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June july 2013 thg

  1. 1. TarheelGuardsmanJune/July 20132013 - 2014 NCNGA Executive Council
  2. 2. Page 2 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013The President’s ReportBy Bobby Lumsden, NCNGA President (president.ncnga@gmail.com)As I reflect upon our 52ndAnnualConvention, I am truly amazed to bein the company of such a talented andprofessional group of Soldiers and Airmen. I amtruly honored to have been selected to lead theAssociation dedicated to serving our OutstandingGuardsman, both Air and Army. If I were to thankeveryone individually that has helped me, thismessage would carry on for days. I will simplyoffer one sincere Thanks to each and every one ofyou. Each one of you, whether Retired or currentlyserving, have sacrificed and given much more thanwords could ever express or the majority of thiscountry could ever imagine. To all those that have ever served on acommittee, as a member of the ExecutiveCouncil, or in any other position within this greatAssociation, I offer a special thanks for yourexceptional service to the Association. To the newmembers of the Executive Council, appointedCommittee Chairs, and Committee Members;Congratulations and thanks for your willingness toserve our Association! We all have a lot of workahead of us so get ready. The Past Presidents andExecutive Council Members have set us on a pathin which we can reach amazing heights; our job isto carry the torch of continual improvement. I have four priorities for the Association andover the next few weeks, these will be presentedto the Executive Council and the Committees torefine and publish. These four goals provide theinitial directions for our Executive Council andCommittees to begin to work on. Listed below arethe priorities with a brief description: 1) Increase Membership: Of course everyorganization strives for 100% membership of thoseeligible to join. However, thinking realistically ashort term goal of 85% membership with a longterm goal of 90% membership would set ourorganization on a path to success in many areas.Our membership numbers are key to shapingthe path to achieve all of our other goals. Withincreased membership we have a larger voice toensure our messages are heard well beyond ourformations. Also, this allows the Association tocontinue to improve our financial stability. Notjust because with more members we receiveadditional dues, rather increased membershipopens more opportunities for corporate sponsors,advertisements, and other forms of revenue. 2) Increase participation in the Association:Any organization is only as good as its members’willingness to serve. I am proud of the amountof participation that we currently have; however,we need more. It starts first with attending thebusiness sessions during our annual convention. We need more of our membersto attend, so our short term goal is to increase attendance at the 53rdAnnualConvention to 350 members. Secondly, we need all Major SubordinateCommands to get more members to volunteer for and serve on committees.There must never come a time when our Executive Council seats are filled bythe “last man standing.” Finally, we ask for each and everyone one of you tocontact your unit representative or Executive Council member to ask how youcan get more involved. 3) Increase Financial Stability: First let me say we are a very financiallysound organization. However, the drop in the stock market several years backwas an awakening for our Council Members then and is still on the minds ofour Executive Council and Finance Committee. We must look for new waysto increase our income. Whether it is offering new types of benefits to ourmembers for fee, capitalizing of e-commerce or a whole host of other meanswe need to seek out ways to continue to build upon our financial strength toensure we never risk losing all after a bad turn in the stock market. This goalsustains us for many generations to come. 4) Increase/Extend the Influence of the Association: Our Association hasan outstanding reputation within the State of North Carolina. However, we canachieve greater influence within and outside of our great state. By partneringwith our Chain of Command, other state associations, NGAUS, EANGUS, andother Military and Retired Organizations; not only the Elected Officials andBureaucratic Agencies within our state hear our message, but also those at theNational Level and beyond. This is the decisive priority for our Association,because without influence our voice will not be heard. Critical to each of these goals is an effective Communication Strategy. Wemust ensure that our message is reaching our members so we maintain theirengagement. To this end, our communication practices must be reformed sothat we can meet our members where they stand. With our younger members,this will require us to increase our use of social media and informationtechnology. At the same time, we must continue to use more traditionaltechniques to reach older members and those that are not technologicallyinclined. It is critical that we engage both groups because the Association’sability to thrive depends upon the efforts and contributions of both. Our oldermembers have the experience we need to achieve our immediate and short-term goals. Our younger members, as our future leaders, are charged withcarrying our message forward and bringing the Association to new heights forgenerations to come. So you must be asking, “How can I help?” My response is simple. Do thefollowing three things at least once a month: 1) Talk to your new Soldiers and Airmen about the benefits of theorganization and encourage them to join. 2) Talk to at least one Soldier or Airmen in your unit (if still serving) orone retiree member that is not currently a member of the association and askthem to join, sometimes it only takes someone to ask. 3) Review the NCNGA Legislative Action Plan and Legislative Alertsfrom NGAUS and EANGUS; then make contact with your Representative orSenator about the issue (either by phone, email, written letter, or in person). These things are a start. I will continue to place items in the TarheelGuardsman that I am asking for your help on, most of which take 30 minutes orless of your time. Please consider helping our Association by doing these andencouraging others to do the same. I am honored to have been selected to lead our Association. I promise to keepour Association moving in a direction that is beneficial for all our members. Ifyou ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.
