Kaseya Connect 2013: Becoming A Trusted Security Advisor - It’s Easier Than You Think!


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Discover how easily you can become a trusted cyber-security advisor! Develop closer and more trusted relationships with customers, reduce your support overhead, and encourage security related sales and renewals. We will provide you all the tools you need. Show you care about customer welfare by sharing security tips and news.

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  • User’s habits with regards to security are very interesting. Way back in 1999, Gary McGraw and Ed Felten authored a book about how to secure the Java environments. Ed Felton refers to one critical aspect of security they could not fix – and referenced it with this comment“given a choice…”On the book’s website, you can download the applet to prove this point and try it out on those around you.Its not that users don’t care about security, its that if you were given a choice between some cryptic dialog and dancing pigs…well..anything cute is going to win out over the cryptic messages.The problem is that users don’t SEE the threats
  • I’m sure if I were to take a poll, most people in this room would not in fact park their car in the stall next to this overnight. The threat is obvious. There are threats out there however which are proving effective…that, if we know what they are, we stay away from…but the vast majority of people just do not understand. For some reason, many people are VERY interested in getting something for nothing online, trusting what they see online, etc.
  • So when they get an email from the united nations telling them that their family has $500,000 to collect..all they need to do is to get a hold of the attorney in charge to take care of this…oh…and when they contact him of course there will be some servicing charges that they will need to send to him before he can cut a check.
  • Or that a webpage has just scanned their entire system and found errors that need correcting. All the user needs to do is to download this application for a more full scan to happen. To make this more believable, if the image is animated, it seems like it is REALLY doing something…
  • But before I get into everything else, I know you need to feel comfortable about where the data will be coming from because of course a big part of this is that we will be doing the work for you. We’ll be providing the information which you will forward on to customers – the security highlights of the month. Since that starts with who we are – I want to be sure everyone is comfortable and confident about Kaspersky as the ultimate cybercrime experts. (etc, below) transition = “but enough about us…” Points to make here: (All AV is not created equal) Even when presenting in a more educational (product free) format, we should say – this a slide to make you feel comfortable with who Kaspersky is today and give you confidence in the fact that we have the expertise to educate you on cybercrime. It’s also a good primer on how to pick any AV company whose product you use. Most importantly they should have a worldwide focus and millions of end points, because most cybercriminals test and tune their malware before they mass distribute it. So if we can catch it when it first appears, you’ll be protected by the time it reaches you. You can see that Kaspersky has: Millions of end pointsWW presence (for sampling and solutions) And: Kaspersky began distributing in the US only since 2005, but that was after rising to the top of every other AV market in the world. We’ve progressed quickly. Many people haven’t kept up with our growth because it’s been so rapid. When I started 5 years ago we were in the $100 million revenue range; today we have over $600M in revenues. Revenues do matter because a significant amount of that money goes back into our R&D, and they help us hire our worldwide staff – right now that’s about 2500 employees and a huge number of those are actively engaged in creating solutions to malware. We’re proud to be the leaders in providing technology to OEMs and ISVs (define what OEM means if your audience is unlikely to know). Overwhelmingly we are selected by companies like (list any which are not competitive). These OEMs and ISVs have very stringent technical requirements and are able to choose among all vendors. In fact our first ever deal back in 1997 involved licensing the technology to a company who sold to other businesses. Of course we credit the fact we are selected most often to the superiority of our solution.
  • Back to the the questions we put forth to ourselves to solve for you: can we make it so simple that it only takes you 30 minutes a month? Will we really be able to deliver these other benefits in a significant way? And finally – noone/none of us want to invest energy into something new unless we can expect it to pay increasing dividends. Ideally if you choose to engage with customers in the way we’re suggesting, all kinds of new opportunities can open up. / learning something new, implementing a new process – you want it to pay off, and it’s really great if it provides a foundation which can be added to for increasing benefits later.
