Øresund startups top 50 oct 2013


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Presentation that was done at CreativeLab on the 22nd of October, regarding the state of startups in the greater Copenhagen region (also known as Øresund). Presentation can be viewed recorded here: http://bambuser.com/v/4032061
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Øresund startups top 50 oct 2013

  1. 1. Øresund Startups State of the region & Top 50 22nd October 2013, 12.10-13.00 @ CreativeLab
  2. 2. Øresund Startups Why am I doing this? I want you to: Have heard about interesting startups Have a notion which BA and VC are active An idea of ”the startup way” l l l
  3. 3. Øresund Startups Who am I? German born, living in Sweden Entrepreneur: co-founder Contentor Initiator Øresund Startup News l l l
  4. 4. Øresund Startups WARNING! Highly subjective! We do not take resposibilty for damages caused...
  5. 5. Øresund Startups We will look at: l l Funding Prominent startups
  6. 6. Investment rounds Typical rounds in tech startups €5M+ €1M – €8M (20-40%) €25K – €2M €10K – €250K (5-25%) (0-10%) Pre-seed Seed Business Angels + crowd funding Series A Series B ... Venture Capital Funds, M&A, Strategic partners
  7. 7. Series A & B Part 1 - B2C (in alphabetical order)
  8. 8. Series A & B Part 2 - B2B (in alphabetical order)
  9. 9. Seed funded Part 1 – B2C (still in alphabetical order)
  10. 10. coolstuff
  11. 11. Seed funded Part 2 – B2B (still in alphabetical order)
  12. 12. Other prominent Startups ecause either we do not know the stage, or because they are prominent for o
  13. 13. Echo.it
  14. 14. Moviestarplanet
  15. 15. Is something missing?
  16. 16. Where are we now? B presence but lack of well known startups known by
  17. 17. Where are we now? 1. We are not very sexy 2. But we are doing things
  18. 18. Investment rounds Typical rounds in tech startups €5M+ €1M – €8M (20-40%) €25K – €2M €10K – €250K (5-25%) (0-10%) Pre-seed Seed Business Angels + crowd funding Series A Series B ... Venture Capital Funds, M&A, Strategic partners
  19. 19. Investment rounds VC Prominent Angels l l l l l l l Hampus Jakobsson Tommy Ahlers Jesper Buch Kaare Danielsen Joachim Samuelsson Göran Tollstam Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (who have made investments) l l l l l l l l l l Accelerace Creandum Industrifonden Net Departo Ventures Northcap Northzone SEED capital Spiltan Supremum Capital Sunstone
  20. 20. Investment rounds Lack of good business angels Hard to do series B or series C without SV Local enterprises are not aquiring startups
  21. 21. But wait, there is more!
  22. 22. Cleantech & Biotech
  23. 23. Cleantech & Biotech Big bets and lots large fundings Mostly spin-offs from DTU and LTH
  24. 24. Want to know more?
  25. 25. Stay in touch @oresundstartups Facebook.com/oresundstartups www.oresundstartups.com karsten@oresundstartups.com @karstendc
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