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Kaseya Connect 2013: How To Add $8,000 To $10,000 Per Month In NEW Managed Services Sales With Google AdWords

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If you are spending money on Google AdWords – or have tried without any success – you’ll want to attend this session. Tim has developed the “secret sauce” for making Google AdWords produce. In 2012 …

If you are spending money on Google AdWords – or have tried without any success – you’ll want to attend this session. Tim has developed the “secret sauce” for making Google AdWords produce. In 2012 alone, Tim generated $1.62 Million Dollars in brand new MRR all through Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click ads. During this session, Tim will outline the 7 things that you must do to be successful with Google AdWords. Tim used these same strategies to go from wasting $10,000 per month to $2,000 - $2,500 per month while getting triple the leads and results.

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  • 1. Google AdWords For MSPsJeff Johnson, Technology Marketing Toolkit&Tim Conkle, Roland Technology
  • 2. Here’s What We’re Going To Cover:• Who Google AdWords will work for, and who it WON’Twork for, as is evident from the last 8 months of testingwith various MSPs.• The Good AND the BAD of Google AdWords advertising,and what it will take to be successful.• Numbers: Cost per lead, cost per sale, ROI, CTR,conversion of leads, etc.• Answers to 5 of the most commonly asked questionsabout running a successful Google AdWords campaign• How you can download and use Tim’s Million-DollarGoogle Model.
  • 3. Tim’s Story…
  • 4. Upside Of Google AdWords:• INSTANT leads and opportunities; by the second day of trainingpeople are getting calls and leads.• The PPC leads are looking to BUY NOW – these aren’t shoppersor looky-loos.• It is EXTREMELY easy to track ROI; you’ll know exactly how manyleads and customers you’re getting and what you paid to getthem.• You could EASILY train someone in your company to managethis for you (make sure you trust them).• Help you improve your OVERALL web conversion and salesprocess because you’ll be able to track organic traffic as well.• It will QUICKLY reveal problem areas in your sales process andweb site.
  • 5. Downside Of Google AdWords:• It will QUICKLY reveal problem areas in your salesprocess and web site.• It will take you 3-4 months to really shape yourcampaigns and keywords and start seeingresults...the temptation will be to give up toosoon.• Like any other marketing campaign, it will requirecare and feeding; this is NOT a “set it and forget it”media.• It will be difficult to see results fast if you’reservicing a small town (under a million).
  • 6. General Numbers:These Numbers Are From Our First 2 Full Training Groups 3-5Months In, PLUS 2 Who’ve Been In This Program For 8 Months:• Average AdWords Spend Per Month: $1,802• Average # Of Leads: 6 per month• Average Closing % Of RAW Leads: 15%(Note: This number is skewed low due to the earlydevelopment of the test group. The average for those who’vebeen at this longer is 22%-25%)• Average Cost Per Lead: $301• Average Cost Per Sale: $2,055.99• Average ROI: 1,157.9%
  • 7. Averages Of Those Getting Results:These Numbers Are Based On ONLY THOSE Who Have BeenAble To Get A Positive ROI (55% Of The Total Group):• Average AdWords Spend Over 3 Months:$7,849 ($2,616 per month)• Average # Of Leads: 29 (9+ per month)• Average Closing % Of RAW Leads: 16%• Average Cost Per Lead: $272.02• Average Cost Per Sale: $1,711.23• Average ROI: 1,486.9%
  • 8. Commonly Asked Questions:• Will Google AdWords work for me?• How much work does AdWords require to besuccessful?• What is the competition like in Google AdWords?• How can I make sure that I show up in Googlewhenever anyone searches for IT support relatedsearch terms?
  • 9. What type of results should I expectfrom Google AdWords?It depends on your market, what you consider a “qualified” lead, what you’re selling,your sales skills, price points, competitors, etc.Tim’s Numbers:• Monthly spend now: $3,500 (average)• Leads per month now: 8-10 qualified (25+ workstations plus server)• Goal is to have a “commission-only” sales person feeding you clientsExample of March Numbers…• 11 new qualified leads generated• Closed 5 new clients as of 4/15• $20,899.99 in NEW MRR closed• Plus another $4,250 closed from 4/1 – 4/15Note that these results are NOT typical, but are achievable.
  • 10. The Ultimate Google AdWordsMillion-Dollar Formula For MSPs• Small group, 2-day training. You will have your entirecampaign up and running BEFORE you leave.• You will download Tim’s ENTIRE keyword set andcampaigns that have been refined over the last 2 ½years to sell high-dollar managed services contracts• You’ll be given his exact Google settings, budget,maintenance process, bidding process, keywordfarming, and every trick, tactic and method he uses.NOTHING will be held back and you’ll get checklists toguide you.• Bi-weekly LIVE webinars with Tim and Robin for 2months after the training to help you overcome stickingpoints, answer questions and troubleshoot anyproblems you may encounter.
  • 11. www.kaseya.com