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  1. 1. Can you be like Rizal?
  2. 2. Rizal’s Many-Sided Personality “Rizal was the greatest product of the Philippines and his coming to the world was like the appearance of a rare comet, whose rare brilliance appears only every other century.” -Prof. Ferdinand BlumentrittA L S
  3. 3. Rizal’s Many-Sided Personality “Rizal’s many-sidedness was stupendous.” -Dr. Adolf B. MeyerA L S
  4. 4. Rizal’s Many-Sided Personality “Versatile genius.” -Dr. Camilo Osias His precocity since early boyhood turned into versatility in later years. Being curious and inquisitive, he developed a rare facility of mastering varied talents, skills, subjects and occupations.A L S
  5. 5. Rizal’s Talents and Skills Well-documented studies show that Dr. Jose Rizal was a polymath, with the ability to master various skills and subject.A L S
  6. 6. Rizal’s Talents and Skills A-Z
  7. 7. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Actor He acted as a character in one of Juan Luna’s paintings and acted in school dramas.
  8. 8. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Anthropologist He made researches on the physical and social make up of man.
  9. 9. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Archeologist Rizal studied monuments and antique currency everywhere he went. He drew most of the monuments he saw.
  10. 10. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Book loverHe had a big library andbrought many booksabroad.- A favorite pastime inMadrid. He stayed athome and read until midnight
  11. 11. This the Dao tree where Dr. Jose Rizal himself planted and nurtured.
  12. 12. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Botanist Rizal maintained a garden in Dapitan where he planted and experimented on plants of all kinds.
  13. 13. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Businessman He had a partner in Dapitan in the Abaca business there (1892-1896). One of his profitable business venture was the hemp industry.
  14. 14. Rizal engaged in business in partnershipwith Ramon Carreon on May 14, 1893, aDapitan Merchant which has a profitablebusiness ventures in fishing, copra, andhemp industries. He invited his relativeSaturnina and Hidalgo to come toMindanao for some business opportunities.
  15. 15. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Cartographer He drew maps of Dapitan, the Philippines and other places he visited.
  16. 16. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Chess Player He played chess and bear several Germans and European friends and acquaintances.
  17. 17. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Commentator Rizal always expresses and publishes his personal opinion.
  18. 18. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Dramatist He acted in school dramas.
  19. 19. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Economist He knew how to allot his scarce resources.
  20. 20. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Educator Rizal taught in his special school in Dapitan.
  21. 21. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsHis exile in Dapitan gave him the opportunity toput into practice his educational ideas. In1893, he established a school which existed untilthe end of his exile in July 1896. It began withthree pupils and in the course of time theenrollment increased to 16 and later 21. In hisletter to Blumentritt on March 13, Rizal said thathe had 16 pupils in his school and these pupilsdid not pay any tuition.
  22. 22. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Essayist - Reminiscence of a Student in Manila (his first essay) - The Philippines a Century Hence (prophesied the downfall of Spain in Asia)
  23. 23. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Ethnologist - In his travels, Rizal was able to compare different races and he noted the differences.
  24. 24. Rizal’s Talents and Skills- He became a member of BerlinEthnological and Anthropological Societywhile under the patronage of the famouspathologist Rudolf Virchow.
  25. 25. Rizal’s Talents and Skills“What moral right has the white man tolook down on the men who have similarthoughts, studies and abilities as theyjust because their skin is brown or theirnose is flat?”
  26. 26. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Farmer His total land holdings reached 70 hectares containing 6,000 hemp plants, 1,000 coconut trees, and numerous fruit trees, sugarcane, corn, coffee and cacao.
  27. 27. • He devoted his time to agriculture and was able to bought about 16 hectares of land in Talisay. There he was able to plant cacao, fruit trees, sugarcane, corn and coconuts.
  28. 28. Rizal’s Talents and Skills "We cannot all be doctors; it isnecessary that there would be some to cultivate the soil."
  29. 29. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Fencer He fenced with Europeans and Juan Luna and other friends in Europe. Fencing – a sport practiced at that time only by the Ilustrados Inteligencia
  30. 30. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Freemason abroad He was member of La Solidaridad Lodge in Spain.
  31. 31. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Geographer Title: Relief map of Mindanao Remarks: Made in Dapitan church plaza by the end of 1892 Title: Pacific Ocean spheres of influence Remarks: Made during the administration of Pres. Benjamin Harrison. Mentioned by Rizal in his Article "The Philippines a Century Hence", made in London in 1889.
  32. 32. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsTitle: Plan for modern college (front andside views)Remarks: Owned by Dr. L. L. R, apparentlyin Paris, 1872Title: The lake district of central LuzonRemarks: Mentioned in "Memorias de unEstudiante de Manila", 1872.
