MSP Sales Best Practice: A Proven Strategy to Win New IT Managed Services Clients Each Month


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During this 60 minute webinar, MSP sales expert Mark Woldman of MSP Sales Pros will share sales tips and best practices and show you how to build a strategy that includes surefire steps to help you build your pipeline and win more business. New MSP sales best practices you’ll learn include: Sale Process Design Tips – how to create a repeatable process that delivers results Demand Generation Tips – how to improve lead quality and avoid obstacles such as, "we already have an IT company" Pipeline Management Tips – how to identify hidden roadblocks in every deal Closing Techniques – how to be seen as the front runner every single time

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MSP Sales Best Practice: A Proven Strategy to Win New IT Managed Services Clients Each Month

  1. 1. MSP Sales Best Practice:A Proven Strategy to WinNew IT Managed ServicesClients Each MonthJuly 31, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Our sponsor • Our MSP expert – the MSP Sales Pros – Sale Process Design Tips – Demand Generation Tips – Pipeline Management Tips – Closing Techniques • Q&A2
  3. 3. Our Speakers Mark Woldman Owner & MSP Expert The MSP Sales Pros Alex Brandt Vice President Kaseya3
  4. 4. Complete the poll/survey and you may win!
  5. 5. About Kaseya • Enterprise-class IT systems management for everybody • Key Facts – Founded 2000 – Privately held, no debt, no external capital requirements – 33 offices worldwide in 20 countries with 450+ employees • 12,000+ customers • Millions of assets managed – Patented IT service delivery process & remote IT management process • 24 patents pending – Common Criteria (EAL2+) certified and FIPS 140-2 security compliant – ITIL v2 and v3 compatible5
  6. 6. The Leading IT Managed Services Solution IT Configuration Management Services Virtual System Administrator •Remote Management • Image Deployment •Application Deployment • Desktop Migration •Power Management • Mobile Device ManagementUnified ManagementPlatform Asset Management Services •Network Discovery & AD Device & Network Management •Hardware / Software Inventory Event Management •Asset Management • Alerts / Notifications • System Events • Logs Security Services •AntiVirus •AntiMalware Automation •Patch • Scheduling • Procedures Business Continuity Services • API / Messaging •Image Backup • Data Availability •File & Folder Backup • System Availability •Application Backup • Site Availability Visualization • Reporting • Dashboards Service Delivery & Support Services • Interactive Data Views •Service Desk / Ticketing •Policy Management •Service Billing Systems Monitoring Services •System Checks and Alerts •Endpoint & Network Monitoring •Enterprise Monitoring Open API CRM & PSA Integrations Other Third Party Integrations
  7. 7. Why MSPs Choose KaseyaA single Kaseya user can proactively manage 1,000s of automatedIT systems and network tasks in the same amount of timerequired by a team of technicians using other techniquesIt’s the industry’s only patented single-server-single-agentarchitecture; MSPs get enterprise-class capability that is easy touse and easy to affordWith 60+% of top MSPs worldwide using Kaseya, they get accessto the most robust community availableAnd with so many ISVs plugging in to Kaseya via a seamlessintegration process, they get an easy way to leverage theirexisting strategic technology partnerships
  8. 8. How would you describe yoursales and marketing strategy?a. What strategy?b. We have quarterly goals but struggle to execute effectivelyc. We have a well documented plan but our results are inconsistentd. We have a solid plan that delivers repeatable, predictable results
  9. 9. Experience Matters • Over 10 years experience in IT Services • 15 years creating sales and marketing strategies for B2B • 1 man shops to 500 plus employees • Experience with every major RMM/ PSA or CRM system9
  10. 10. Top Sales Best Practices • Design a repeatable process • Create a message that stands out • Improve your demand generation • Continuous pipeline management • Learn to close effectively BUT HOW DO YOU GET THERE?10
  11. 11. Follow a Roadmap • So you can stop the confusion • To create a repeatable sales process that delivers results • So your demand generation stands out from the crowd • To improve your pipeline management • So that you will have higher close ratios and faster cycles11