  3. 3. Page 3 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Officers Executive CouncilTeri Foster, EditorNCNGA:Legacy Bridge Program 4Combined Event Photos 6-11NC National Guard:Economic Impact Information 14,15Contents:The Tarheel Guardsman, (ISSN 10618392) is published bi-monthly for theArmy and Air National Guard of North Carolina, by the North CarolinaNational GuardAssociation, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047.Periodicals postage paid at Raleigh, NC 27676-9651. POSTMASTER: Sendaddress changes to: Tarheel Guardsman, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh,NC 27607-5047.The Tarheel Guardsman is the official publication of the North CarolinaNational Guard Association, a non-profit organization. The publication’smission is to promote the general welfare of the NCNGA, assist in increasingthe readiness of the NCArmy andAir National Guard of North Carolina andserve as a vehicle of expression for members of the National Guard.Members receive the publication free with their membership. The annualsubscription rate for non-members of theAssociation is $15.00. Please includeyour old address when requesting change of address.Deadline for submitted material to the Tarheel Guardsman is the 5thof themonth, two months preceding the calendar date of issue. Manuscripts andphotographs on subjects of general interest are invited. Unless otherwiseindicated, material may be reprinted provided credit is given to the TarheelGuardsman and the author where listed. Articles and photos will not bereturned, unless requested. (USPS 533-640)Advertising is accepted. For details contact the Association headquarters.Advertising, including political ads, published in this publication does notrepresent the endorsement or approval of the North Carolina NationalGuard Association.PresidentBobby LumsdenVice PresidentBrent OrrPast PresidentRonnie HoneycuttSecretary-TreasurerAdene TylerJudge AdvocateRick FayChaplainCarl Singley30thHBCTBrian AlkireScott Schnack130thMEBRobert HollandChristopher McCurry60thTroop CommandVelma EvansDale Baker, Jr.449thTABColby HammondsThomas Underwood113thSustainment BDEMiriam GrayRandy LyJFHQ-NCSteven JohnsonCharlene Johnson139thRegiment (CA)James McKeeDavid EatonAir GuardBarbara DoncasterWendy LarsenJunior CouncilTimothy StanhopeLonnie BrooksAssociate ClassJohn EudyJohn Sweat, Jr.STAFFExecutive DirectorAdene TylerInsurance AdministratorTeri FosterAssistant Insurance AdministratorRhonda ArndtExecutive AssistantKathy FordNCNGA Educational FoundationAdministratorPeggy RobinsonAddress changes or questions?Contact us at919-851-3390ncnga@bellsouth.net or www.ncnga.orgFlag Day — 14 June 2013Independence Day - 4 July 2013Please fly your flag proudly!Official publication of the North Carolina National Guard AssociationTARHEEL GUARDSMANJUNE/JULY 2013 Volume 47 Number 3Deadline for submittingarticles for the AUG/SEP issue ofthe Tarheel Guardsman:1 July 2013On the cover:(Left to right) - 1strow: Bobby Lumsden,Steven Johnson, Miriam Gray, BrentOrr. 2ndrow: David Eaton, Rick Fay,Randy Ly, Barbara Doncaster. 3rdRow:Colby Hammond, Ronnie Honeycutt,Wendy Larsen, Tom Underwood. 4thRow: John Sweat, Lonnie Brooks, JohnEudy, Timothy Stanhope, Brian Alkire.5thRow: James McKee
  4. 4. Page 4 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Legacy Bridge ProgramTwo years ago, Active AssociateRepresentative Al Rose introduced aprogram that is designed to financiallycarry the Association through our present fiscaltransition period. As we move from a systemwhere we depended on our investments andinsurance premiums to pay our Association’sexpenses to one that will rely on newrevenue sources to cover our budget, theLegacy Bridge Program will provide theinterim funds to meet budget costs until thetransition is complete. Our projection is thatthis should occur within 4-5 years, and assuch it is a closed end program. The short-term plan is to use the incomefrom the Legacy Bridge Program until ournew revenue sources come on-line allowingus to insulate our investments so that theyare allowed to grow over the long-term.At the end of 4-5 years, the new revenuesources, along with insurance premiums, willbe our main income sources and the LegacyBridge Program will close.NCNGA LEGACY BRIDGE PROGRAMDONATIONName:Mailing Address:City: State: Zip:Phone: ( ) NCNGA Life Member: Yes No Unit: Rank:E-Mail Address:$100 Donation (Donations are not tax deductible)$25 Quarterly Installments _____ $100 Full Payment __________ Check _____ Money Order _____ Master Card/Visa (Add $2 credit card fee)Credit Card Information:Acct #__________________________________________ Exp Date: ___________3-digit Sec Code:__________ Signature: ____________________________________Return Application &Payment To:NCNGAATTN: Legacy BridgeProgram7410 Chapel Hill RoadRaleigh, NC 27607-5047( ) I would like to make this donation in honor of ( ) in memory of ( ) Long-term, we hope to reach an investment fund goal of $3million. At that point, even at a modest 4%, the Association couldsurvive indefinitely should our insurance and new revenue sourcestake a hit during lean times. Please consider joining us in the Legacy Bridge Program. And,if you would like to remember or honor someone, please considermaking a donation in their name. Take a few minutes to fill out theapplication and to write a check. Al and his team have started us inthe right direction. It is up to us now to make it happen. Questions? Please call us at 919-851-3390.*As of press time*Our Newest Members of theLegacy Bridge Program:245. Bobby Lumsden246 - Jimmy R. Mauldin247. Charles R. Nielsen248. Harold T. Mask249. Roger E. Williams, Jr.250 - 251 - Not assigned252. 2-252 Ar OLD DAWGS253 - 262 - Not assigned263. In Memory of MSgt Bennie S. Frick
  5. 5. Page 5 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013May require up to a $36 activation fee/line, credit approval and deposit. Up to $350/line early termination fee (ETF) for advanced devices and up to $200 ETF/line for other devices (no ETF for Agreements cancelled in compliance with Sprint’s Return Policy).Individual-Liable Discount: Available only to eligible employees of the company or organization participating in the discount program (requires ongoing verification). Discounts are subject to change according to the company’s agreement with Sprint and areavailable upon request for select plans (monthly service charges only). No discounts apply to secondary lines, Add-A-Phone lines or add-ons $29.99 or less. Other Terms: Coverage not available everywhere. Nationwide Sprint Network reaches over 283 millionpeople. Offers not available in all markets/retail locations or for all phones/networks. Pricing, offer terms, fees and features may vary for existing customers not eligible for upgrade. Other restrictions apply. See store or sprint.com for details. ©2013 Sprint. All rightsreserved. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Android, Google, the Google logo and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The HTC logo, and HTCEVO are the trademarks of HTC Corporation. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.GET YOUR BESTDEAL ONLINE.Check out service plan discounts, free shippingand specials at a private online store just formembers of The National GuardCorporate ID: GANGB_ZZZVISIT SPRINT.COM/DODN085538credit back when you shop at your Sprint PrivateStore. Just apply “SAVE 50” at checkout.Web-only offer. Applied within 3 invoices. New-line activation and new two-yearAgreement required. Restrictions apply.off select regularly priced Sprint plansRequires a new two-year Agreement.SAVE WHEN YOU BUY ONLINESAVE WITH DISCOUNTS50$%15Visit our website at www.ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Disclosurefor information about gainful employmentincluding cost of attendance, on-timegraduation rates, occupational opportunities,median student debt and other importantinformation about CSU programs.Visit OurWebsite for More Information!www.ColumbiaSouthern.edu/MilContactMr.TracyA.Driver,BSBA800.977.8449 ext. 1845Why CSU?OnlineDegrees.AffordableTuition.SuperiorService.• Accredited Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Programs• Self-Paced or Structured Learning• Textbooks Provided Through CSU Book Grant• No ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE or Other Entrance Exams Required• Complimentary Tutoring Services• TA and VA Benefits• Member of SOC, GoArmyEd LOI School and AU-ABC Program • Complimentary Evaluation Provided for Military Personnel and Dependents• No Application FeeCorporate MembersThank you for all your support to the NCNGA and the NCNGA!Ads provided as part of theCorporate member’s benefits.
