How Kaseya Helped Shield Watch Avert a Major Disaster for a Senior Healthcare Facility


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On January 22nd, at 4 pm in the evening, a call came in to the Network Operations Center (NOC) of Shield Watch from one of its IT Managed Services clients, Rocky Creek Village, a renowned retirement community in Tampa, Florida. Garrett Mackey, one of the many Remote Engineers at Shield Watch, answered the call. Mike on the other side said “Garrett, I can’t access one of our files from the server, it seems like it is corrupted.” Following routine procedure, Garrett realized that this 50 employee healthcare facility has just been hit by Cryptolocker. Listen to the CEO of Shield Watch, Pratik Roychoudhury, talk about what happened next and how Kaseya’s RMM tool was central to their recovery efforts. <br><br>A Kaseya client since 2008, Pratik provides a unique perspective on how he chooses technology partners for his company and turns upside down conventional selection criteria based on product functionality, ease-of-use, etc. Pratik uses a People, Process, Technology and Evolution model as his defining criteria for partner selection and he likes to stick to partner decisions for the long haul and allows his employees to learn and evolve as the partner companies evolve. It is Kaseya’s ability to keep evolving and redesigning its service offerings to suit the changing needs of the MSP market that has enabled Shield Watch to partner with Kaseya for the last six years and to continue this partnership for many more years to come.

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How Kaseya Helped Shield Watch Avert a Major Disaster for a Senior Healthcare Facility