  • So let’s talk about that a little bit more: The basis of idea that showing up as a security advisor increases your revenue has to do with customers purchasing more security solutions. They believe you know something about cybersecurity and that you have the ability to advise them. So that’s great. And it can be true of a lot of areas of expertise. But there is something special about security! What’s different is just the way people feel about it. We’ll talk about some connections between physical security and cyber security in a few minutes, but when you look at human beings hierarchy of needs, like Maslow’s pyramid, you find: food, shelter, clothing…safety. I want my shelter to be safe! That’s really important to people. Especially when they realize how easily and quickly they can lose so much. By example, none of our retirements funds are insured and every day now another small business loses all it’s assets to cybercrime by way of wire transfer. I will be really surprised if in the next year there is NOT a default by a major bank which is blamed on cybercriminal activity. So: people care about the locks on their doors. And once you have deadbolts, and you feel good about them, it’s really hard to go back to a flimsy little punch button lock. Security software has the highest renewal rates of any software product for this reason. We call it the security annuity effect. Now about saving costs – so much of the time security breaches originate from user error. What we really mean is bad behavior – users breaking rules because rules aren’t convenient. I don’t like to shut my system down to receive security updates – but my IT admin guys don’t give me a choice. In cases where customers don’t adhere to basic security policies – when something goes wrong at least you can bill them for it if you had that agreement up front. So you can give them a list of what their support agreement doesn’t cover, and bill for the hours it takes to fix their mistakes. When we look at the future we can confidently say that your investment will pay dividends for years to come. The only real possibility is that we might underestimate how bad cybercrime will get…but there’s no end in sight. Transition: Now I hope by now we’ve at least convinced you that you might want to consider what we’re proposing. So let’s talk about why this opportunity exists.
  • Kaseya Connect 2013: Becoming A Trusted Security Advisor - It’s Easier Than You Think!

    1. 1. Becoming a TrustedSecurity AdvisorJeff Keyes - KaseyaCynthia James - Kaspersky Labs
    2. 2. Powerful Security
    3. 3. “Given a choice betweendancing pigs and security,users will pick dancing pigs everytime”www.securingjava.com
    4. 4. Would you leave your carovernight next to this car?
    5. 5. Seems Legit
    6. 6. Seems Legit
    7. 7. Kaseya’s Security Solution• Blended Protection / Unified Platform / Remediation / PartnersPatchingOperatingSystemMS Office3rd PartyComponentsSoftwareApplicationsAntivirusKaseya AntivirusKaseya EndpointSecuritySymantecEndpointSecurityESET / ElementraAntimalwareKaseyaAntiMalwareEnvironmentAuthenticationRemediationLive ConnectAgent ProceduresMonitoring /AlertingService Desk &PSAScheduling &Management
    8. 8. Important Security Sessions•Becoming a trusted advisor•Kaseya Security Products•Security Today –Implementation ofKaseya to Defend Against Threats•Security Trends
    9. 9. Cynthia James• 25 years in high tech, working with OEMs andISVs• 7 years in Cybersecurity• CISSP – Certified Information Systems SecurityProfessional (requires knowledge across 10domains of security)• Author of Stop Cybercrime from Ruining YourLife! Sixty Secrets to Keep You Safe (to bepublished in June)
    10. 10. Kaseya Connect, April 2013Kaseya and Kaspersky LabBecoming a Trusted Security Advisor:(It’s Easier Than You Think )Cynthia JamesDirector Business Development, CISSPJeff Keyes
    11. 11. The Threat…“Network intrusions pose urgent threats to our national security and to oureconomy. If we are to confront these threats successfully…private industrymust also be an essential partner.”FBI Director Robert MuellerPresident Obama has declared that “cyber threat is one of the most seriouseconomic and national security challenges we face as a nation”. On February12, 2013 he signed an executive order to improve the cybersecurity of “criticalinfrastructure”.| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 11 |
    12. 12. AgendaKaspersky – Helping Kaseya Service Providers increase revenues – decrease costs –improve customer retentionBenefiting from the gap10 CyberSecurity Facts (most people don’tknow)How to become a CybersecurityAdvisor| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 12 |
    13. 13. About Kaspersky Lab| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 13 |Founded in 1997; largest privateanti-malware company – 100%focused on anti-malwareOver $700M annual revenuesPresence in 19 countries:CEO is Russian; incorporated inthe UK; new to US market in 2005#1 vendor in Germany, France, Spain, Eastern EuropeProtecting over 300 million end pointsAmerica’s distribution: 12,000 outlets; top two vendors (revenue &units shipping)Top supplier to OEMs/ISVs of anti-malware worldwide Aggressively protecting businesses
    14. 14. Becoming a Cybersecurity AdvisorCan we make it ultra-easy for you?What are the benefits? Increase Revenues Reduce Costs Win/Keep CustomersDoes the payoff increase over time?| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 14 |