  6. 6. Page 6 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Scenes from the FirstNCNGA/NCNGCombined Event —26-27 April 2013
  7. 7. Page 7 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Photos byPatti Findley
  8. 8. Page 8 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Corporate Members and Exhibitors HelpedMake our Conference a Success!
  9. 9. Page 9 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Scenes for our FirstCombined EventPhotos byPatti FindleyThank you,Patti!
  10. 10. Page 10 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Everyone had a great timeon Friday evening of theCombined Event!If you didn’t arrive until Saturdayand only attended the Ball — youneed to plan on arriving earliernext year & enjoy the festivities!
  11. 11. Page 11 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013The First-EverCombined EventBallPhotos byMaj. Matthew DeVivo,US Army National GuardWINSTON-SALEM, NC — More than 1,000North Carolina National Guard Soldiers andAirmen and their guests attended the Com-bined Enlisted and Officer Military Balls aspart of the three-day North Carolina NationalGuard Association Convention at the TwinCity Quarters, Winston-Salem, NC.
  12. 12. Page 12 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013A NGAUS tradition, the annualconference allows members to gatherand vote on the top legislative prioritiesfor NGAUS, share information andcelebrate the camaraderie of beingNational Guard and NGAUS members. Join us in Hawaii and network withmore than 4,000 fellow National Guardmen and women from all 50 States,Guam, Puerto Rico, the US VirginIslands and the District of Columbia.Members and guests of the NCNGwill be staying in the Hyatt RegencyWaikiki.• We will host a hospitality suitein the Hyatt Regency Waikiki fordaily meetings and HospitalityNight• We have 30 rooms blocked at theHyatt at $159 (+taxes/fees)• Registration is $200 and includestickets to the Governor’sReception, All States Dinner,Convention Center exhibitsand events, and daily access torefreshments at the North CarolinaNational Guard’s hospitality suite.For more information, contact MAJBrian McIlvaine, 1636 Gold Star Dr,Raleigh, NC 27607 or 919-791-6419or nc.ngaus@gmail.com. (You canalso go to www.ncnga.org and click onMembership/NGAUS for more links tothe NGAUS website.)135TH NGAUS GENERALCONFERENCEHONOLULU, HI20-23 SEPTEMBER 2013NGAUS ConferenceJoin Us in Hawaii!“For God and Country -Still Serving Proudly.”The North Carolina Departmentof the American LegionThanks You for Your Service toOur State and Nation!We invite you to visit any of our 334Posts, statewide, visit our websitewww.nclegion.org,email us at nclegion@nc.rr.com,or call 919-832-7506.INSURED MEMBERS OF THE NCNGA —HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR BENEFICIARYLATELY?We have experienced several claims in the past year where beneficia-ries had not been updated and ex-spouses received the death benefitsof the member’s NC National Guard Association Group Life Insur-ance. Have you had a change in your marital status? If so, pleasecontact us to ensure your beneficiary is who you think it is!Call 919-851-3390 ext 1 (Teri Foster) or ext 2 (Rhonda Arndt)Commitment Defines UsAt EADS North America, we don’tjust talk about commitment — itdefines us. Commitment is deliveringmore than 250 UH-72A Lakotas,all on time and on budget, from aworkforce that is more than 50% U.S.military veterans. That’s the kind ofcommitment our armed forcesneed, now more than ever.www.eadsnorthamerica.comCorporate Member —Thank you for your support!
