Support speech in education. The House won you could take before bedtime Services whether the service by a small margin. Without freedom which would help you lose providers did indeed provide the of speech it’s really not education 10 pounds by the following service specified on the invoice. but indoctrination; the products of morning. That may sound each are poles apart. funny, but obesity is a major What i like about my job is… contributor to many nasty I love working with numbers. I if you have the power to change anything diseases. have a background in Finance. It in the world what would it be? And why? is a challenge to work with a lot I would change how some people of information and find what I’m have come to perceive Islam looking for. It is also interesting to and being Muslim - even among »Without freedom know how much we pay for what Muslims themselves. For me, and of speech it’s really we get. I want to be successful many Muslims, Islam is about in my job, challenge myself by mercy and peace. Most of all it is not education but learning more every day, and about love - a love of other beings, indoctrination; the contribute to the overall success of nature, of all that is good. This products of each of the organization. calls for strength and an unfailing are poles apart.« determination to support justice, Want to be featured in my QF? equality, and kinship. Send us an email at Review Film director speaks about creativity at Mathaf openingfostering creativity and gives a platform to novel art-mak- ing in the region. It gives a new voice and is commendable.”THe reCeNTly opened Mathaf: Arab commemorating Kaabour’s grand- On a personal level, recognition forMuseum of Modern Art aims to fos- mother and her experiences. the film, has been a “heart-warming”ter new ideas and inspire debate about Speaking to QFTelegraph, Kaabour experience.modern and contemporary Arab art – said the Gulf region’s response to crea- “The film is being recognized asthe first museum of its kind in the re- tivity is evolving. high art by being featured in the open-gion to deliberately set out to do so. “I think that the most interesting ing of the most anticipated modern art With this in mind, the museum of- question about creativity is: to what museum in the Middle East,” said thefered special art education sessions at extent is that way of life at odds with director, who is based in Abu Dhabi.its public opening on 30 December. the prevailing lifestyles in the Middle The story, he said, resonates with those Mahmoud Kaabour, a 31-year-old East? In the last few years, the Gulf life- in the Middle East but also connectsLebanese film maker, held a question style has adapted to accommodating with a global audience.and answer session on the topic of creativity.There is a long way to go, but “There was a recognition that familycreativity in the Arab world following there is a more conducive environment ties are quite special in the Middle Eastthe screening of his documentary Teta than a few years ago.” and it has shown there is always a linkAlf Marra, [Grandma, A Thousand The museum was a good example of to familial ties even when the region isTimes]. that change, he added. expanding and changing so rapidly.” The 48-minute poetic documentary “The Middle East has had otherhas already won the Audience Award at museums that commemorate the past, mathaf: Arab museum of modern Art islast year’s Doha Tribeca Film Festival, this is the first to celebrate the present now open to the public.
  7. 7. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 13 January 2011Write to us: Time Off 7 book corner QATAr: My seCoND HoMe; Stories by children from Sudan, Iraq and Palestine Orchard Picture Books’ Little Elephant Thunderfoot and Polar Star respectively. international bestselling children’s fic- tion so that children in the region can is an inspirational English and Arabic- Owned by Qatar Foundation and enjoy these books for the first time ever. Qatar: My language book written and illustrated by children aged seven to 15 years old. managed by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, BQFP publishes books of excel- Available from all major bookstores Second Home Dedicated to “all those children liv- lence and originality in English and in Doha. For more information contact: ing in Qatar whose homeland is some- Arabic, including Arabic translations of where else”, Qatar: My Second Home Stories by children from Sudan, describes the lives of young people iraq and Palestine from Sudan, Iraq and Palestine, whose QF in numbers families now live in Qatar. A delightful blend of hand-drawn The Dream Asia images and essays, the book was a chance for children to describe their leadershape, now School Challenge Qf raDio 14:28 Taking you Further lives in Qatar, as well as share their thoughts, feelings and hopes for their in its fifth year, school soccer 93.7 A human rights program, an in-depth