Kaseya Connect 2012 - Service Automation


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Kaseya's platform gives you access to your entire environment from within a single system. Now find out how you can leverage the powerful automation engine inside Kaseya to build logic and workflow that will allow the system to respond to your business without the need for intervention. See how you can automatically obtain detailed live diagnosis information and add it to your incidents, add intelligence to your monitoring or even step completely outside your IT and apply automation to other areas of your business.
Presented by: Ben Lavalley, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr, Jacque Van Der Merwe, Regional Sales Manager, South Africa, Miguel Lopez, CSM Architect

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Kaseya Connect 2012 - Service Automation

  1. 1. Service Automation
  2. 2. Service Automation • How is it done? – Service Desk! • Introduction, Business Value – Jacques van der Merwe – Regional Sales Manager, Kaseya • Take a closer look – Benjamin Lavalley, Kaseya • Customer Experience – Miguel Lopez – CSM Architect, All Covered www.kaseya.com
  3. 3. Service Automation• 50 minutes, brisk pace!• Q&A• Resources www.kaseya.com
  4. 4. Kaseya Service Desk• What to expect from Service Desk• How can Service Desk work for you?• Improve efficiencies/productivity• Reduce time spent doing a Root Cause Analysis?• Service Desk as a Service (SDAAS)
  5. 5. Kaseya Service Desk • Fully Integrated Service Desk Solution • Multiple Service Desk Capabilities • Workflow and Process Driven Desks • Goals and Escalation Rules based on Policies • Unified Response Templates • Time Collection and Reporting INTEGRATED and AUTOMATED IT SUPPORT OPERATIONS • Track & Manage Incidents, Problems and Change Requests • Automate Ticket Routing and Escalations Based on SLA Goals • Fine Grained Control of Service Desk Access • Searchable Integrated Knowledge Base and Known Error database • ITIL Made Easy – Best Practices Built-in www.kaseya.com
  6. 6. ITIL: • Incident Management • Problem Management •Change Management • Known Issues Database (Knowledgebase) www.kaseya.com
  7. 7. Kaseya Service Desk Monitor Sets SNMP Email Agent Monitoring Desktop Users Kaseya User Portal Telephone iPhone Mobile Ticket Created Kaseya Service Desk www.kaseya.com
  8. 8. Kaseya Service Desk - Workflow Ticket Goal Time Entry Procedure Tier 1 Tier 2 Stage Goal Time… Entry Procedure Identified Resolved Tier 3 Exit Procedure Rejected Closed Automatically Identify the Event Calculate the following: Organization Priority Severity Category www.kaseya.com
  9. 9. Automated Procedure Execution 1 ) Execute Procedure: Exchange Transport Service Restart Procedure www.kaseya.com
  10. 10. Live Connect from Service Desk www.kaseya.com
  11. 11. Improved End-User Satisfaction www.kaseya.com
  12. 12. How can Service Desk work for you? • Advance to the NEXT Level of Service Delivery Automation • Do MORE with Less using Agent Procedures • Reduce Complexity in Customer Service Delivery • Provide Customer Facing Portals • Access to SQL using detailed BI Reporting Tools • Customizable to your requirements. www.kaseya.com
  13. 13. Improve efficiencies and Productivity • Reduce Application Travel Time • Enhance Process driven Service Delivery • Reduce mean time to response/resolution using SD/Agent Procedures • Automate Remediation based on Service Requests • Utilizing Best Practices and Standards Service Desk that works for you… www.kaseya.com
  14. 14. Reduce time spent doing RCA/Diagnosis • What is the next level of automation? • Execute Procedures that detects problems relevant to tickets being logged. • Executing procedures relevant to Application logged tickets (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint) • Enable customers and End-users with a detailed End-User Portal and knowledge base. • Reduce time spent working on the “White Noise” Work on the Issues that are relevant and pertinent to End-User and Business related issues… www.kaseya.com
  15. 15. Service Desk as a Service (SDAAS) • Create, manage and host multiple Service Desks • Reduce TCO on Service Desk Solutions • Differentiate your value proposition with a Hybrid Managed Services Offering • Increased visiblity on Customer specific Service Requests • Specialist Consulting and Services from MSP’s • Increased uptime, reduce consulting costs, absolute visbilitiy on Customer constraints and service requests. www.kaseya.com
  16. 16. Taking a closer look…Benjamin Lavalley, Kaseya
  17. 17. Kaseya Service Desk (KSD)Miguel Lopez, All Covered
  18. 18. Concepts• You don‟t need to be SQL script expert – How to search the database (SQL Server Management Studio) • Tables – • Views – Use these as much as possible and create new ones when needed – Select *, from, where • Example: Select machname from vmachine where Machine_GroupID = „[$FullMachineName$]‟• Spend time understanding the variables within KSD – Templates>Message Templates>All Ticket Property Variables – [$FullMachineName$] is not listed there• Google search for SQL statements• Need to think outside the box – Step back from the problem and look at it from different angles• Save your SQL scripts somewhere
  19. 19. KSD Flow
  20. 20. Our Approach• Present “Actionable Items” to our support teams – Support was spending a lot of time on incidents that there was really nothing they could do.• Started with KES alerting – It was very noisy with items like Definition Not Updated in X days • User on vacation or extended leave • Created a Service Desk to handle KES alerting – This alert enters a specific stage and checks if the machine is actually online – If THE machine IS offline then it checks every x amount of time to see if it comes online – When machine comes online we initiate a Manual Update via a procedure – If the machine does not come online after x amount of time or the manual update fails we then pass the incident to the support team.
  21. 21. Our Lifecycle• Moved onto: – Event Log Monitoring – Backup Module(BUDR) • Have the system do the redundant things – Execute another backup (Full or Incr/Diff) – Run an audit – Identification and notification when a client is supposed to receive a service • New machines added to org are marked that they are supposed to receive a service we offer and then check if it was every installed – 3 Party Application Support • Appliances or application that send email as an alert (there are some ticketing systems that already offer this) – Symantec Backup Exec Module • Create a ticket in Service Desk when there is a Warning or Error alert
  22. 22. What You Need to do• Review the Help in KSD and understand the flow• Try it! – We have re-designed our Service Desk implementation 3 times• Document every Service Desk created using Visio• Document complex SQL scripts• Remember that there are several ways to solve the same problem
  23. 23. Sample Visio
  24. 24. Service Automation Q&A! www.kaseya.com
  25. 25. Resources• Community – http://community.kaseya.com – Click Forums, Forum Tab, then Service Desk – Look for Service Automation thread!• Tech Jam Recording (1hr) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDPszzumH0M• Service Desk Webinar (1hr) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JvNqTFcUQk• This entire presentation (write this one down!) – http://tinyurl.com/7u84rwq www.kaseya.com