  13. 13. Page 13 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013Members meeting the eligibilityrequirements to qualify for the Post9-11 GI Bill are also able to transfertheir benefits to eligible dependents.The requirements to transfer benefitsare:- Be eligible for the Post 9-11 GI Bill- Be a participating member of the Armed Forces (Active Dutyor Reserve)- Have completed 6 years of satisfactory service- Commit to an additional 4 years of service.- Sign a Statement of UnderstandingThere are current exemptions to the 4-year service obligationbased on a members retirement eligibility date.Retirement Eligibility Date: Service ObligationBefore 1 Aug 09 NoneAfter 1 Aug 09/Before 1 Aug 10 1 YearAfter 1 Aug 10/Before 1 Aug 11 2 YearAfter 1 Aug 11/Before 1 Aug 12 3 YearThese exemptions will expire 1 Aug 2013, therefore it is highlyrecommended that members within the above retirement eligibil-ity dates, who are contemplating transferring their benefits, do sobefore 1 Aug 2013. All members requesting transfer of Post 9-11 GI Bill benefitsafter 1 Aug 2013 will incur a 4-year service obligation.For more information: http://www.gibill.va.gov/benefits/post_911_gibill/transfer_of_benefits.html or contact your localVA office.StanleyVidmar.com/Military800-523-9462 GS-27F-5062CCorporate Member —Thank you for your support!Corporate Member —Thank you for your support!New VA Hotlinefor WomenVeteransOn April 23, 2013, the Departmentof Veterans Affairs (VA) launchedits new Women Veterans hotline—1-855-VA-WOMEN (1-855-829-6636)—an incoming call center thatreceives and responds to questionsfrom women Veterans, their families,and caregivers across the nation aboutavailable VA services and resources.“The Women Veterans Call Center isaimed at increasing women Veterans’knowledge of all VA services andbenefits that they deserve,” said KristaStephenson, Army Veteran and Wom-en Veterans Call Center Director.
  14. 14. Page 14 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013AhoskieAlbemarleAsheboroAshevilleBeaulavilleBelmontBensonBooneBurlingtonButnerCharlotte (ANG)Charlotte(ARNG)ClintonClydeConcordDunnDurhamE. Flat RockEdentonElizabethCityElizabethtownElkinFair BluffFarmvilleFayettevilleForest CityFort BraggFranklinFremontGastoniaGoldsboroGreensboroGreenvilleHamletHickoryHigh PointJacksonvilleJeffersonKings MountainKinstonLaurinburgLenoirLexingtonLincolntonLouisburgLumbertonMarionMocksvilleMonroeMooresvilleMorehead CityMorgantonMorrisvilleMount AiryMount OliveMurphyNashvilleNew BernNewLondon(ANG)NewtonN.WilkesboroOxfordParktonRaefordRaleigh(ANG)RaleighRed SpringsReidsvilleRoanoke RapidsRockinghamRocky MountHertfordStanlyRandolphBuncombeDuplinGastonJohnstonWataugaAlamanceGranvilleMecklenburgMecklenburgSampsonHaywoodCabarrusHarnettDurhamHendersonChowanPasquotankBladenSurryColumbusPittCumberlandRutherfordCumberlandMaconWayneGastonWayneGuilfordPittRichmondCatawbaGuilfordOnslowAsheClevelandLenoirScotlandCaldwellDavidsonLincolnFranklinRobesonMcDowellDavieUnionIredellCartaretBurkeWakeSurryWayneCherokeeNashCravenStanlyCatawbaWilkesGranvilleRobesonHokeWakeWakeRobesonRockinghamHalifaxRichmondNash18210,11710752,4,61,6,138,9,128,9,127118,122,41,4,6,13111,31,37671,32,4,7102,4,7111,13101,136,121,385,106,1235101,3,78115,8,12101,137,81158,95,93112,4,1361,13111,131,385,1051,6,137,82,72,4,132,4,137,86181,134252948,491042,4310,1145247383810503619,2218,204841830135194719,215012431224,26,27,2832542,44286304612254429,3342713473335,364524616305501123442,444571325161613264251156770,78114,1154,26108,109,11022,26,289363,642,3210710721118,11976,82,8351,5329,30,31,50113,11714,9,1322,46904684511242,43,44,45120111094,42,9657,58,59,60,61,624,13,5548,6646,896114,15,1693110,1114,11,9448,668780,81974946,47,48,66857968,69,5584,941386,1124190111207,253,10,12