look at important issues homelands and their futures. It is, as renowned British children’s has seen 240 final will be facing all of us today author Sarah Grindley explains in herDAily 15:00 Science Alive introduction, “a book of voices”. ec students pass held on January 28th 15:30 QF news Colorful, heartfelt and very often06:00 Far Corners Current affairs and situational 15:54 Piano 16:23 maghreb call to prayer poignant, this is a captivating and thought-provoking work with a unique through its doors snapshots from around the world 16:50 Qatar Symphony take on what it means to have more07:00 QF news 17:00 international news than one home. Everything about QF 17:12 Research matters The book was the outcome of a07:30 e-Vision 17:41 yohemlay song writing workshop held by Bloomsbury 50 Interesting stories about Produced By Qatar Foundation  Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) Qatar Faculty oF IslamIc ‘Education, the academe, student 18:00 Far Corners and led by Grindley. It is published by life, and a lot more, straight from ’ 18:14 Al isha call to prayer BQFP in cooperation with the Min- studIes Is publIshIng books on about the students, professors and more 18:30 Design edition istry of Culture, Arts and Heritage as08:45 “Alamouhm” 19:00 Campus buzz part of the celebrations for Doha Capi-09:00 international news 19:30 Cover to Cover tal of Arab Culture 2010. oFthe greatestmoderate IslamIc All the latest news from around Lively discussion about literature Qatar: My Second Home is also an the world presented in Arabic and award winning/best selling example of one of BQFP’s core aims, thInkers oFthe lastcentury10:00 industry English and Arabic titles, literary which is to foster a love of reading and The latest innovations, gadgets, events and what’s happening in writing in Qatar – particularly among technology and more publishing in Qatar children. Conditions of submission11:00 Sports Global 20:32 nothing is impossible Sally Grindley won the Federation requests for inclusion and submissions of sender and his or her Department/center, as will Sports news from within Qatar Fitness and Health, your on-line of Children’s Book Groups Award for material must be made no later than two weeks in recorded interviews. interviews given may not be and the rest of the world personal trainer Shhh!, the Best Books for Babies Award advance of publication. requests and submission recalled or changed unless containing substantial11:22 Dhor call to prayer 21:00 Sports Global for Wake Up, Dad?, and the Smarties of information may be made by email only errors of fact. interviews and information12:11 Science Alive 23:00 international news Gold Award for Spilled Water (2004). directly to the relevant QFTelegraph journalist received will be treated as confidential until Science matters and more 00:00 QF news She was shortlisted for the Sheffield or to any articles written will published. the publisher’s decision on all matters13:00 e-Vision 01:00 e-Vision and Norfolk Libraries Book Award with be treated as correct and approved by the of content and style is final.13:25 Qatar Symphony 02:30 industry The best musical pieces performed 03:07 nothing is impossible by the Qatar Philharmonic 04:20 Science Alive Games Orchestra 04:40 Al Fajr call to prayer14:23 Asr call to prayer 05:26 QatarSymphony My Favorite... 8 9 6 3 SU Do kU 6 8 4 3 The RUleS ARe SimPle Vicki Halpin fill in the grid so that every row, every Project Manager - Clinical Planning, 4 9 5 8 1 column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9. Sidra Medical & Research Center i am the founder of non-profit 6 8 3 4 SolUTion 7 6 organization cats in Qatar - i care for, Puzzle by foster and re-home cats in Qatar. we 1 2 3 9 8 6 5 7 4 do whatever is necessary, but the main 4 5 6 7 2 1 8 3 9 thing is making sure they have good nutrition, clean water, a nice place to sleep and lots of cuddles. i love working 4 1 6 5 8 9 7 4 1 3 9 5 8 6 3 1 4 2 7 4 7 6 2 1 6 5 5 with any animals, but cats seem to be 3 8 9 6 4 7 2 5 1 puzzle by in the most need in Qatar. they are very 3 8 1 5 loving, smart and social despite what 7 4 1 2 5 3 9 8 6 people think. if food is plentiful, they 6 1 8 5 7 9 4 2 3 live in large social groups. they love the 6 8 2 1 company of humans, can be trained, 9 3 4 8 1 2 7 6 5 and have quite a vocabulary. 2 7 5 3 6 4 1 9 8 Puzzle by
