Ancillaries research & planning


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Ancillaries research & planning

  1. 1. ANCILLARIES RESEARCH & PLANNINGBy Karolina Fryckowska
  3. 3. Research on size and which magazine to put in Standard size • A4 • 11"x 8.5" • 8.5 "x 9"I think that the documentary double page spreadshould be in a TV guide or a technology/gamemagazines because the audience for a TV guideis a wide range with different types of films andshows such as Total TV Guide. Whilst atechnology/game magazines have a audiencewho are interested in the theme such as NowGamer.
  4. 4. Double page spreads – General Text organised in columns - easier to read Headline and Main image quote with smaller images thatDrop capital "T" are from the game Simple colour scheme - brown, white and green
  5. 5. Double page spreads – General Headline and text – large, bold – catch audience eyesLarge image -shows what thepages are about Text in columns – easier to read
  6. 6. Double page spreads – General Large image – understand the theme Drop capital - show where the main information isSimple colours -red, black, brown Quote – understand the article
  7. 7. Effective double page magazine spread (TV shows) Quote - to understand what the article about Information about the TV shows e.g. what channel, what time Main imageText in columns and smaller images from the filmText differentsizes to showimportance Simple colours - red, white and black to make it easy for the audience to read
  8. 8. Effective double page magazine spread (TV shows)Large image inbackground to simple colour layout to drawexplain what the audience inarticle is writtenabout.Informationabout the TV Text inshows columns –e.g. what easier to readchannel andtime Title in large text to explains the article
  9. 9. Forms and Conventions• The main image, dominates the page – sometimes does say what the page is about and the audience knows from the image.• Drop capital – show reader where to start reading• Simple colour scheme• Normally has set columns 1-3• Text /quote to explain article• Text on top of columns briefly explaining the article.• First paragraph to be in bold, bigger type size, capitals for the first few words• Headline uses stylised font to draw the reader in - tells the reader what the article is about, usually quotes or puns
  10. 10. Target audience and InspirationsTarget Audience:• People who like to watch documentaries and learn about the development of technology ; ages 16 +Inspirations:Layout design• Main image in backgroundStyle of font• Simple e.g. Arial and refer to colour schemeOrganisation of information• Text on first page in two columns with a quote on top
  11. 11. Draft 1Title Main imagemain text to refer toand technologylarge to and adraw the Evolution Of Technology smalleraudience image for How its changed evolution Text TextColumns Column 1 Columns 2to make it TV channeleasier to and time inread corner to make the documentary more Tuesday 8pm important than the channel
  13. 13. Research on size and cost of various adverts Costs: Free 20p £2.20Different rages of advert sizes e.g. full or half
  14. 14. Effective newspaper adverts (general) Logo on top of advert – easy for audience to see Large black and white image – backgroundColour schemesimple – doe notdisrupt audiencefrom reading Small image in colour - bold, dominant to show audience the product Small, short text – simple and easy to read
  15. 15. Effective newspaper adverts (general)Title - the product, brandname. Easy for audienceto notice Smaller text - product modelOne large image in themiddle - product Simple colours - blue, black and white
  16. 16. Effective newspaper adverts (general)Reviews of One image,the film – simple – knowndraws actor to makeaudience in. audience toText second watch the filmlarge toshowimportance Information about the Simple colour layout - green, film in big text to black and white to draw make audience read it audience to the advert
  17. 17. Effective newspaper adverts (TV shows) Quote – explains the show. Large text to make audience read it first Logo visible to let audience know easilyLarge image -people shown aspuppets - showingthe theme o theshow Name, time and channel of show to let audience know the details. Smallest text to make the audience read it last
  18. 18. Effective newspaper adverts (TV shows) Title large and in the middle toBackground refers to draw the audience in. Font tothe documentary e.g. refer to the documentary themegypsy - caravanTime of documentary Logo in corner to drawunder the title to the audience attentionmake easy for the more into theaudience t see documentary than channel
  19. 19. Effective newspaper adverts (TV shows)Title large - capital,bold to draw theaudience in Simple coloursImage backgroundwith the charactersion the middle tomake the audienceread the title on thetop first then look atthe image Logo and details of TV show visible but at the bottom of the advert to make the audience have the attention more on the title and the image
  20. 20. Forms and Conventions• Title is bold and capital - draw it to the audience• Mainly one image or images vary in size to show dominance• Logo/ TV channel visible• Quote to make it easier to understand the advert• Text in the middle or on the top and bottom to show priority
  21. 21. Target audience and InspirationsTarget Audience:• Interested in technology, the way they evolved and their effects of technology; ages 16+Inspirations:Layout design• One main image and logo in the cornerStyle of font• Simple e.g. Arial or to refer to technologyPhoto manipulation• Change colour to the colour schemeOrganisation of information• Title bold• Simple to read and not over cramped
  22. 22. Draft 1 The binary codes (1,0) is a from of encoding data/computers. The known film the Matrix show the binary codes Evolution of Technology Evolution of Thursdays 8pm Technology Thursdays 8pm• Title in the middle to draw the audience I like the idea of using the Darwin theory as it attention to it first. is a known notion of evolution and that it will• Simple image to not confuse the audience refer to my documentary on the Evolution of and make them understand what the Technology documentary is about.