678994324648,6635354765,912766703122335532338342651335312321132114963193139233152315933611151133111511145212114116621636330312233552929434265133531232113211436319313923315231593361115113311151114521211411604163633344658$1,619,064$1,457,157$3,261,257$1,156,474$2,266,689$4,117,048$1,595,934$2,798,664$1,734,711$60,675,366$7,840,894$3,515,681$3,654,458$2,382,337$2,220,430$8,927,980$1,873,488$1,087,086$786,402$1,318,380$647,626$1,595,934$4,926,580$1,734,711$4,926,580$3,885,753$578,237$5,296,651$4,140,177$10,176,972$416,331$1,272,122$1,873,488$5,342,910$2,220,430$1,387,769$1,503,416$4,764,673$3,053,092$4,440,861$1,087,086$2,151,042$2,683,020$1,156,474$4,302,084$2,405,466$508,849$948,309$1,202,733$16,676,357$786,402$878,920$2,220,430$17,211,227$1,457,157$4,140,177$1,410,898$4,001,400$1,662,391$12,721,215$3,908,882$4,371,472$2,405,466$1,387,769$1,503,416$28,490$25,641$57,387$20,350$39,886$72,446$28,083$49,247$30,525$372,288$137,973$61,864$64,306$41,921$39,072$157,102$32,967$19,129$13,838$23,199$11,396$28,083$86,691$30,525$86,691$68,376$10,175$93,203$72,853$144,892$7,326$22,385$32,967$94,017$39,072$24,420$26,455$83,842$53,724$78,144$19,129$37,851$47,212$20,350$75,702$42,328$8,954$16,687$21,164$293,447$13,838$15,466$39,072$78,154$25,641$72,853$24,827$70,411$223,850$68,783$76,923$42,328$24,420$26,455$2,471,331$2,224,198$4,977,966$1,765,236$3,459,863$6,284,241$2,436,026$4,271,867$2,647,854$91,572,713$11,968,301$5,366,318$5,578,146$3,636,386$3,389,253$13,627,623$2,859,683$1,659,322$1,200,361$2,012,369$988,532$2,436,026$7,519,906$2,647,854$7,519,906$5,931,193$882,618$8,084,782$6,319,545$15,482,796$635,485$1,941,760$2,859,683$8,155,391$3,389,253$2,118,283$2,294,807$7,272,773$4,660,223$6,778,507$1,659,322$3,283,339$4,095,348$1,765,236$6,566,679$3,671,691$776,704$1,447,494$1,835,846$25,454,705$1,200,361$1,341,579$3,389,253$25,934,072$2,224,198$6,319,545$2,153,588$6,107,717$2,493,587$19,417,598$5,966,498$6,672,593$3,671,691$2,118,283$2,294,807City County CongressionalDistrictNC SenateDistrictNC HouseDistrictTotal FTEmpFederalEmpState Emp FederalBudgetStateBudgetEconomicImpactNCNG Economic Impact Exhibit 2012
  15. 15. Page 15 – Tarheel Guardsman — June/July 2013RoseboroRoxboroSaint PaulsSalisburySanfordScotland NeckShallotteSiler CitySmithfieldSnow HillSouthern PinesStatesvilleStemSylvaTarboroTaylorsvilleThomasvilleWadesboroWallaceWashingtonWhitevilleWilliamstonWilmingtonWindsorWinston-SalemWintervilleWoodlandYoungsvilleANGARNGTOTALSFt. Bragg (ARNG)High PointGreensboroCamp ButnerSampsonPersonRobesonRowanLeeHalifaxBrunswickChathamJohnstonGreeneMooreIredellGranvilleJacksonEdgecombeAlexanderDavidsonAnsonDuplinBeaufortColumbusMartinNew HanoverBertieForsythPittNorthamptonFranklinCumberlandGuilfordGuilfordGranville767,85,8,122172,471,325,91,6,1311156873717151,3122,4,76,126,121,6,1310713342248231252241750345332510183933254719,212824,26,27,28721,2224676,7751,54717,1854261052,78792,32119238881694620818,195718,9,24274942,43,44,456157,58,59,60,61,622,324364311142311221761309192207043623111423112217612691921953Value Per24117TotalsMember$277,554$3,238,127$2,521,114$1,619,064$555,108$786,402$1,989,135$2,336,078$1,156,474$1,572,805$994,568$2,428,596$1,225,863$1,434,028$1,873,488$462,590$925,179$1,295,251$2,197,301$3,631,329$5,458,558$3,839,494$948,309$314,428,870Federal$3,500,000$1,400,000$2,400,000$1,800,000$9,100,000$26,987$4,884$56,980$44,363$28,490$9,768$13,838$35,002$41,107$20,350$27,676$17,501$42,735$21,571$25,234$32,967$8,140$16,280$22,792$38,665$63,899$96,052$67,562$16,687$4,549,339State$1,200,000$1,200,000$390$423,657$4,942,660$3,848,215$2,471,331$847,313$1,200,361$3,036,206$3,565,777$1,765,236$2,400,721$1,518,103$3,706,996$1,871,150$2,188,893$2,859,683$706,094$1,412,189$1,977,065$3,353,949$5,542,842$8,331,915$5,860,584$1,447,494$478,468,546LocalCity