Kaseya Connect 2013: The road to recurring revenue


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A highly interactive session where the audience will reflect on how well their own business is doing in terms of the 8 critical success factors in building a recurring revenue business that will give the owners control of key choices – acquisition or exit. Examining business factors from strategy, through sales and marketing to help desk, the session will give the audience a chance to get involved and to learn from others around them. Everyone will leave the session with action items that will make a difference to their own business.

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Kaseya Connect 2013: The road to recurring revenue

  1. 1. paul.fileman@transmentum.com
  2. 2. The key to rapidprofitable growth.
  3. 3. Planning and Strategy
  4. 4. Planning and StrategyDo you have a written strategy or business plan which hasbeen bought into by all of the stakeholders, partners,stakeholders, suppliers, and investors in the business and is itbeing implemented to perfection?1 2 3 4 5We do not have awritten strategy orclear goals. We are inthe dark.We have a sound 3-year strategic planwith clear goalsunderstood by allstakeholders.
  5. 5. Sales Strategy, Managementand Execution
  6. 6. Sales Strategy, Managementand ExecutionAre you recruiting the right sales people, with the right skills,managing their performance effectively, providing them withthe correct sales tools, and pointing them at the right targetmarkets in line with your range of products and services?1 2 3 4 5Sales meetings, when wehold them, are afrustrating mix of excusesand blame.Our sales and marketingprocesses are working wellfor us. Sales meetings areregular, constructive reviewsthat drive improvements inthe processes.
  7. 7. Marketing and yourProposition
  8. 8. Marketing and yourPropositionAre you consistently winning new customers from your key target list bytaking a planned documented approach to the design of proposaldocuments, websites, brochures, case studies, press releases, pricepresentation, service and product descriptions, and contracts?1 2 3 4 5We win some work but notenough to meet our growthaspiration. We are notgetting many enquiries andwe are constantly beatendown on price.Our plan is working well for usand we are winning thecustomers we most want to winat the win-rate we planned andat the prices we planned.
  9. 9. Help Desk
  10. 10. Help DeskIs your help desk working effectively with excellent callhandling processes, effective performance measurement andis it delivering first time resolution in alignment with your SLAtargets and with excellent customer satisfaction?1 2 3 4 5We have no measurements orsystem in place. Ourmanagers have become veryadept at resolving urgentissues when customerscomplainOur help desk measures andperformance indicators are wellestablished and our managersuse them proactively toconstantly seek to improvecustomer service levels andresponse times.
  11. 11. Operations
  12. 12. OperationsAre your automated services, measures and processes workingwell so that your technicians/engineers are all fully effectivewith minimum dead time, doing the work that you planned atthe rates that you planned?1 2 3 4 5We are still reactive, gettingto jobs when we can, usuallyservicing the customer whois shouting loudest first. Wehave no idea how manypeople we need – but wecannot afford any more.Our technical team operates in aproactive manner with nomeasurable backlog. Customersatisfaction is excellent and wehave a clear set of measureswhich we use to plan teamgrowth and development.
  13. 13. Suppliers
  14. 14. SuppliersDo you have carefully planned supplier strategy to ensure thatyou maximise their support, obtain investment into yourbusiness, and have the right portfolio of services and productswith the right balance of supplier risk?1 2 3 4 5Our supplier relationshipsare poor so we work withthe people we get on withbest taking what we aregiven.Our supplier strategy is provingeffective. Market DevelopmentFunds are used to drive thebusiness forward and our pricingstructure is well aligned to ourplans.
  15. 15. Products and Services
  16. 16. Products and ServicesDo you add new products and services (either in housedeveloped or sourced from a third party vendor) based on aclearly defined product development programme?1 2 3 4 5We are happy with what wehave got and do not add newproducts and services to ouroffer.We have a well thought throughproduct development plan andwe work well with our in-houseteam and our strategic vendorpartners to add new productsand services to the mix in anordered fashion.
  17. 17. Intellectual Property
  18. 18. Intellectual PropertyDo you have systems, procedures, and policies in place to ensurethat you create IP that adds net worth to your bottom line andthat your IP is adequately protected at all phases of product andservice development, introduction and exploitation?1 2 3 4 5Intellectual property issomething that wedo not recognise in ourbusiness.Intellectual property is a majorelement in our strategic plan tobuild value in the business. Weprotect everything that it isrealistic to protect. Ourdevelopment process is welldocumented and audited.
  19. 19. Which of theeight questionsthat you havealreadyanswered iskeeping youawake at night?
  20. 20. paul.fileman@transmentum.com