    15. 15. Becoming a Cybersecurity AdvisorImmediate BenefitsStrengthen your relationships with customersSecurity/safety is a fundamental human needSell more security solutions“Security annuities”Save on support costs through training andexclusion“except in these instances, support is covered”Payoff increases over timeCybercrime effects are becoming increasingly visibleCybercrime will never stop evolving| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 15 |
    16. 16. Cybercrime threatscape: malware growth200k unique malware samples PER YEAR were identified in 2006; 2Min 2007…now it’s up to 200K malware samples PER DAY.The quality of malware improves every year.| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 16 |
    17. 17. The Current Malware Comprehension GapRecent years have seen exponential growth in malware.Anyone can enter the cybercrime game.Cybercriminals earn over $100B a year.Cybercrime will never stop.| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 17 |Where most customersThink we still areWhere we areToday (2013)Over 200KPer DAY
    18. 18. The power of botnetsKido (aka Conficker) botnet in May 2009 (peak)GFLOPSWhen the Kido botnet reached its peak in May 2009 it contained about6 mln. zombie machinesBotnet = an on-line army for rent| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 18 |
    19. 19. Ten Things 90% of people don’t knowabout cybercrime1-3 (incredible volume;low barrier to entry;earnings are huge)4.) first cell phone botnetdiscovered in 2012)5.) AV is not a product, and all AV is not createdequal.6.) 80% of burglars use Facebook and personalwebsites to select victims.7.) There are no longer any network boundaries(BYOD blew them up!)| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 19 |
    20. 20. Ten Things 90% of people don’t knowabout cybercrime8.) The most successful infection method (over 95%of infections) is when a Trojan is injected onto acomputer system from an infected webpage.9.) 90% of infections occur due to legitimate sitesbeing infected.10.) FBI: $50M a year lost in on-line dating scams| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 20 |
    21. 21. Fear sells…as well it should!Due to the gap, educationalways increases interestThe Press is helping…Every month the public hearabout new scams, cyberheists,cyberpredators The pace is accelerating and anxiety is increasing People don’t have the time to research itCustomers need help! If they can’t rely on you, they will find someone else| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 21 |
    22. 22. How Easy?“Advisor” isn’t an expert Have a little more information, be a little more aware Provide help – conduit of data People don’t need the gory details, just the highlightsYour time commitmentcan be as little as30 minutes a month!Kaspersky provides all the data you need Initial training for you and/or your staff (an hour or two) Monthly customer newsletter| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 22 |
    23. 23. You’re almost ready!Is it a worthwhile investment? Cyberthreats will onlyget worse over time Capitalize on recent news Long live the gap!Expected result: The purchase of security solutions, annuities A closer relationship with customers Savings in the area of technical supportRequire review of a basic list| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 23 |
    24. 24. How do you get there?Two elements: Education Monthly e-newsletter to customersAdvisor LiteIntermediate AdvisorAdvanced Security Advisor| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 24 |
    25. 25. Basic Steps1. Sign up for KLAB Digest Monthly.2. Make a list of customers to send it to.3. Select one of our preambles to forward it with.4. Forward the newsletter monthly.5. (optional) Confirm back to us that you havesent KLAB Digest to at least 5 peopleand we will send you a license ofKaspersky Internet Security for yourpersonal use.| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 25 |
    26. 26. Next LevelIntermediate Security Advisor –Attend 45 minute webinaron basic security conceptsWatch a “what’s new”30 minute webinar quarterlyAdvanced Security Advisor –Develop leads through security education outreachAttend webinar on sourcing & customizing your ownsecurity dataDevelop additional security-related revenue streams| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 26 |
    27. 27. Who from?Where will you get it? Initiation webinar (45 minutes, optional) KLAB Monthly Digest of top cybersecurity news – subscribe today! Don’t forget to claim your free copy of Kaspersky AVOlga Danilina Marketing manager, Moscow 100% fluent, charming, responsiveolga.danilina@kaspersky.comorcynthia.james@kaspersky.com| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 27 |
    28. 28. 4 Tips for Home CyberSafety1. On-line banking: Take the extra security! Log on after your AV updatesand before going to any other websites2. Passwords - go long; have three sets3. Never use an unknown USB!!!4. Turn off geolocators on kids’ cellphones| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 28 |
    29. 29. Thank YouCynthia James, Director Business Development, CISSP, Kaspersky LabGlobal Business DevelopmentKaseya Connect, April 2012Kaseya & Kaspersky LabJeff & CJ
    30. 30. A little bit of good news…Better cooperation between international lawenforcement entities Boundaries crossed, data shared, botherdersarrestedStiffer sentences for the guiltyResults: Spam bot high – July 2010 at 225B day (now25-50B) – Rustock takedown, etc.But… newest botnets: TDL-4 (4.5M)| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 30 |
    31. 31. Fastest response to threatsCracks more archives and file typesConsistently rated “the best” by independenttest organizations www.av-test.org www.avcomparatives.org www.virusbtn.comWhat Kaspersky Delivers!| May 13, 2013Kaspersky Lab PresentationPAGE 31 |