iPad Comic Books

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A how to guide on downloading iPad comic books

A how to guide on downloading iPad comic books

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  • 1. How to Download iPad Comic Books The iPad is the first main mainstream computer tablet that has the interface, the power, the battery, and the high impact full-color screen that brings digital comic books to life. Follow these simple steps to download and read ipad comic books.
  • 2. Buy an iPad. You can go to apple.com, amazon or your trusted local retailer to purchase one. Its going to cost you between $499-$829 for an ipad of your model of choice at apple.com.
  • 3. You will need to download the applications that you will use to read iPad Comics. Panelfly, IDW and comiXology have all newly developed some apps for the iPad.
  • 4. Download the Panelfly app out of your iTunes store. It is a free application and you can download some of your favorite iPad comics such as Marvel and DC comics Some of these are usually 99 cents.
  • 5. Download the iPad app 'Comics' by comiXology for free out of your iTunes store. Some publishers on the app include Marvel, Red 5 and Zenescope.
  • 6. You can also download the IDW Publishing app to read free iPad comic books. IDW, and Panelfly have new features in the highly optimized iPad version. IDW comic titles include Igor,star trek, G.I.Joe, Rocketeer, and the Transformers.
  • 7. Relax and enjoy reading. Get Unlimited iPad comics including your favourite Marvel or DC comics at http://ww.i-pad- books.com