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VISION - 2011

The paramount vision of the Katalyst Program is to create Economic emancipation in women from underprivileged backgrounds. The program will empower talented girls from low socio-economic groups and transform them into women who will be assimilated into the management cadre of high end companies. The program will thus create a large pool of empowered women – “Katalyst”, who will be in a position to influence society and catalyze positive change.


We seek to create an environment and process where:

Every academically bright girl is able to pursue her dream of higher education and does not have to give up or dilute her aspirations for want of financial support.

Additional inputs such as personality development, communication skills, etc are provided for successful participation in the mainstream of society.

KATALYST becomes the first choice partner for all stakeholders working in a similar domain.

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Newsletter convention

  1. 1. Third Sector Partners recently held its maiden convention at Dona Sylvia Resort, Cavellossim, Goa, to celebrate the success of its innovative and unique programme, “Katalyst”, which helps girls from economically challenged backgrounds to succeed in challenging education and career environments through structured mentoring, personality grooming and financial intermediation. The convention was an enormous success with over hundred Katalyst students in attendance, sporting bright yellow signature t-shirts. ( group picture ) The highlight of the convention was an interactive panel discussion on the theme “Windows of Opportunity”, moderated by Unmesh Brahme, Yale World Fellow with panelists Chief Guest IGP Goa Ms. Sundari Nanda; Mayor of Panjim Ms. Caroline Po; Renowned fashion designer Wendell Rodericks; Nitin Kunkolienkar Managing Director, DigiLink; Ms. Vaishali Joshi of Vivus; Dr. Pramod D. Salgaocar, Managing Director of Genopharma and Ms. Vijayadevi Rane, Chairperson Goa Balbhavan. (Panelist Picture )
  2. 2. Sunit Mehra, Managing Director, Hunt Partners and Chief Mentor Katalyst introducing his vision for Katalyst. Third Sector Partners hosts the Katalyst programme as its founding supporter and institutional mentor and the address by Pari Jhaveri, Executive Director. ( sunit mehra ) The Chief Guest Ms. Sundari Nanda instantly connected with the audience and related her experiences and cautioned Katalysts on the pitfalls that can be easily avoided during the struggle to become an effective leader (Sundari Nanda Pic)
  3. 3. Wendell Rodericks in his inimitable style regaled the audience with an inspirational presentation “Follow your Dream” where he emphasized the need to be internationally accepted and how one must seize opportunities and not lose focus and always be proud and draw from one’s roots, culture and ethnicity to reach the pinnacle of success. (Wendill’s Pic ) The Katalyst students spoke on their experiences and journey in evolving from ill- informed youth in difficult situations to confident super-achievers and the manner in which Katalyst programme helped them achieve their dreams, giving them a sense of security and hope. ( pic ) Ice breaking Games: For the Ice Breaking Game, The Katalyst Girls and the Team played the candy game, where in each girl would pick up a candy from a bowl of assorted candies and and would have to find partner according to the pairs that were made. For example: melody and éclair, coffee bite and mentos etc.
  4. 4. Then the pair had to introduce their candy partner on certain parameters like hobbies, places to visit etc. This game brought all the girls together and each of them got to know each other. The other game that was played by the girls was the team building game called animal game where in all the girls were divided into 6 groups and they would have to enact an animal or bird which describes the organization Katalyst. The girls came up with brilliant ideas and depicted images of lion, eagle, horse, elephant, squirrel and gave explanations as to why they would think that that particular animal describes the organization best. Gala Nite