County CongressionalDistrictNC SenateDistrictNC HouseDistrictTotal FTEmpFederalEmpState Emp FederalBudgetStateBudgetEconomicImpactNCNG Economic Impact Exhibit 2012 - continuedInformation provided by COl (Ret) F. Doug PhelpsNC Adjutant General – MG Greg Luskhttp://www.facebook.com/NCAdjutantGeneralhttp://twitter.com/NCTAGNC Assistant Adjutant General Air – Brig. Gen. Todd Kellyhttp://facebook.com/NCAirAAGhttp://twitter.com/NCAirAAGNC Senior Enlisted Leader – Command Sgt. Maj. John Swarthttp://www.facebook.com/NCCSMhttp://twitter.com/NCSCSM— NC National Guard Contact Inforamtion —NC Command Chief Warrant Officer Rick Comerhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/NC-Command-Chief-Warrant-Officer/261726843901458http://www.twitter.com/NCCWONC Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sgt. BrucePicketthttp://www.facebook.com/pages/NC-State-Command-Chief-Master-Sergeant/330777956943662http://www.twitter.com/NCCmdChiefTAG email contact: pao@ng.army.mil
  16. 16. PeriodicalsU. S. PostagePAIDRaleigh, NCTarheel GuardsmanNC National Guard Assoc.7410 Chapel Hill RoadRaleigh, NC 27607-5047How to reach us:919-851-3390ncnga@bellsouth.net - emailwww.ncnga.org - websiteTickets — *The NCNGA pays for tickets as they are sold; we are unable to provide refunds if tickets are unused.*Tickets are mailed the day the request is received. *Ticket info is also on our website: www.ncnga.orgTo order tickets, send check, money order, MasterCard or Visa information to:NCNGA, 7410 Chapel Hill Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607 or call 919-851-3390, ext. 2 for Kathy FordMail tickets to: Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ State: _________ Zip code: _________________Type of Payment: ___ Check ___ Money Order ___ Master Card ___ VisaMake checks or money order payable to NCNGA. A fee of $23 will be charged for any check returned due toinsufficient funds or a check written on a closed account. If checks remain unpaid, Commanders will be notified.Credit Card Information: Account #_____________________________________________________Exp. Date _____________________ 3 Digit Security Code:_____________Name on Card: __________________________________________ Signature _______________________________When orderingtickets, pleaseallow one weekfor delivery2013 NCNGA Discount Ticket Order FormCarowinds/Kings Dominion - Valid at either park - $33.00 for ages 3 & up.(Carowinds Gate prices (opens March 31) – Adults - $56.99 - ages 3-61 & at least 48” tall.Junior/Senior - $39.99-ages 3-61 & under 48” tall or 62 & older: Children under 3-FREE. )Kings Dominion Gate prices (opens April 6) – Adults - $61.99 - ages 3-61 & at least 48” tall.Junior/Senior - $39.99 - ages 3-61 & under 48” tall or 62 & older. Children under 3-FREE.)Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park* - Adult Tickets-$27.00 for over 48” tall.Park open May 25 - Sept. 2 (Gate price $34.99 over 48” tall. Children 2 & under are FREE.)Junior Tickets* - $19.00. (Gate price $24.99 under 48” tall.)*Tickets can also be ordered online at www.emeraldpointe.com. Call NCNGA for Corporate Code.**Busch Gardens Military Appreciation Days - Tickets $38 for ages 3 & up.Valid Through 27 October (Gate prices $49.00 ages 3 & up)Busch Gardens Fun Card - Tickets $65.00. ($70 at gate) Valid Thru 2 September ONLYWater Country USA - Tickets $27.00 for ages 3 & up. Valid 18 May thru Sep 2 Only(Gate prices - Ages 3 & up $49.99. Ages 2 & under FREE.)*ANHEUSER-BUSCH “HERE’S TO THE HEROES” TRIBUTE*Single Day’s FREE Admission to Anheuser-Busch Parks for active military & 3 direct dependants.Register online @ www.herosalute.com or at the park entrance plaza with DOD photo ID.Quantity Total $SubtotalCreditCard Fee +$3.00Total Due $