  12. 12. Defining Your Market Checkpoint #1 Focus Identify the types of businesses you intend to target Legal Financial Healthcare Manufacturing Retail Education Construction Government Determine the size of the businesses will you target 3 – 8 Employees 20 – 40 Employees 8 – 20 Employees > 40 Employees12
  13. 13. Build Your Solution Checkpoint #2 Needs Analysis Understand how their business operates Know the key business drivers Identify mission critical applications or processes Know the basics: Improve efficiency - Faster response to clients Meet or maintain regulatory compliance Reduce operating costs - Eliminate risks13
  14. 14. Build Your Solution Checkpoint #3 Competitive Analysis How do they address their needs today? Competitors Some form of in-house IT Their nephew Understand this so that you can effectively position against this!14
  15. 15. Build Your Solution Checkpoint #4 Packaging Messaging If your messaging misses the mark, it’s nearly certain that your efforts to attract new customers will fail Show your prospects that you understand their business needs Be seen as an expert in their field Make sure your service offer addresses their business needs15
  16. 16. Start Your Planning Checkpoint #5 Target Lists Where do you find your target accounts? Online Lists Hoovers, Jigsaw, OneSource Partners Avoid cheap lists of unknown prospects Make sure you have the data you need16
  17. 17. Start Your Planning Checkpoint #6 Sales Tools You need a defined set of sales tools Your website is your store front – Don’t let SEO send the wrong message Build a toolkit for each market Email templates Sales letter that get appointments Sample documents Be Consistent17
  18. 18. Start Your Planning Checkpoint #7 Campaigns cam·paign - a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose: a sales campaign. Select the means of initial contact Direct Mail – email – Door to Door – Cold Call Speaking Engagements - Partnerships Define the content18 Define the volume and frequency
  19. 19. Begin Your Execution Checkpoint #8 Goals Metrics Set goals so that you can measure your success. “ As many as possible” is not a goal! Know the metrics: How many calls/letters to get to a conversation? How many conversations to get an appointment? How many appointments to get a customer? Improve the metrics19
  20. 20. Know Your Metrics20
  21. 21. Begin Your Execution Checkpoint #9 Sales Process Define contact types Define conditions for each contact type Document the stages of your Sales Cycle. Define the deliverables for each stage Identify the tools for each stage Make sure your messaging is consistent in each stage Optimize CRM Create a standard meeting agenda21
  22. 22. Begin Your Execution Checkpoint #10 Train Refine Make sure the sales team understands: The business drivers for the markets you target Your solutions Positioning your solutions Your processes The metrics Analyze and refine frequently22
  23. 23. Your Roadmap
  24. 24. Prospecting Tips • Be prepared • Point solution vs. general message • Avoid “easy out” questions • Eliminate common objections • Provide value and credibility • Use highly acceptable next steps • Email follow up is a must24
  25. 25. Uncovering Objections • Learn to eliminate objections • Happy with current vendor • Not interested • No budget • Don’t need that • Don’t have time to talk25
  26. 26. Closing Tips • Early and often • Get to NO • Meaningful next steps • Avoid “just checking in” • Know how each deal will close26
  27. 27. Recap • Build a roadmap & stick to it • Create a compelling message • Prospect smarter • Qualify, qualify, and qualify • Close early and close often27
  28. 28. More Information?Sell more services with higher close ratios and shortercycles.Prospecting Guides - Call ScriptsSales Letters - Email Templates info@mspsalespros.comQualification Checklists - Meeting Agendas 888.877.9538Sales Process and Stage OptimizationCRM Optimization and Pipeline ManagementMarket more effectively and be seen as an industry expert.Ready to use email series and postcard templatesIndustry specific service offers, cover letters and follow uptemplatesSEO and online marketing strategiesSMB specific websites and strategiesBuild a brand that stands out from the competition.Brand development and correct packaging of servicesProper strategy and executionDesign
  29. 29. Next Steps • Learn more about the MSP Sales Pros • Learn more about Kaseya for MSPs • For a free live product demo Kaseya Foundation for MSPs Starting at $199/mo or • For a free trial $1,495/yr/Admin • To speak with us /KaseyaFan /company/kaseya @kaseyacorp