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Dec 2012 jan 2013

  1. 1. TarheelGuardsman December 2012/January 2013 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Staff and Officers of the North CarolinaNational Guard Association Inside: Combined Event Registration and Information — pages 6-7 875th EN CO News — pages 14-15
  2. 2. TAG’s Oct. 31, Im reminded of the funeral of 1st Lt. Ashley White-Stumpf who was laid to rest a year ago today. Im reminded of the four brave men of MAFFS 7 who gave their lives in July while fighting fires in South Dakota. Im reminded of the three brave Soldiers of the 514th Military Police Company who died at the hands of a cowardly suicide C bomber in Khost City, Afghanistan, Oct. 1. We can never forget that freedom indeed is not free and that it takes the courage of heroes such as these to preserve it for all of us. o At the same time, Im also reminded of the great successes weve achieved. We officially dedicated a new Joint Force Headquarters Building. We have deployed and welcomed home hundreds of Soldiers r and Airmen who have gone in harms way for our state and our nation. At this moment, we are demobilizing dozens of Soldiers and Airmen who answered the call to state duty in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. Also at this moment, Airmen in Charlotte and Stanly County are ready- n ing engineer force packages for use in helping our fellow Americans who are suffering in the wake of Sandys destruction wrought in the Northeastern United States. And at the Army Aviation Support Facility e in Morrisville, aviators from Salisbury and Morrisville are preparing to lead a task force of helicopters to New Jersey to bolster the disaster- relief mission spearheaded by the nations National Guard. r All of these things point up the reasons our nation needs a strong and relevant National Guard. Indeed, as Ive said many times, we are Maj. Gen. Gregory A. Lusk the most cost-effective, ready, reliable and responsive military force for the state and the country. We are the most experienced force weve ever Adjutant General of NC been. We cannot fail to remind everyone we can of this fact as we faceA the prospect of extraordinarily lean financial times in 2013. nother year has ended, and we ap- I want to salute you all for being part of our Always Ready, Ready proach a new one with hope and antici- Team! Families and employers are certainly included in that salute. We pation. At the same time, we remember couldnt do our jobs without them.the milestones of the past year, some good and Be safe heading into the new year. Keep striving to always be thesome painful, and accept them as part of the best. Let me know how I can support you.difficult jobs we volunteered to do, and the I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and a prosperousjoys and difficulties endured by our families new year.and employers as we do them. Always Ready, Ready Team! I cant help but think back on the faces weno longer see in our ranks. As I write this on óó NC Adjutant General – MG Greg Lusk C O NC Assistant Adjutant General Air – Brig. Gen. Todd Kelly N T A NC Senior Enlisted Leader – Command Sgt. Maj. John Swart C T NC Command Chief Warrant Officer Rick Comer I N F NC Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sgt. Bruce Pickett O TAG email contact: 2 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  3. 3. TARHEEL GUARDSMAN Official publication of the North Carolina National Guard Association DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013 Volume 46 Number 6Contents: Scholarship Applications: NCNGA: Convention Information 6,7 Applications will be accepted for the 2013-14 school year as follows: Educational Foundation Golf Tournament Application 9 In Memoriam List 10 College Students — 1 Feb 2013 Legacy Bridge Program 12 High School Students — 1 Mar 2013 Application for Office 13 Applications and scholarship NC National Guard: amounts are on our website: Donated Art Work 5 875th EN CO 14,15 tion-2/scholarship-information/ Officers Executive Council Deadline for submitting articles to the Tarheel Guardsman: President 30 HBCT th Ronnie Honeycutt Scott Schnack FEB/MAR issue: 4 JAN 2013 Vice President Bobby Lumsden 130th MEB Send articles/photos to Teri Foster, Bernie Williford Editor at the NCNGA (7410 Chapel Hill Diana Stumpf Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047) or email Past President Russell Thorington ( Fisk Outwater 60th Troop Command Secretary-Treasurer Tom Holcomb Adene Tyler Dale Baker, Jr. Address changes or questions? 