  1. 1. Case Study: Kaseya Helps Shield Watch avert a major disaster for a Senior Healthcare Facility By: Pratik Roychoudhury CEO, Shield Watch
  2. 2. Agenda • A Little History About Us • The Cryptolocker Case Study • The future of MSP? • Our Bets • Technology Vendor Selection – People, Process, Technology, Evolution • Why Kaseya? • Comparison with the Competition • Q&A Obsessive IT Support
  3. 3. History About Us 1997 2000 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 2014 Founding First Kaseya Web DEV VCIO Fails Full MSP MRR HaaS MSP Client RMM+MSP Sales Funnel, + Acq. Of Shield CLOUD Watch, India 17 Years in Business 91% Client Retention 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating 97% Net Promoter Score 22 Employees in Tampa, 65 Employees in India Obsessive IT Support
  4. 4. Case Study – Rocky Creek Village 48 Employees – Assisted Living Facility/HIPAA Compliant • Controller calls in to NOC with issue with unable to open a file • Help Desk Agent - Kaseya VSA – Investigation • CRYPTOLOCKER – its verified! Ransom 3 Bitcoins per machine Obsessive IT Support 3:45 pm 3:47 pm 3:55 pm
  5. 5. Case Study – WAR ROOM Remote War Team Commissioned– Mackey & Bibbs On-Site Tactical Team Dispatched (4 Engrs.) • Client Communication/Approval • Kaseya VSA – Deactivate Server Network Card • Kaseya VSA – Deactivate Workstation Network Card • Kaseya Symantec Agent - Kicked off Virus Scan on each of the 45 machines Obsessive IT Support 4:00 pm 4:02 pm 4:05 pm 4:07 pm 4:12 pm 4:10 pm
  6. 6. Case Study – Tactical On-Site Team (4 Engrs.) • Go through all scan reports • Quarantined the infected machine • Started putting machines back on the network • Started restoring the corrupted files from the VSS • All Employees back to Work/Network Restored • Infected Work Station Replaced with Imaged Machine Obsessive IT Support 4:25 pm 4:26 pm 4:40 pm 5:00 pm 5:20 pm 5:30 pm
  7. 7. Attack to Fully Restored in 1 Hr 45 Mins - What made it possible? • Access to RMM Technology Tools like Kaseya • A DOCUMENTED Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery Plan • Effective Back Up Solutions • Great People • Lots of LUCK! Obsessive IT Support
  8. 8. How we Choose Our Technology Partner
  9. 9. The MSP Market • SMB Market (below 100 employees) • Hyper competitive • Price Sensitive • Likes Single Source Provider for all IT Needs • Unilateral buying decision • Slow to Cloud adoption • Prefers Public Cloud vs Private Cloud but hates dealing with Public Cloud providers • Capital constrained – HaaS; SPLA Licensing • Likes Face2Face IT Help • Mid Market (100+ – 1000 employees) • Rapidly growing in the MSP model • Structured Buying process • Less qualified competition Obsessive IT Support
  10. 10. Evolution of MSP – The Shield Watch View Time Reactive Proactive Reactive Proactive Reactive Proactive Time Time Break Fix Hybrid Remote Monitoring Large Projects Leasing HaaS On Premise Hybrid Managed Cloud Monitoring Hardware Software/LOB Applications Obsessive IT Support
  11. 11. Our Bets – SMB Market (sub 100 Ees) • HaaS • Managed Hybrid Cloud • Remote Monitoring + On-Site Maintenance • VCIO – Alignment of IT Strategy with Business Objectives • Centered around Value Creation & EXIT Strategy • Web Development/LOB Application Development • SEO/SEM • HaaS + Cloud - Create Lasting Stickiness & Maximize LTV (Long Term Value) Obsessive IT Support
  12. 12. Our 4-D Approach to MSP Obsessive IT Support Business Goals Exit Strategy Current IT Infrastructure Drivers of Value Creation Balanced IT Roadmap
  13. 13. The Shield Watch Way • We became OBSESSIVE about IT SUPPORT – creates magical results • Service Delivery Methodology (H-A-L-T) • Highly Responsive (RMM Tool) • Automated • Live Support – Help Desk/Named Remote Tech. for bigger companies • Tangible - Reporting/On-Line Client Portal/Account Mgmt. Process • Technology Roadmap Creation/VCIO Services bundled • Web Development/Application Development/SEO-SEM Obsessive IT Support
  14. 14. Partner Evaluation Criteria • Company Evolution • Technology Alignment with MSP Market Needs • Strong repeatable processes • Great people build great companies People Process EvolutionTechnology Obsessive IT Support
  15. 15. Obsessive IT Support Time Creating Value for Clients & Investors The Maturity Curve Band of Highest EBITDA Multiplier Effect of Evolution, M&A, Investments, Mgmt. Change
  16. 16. The Kaseya Trajectory – What it means for us? • Year 2000 – Revolutionary RMM Tool – Evolution 1 • Year 2006 – Advent into MSP Framework – Evolution 2 • Year 2008 – Pricing Change to adapt to MSP Market – Evolution 3 • Year 2013 – Founders Exit – PE Acquisition – New Management Team - Evolution 4 • Year 2014 – Alignment with the future of MSP – Evolution 5 Obsessive IT Support
  17. 17. Kaseya’s Bets • Run by Business People who want to build great technology to solve customer challenges and who understand Technology-Monetization vs being run by Technologists who are enamored about Building Great Technology • Bring Best of Breed Solutions to the table – Helping us develop our MSP strategy • Embracing the Cloud • Providing Innovative Solutions to help MSP providers move up the value chain • BYOD, Kaseya Traverse & Command 365 Obsessive IT Support
  18. 18. Kaseya vs Competitor Kaseya • High in MSP Evolution Chain • Several Automation Tools come standard • Product Alignment with Our Future Strategy • Kaseya Traverse, 365 Command, BYOD • Virtual Engineer Services Competitor • Deeper into Technology • High in Technology Evolution but Low in MSP Evolution • Lack of BYOD, Cloud & Office 365 Tools Obsessive IT Support
  19. 19. Kaseya vs Competitor Kaseya • High in MSP Evolution Chain • Several Automation Tools come standard • Product Alignment with Our Future Strategy • Traverse, Office 365, BYOD • Virtual Engineer Services Competitor • Strategy – Deepen the MSP Relationship • Low in MSP Evolution Chain • Lack of Product Alignment with our Future Strategy • Avoiding Discussions on Cloud Obsessive IT Support
  20. 20. Where do we go from Here? • Align your service offerings with the target market not to what other MSPs are doing – every market has its quirks • Mid West • East Coast • South • Align your business strategy with that of your main LOB Technology Partners - CRITICAL • Be forgiving towards Technology Partners – they are also evolving • Think about Employee Evolution/Relationships before Switching RMM • Find ways to create client stickiness – remember you don’t have to build it all/Think Private Label • Own the Client Relationship – Get Deeper into the client’s business strategy Obsessive IT Support
  21. 21. Questions Obsessive IT Support
  22. 22. Thank You 013 WWW.SHIELDWATCH.COM 13135 Linebaugh Avenue, CB-40, Salt Lake City, Suite 102 Kolkata Tampa, FL 33626 West Bengal, India