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With NIVEA’s 100th year celebration, it has rolled out a new ad campaign positioned on the global platform of BETTER SKINCARE FOR LIFE, featuring the key skincare product line –NIVEA Body lotions.

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Nivea press release

  1. 1. “Get Touchably soft skin with nivea smooth milk lotion “CONFIDES CELEBRITY actor ANushka sharma <br />Body care is gaining a lot of emphasis amongst Indian consumers as much as face care is in the recent times. Among various body skin problems faced by Indian women, Dry skin is top rated in the list (based on U&A study done by IMRB 2011, for NIVEA). Changes in weather, extreme temperatures, irregular diet & lifestyle disturb the natural moisture balance making our skin dry and rough. Also from consumer studies conducted by NIVEA amongst women, it was found that Dry skin makes them less confident about their skin and acts as an inhibitor in moments of closeness with their partner.<br />With NIVEA’s 100th year celebration, it has rolled out a new ad campaign positioned on the global platform of BETTER SKINCARE FOR LIFE, featuring the key skincare product line –NIVEA Body lotions. The highlight of the campaign is Compelling visuals elevating the importance of SKIN and establishing NIVEA’s skincare expertise with a portfolio of products for different skin needs.<br />Actor Anushka Sharma, the newest member to join the NIVEA family forms an integral part of the new NIVEA Body Lotion Campaign. As she shares her fondest memories of her association with the NIVEA products since her childhood, she strongly recommends NIVEA body lotion range as she totally believes that it delivers what it promises – ‘visibly soft and touchably smooth skin’ .<br />Mr. Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director - NIVEA India, “Anushka was a natural choice for NIVEA Body Lotions, given that she embodies what the brand stands for “trust, honesty, international appeal with core Indian values and high family orientation. NIVEA Body Lotion aims at taking its next leap with this new campaign targeted at Repairing Dryness from the core for 24 hour + smoothness with Hydra IQ technology“.<br />The creative campaign featuring Anushka is based on the insight of “Power of Touch” backed by a functionally superior lotion infused with Hydra IQ, to repair dryness for 24 hour+ smoothness. The campaign beautifully captures moments of closeness between a young couple and how her visibly soft and touchably smooth skin is so irresistible that he wants to touch her skin again and again. The hero product for this new ad campaign is NIVEA Smooth milk lotion with Strong dryness repairing efficiency & light enjoyable texture making it a beautiful combination for 24 hour + smoothness.<br />NIVEA which has built an entire company since 1911 on skin and has pioneered many breakthrough concepts in the Skincare industry, understands that dryness removal can happen only by repairing it from the core of the skin cells by using Skin’s Own strength. Hence the Hydra IQ technology based on a NOBEL PRIZE winning Technology of Aquaporins known to carry water from one cell to another inside our own skin is infused into the entire NIVEA Body Lotions range. Hydra IQ technology helps re activate skin’s own moisture network and ensures complete dryness repair with 24 hour + smoothness <br />NIVEA is active in over 200 countries & with the No. 1 position in many Skin Care categories across the globe.<br />About NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd.NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG. It was established in 2005 and is head quartered in Mumbai. Cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has over 19,000 employees worldwide. Beiersdorf’s NIVEA is the world’s largest skin care brand*. Other names in its successful international brand portfolio include Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8x4 and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. Beiersdorf has nearly 130 years of skin care experience and is known for its innovative and high-quality products.<br />* Source: Euromonitor, Skin Care Products excluding Scents and Hair Dyes by Sales, 2009<br />Contact: <br />Neha Varma - CLEA Public Relations<br /> , 9930908168<br /> <br />