449th TAB Call us toll free in NC at Judge Advocate 1-800-821-6159 or if Thomas Underwood Rick Fay out of state, 919-851-3390. Stephen Davis Chaplain Our email address is 113th Sustainment BDE K. Carl Singley Billy Hill and our web site is Stephen McCormick STAFF JFHQ-NC Executive Director Charlene Johnson The Tarheel Guardsman, (ISSN 10618392) is published bi-monthly for the Army and Air National Guard of North Carolina, by the North Adene Tyler Wes Morrison Carolina National Guard Association, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047. Periodicals postage paid at Raleigh, NC 27676-9651. Insurance Administrator 139th Regiment (CA) POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Tarheel Guardsman, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047. Teri Foster Ronald Hill The Tarheel Guardsman is the official publication of the North Carolina National Guard Association, a non-profit organization. The Assistant Insurance K. Todd Helms publication’s mission is to promote the general welfare of the NCNGA, Administrator Air Guard assist in increasing the readiness of the NC Army and Air National Guard of North Carolina and serve as a vehicle of expression for Rhonda Arndt members of the National Guard. Wendy Larsen Members receive the publication free with their membership. The Executive Assistant annual subscription rate for non-members of the Association is $15.00. Kathy Ford Scott Harrell Please include your old address when requesting change of address. Deadline for submitted material to the Tarheel Guardsman is NCNGA Educational Associate Class the 5th of the month, two months preceding the calendar date of issue. Manuscripts and photographs on subjects of general interest Foundation John Sweat, Jr. are invited. Unless otherwise indicated, material may be reprinted provided credit is given to the Tarheel Guardsman and the author Administrator Al Rose where listed. Articles and photos will not be returned, unless requested. Peggy Robinson Junior Council (USPS 533-640) Advertising is accepted. For details contact the Association Lonnie Brooks headquarters. Advertising, including political ads, published in this publication does not represent the endorsement or approval of the Teri Foster, Editor Leverne Jackman, Jr. North Carolina National Guard Association. Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 3
  4. 4. Are YOU insured through the NCNGA and need to update your beneficiary? Please use this form and mail it to us (see #4 on instructions for address). American Equity Change of Beneficiary/Name Form Instructions: 1) Complete sections that are applicable. 2) Have someone other than beneficiary witness signature. 3) Member’s signature, printed name & SSN must be completed. 4) Send form (with original signature) to NCNGA, 7410 Chapel Hill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047. 5) Questions? Please call 1-800-821-6159 (NC only) or 919-851-3390, ext 1 for Teri Foster or ext 0 for Rhonda Arndt. American Equity Life North Carolina National Insurance Company POLICY SERVICE FORM Guard Association BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION I (we) ask the beneficiary of the above policy be changed as shown below. All prior beneficiary designations are revoked. I (we) agree that the Company is free from liability in relying on a statement about birth, death, marriage, names, addresses and other facts concerning all beneficiaries from any other one. Unless otherwise stated, the survivors of a beneficiary class share equal amounts of the proceeds. I would like to change my Beneficiary on my Group Life Policy to: List beneficiary’s full name and address Relationship Date of % of To insured Birth Proceeds _________________________________________________ ______________ ___/___/___ ____ _________________________________________________ ______________ ___/___/___ ____ Relationship Date of % of List beneficiary’s full name and address To insured Birth Proceeds _________________________________________________ ______________ ___/___/___ ____ _________________________________________________ ______________ ___/___/___ ____ If none of the above are living or this designation is ineffective proceeds will be paid to the insured’s estate. If you name a Trust as the Benefi- ciary, submit a copy of the trust for our file. Unless the Company has been notified of a community property interest in this policy, the Company shall be entitled to rely on it’s good faith belief that no such interest exists and assumes no responsibility for inquiry. The insured and/or policyowner signing this form agrees to indem- nify and hold the Company harmless from the consequences of accepting this transaction. 1. NAME CHANGE : Insured Former Name ______________________________________ New Name_________________________________________ Date Named Changed ___/___/___ Reason _____________________________________ 2. ADDRESS CHANGE: Owner Insured ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street City State zip 3. Lost policy Request : ____ I am unable to find the policy named above. I request that the company issue a Certificate, which validates all of the provisions of the last Policy. __________________________________ ________________________________________________ Date ___/___/___ Signature of Witness Signature of Insured Member Member’s Name: ________________________________________ Member’s SSN: _________________________________________ (Please Print) The Company has recorded the change requested and retained a photocopy of the request. Date ___/___/___ By ____________________Page 4 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  5. 