  33. 33. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsTitle: Plan of the waterworks in DapitanRemarks: Made with Father Sanchez, inDapitan, 1895Title: Sketch of the Lumanao Hill wherejewels were foundRemarks: Owned by Ateneo. Made in 1895
  34. 34. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Grammarian - “Estudios Sobre la Tagala” (a birthday gift for his former instructor, Father Sanchez who visited Rizal in Dapitan)
  35. 35. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Historian His annotation of Antonio de Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas entitled him as one.
  36. 36. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Horticulturist He experimented on and cultivated plants in Dapitan.
  37. 37. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Humorist There are many humorous incidents in the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.
  38. 38. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  39. 39. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Ichthyologist He collected 38 new varieties of fish in Dapitan.
  40. 40. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Inventor - He invented a cigarette lighter, which he called sulpakan, and sent it to Blumentritt in 1887 as a gift. - While in Dapitan, Rizal also invented a wooden machine for making bricks which turned out about 6,000 bricks daily.
  41. 41. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Japanophile His admiration of Japanese traits and his knowledge of the Japanese language proved he was one.
  42. 42. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Journalist He authored several published articles in Spanish and English.
  43. 43. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Judoka Rizal was the first Filipino and Malay to have practiced and in fact, taught martial arts sport. Jiguro Kano taught him the “Way of Ju” which means the truth of the universe.
  44. 44. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Laboratory worker He was employed in the clinic of Dr. L. Wecker in Paris.
  45. 45. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Linguist He spoke over 22 languages including: Tagalog, Ilokano, Bisayan, Subanon, Spanish, Latin, Greek, English, French, German, Arabic, Malay, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Dutch, Catalan, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian.
  46. 46. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Musician He played the flute and composed pieces of music and cultivated music appreciation.
  47. 47. MagicianSince early childhood Rizal had beeninterested in magic. When he attainedmanhood, he continued his keen predilectionfor magic.In chapter XVII and XVIII of his secondnovel, El Filibusterismo, he revealed his wideknowledge in magic.
  48. 48. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Mythologist Rizal used mythology in his Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo novels.
  49. 49. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Newspaperman He wrote and published articles in many publications and was one of the organizers of the La Solidaridad.
  50. 50. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Novelist - Noli Me Tangere - El Filibusterismo
  51. 51. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Ophthalmologist - He graduated in an ophthalmologic college in Spain. - His mother who lost her eyesight in 1887, encouraged him to take advanced training in ophthalmology.
  52. 52. • Rizal is famous for this profession -a practicing ophthalmologist and that he was able to cure his own mother’s cataract. Rizal was known to have trained under prominent European ophthalmologists- Otto Becker and Louis de Wecker. He did practice the professional backed in his hometown in Calamba Laguna, while he was in Hong Kong and while in exile at Dapitan.
  53. 53. Rizal’s Talents and Skills- He apprenticed under Dr. Louis deWecker, a famous eye surgeon who can setin position crossed eyes in two minutes.
  54. 54. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Orientalist Rizal admired the special characteristics and beauties of Oriental countries peoples.
  55. 55. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Painter Title: Saturnina Rizal Material: Oil Remarks: Now in Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago Title: Dapitan church curtains Material: Oil Remarks: Made in Dapitan, 1894
  56. 56. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsTitle: A painting on a pair of mother-of-pearlMaterial: OilRemarks: Shells painted by Rizal in Dapitanand given as a gift to Doña LeonorValenzuela and later passed into the handsof Doña Margarita ValenzuelaTitle: Spanish coat of armsMaterial: Water colorRemarks: Done during a fiesta of San Rafaelin Calamba in 1867
  57. 57. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsTitle: Allegory on a pair of porcelain basesof the new year celebrationMaterial: OilRemarks: Made in Berlin in 1886Title: Christ crucifiedMaterial: CrayonRemarks: 1875
  58. 58. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsTitle: Immaculate ConceptionMaterial: CrayonRemarks: Made in Manila, 1974Title: Portrait of MoraytaMaterial: CrayonRemarks: Made in Barcelona, 1885
  59. 59. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  60. 60. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  61. 61. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  62. 62. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  63. 63. • Since early childhood, Rizal revealed his God-given talent for art. At the age of five, he began to make sketches with his pencil and to mold in clay and wax objects.
  64. 64. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Philosopher Rizal not only loved wisdom but also regulated his life and enjoyed calmness of the life at all time.
  65. 65. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Physical culturist Rizal maintained a good health by exercising all parts of his body and eating proper foods.
