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Kaseya Connect 2013: Transitioning from a Reactive Break-Fix Marketplace to a Proactive Automated Model


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Italy is no stranger to the reactive model of IT services. With a majority of companies with fewer than 50 personal computers and 5 servers, the approach to outsourced IT systems administration has …

Italy is no stranger to the reactive model of IT services. With a majority of companies with fewer than 50 personal computers and 5 servers, the approach to outsourced IT systems administration has been one of “get the IT guy over here to fix it”. Demonstrating the value of automated IT services has been an arduous process in Italy, but one that we have solved by demonstrating the value of a comprehensive IT service. Join me for this session as I discuss this transformation and provide you with some insight and ideas on how you can leverage this for your own market.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Transitioning from a ReactiveBreak-Fix Marketplace to aProactive Automated ModelEmanuele BrigantiVito Pietrapertosa PC SYSTEM -ITALY
  • 2. Our speakers• Emanuele BrigantiChief Information Officer @ Pcsystem• Vito PietrapertosaChief of IT Managed services team @ Pcsystem
  • 3. Agenda• Introduction• Italian market in IT sector• Our response-------------------------------------------------------• Field Experience• Success stories for our model• Q&A
  • 4. From Italy to Las Vegas
  • 5. Pisa and Italian ITOur Headquarters are close to Pisa– Pisa was the cradle of Italian IT– Pisa 1957- Calcolatrice Elettronica Pisana (CEP): thefirst electronic calculator in Italy for scientificresearch– Pisa 1986 - the first internet connection is realized– Pisa since 1987 - headquarters of Top Level ITDomain
  • 6. PC System Company ProfileThe PC System started in 1980, when computers werestill bulky objects with little flexibility. Today we have:• 80 employees• over 40 technicians• an organizing service team• over 1500 clients
  • 7. Our Managed Services Team
  • 8. Kaseya and us, the story of anencounter• Our story with Kaseya began in 2006• We were searching for a software thatallowed us to offer a remotely operatedpatch-management service• We chose Kaseya for the agent-serverarchitecture of communication whichwas perfect for offering a remote service
  • 9. Kaseya and usAfter a few months we saw the enormouspotential of the product:• We analized modules starting with Backup &Disaster Recovery• We designed a way to be able to begin toremotely manage the entire IT infrastructureof our clients
  • 10. The Italian MarketIn Italy, 99,7% of active companies havefewer than 250 employees94,6% are micro companies(fewer than 10 employees)Number of companies in Italy 2012Number %Micro 3.610.090,00 94,6Small 184.345,00 4,8Medium 19.370,00 0,5M+S+M 3.813.805,00Big 3.253,00 0,1Total 3.817.058,00 100%
  • 11. Our TargetMicro & Small Business1 to 100 PCs - 1 to 30 ServersVery often in this target range, IT servicemanagement is handled by someone outsidethe company (IT Guy)If there is someone responsible within thecompany, he typically has tasks other thanmanagement of the systems
  • 12. The widespread Break-fix model• Italian micro and small businesses areused to the break-fix model• ‘I have a problem, I call the technicianto see how to resolve it.’• Works are rarely planned• Intervention only in the moment ofneed
  • 13. Our approachesThe need to create market-adapted SLAhas created two possible ways• Sale of a single service model– (the so-called ‘pill’)• All-inclusive service, completely managedincluding on-site intervention
  • 14. ‘Pill’ service• We suggest a single service when inneed of– Patch– Inventary– Remote Control– Audit etc..• If the client is happy we try to integratethe first with the others
  • 15. ‘Pill’ service 2• Convenient for those who are not regularclients• For those who don’t want to invest moneyin a completely managed service• «Trojan Horse» to gain their trust
  • 16. All inclusive serviceThe most important thing to make theclient understand:Proactively managing their IT system for afixed cost ensures worry-free operationAll this increases business continuity at afixed cost for the client
  • 17. Marketing Goals of Managed ServicesFor the IT Guys, the more problems thereare, the more they earn: these interestsare contrary to those of the clientThere is no incentive to be proactive asthey make money out of interventionsIT GUY COMPANY
  • 18. Marketing Goals of Managed ServicesWith the All inclusive service our interests, andthose of the client, meet- If all goes well, we work less and the client is satisfied- We manage their infrastructure as if it were our ownCOMPANYMSP
  • 19. Marketing Goals of Managed ServicesIf the client understands this concept, it is notimportant how many PCs or servers they haveWhat matters is continuity of business linked ITCOMPANYMSP
  • 20. Our Golden Service• All inclusive service: Hardwarereplacement, Antivirus, Firewall, Filtering, Kaseya full module• On-site intervention included• Backup & Disaster Recovery on allclient PCs and servers• Assurance for us that we can restorethe system in case of unforseeableproblems
  • 21. The upcoming KSBR Storage CraftWhen the module is complete, we willhave these improvements:• Possibility for much smaller RPO, evenat the client end• Reduction in number of NAS necessaryto complete simultaneous back-up
  • 22. Reflections• We have tried to convince the client of thephilosophy of services managed independentlysize of their office• If an infrastructure is well managed and thecompany is dynamic, it will be more willing toinvest in new projects knowing with certaintythat the cost will be handled over time. So inaddition, there is an increase in total sales forthe customer
  • 23. Cases of our model’s success• Vito PietrapertosaChief of IT Managed services team @ Pcsystem
  • 24. Agenda• Examples of customers who have embracedour model• The experience of two companies of thebreak-fix model- Transalpe and Giorgio Tesi VivaiSales after the solving of a problem- The Gruppo Nelli case• The smallest managed client• The Covino case• Q&A
  • 25. Transitioning from break-fix :two types of examples• Transalpe and Giorgio Tesi Vivai– The need to be constantly monitored– The desire not to depend on one person– An intervening technician assigned to eachproblem– IT uncontrolled and unmonitored– Containing the costs of the configurationof the new hardware
  • 26. • Nesti & Nelli group– False perception of IT management– Difficulties in the perception of managedservices– Client uses Kaseya after a seriousproblem– With company expansion, managementbecomes even more difficultTransitioning from break-fix :two types of examples
  • 27. Transalpe – Shipping & LogisticsA dynamic new company but with 30 years of experiencein the international shipping sector. Today we bring aninternational logistics service provider to themarket, offering our clientele a vast range of highlypersonalized services for sea and air transportation andlogistics.