5. Donated Artwork Honors N.C. Guard at HeadquartersBy Deputy Command Historian Army 1st Lt. Sean DailyRALEIGH, NC — North Carolina NationalGuard Soldiers, Airmen, veterans and retireesfrom across the state donated artwork for thenew NCNG Joint Force Headquarters. The 76 artworks donated by more than 22individuals and organizations showcase mili-tary history and values throughout the ages. The NCNG gathered the paintings, pho-tographs and other artworks over a period ofyears. “It is a legacy of where we have beenso the younger Guard generation know wherewe are going,” said NCNG Deputy CommandHistorian Army 1st Lt. Sean Daily. The project lead by Daily collected theworks over 15 months for display throughoutthe 246,000 square foot building. Soldiers,Airmen, and state employees from the severalstate agencies located here with visitors are Retired Army Col. Lawrence L. Steed, serving more than 30 yearsoften seen admiring the art. with the North Carolina National Guard beginning in 1940, visits his “When people saw the art go up what began former headquarters to donate artwork for display at the NCNG’s newas a modest project evolved into a mission with headquarters here last year. (US Army Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Robertmeaning,” said Daily. Jordan, North Carolina National Guard Public Affairs) The artworks are more than adornment.They reflect the values of the organizationand those who donated. A ceremonial sword Don’t forget the Tarheel Retiree Homecominggiven as a gift to then Col. Greg Lusk by an to be held Thursday, 13 December 2012. TheIraqi leader, stands in a display case with wartrophies and other artifacts for 100 years of event starts at 1000 HRS and will be held at thewar and conflict. Artwork depicting a Soldier New Joint Force Headquarters, 1636 Gold Starwith an angel’s wings reflecting the duty and Drive, Raleigh NC. To register or for more in-selfless service expected of all the Guard. “It is a true testimonial that leaders leave formation, please contact MSG Jimmy Bright atfor generations to come,” said Daily. 919-664-6000 ext 46843; SGT Kalithia Adams at If you are interested in donating artwork, 919-664-6000 ext 46902; or CPT Matthew Boyleplease call 1st Lt. Dailey at 1-800-621-4136. at 919-664-6000 ext 46829.Paid Advertisement The North Carolina Department of the American Legion Thanks You for Your Service to Our State and Nation! We invite you to visit any of our 334 Posts, statewide, visit our website, email us at, or call 919-832-7506. “For God and Country - Still Serving Proudly.” Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 5
  6. 6. NC National Guard Association & NCNG Combined Event Registration Twin City Quarter, Winston-Salem, NC 25-27 April 2013 Association First Rank Member ConventionRegistrant’s Name _____________________________________ __________ Yes No Yes NoSpouse/Guest Name ___________________________________ __________ Yes No Yes NoAddress ________________________________________________________ Unit:City_______________________________ State________ Zip____________ ______________________Telephone ____________________________E-mail_____________________________________________ COMBINED EVENT REGISTRATION FEES Saturday Dinner Choices Retirees & Spouse/Guest By 31 March *After 1 April (based on rank at retirement) Per person Per person Total Attendee: Spouse/Guest: E1-E4 & Spouse/Guest $20 $30 $  Beef  Beef Chicken  Chicken  E5-E7/WO1-WO2/O1-O2 & Spouse/Guest $35 $45 Vegetarian  Vegetarian  All other ranks & Spouse/Guest $40 $50 Seating Preference (if any) Non-Military $35 $45 _____Joint Force Headquarters Child(ren) (meal only) $20 $30 _____145th Airlift Wing Credit Card Fee $3 _____60th Troop Command _____130th MEB TOTAL $ _____30th Armored Bde Combat Team *We are unable to accept registration AFTER 15 April 2013 _____449th Theater Aviation Brigade Attending Business Session: Attending Friday Dance: _____113th Sustainment Brigade Member: Friday Yes No Member: Yes No _____139th Regiment (Combat Arms) Saturday Yes No Spouse/Guest: Yes No _____Open Seating Method of Payment: ____Check enclosed (payable to NCNGA) ____Charge my: ____MasterCard ____Visa Account #________________________________ Expiration date ____________3 digit security code ______ Authorized Signature ____________________________________________________________________ There will be a $23 Fee for Returned Checks. Complete & Return To: NCNGA, 7410 Chapel Hill Rd. Raleigh, NC 27607 (Or Fax to: 919-859-4990 Or Call: 919-851-3390) Links to on-line registration and hotel registration are available on our website at: 6 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  7. 