Developing our story


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Developing our story

  1. 1. -1Concept Statement- Song Title: Let Me Hook Up With Your Brother Artist: Fire Drive Tiger Characters: Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Guitarist (the band). The main character who goes after all the guys. Three main guys she uses. Three girls who beat her up and various extras who are at the gig. Locations: In a bedroom with a wardrobe, a dimly lit street and a gig. Situation: A girl is never happy with the same man and gets her comeuppance from another group of girls. The whole story is narrated by the band. Story Outlined Thesis: The story is about a girl who uses men and then drops them when she has them hooked. The lyrics talk about how she is never satisfied and wants to “hook up with your brother” The girl is getting ready to go out, she then goes out to a gig where she starts doing what she always does. She gets all the guys attention, leads them on and then drops them. She moves onto all the guys at the gig even the ones with girlfriends. Her whole story is narrated by the band. Antithesis: The conflict arises when the girl is spotted going from man to man by the other girls at the gig. The viewer already knows from some shots at the beginning that the main girl is going to get beaten up. This builds anticipation and keeps the audience interested. It is called dramatic irony. They end up following her out of the gig Synthesis: The resolution of the conflict is when the girl gets beaten up at the end of the video. It finally explains the whole story from the beginning shots. Treatment for “Let Me Hook Up With Your Brother”: The beginning of the story takes place in the main character’s bedroom. Everything is stylish and clean. There is a large bed and the main character is picking out what dress she wants to wear. The singer of the band is in the background behind her. The singer is wearing reasonably normal clothes to contrast to the main character. The camera pans in from behind her. Once she has picked her dress she moves over to the mirror where out of focus in the mirror you can just make out the singer, there is a close up of the main girl doing her make up. It then cuts to her leaving her house, and walking down a dark street on the way to the gig. It then cuts to the band and the singer, they are in a room of their own and they are playing the girls story. It then cuts to the gig. Where the band are playing on stage and the girl can be seen going round looking at the guys and flirting. The band are on the stage, there are lots of people about watching the music, there are lots of lights and smoke. It then cuts to another shot of just the band playing. The girl is spotted by some older girls who have been watching her. They then follow her home back down the same dark street and attack her. The band can be seen in the background playing. The end shot is of the girl lying on the floor unconscious.