  8. 8. Listings Qatar foundation Telegraph. Thursday 13 January 20118 Write to us: All pools (Public): 9am–6pm facilities Ladies Swimming (EC Members) events throughout the Spring semester. Johan Granberg will kick off the Financing your education for hS Students timings Sun: 5pm–8pm Wed: 5.30pm–7.30pm series with a talk about Design as Makings of Didactic Systems, Wed, 20 January, 6pm – 7.30pm A Student Financial Services heAlTh & FiTneSS followed by a lecture by Alan Representative of Northwestern SoCiAl JAnUARy 2011 Weber, who will give insight into University in Qatar (NU-Q) will Fitness Center Construction of Bedouin Identity discuss the ins and outs of merit- Sun–Sat: 5.30am–10pm basketball northwestern Admissions 1930 – present. and needs-based financial aid. Tues: 7pm–9pm information Session The Moot Room, CMUQ Attendees will have the opportunity ladies Fitness Room Thursday, 13 January, 6pm – For more information, please contact to learn and ask questions about Sun-Sat: 5.30am–10pm badminton 7.30pm how to apply for aid from Qatar Wed: 6pm–9pm High school students will be able Foundation, Higher Education Swimming Pools Fri: 10am–1pm to learn more about Northwestern inclusive Piety with an exclusive Institute, and US federal student aid. University in Qatar’s (NU-Q’s) image: The Shia’a Shrines of Syria Room 3035, NU-Q All pools (EC Members): Squash programs in Journalism and Tues,19 January, 6.30pm For more information, please visit 3.30pm–7.30pm (men will be Thurs: 5pm–7pm Communication and the vast array Yasser Tabbaa, Visiting Professor of requested to leave at 5pm on Ladies: Sat: 4pm–5pm of career opportunities that its Art History, New York University Sun, 5.30pm on Wed) graduates enjoy. Abu Dhabi presents a lecture as Photo Gallery indoor football Room 3035, NU-Q part of the Virginia Commonwealth Sun, 23 January – Thurs, 27 Fri, Sat: Wed: 5.30pm–7pm University in Qatar (VCUQatar) January Trip to Doha Zoo ‘Lectures in the Arts and Qatari artist Moudhi Al Hajri location for all activities: Recreation Center, call Sat, 15 January, 1pm - 5pm, gather Architecture of the Islamic World’. displays a series of photographs 4454 0805 or email at 11.30am Tabbaa will speak about the taken in the Comoros Islands, an This fun-filled experience will allow formal aspects of new and newly archipelago situated off the south- families to see native species and renovated Shi’a shrines in Syria - east coast of Africa. traditional zoo animals up close and their plan, design, ornament AaQool Atrium, Community & observe their behavior. Children and inscriptions. Whereas their Recreation Center will be supervised by the Education quite discordant architecture and For more information, email City Club House (ECCH) excessive ornamentation may repel team during the entire trip. some sophisticated observers, Transportation will be provided. they have become central to the A fresh look at a century of South Cost per child is 2 QR, and 5 QR pious practices of hundreds of African art per adult. thousands of visitors from all of the Wed, 26 January, 6pm ECCH, For more information, surrounding Shi’ite world. Riason Naidoo, Director of the call 4454 0824 or email VCUQatar Atrium South African National Gallery, will give a lecture on modern and QAFCo-TAmUQ Chemistry contemporary artists in South World Religions Day Conference Africa with particular reference Sun, 16 January Wed, 20 January, 8am – 5pm to its Post Colonial and Apartheid Visitors to CMU-Q’s food court Experts will discuss their context, the subject of a recent will be able to view an interactive recent research findings in the exhibition at the National Gallery exhibit about world religions various fields of chemistry at of South Africa in Cape Town. and interfaith movements, which the annual QAFCO-TAMUQ South African born Riason Naidoo will include information about Chemistry Conference. Professor is a curator, writer and artist. the world’s religions and leaders Krishnan Raghavachari of the He has researched and curated who have worked to make Department of Chemistry, Indiana internationally and published positive change through interfaith University, will deliver the keynote widely on South African art and cooperation. speech. Professor Raghavachari society. CMU-Q food court became a Fellow of the American Virginia Commonwealth University Physical Society in 2001 and was in Qatar education City liberal Arts / Social elected Fellow of the Royal Society For more information, please visit Sciences Research Forum of Chemistry in 2008. Sun, 16 January, 12pm – 1pm Texas A&M University at Qatar Education City Liberal Arts / To register, please email chemistry@ Social Sciences Research Forum Registration closes on have your event listed. Send is organizing several presentations 15 January. us an email at ec club mini-FooTbAll PiTCh Daily: 6am–8pm lebaina Restaurant Breakfast served house ReCReATion FACiliTieS Daily: 6am – 9am Tennis, Squash and basketball nUTRiTion SeRViCeS ClUb hoUSe Courts Sun: 5pm–8pm Sun-Thurs: 6am–10pm Daily: 6am–10pm Mon,Wed: 4pm–6pm Fri-Sat: 6am–11pm Tue,Thurs: 9am–12pm GAmeS Room FiTneSS Room Sun-Thurs: 8am–10pm CommUniTy SUPPoRT Daily: 6am – 10pm (Closed on Monday) SeRViCeS (Fitness instructor available) Fri-Sat: 8am–11pm Sun-Thurs: 8am–10pm Fri-Sat: 8am–11pm Pool DininG FACiliTieS Daily: 9am–6pm The Grill lUlU eXPReSS hoURS Daily: 6pm–10pm Daily: 7am–11pm SPA Daily: 6am–10pm, please call meseika Snack bar 44540836 for appointments. Daily: 9am–10pm