7. COMBINED EVENT NC National Guard Association INFORMATION &The North Carolina National Guard Association’s NC National GuardAnnual Convention, and the Enlisted and OfficerMilitary Balls are joining forces in 2013 for a spe- Combined Eventcial weekend of fun, fellowship and camaraderie. 25-27 April 2013This event will be held 25-27 April 2013 at theTwin City Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC. What Tentative Schedule of Eventsis the Twin City Quarter? It is comprised of theMarriott Hotel, Embassy Suites Hotel and Benton Thursday, 25 April 2013Convention Center — all connected with a coveredwalkway and in beautiful, downtown Winston- 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Educational Foundation Golf Salem. Tournament - Tanglewood Golf Why combine all these events? Well, we hope Club, Clemmons, NCto save you some money and eliminate another 6:30 p.m. - until Educational Foundation Reverse Guard related weekend. We really hope you will Drawing - Winston-Salem Armoryplan to come early and enjoy the activities of theNC National Guard Association annual conven- Friday, 26 April 2013tion. For one registration price, you can attendthe Business Sessions and learn about YOUR 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Registration/Exhibitors/Association, attend the Friday night hospitality Silent Auctionrooms and dance — and then attend the grand finale: The Combined Event Ball. 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. First Business Session If you are able to come on Thursday, you 52nd Annual Conventioncan participate in the NCNGA EducationalFoundation’s golf tournament and later that 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Enlisted/Junior Office Forumevening, try your luck at winning $4,000 at the 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Hospitality Rooms OpenFoundation’s annual Reverse Drawing (ticketrequired). Then you will have most of Friday to 8:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. Dance/DJ/Cash Bar enjoy a visit to Old Salem, the downtown arts district, the Winston Cup Museum for race fans, the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, shopping, Saturday, 27 April 2013or golf before joining the Association for their ac-tivities on Friday afternoon/evening. 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Registration/Exhibitors/ Hotel rooms are blocked for Thursday, Friday Silent Auctionand Saturday — so reserve your room today!(Hotel information is on the back page.) 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Second Business Session Are you a regular attendee to the NC National Awards & Installation CeremoniesGuard Association Annual Convention? If so, don’tworry — this is going to be a unique event and a lot 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. NCNGA Auxiliary Business Sessionof fun. There will be a lot of attendees for the din- 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Unit Representative Workshopner and dance on Saturday evening, and the dresswill remind those of you that have been attending 12:00 noon Enlisted Awards Luncheonfor quite a few years of the “old times” when weused to dress up for the Saturday evening event. 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Educational FoundationYou will also have the opportunity to meet the Annual Meetingleadership of the NC National Guard and visit withyour current and former unit members. It is going 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Social Hour/Cash Bar/Hosp. Rmsto be fun and different — don’t miss this event! 5:45 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. Dinner/Dance/Cash Bar We look forward to seeing you there! Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 7
  8. 8. Paid Advertisement 818.590.9814 http://waketechms.the Paid AdvertisementPage 8 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  9. 9. PLAY GOLF AND SUPPORT THE NCNGA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 10th AnnualFORMAT: 18-Hole Captain’s Choice Danny E.WHERE: Tanglewood Golf Club, Clemmons, NC 27012 BowersWHEN: Thursday, April 25, 2013 – Shotgun Start at 9:00 AMENTRY FEE: $65.00 (Make checks payable to NCNGA Educational Foundation, Inc.) MemorialDEADLINE FOR REGISTERING: All checks must be received by Monday, 2 April 2013TEAM PRIZES: 1st Place Team — 4th Place Team TournamentMAIL TO: NCNGA Educational Foundation, Inc., 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607The cost includes cart and green fee, all prizes (Longest Drive Front and Back Nine, A total of 80 golfers were greeted with a beautiful day for golf and aClosest to the Hole All Par 3’s, Hole in One All Par 3’s, Putting Contest at Conclusion golf course in prime condi-of Round, Door Prizes) and Driving Range prior to round. Mulligans may be purchased tion to host a great event.for $5.00 (3 for $10.00). Money from mulligans will be added to the