  66. 66. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Physician He treated several patients afflicted not only with eye diseases.
  67. 67. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Plant lover As a child, Rizal spend most of his time in the family garden which was planted with fruit trees, shrubs and decorative trees. His diaries contained detailed description and sketches of plants, flowers and fruits he saw in the places he visited.
  68. 68. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Poet Rizal wrote over 35 poems including his famous Mi Ultimo Adios, To The Philippines, Our Mother Tongue, Memories of My town, Hymn to Labor, Kundiman, A Poem That Has No Title, Song of Maria Clara, To the Philippines Youth, To Josephine, Education Gives Luster to the Motherland, To the Virgin Mary, Sa Aking mga Kabata and others.
  69. 69. • The first poem rizal wrote during his days in the ateneo was “Mi Primera Inspiracion”• He wrote it before he was fourteen years old, that is, in the year 1874.
  70. 70. • In 1875, inspired by father Sanchez, he wrote more poems, such as:1.Felicitacion2.The departure: hymn to Magellan’s Fleet3.And he is Spanish: Elcano, the first to circumnavigate the world4.The battle : Urbiztondo, Terror of Jolo
  71. 71. Rizal’s Talents and SkillsHe wrote poems on flower he likes verymuch as his poems To the Flowers ofHeidelberg.
  72. 72. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  73. 73. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Politician Although Rizal did not engage in politics, he exposed the evils of the political activities of the Spaniards in the Philippines through his writing.
  74. 74. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Polyglot Rizal spoke and wrote in 20 languages.
  75. 75. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Proofreader In Germany, he worked as a part-time proofreader of his livelihood.
  76. 76. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Propagandist As a reformer, Rizal encourages the recommendation of improving the government entities and discourages abuses on publishing articles.
  77. 77. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Researcher Being a wide reader, he compared the old and new practices in life.
  78. 78. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Revolutionist Rizal encouraged reforms; discouraged old, impractical usage, and desired new and useful laws to benefit his countrymen. He desired changes for the better.
  79. 79. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Rhetorician Rizal has always practiced the art of persuasive and impressive speaking and writing.
  80. 80. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  81. 81. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Sanitary engineer His construction of a water system in Dapitan exemplified this practice by Rizal.
  82. 82. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• ScientistRizal’s practice of many sciences here and abroad made him noted scientist. Rizal does loved science and discovery. He was able to explore the rich virgin field of Mindanao and was able to collect great specimens of lizards, insects, bats, snakes etc. which he was able to send in a museum in Europe.
  83. 83. Rizal’s Talents and Skills“The Spanish colonial governmentmurdered the most prominent scientist itever had.” -Prof. Rudolf Virchow
  84. 84. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Sculptor His works of his father and of Father Guerrico, S. J. typified his sculptural ability.
  85. 85. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  86. 86. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  87. 87. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  88. 88. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Sharp shooter He could hit a target 20 meters away.
  89. 89. • Rizal impressed his Jesuit professor in the Ateneo with his artistic skill. He carved an image of the Virgin Mary on a piece of Batikuling(Philippine hardwood) with his pocket knife.
  90. 90. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Sociologist In Rizal’s study of Philippines social problems, he always encouraged and introduced solutions.
  91. 91. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Sodalist He always joined fraternities, associations and brotherhood, for self-improvement.
  92. 92. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Translator - Christmas message (Hebrew to Spanish) - William Tell and Andersen Fairy Tales (German to Tagalog) - The Rights of Man (French to Tagalog) - Zend-Avesta (Arabic to Spanish)
  93. 93. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Traveler He traveled around the world three times.
  94. 94. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Tuberculosis expert For having cured himself of this disease, he became and was recognized as an expert.
  95. 95. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Universalist Rizal was the product of the very first synthesis between the civilizations of the East and the West. In his person embodied the ideals of the both.
  96. 96. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Writer - Sa Aking Mga Kababata - To the Filipino Youth - The untitled Last Farewell
  97. 97. Rizal’s Talents and Skills
  98. 98. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Youth leader He considered the youth as "the hope of his Fatherland."
  99. 99. Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Zoologist - He was fond of pets. He researched later on their physiology, classification and habits. - A regular contributor of specimens of reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, insects, crustaceans and other invertebrates to the Dresden museum.
  100. 100. Rizal’s Talents and Skills- When he was an exile in Dapitan, hecollected different kinds of species ofanimals. Among there were the DracoRizali (Wandolleck), a specie of flyingdragon; Rachophorous Rizali (Boetger), ahithertho unknown specie of toad; andApogonia Rizali (Heller), a small beetle,which were later named after him.
  101. 101. Rizal’s Talents and Skills