  • 28. Transalpe• Headquarters in Livorno, Tuscany, and twobranch offices, one in Hong Kong (65 PCs and15 servers).• Branches connected via Vpn, to each otherand Headquarters• Shared resources: Mail server, AD, FileServer, WebServer, Data Warehouse.. Etc• For the most part, communication is viaelectronic mail
  • 29. Giorgio Tesi NurseriesThe Giorgio Tesi Group, a leading company in the fieldof ornamental nurseries. Since the 1980s, thisdedicated and motivated company has grown, both inthe Italian and European markets, to be one of theleading European companies in this sector.
  • 30. Vivai Giorgiotesi• Second largest nursery in Europe• Supplying trees and plants to customers globally• Headquarters in Pistoia, Tuscany, with 6 branchoffices• Core business based on communication via• email-fax• Spring and early summer is the critical Peakseason when business cannot stop.• Important shared resources:ERP, mailserver, product catalogue.
  • 31. Transalpe and Vivai before kaseya• Infrastructure managed by an externalconsultant• Slow PCs without regular maintenance• Licensed software and Hardware notinventoried.• Server and client not monitored.• Resolution of problems is dependant onthe consultant’s availability and as aresult, is very slow.
  • 32. Transalpe and Vivai before kaseya• Redundancy issues for connectivitybetween sites• All IT based on closed, customizedopen source (even legacySW), centralized and difficult tounderstand• Client afraid of new PC configurationcosts (users, programmes, printers…)
  • 33. Transalpe and Vivai, Why Kaseya• Issues resolved in hours, not days.• Centralized, and thus lessinvasive, maintenance management.• A support team for assistance.
  • 34. Transalpe and Vivai Why Kaseya?• Automated new PC installation andredundancy management andmonitoring with automated script• A far superior quality service for almostthe same cost.
  • 35. Our solutions for Transalpe andVivai• Targeted monitoring of strategicresources• Script Automation for connectivitymanagement (monitor, route andgateway)• Automated configuration of new PCs(programmes, printers..)
  • 36. Our solutions for Transalpe andVivai• Alarms to signal and plan invasiveactivity (damaged disk sectors, changeof discs)• Automatic monthly activity reportscarried out.• Scheduled maintenance (patch, discclean-up, defragmentation and scan...)
  • 37. Transalpe and Vivai customersatisfaction• The client completely shares ourphilosophy (Kaseya mobile module wasrequested, prior to its launch)• Customer loyalty secured through ourability to deliver what we propose.• The client has remote access to ourservices.• Increased efficiency and improved levelof service.
  • 38. Nelli GroupThe Nelli Group is a series of automobile dealershipsfrom prestigious brands. Oriented to the provision ofservices. The dealership is seen as more than a cardealer, it caters for all sorts of customers’ requests.
  • 39. Nelli Group• 10 branches throughout Tuscany• Vpn connected• Order management through carshowroom portals.• Approximately 10 servers and 70 clients• A lot of software and various IT policies
  • 40. Nelli Group before Kaseya• IT management entrusted to staffwithout specific competence• Windows and Office updates are notmanaged• All problems solved by formatting PCsresulting in long waiting times.
  • 41. Nelli Group before Kaseya• Fleet not invetoried• Invasive and unplanned PC intervention• Difficulty in understanding the addedvalue of a proactive solution.
  • 42. Nelli Group with Kaseya• Automation for antivirus migration• Virus infection (Confiker) due to avulnerability in Microsoft ( MS08-067)• Modular solution with customized SLAthought out for their own particularneeds (bundle monitoring, patchingand antivirus).
  • 43. Nelli Group customer satisfaction• After kaseya no lasting infection• Warehouse workload significantlyreduced• Increased productivity (it is notnecessary to cease operations duringpatch)• Reduction in calls for technicalassistance.
  • 44. • We have tried to convince the client ofthe philosophy of services managedindependently size of their office‘Covino’ case: The small convenience store
  • 45. ‘Covino’ case: The small convenience store• One PC comprehensively managed.• Client’s business is dependant onefficient PCs providing on-line services• Lottery,on-line games etc….
  • 46. Reflection and thanks• To sell IT management services it isnecessary to make it understood thatthe interests of both the user and thecompany move towards a commonobjective• We both work towards the same goal
  • 47. Thanks – Q & A• Thank you for letting us speak to youabout our experiences, and thank youfor listening• We welcome any questions you mayhave.• Special Thanks to