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basic concept Document Transcript

  • 1. -1The song: Let me Hook Up With Your Brother The artist: Fire Drive Tiger The story: The song is about a girl who continues to go to parties and gigs getting with lots of different men. She is never happy with the same man. Until one night when she goes out she gets followed home by a group of girls who beat her up. The story is being narrated by the band who can be singing and playing around her throughout the video. The target audience: The target audience for our video is teenagers who are into rock/pop. Some of which may already be fans of Fire Drive Tiger or may just be interested in new music. The video will appeal to both boys and girls because of the story line and the characters involved. The genre: The genre of the song is pop/rock and this will be represented in the video through showing a boy meets girls story with an edgey twist. Mise-en-scene, shot choices and editing: The video will be set in three locations, a bedroom, a street and a gig. The main character being the girl who eventually gets beaten up will be the focus point of the video, however the band and singer will continuingly be in the background singing her story and often have whole shots and verse lines to themselves. There will be lots of mid shots of faces and expressions and close ups of bodies as the main character gets with the different men. The editing will consist of special effects as the band sings into the camera about the girl. This will create a divide between reality and fantasy that the viewer will have to determine. The overall feel: The video will be controversial and edgey and also slightly dark and mysterious in places. This is due to the new type of message it will be portraying. Whereas before ‘man-eaters’ were celebrated, in this video they are discriminated against. The fact that the audience already know from the shots at the beginning, the outcome of the girl’s night creates anticipation and dramatic irony for the viewer. It will make them want to know what happens.