Kaseya connect 2013: Leveraging the power of Kaseya Network Monitor


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"If you haven’t taken a look at the latest monitoring capabilities from Kaseya, now is your chance! How do you figure out things like:
- Who is taking up bandwidth on my network?
- How is my server performing?
- Are my printers working?
Join us for this session as we highlight the power and benefits of KNM 5.0 and how it can become a critical piece of your systems management strategy. Finally, be one of the first to see a completely integrated version of KNM from Kaseya’s single pane of glass solution. "

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  • 1. System Availability If you aren’t monitoring your systems, who lets you know when something is down?- Number of people affected by outage increases logarithmically with time- Reduced downtime wtih a monitoring solution
  • 2. Capacity & Performance PlanningWhat will you do when capacity has been exceeded (and how much downtime will that include and when will it happen)?- How do you know when you need better hardware for your servers?- How do you know if your routers are keeping up?Baseline & Trend - the process of finding out where things are today and what rate are they being consumed.Key questions IT managers should know are- When will your servers run out of [hard disk / memory / CPU / Network]?- When will your network infrastructure between [location a] and [location b] be used up
  • 3. Automated Problem Resolution as an action of monitoringWho do you send to solve problems?(Usually the most expensive guy)Non Automated resolution- Costly as one off action- Reactive- Unpredictable time investment- Typically requires expensive resourcesAutomated resolution- Predictable, repeatable, reliable- Further reduces downtime- One time investment available for - whole team
  • Check quality of service, not just machines / processesHave you ever had all of your Exchange services running, yet it wasn’t sending email out?- Ability to do synthetic transactions- Send a test email and track roundtrip - Database transactions- Webpage queries
  • This will require SOME work
  • Discovery utilizes multiple techniques to find devicesThese are promoted as assets and then made available to the other modules like Kaseya Network Monitor
  • Monitoring starts when the gateway have been deployed by an agent.Monitors are applied based on the type of the asset.This policy driven mechanism will save our users allot of time setting up monitoring.
  • Kaseya connect 2013: Leveraging the power of Kaseya Network Monitor

    1. 1. Leveraging the power ofKaseya Network MonitorJeff Keyes - Product MarketingKirk Feathers - Product Specialist
    2. 2. Availability Problem2Classic Break - Fix
    3. 3. Capacity Problem
    4. 4. Resolution Problem –Who do you send to fix the issue?VS
    5. 5. User Quality Problem
    6. 6. Monitoring6Monitoring +ManualRemediationMonitoring +AutomatedRemediation
    7. 7. Kaseya Monitoring Solutions• Currently– Kaseya Network Monitor (Standalone) V5• Primarily Gateway Based– Kaseya Classic Monitoring (VSA)• Primarily Agent Based• Soon!– Kaseya Monitoring Solutions• Includes Kaseya Network Monitor 5.0 Integrated• Includes Kaseya Agent Based Monitoring• Includes embedded module monitoring
    8. 8. KNM Monitors – Shipping 45+
    9. 9. Kaseya’s Monitoring SolutionBlended Probes / Unified Platform / RemediationMonitoringAgent BasedGateway BasedTemplates & PoliciesSNMP, WMI, Lua, AgentVirtualizationAlertingEmailSMSTime of DayAdmin GroupsRemediationActionsAgent ProceduresLive ConnectService Desk & PSAPlatformScheduling &ManagementReporting ServicesKaseya Modules
    10. 10. KNM Integrated Top Benefits• Completely Integrated– Users, Authentication, Organizations, Roles, Scopes– Ticketing and Service Desk– Notifications• Gateway Deployments via Agent• World class monitoring– SNMP V1, v2c, v3 & trap support– Bandwidth including in/out– Log & Storage– Environment & Hardware fault• Completely revamped & simplified UI
    11. 11. Discovery Integration
    12. 12. Deploy Gateway
    13. 13. Walkthrough
    14. 14. Futures• NetFlow / Sflow / JFlow• Easy Monitoring• Log Monitoring• Deeper Recognition & Templates