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This is an online inventory management system for any business owner. You can keep track of your sell from anywhere with this software.

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  1. 1. A Product of Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. Modern day inventory is managed by sophisticatedsystem applications that are designed to managecomplex inventory plans and to a large extent containprocesses that initiate and streamline the operationsand inventory management.
  3. 3.  Our QuickInventory helps you to sell anywhere,manage in one place Automatically synchronizes stock levels of allproducts sold at multiple counters Easily customizable to fit your requirement.
  4. 4. Salient Features Reliable and user friendly Completely web based. Nothing to install on yourmachine. Quick customization available Can accommodate any number of products andusers with admin and superadmin Excellent reporting system for admin andsuperadmin
  5. 5. User typesThere are three types of user in the system1. Super AdminSuperadmin has overall control over the site.2. AdminThis user has limited power to manage items of the inventory.Access level is defined by superadmin.3. Branch usersThese users are allowed to sell items and send requisition toadmin when stock reaches re-order level.
  6. 6. Some glimpses of Admin Panel
  7. 7. Admin login page
  8. 8. Admin can perform following list of operation Manage company Manage branches Manage branch users Vendor management Purchase management Manage items Sales management Requisition management Inter-branch transfer management View reports
  9. 9. Manage Company: From This module admin canmanage company information. Admin can search, view list , edit member information.
  10. 10. Manage Branches: From This module admin canmanage branches (Create new branch, modifyinformation, delete, reset password)
  11. 11. Manage Branch users: Admin can create/ edit/delete multiple users of each branch. Thisoperation can be performed by branch admin also.
  12. 12. Manage Vendors: In This module, admin canadd/ edit/ delete/ search vendors.
  13. 13. Manage Purchase: In This module, admin createentries of the items purchased from variousvendors.
  14. 14. Manage Items: In This module, admin can add/edit/ delete/ search items.
  15. 15. Sales Management: In This module, admin is able to view thesales processed at various branches. Admin has the authority todelete a wrong transaction. Any deletion is logged into thesystem and inventory gets updated accordingly.
  16. 16. Requisition Management: In This module, admin is able to viewand approve the requisitions made from branches. Admin reservesthe right to approve the requisition either fully or partially.
  17. 17. Requisition details
  18. 18. Inter-branch transferAdmin can see the items transferred within branches. Adminhas the right to delete any wrong transaction.
  19. 19. ReportsAdmin can see different MIS reports from this area. Someimportant reports are sales, stocks, purchase and in transit.Here are some glimpses of the reports.
  20. 20. Reports (contd.)
  21. 21. Thank You! Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd 116A Purbalok Kolkata – 700099 WB, India Phone: +91 33 2426 4362Email: sales@karmicksolutions.comWebsite: www.karmicksolutions.com