donation s to the Piney Point Golf Club wasNCNGA Educational Foundation. Cost for Putting Contest is $10.00. Prize for Putting the proud host of this eventContest is 50/50 split the pot on the cost, with the remainder also added to the donations to for the 10th year in a row.the NCNGA Educational Foundation. The 10th Annual Danny E. Bowers MemorialYou may put together your own team or sign up individually and I will place you on a Tournament was a proudteam. tribute to the man the tour- nament was named after.For additional information, contact Terry Westbrook at (919) 664-6393 Danny was an avid golfer, which makes it fitting toOpen to all golfers during the 52nd NCNGA Annual Convention in Winston-Salem, NC host a golf tournament inand their guests. All proceeds go to the NCNGA Educational Foundation. Check must his name every year. Heaccompany entry form. Convention attendance not required to enter tournament. Entry fee was also a long-time mem-will be returned if tournament is cancelled due to rain. ber of the NC Air National Guard and a proud memberIf you would like to register as a team, all four entry forms must be submitted together of the military. This tourna-with checks totaling $260.00. ment raises funds for schol- arships that are awardedName ____________________________________ through the NCNGAAddress_______________________________________________________________ Educational Foundation. The scholarships are namedPhone: (home) _________________________ (work) _________________________ in honor of Danny E. Bowers. The tournamentI declare myself physically able to compete in this event. I waive all rights for claims for would not have been ainjury or illness which may occur during this event. success without the help family, friends, playersSignature:__________________________ Date:_____________________ and sponsors to contribute and help in many differentNCNGA Educational Foundation estimates the value for each entrant to be $45.00. Chari- ways.table contributions are deductible only to the extent that they exceed the value of any Recipients of thisgoods and services received. Your cancelled check is acknowledgement of your contribu- year’s Danny E. Bowerstion. Memorial Scholarship were Harley Davis, Eliza Green and Alannah Wagner. Biltmore Tickets — Only $35 each** (Gate/Online prices - $49-$64)Biltmore is delighted to offer members of NC National Guard Association a special discounton estate admission tickets. Biltmore is a unique 8,000-acre estate nestled in the scenic BlueRidge Mountains of Western North Carolina. (Biltmore discount tickets are for NCNGAmembers and their families only.) **Does not apply to candle-light tour tickets. Discount tickets can be purchased by contacting Kathy Ford at the NCNGA — 1-800-821-6159 ext 2 or you can purchase the discounted tickets at Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 9
  10. 10. Travel Suggestions from our Members:A few of our members have been sending military bases state-side and all are staffed with very professional me information on their travels and people who don’t hesitate to make your stay enjoyable.” — CW3 (Ret) when they stay at military lodging or Asa Russcampgrounds. If there is somewhere you have Another member wrote to tell me about the Kennedy Space Centerbeen and would like to have it mentioned, in Florida, which operates the Kennedy Athletic, Recreation, and Socialplease send them to me at teri.gregory.foster@ (KARS) Park. The KARS Parks are operated and maintained by propriated funds generated by the Exchange Stores, Child Development “My wife and I have spent several Center and KARS Park membership and facility usage fees. UntilChristmas’ at the Hale Koa on Ft DeRussy recently, KARS Park was only open to NASA employees and militaryAFRC in Honolulu. The Hale Koa is located assigned at the Kennedy Space Center, along with family and friends.on Waikiki Beach. This is as fine a hotel as you However, they recently opened KARS Park to active duty and retiredwill find, great location, good food, BX military personnel. Note that the KARS Park website still hasn’t beenon-site and great room rates. Excellent en- changed to mention military are eligible.tertainment is offered during the week at very KARS Park has numerous outdoor recreational facilities, includingmodest prices. Past experience dictates making a RV Park and campground. There’s 104 RV sites that include waterreservations months in advance especially dur- and electric. They also have 2 dump stations. You do need to purchaseing the Christmas season. If you are looking an annual KARS Park membership, which is only $15 a year.for more adventure the Kilauea Military Camp Another place to keep in mind, if you are planning a trip to Florida,on the Big Island is a great place to stay. It is is the Key West Naval Air Station in Key West. One of our memberslocated on the Kilauea National Volcano Park. visited this location and said it was very nice