CEO self evaluation

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The eighth presentation given in Minsk in preparation for the 2011 IT-Jump competition

The eighth presentation given in Minsk in preparation for the 2011 IT-Jump competition

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  • 1. CEO Self- Evaluation Marty KaszubowskiPresident, General Ideas
  • 2. Building the team starts at the top "Observe all men; thyself most.“ — Benjamin Franklin“No man is the worse for knowing the worst of himself.“ — Thomas Fuller
  • 3. 20 Core Functions/Skills that need to be considered1. Team Building Leadership 11. The Core Technology Technology2. Ability/Willingness to Delegate 12. Keeping it Safe3. Articulating a Coherent Vision 13. Technology Assessments4. Build and Maintain Momentum 14. Managing the Techies5. Perceptions 15. Priming the Pump6. Using the Tools Management 16. The Overall Market Marketing7. Managing the People 17. Marketing Channels8. Building the Organization 18. Market Assessments9. Working the Numbers 19. Sales10. Making the Deals 20.Managing the Brand
  • 4. Tool for CEO “Evaluation”• 20 Skills that a CEO needs to have (or delegate to someone else!)•Q&A format that allows a very rapid assessment by selecting arepresentative statement for each “Skill”. Let’s look at someExamples.• Pick the statement that best describes the CEO Skill = Ability/Willingness to Delegate The CEO is overly controlling and burns out his underlings quickly  The CEO delegates non-core functions, but could use some help letting go of the critical path The CEO is willing and able to delegate important functions to people he trusts
  • 5. Other “Skills” Skill = Ability/Willingness to Articulate a Coherent Vision The vision changes according to whomever The CEO spoke to last … The overall vision is known to the team, but some clarity and repetition would help keep things better aligned. The CEO is the reason everyone knows where theyre headed and why. Skill = Marketing Channels The CEO has no understanding of how to reach the customers … The CEO has a good idea of how to modify existing sales channels, but has not previously built the sales channels that are necessary The CEO knows which customers are likely to purchase through which channels and how to build the bridges between them and the company
  • 6. Marketing Skills Management SkillsLeadership Skills Technology Skills
  • 7. Questions?