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2012 stor ebookstcea
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2012 stor ebookstcea


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. “Stor-eBooks!”Embark on Your Own Story! by Katherine Hewett Richard King High School Corpus Christi Independent School District Texas Computer Education Association Austin, Texas February, 2012
  • 2. Story Time!!!
  • 3.  Three Part Unit Write, Illustrate, and Publish eBooks Instruction Online Publishing Platform Photoshop or Illustrator Drawing Programs - Paint Import Stories and Illustrations Price and MarketUnit Overview
  • 4.  TEC.9 -12.126.25: Digital Graphics/Animation ◦ Communication. ◦ Foundations. ◦ Solving problems.  TEC.9 -12.126.26: Multimedia ◦ Communication. ◦ Foundations. ◦ Solving problems.Technology TEKS
  • 5.  110.52 Creative and Imaginative Writing 110.31 English Language Arts and Reading, English I 110.32 English Language Arts and Reading, English II 110.33 English Language Arts and Reading, English III 110.34 English Language Arts and Reading, English IVEnglish TEKS
  • 6.  Lesson 1 - Writing the Story The student will write a story that is short and age appropriate. The student will utilize word processing software to record and generate content. The student will demonstrate knowledge of word processing software. The student will exhibit proper grammar and punctuation in their writing.Objectives
  • 7.  Lesson 2 - Creating Illustrations  The student will demonstrate mastery of a computer drawing program.  The student will create colorful images that illustrate their story’s text.  The student will apply prior knowledge of graphic design to their composition.Objectives
  • 8.  Lesson 3 - Publishing Online The student will publish their ebook via an online publishing website. The student will transmit, upload, and import images/text online. The student will compose, format, and design their ebook online.Objectives
  • 9.  The “Stor-eBook” project should take place during a daily 50 minute class period. Allow for four weeks to complete for flexibility. More time may be needed on specific lessons depending on the class and quality of work you desire from the students.Time Required
  • 10.  Internet Connection Computer Projector Graphics Tablet Word Processing Software – Examples: Microsoft Word, Google Docs Drawing Software – Examples: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Paint Ebook Online SourcesMaterials Required
  • 11. Writing the Story Brainstorm Story Starters Graphic Organizers Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Modeling Character Development – Create a graphic organizer of your characters. Develop personalities and characteristics on a piece of paper. Story Plot/Place Development – Create a graphic organizer of scenes and plot. Sketch a Scene/CharacterProcedure
  • 12. Creating Illustrations Storyboards – Have students sketch out a story board of their scenes. Students will determine was scenes would best illustrate their paragraphs. Cover Design Back Cover Design Layout Sketch and Draw – Some students will prefer to sketch their illustrations on paper first, others will prefer the graphics tablet and drawing program. Allow the students to determine what works best for them.Procedure
  • 13. Publishing Online Design Layout Design Price Publish Order /PrintProcedure
  • 14. Create an Ed Center Students can publish under a school name or individually. Overview of the Bookemon project creator. Importing Illustrations and TextOnline Publishing
  • 15. Miranda Maldonando Clay Dabney intelligence/170728 Jessica WestMonica Valero up/170453 Cayce Berryman Ruiz Leslie Cook before-veggie-christmas/170836 Jacob AcostaRyan De Leon button/171633 Jessica Martinez Mireles Taryn Stoneking monster/174270 Ashley Clark Martinez "Stor-eBooks!” butterfly/170434Rianna Kirkham friends/171684Stephanie Tiet the-park/170840 Examples
  • 16. Evaluation
  • 17. After students publish their final ebook on an online publishing platform, here are some ideas for closure activities. Have the students publish the web link to their ebook on their online class portfolios or through a social network environment so other students can view and give feedback. Have students share and present their ebooks to the class in a formal presentation. Creative presentations are encouraged. For example, the student might dress in character.Closure
  • 18.  Host an eBook Festival in the school library. Invite neighboring schools to participate. School Fundraiser – Book Sale Charity Fundraiser – Book Sale (Books could be designed and written in a theme or for a cause.)Extension Activity
  • 19. Story Jumper ryJumperCreateSpace from the Web Resources / Websites
  • 20. Final Thoughts – “Importance of Story”
  • 21. KatherineHewettKatherine.Hewett@ccisd.usRichard King High SchoolCorpus Christi Independent School District