and reasonably priced.Small cabins dot the camp and are quiet nice. For more information on military campgrounds, check out this site:Just a short drive to see active volcanoes and hiking trails. We have visited several Happy Travels! In MemoriamListed below are members (and non-members), spouses and dependent children that have recently passed away. If wehave missed someone, please contact the Editor, Teri Foster at or 800-821-6159 ext 1. Juanita H. Smith Kenneth M. Jeremy F. Hardison* Thomas W. Carlee “Ray” Spouse of Funderburke 514th MP Co Throneburg, Jr. Earnhardt, Jr. Clyde L. Smith Charlotte, NC Maysville, NC Mebane, NC Raleigh, NC Lowell, NC 9 September 2012 1 October 2012 21 October 2012 3 November 2012 16 August 2011 Bobbie L. Massey Eddie N. Clark Stacy H. Bolton, Jr. Talmage “Clem” Gisela Eubanks Spouse of Apex, NC Stedman, NC Rowland Spouse of George R. Massey, Jr. 2 October 2012 23 October 2012 Hampstead, NC Marvin W. Eubanks Zebulon, NC 4 November 2012 Washington, NC 12 September 2012 Bill E. Holbrooks George P. Vincent 30 July 2012 Stanfield, NC Denver, NC Donte L. Tatum Ernest A. Epley 4 October 2012 24 October 2012 Son of Samuel T. Gragg Morganton, NC Danny L. Tatum Michael R. Sherrill Hudson, NC 22 September 2012 James A. Barwick EEE 113th SUS BDE Stanley, NC 18 August 2012 Mount Olive, NC Greensboro, NC 6 October 2012 Thomas J. Butler IV* 25 October 2012 5 November 2012 Joseph E. Orland 514th MP Co Brenda Dores Kannapolis, NC Leland, NC Spouse of Bennie H. Deal Jason A. Smallwood 26 August 2012 1 October 2012 Haynes B. Dores Morganton, NC 881st EN CO FWD Mount Olive, NC 27 October 2012 Aulander, NC Kevin Jaimes Donna Rae Johnson* 10 October 2012 5 November 2012Det 1 NCARNG RRB 514th MP Co John F. Perkinson, Jr. Tarboro, NC Raeford, NC Amber D. Bolton Henderson, NC *Killed in Action 7 September 2012 1 October 2012 HHC 105th EN BN (CBT) 1 November 2012 Raeford, NC 21 October 2012Page 10 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  11. 11. What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending?By Barbara Bennett, Investor Education Specialist, NC Secretary of State Securities DivisionPeer–to-peer lending, also known as social lend- Lenders review loan listings and choose specific borrower postings toing, person-to-person lending or P2P, allows indi- bid on and fund.viduals and small businesses to obtain unsecured The platform may perform only a minimal check of the borrower’sloans from other persons. A fundamental compo- credit information, income, bankruptcy records or claimed plans for thenent of P2P lending is the use of the Internet as a funds loaned.marketplace. Recent economic downturns caused Peer-to-peer lenders make consumer loans and often issue securities,financial institutions to be increasingly cautious possibly making them eligible to be regulated by the U.S. Securities andabout making loans. Through online P2P lend- Exchange Commission (SEC), state regulators or state banking, borrowers generally obtain loans that would The notes issued however, are not FDIC-insured, nor are they guaranteedotherwise be difficult or costly to obtain from by any federal or state agency. Default rates on P2P loans may be unusuallytraditional banks. high, exceeding 25% on some platforms. There may well be very good Loan matchmakers on P2P lending websites, reasons why a bank would not lend to the borrower.called “platforms,” connect those who need Protect yourself! Be skeptical of investment opportunities on themoney (borrowers) with people looking for an Internet. Online newsletters, message boards and chat rooms are potentialinvestment (lenders). With an endless variety havens for scams. Do your homework, verify all information and onlyof loan structures, it’s difficult to generalize the invest money you can afford to lose.risks. The P2P lending business model is still in When considering any investment, protect yourself from fraud byits infancy and some borrowers may be unsea- contacting the NC Securities Division at 919-733-3924 or 800-688-4507soned businesses. Loans are unsecured, leaving for background and licensing information. One simple phone call couldinvestors no legal ability to pursue borrowers for help you spot the red flags of fraud and avoid losing your money on aloan default. scam. Visit our website at to read more about Peer-to-Peer The borrower typically is an individual or Lending and all our other great literature, including the new editions of thesmall business that posts a loan request with a Financial Field Manual; The Personal Finance Guide For Military Familiesbrief narrative describing the anticipated use of and Salute to Smart Investing.the loaned funds. Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 11
  12. 12. Legacy Bridge ProgramL ast year, Active Associate Representa- new revenue sources take a hit during lean times. tive Al Rose introduced a program Please consider joining us in the Legacy Bridge Program. And, if that is designed to financially carry the you would like to remember or honor someone, please consider makingAssociation through our present fiscal transi- a donation in their name. Take a few minutes to fill out the applicationtion period. As we move from a system where and to write a check. Al and his team have started us in the right direc-we depended on our investments and insurance tion. It is up to us now to make it happen.premiums to pay our Association’s expenses Questions? Please call us at one that will rely on new revenue sources tocover our budget, the Legacy Bridge Programwill provide the interim funds to meet budgetcosts until the transition is complete. Our *Our Newest Members of theprojection is that this should occur within 2-3years, and as such it is a closed end program. Legacy Bridge Program: The short-term plan is to use the incomefrom the Legacy Bridge Program until ournew revenue sources come on-line allowing 235. Ben D. Hudsonus to insulate our investments so that they are 236. Allen C. Ungerallowed to grow over the long-term. At the end 237. John A. Varnumof 2-3 years, the new revenue sources, along 238. In Honor of CH (COL) (Ret) Ray K. Hodgewith insurance premiums, will be our main in-come sources and the Legacy Bridge Programwill close. Long-term, we hope to reach an invest- *As of press timement fund goal of $3 million. At that point,even at a modest 4%, the Association couldsurvive indefinitely should our insurance and NCNGA LEGACY BRIDGE PROGRAM DONATION Name: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: ( ) NCNGA Life Member: Yes No Unit: Rank: E-Mail Address: ( ) I would like to make this donation in honor of ( ) in memory of ( ) $100 Donation (Donations are not tax deductible) Return Application & Payment To: $25 Quarterly Installments _____ $100 Full Payment _____ _____ Check _____ Money Order _____ Master Card/Visa (Add $2 credit card fee) NCNGA ATTN: Legacy Bridge Credit Card Information: Program Acct #__________________________________________ Exp Date: ___________ 7410 Chapel Hill Road 3-digit Sec Code:__________ Signature: ____________________________________ Raleigh, NC 27607-5047Page 12 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  13. 13. Help Your Association – Run for the NCNGA Executive Council!The Nominating & Credentials Committee is actively seeking qualified candidates to run for ExecutiveCouncil seats. Upcoming vacancies for each major command will be filled at the next convention to beheld 25-27 April 2013 at the Twin City Quarters in Winston-Salem, NC. Qualifications to run for office: you must be a member of the North Carolina National GuardAssociation and have served on an active committee within the past five years (except Junior Councilmembers). If you are qualified (see above) and interested in being an important part of your Association,complete the application below and mail to the NCNGA. If you have any questions, please contact TeriFoster at the NCNGA 1-800-821-6159 ext 1 ( 2013-2014 Indicate office you want to be considered for: Application for Nomination Candidate for the Executive Council ___ President (at large) North Carolina National Guard Association ___ Vice President (at large) Name ___ 30th ABCT – Council Seat ___ 130th MEB – Two (2) Council Seats Home Address ___ 60th Troop Command – Two (2) Council Seats City State Zip ___ JFHQ-NC – Council Seat Home Telephone No. ___ HQ 449th Theatre Avn Bde – Council Seat ___ 139th Regiment (CA) – Two (2) Council Seats Business Telephone No. ___ HQ 113th Sustainment Bde – Council Seat Unit ___ Air National Guard – Council Seat Email address: ___ Junior Council – Council Seat ___ Associate Membership – Council Seat Attach a list of your current/past committee Deadline for submitting applications: 1 April 2013 and/or Executive Council involvement. NCNGA Educational Foundation Fundraiser RaffleThe North Carolina National Guard Association Educational Foundation will have a raffle withthe Grand Prize of $2,000 and a second prize of $100. Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 andcan be purchased from any NCNGA Educational Foundation Board Member or by contactingPeggy Robinson at 1-800-821-6159 ext. 5. The drawing will be held during the 2013 Convention in Winston-Salem. (Winner assumes all responsibility for local, state & federal taxes) Would you like to win this Stanley Tool Box? Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and can be purchased from any NCNGA Educational Foundation Board Member or by contacting Peggy Robinson at 1-800-821-6159 ext. 5. The drawing will be held during the 2013 Convention in Winston-Salem. Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 13
  14. 14. 875th Engineer Company Makes a Dent in AfghanistanBy U.S. Army Capt. Kent Caldwell, 505th Engineer BattalionBALKH PROVINCE, Afghanistan – CampJohn Pratt construction reached another mile-stone this week as the 875th Engineer Company(Horizontal) completed the large earthen din-ing facility pad and started excavation of thestorm water retention pond.  The storm water retention pond projectwill be essential to drainage of the 880-acrecamp, which was recently dedicated andnamed after fallen US Chief Warrant Officer5 John C. Pratt. The camp is purposed as analternate retrograde staging area for troops andequipment leaving Afghanistan. The construction of Camp John Prattretrograde facilities is currently the largesttroop-based construction effort and ranks as thenumber one construction priority in Afghanistan.It has significant strategic importance as the 2014International Security Assistance Force with-drawal deadline approaches. A loader gathers base material used for roads and other infrastruc- The 411th Engineer Brigade, known as ture at Camp John Pratt. Soldiers of the 875th Engineer CompanyJoint Task Force Empire, manages a joint work sunrise to sunset readying Camp John Pratt to serve as aengineer task force composed of Army and Air major retrograde staging area in northern Afghanistan. (Photo byForce engineers to accomplish this expansive US Army Capt. William Dudley, Task Force Hurricane)construction mission. The 875th falls underthe direct operational control of Task Force cut and fill operations where the prior unit left off. The high sense ofHurricane, a conglomeration of active, reserve, urgency continued as they transitioned to the storm water retention pondand National Guard engineer units led by due to the approaching wet weather season. The equipment operatorsmembers of the 841st Engineer Battalion out of will move more than 675,000 cubic yards of earth in 60 days. The endMiami, FL.  result will make a large dent in the Afghanistan countryside approxi- The 875th Engineer Company hit the mately 27 acres by an average of 15 feet deep. Capt. William Dudley,ground running in Afghanistan and continued 875th Company Commander, acknowledges the challenges inherent in the project.  “The details of Camp John Pratt construction as an overall mission are very complex. The storm-water pond construction, as well as many of the other projects on this camp, allow for the opportunity for me to use all the military occupational specialties under my com- mand and develop each soldier’s job proficiency and leadership skills.” Soldiers of the 875th Engineer Com- pany use scrapers to excavate a storm water drainage pond at Camp John Pratt. The camp will serve as a staging area for troop and equip- ment withdrawing from Afghanistan. (Photo by US Army Capt. William Dudley, Task Force Hurricane)Page 14 – Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013
  15. 15. 875th EN COSubmitted by SFC Willie N. Nethery, Operations NCO, 875th Engineer CompanyThe 875th Engineer Company Field Maintenance Team has been working around the clock since arriving in Afghanistanon 15 August. They have brought equipment from 38% fully mission capable to 70% as of 25 September. Members of the 875th maintenance team are shown (left and below) constructing a new facility to perform maintenance activities out of the weather and sun. Maintenance operations were being conducted in a open field when the unit arrived. The new area is called “Castle Compound.” The road leading to the new maintenance area will be named “Workhorse Way” in honor of the unit. SGT Donald Brock repairs a roller at old maintenance site.Combat Patch CeremonyT he 875th Engineer Company combat patch ceremony was held on Camp Marmalon 19 October. The 875th is attached to the841st Engineer Battalion while stationed inAfghanistan. The Soldiers of the 875th Engineer Companyfrom North Wilkesboro and Lexington, NCwere honored on 19 October 2012 when theywere awarded the 130th Maneuver EnhancementBrigade (MEB) shoulder sleeve insignia as a"combat patch." The unit received this honor byserving under the 130th MEB for over 30 consecu-tive days in a deployed status. The 875th is currently stationed in northernAfghanistan conducting Engineer operations.The 875th is led by Commander CPT WilliamM. Dudley from Concord, NC, and 1SG Ted A. SPC Reggie Shumate (guidon bearer) from Mulberry, NC andLeonhardt from Dallas, NC. 841st CSM Paul Duros with the Marmal mountains as a back drop. Tarheel Guardsman — December 2012/January 2013 — Page 15
  16. 16. Tarheel Guardsman Periodicals NC National Guard Assoc. U. S. Postage 7410 Chapel Hill Road PAID Raleigh, NC 27607-5047 Raleigh, NCPlease plan to attend the 2013 Combined Event — 25 - 27 April 2013. See pages 6-7 for registration information. The Twin City Quarter is comprised of the Marriott Hotel, Embassy Suites Hotel and Benton Convention Center — all connected with a covered walkway, in beautiful, downtown Winston-Salem. Embassy Suites — Room Rate $107 plus tax 1-800-696-6107 Marriott — Room Rate $97 plus tax 1-800-320-0934 Make your reservations early! Rooms are limited and the cut-off is 31 March 2013. (See NCNGA website ( for registration and hotel information.)