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An Online exam software from Karmick Solutions, useful for any educational institute.

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  1. 1. A product of Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. ExamCurve is a Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination. It is verypowerful user friendly exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price.
  3. 3. Salient Features Developed keeping in view todays examination pattern and need of todays student. Completely web based. Nothing to install on your machine. Quick customization available Can accommodate any number of Exam Papers Easy paper evaluation system for admin
  4. 4. User typesThere are two types of user in the project.1. AdminAdmin have overall control over the site.2. Students:A student can register himself/ herself on the site togain access of exam papers.
  5. 5. Some glimpses of Admin Panel
  6. 6. Admin login page
  7. 7. Admin Control Panel
  8. 8. Admin can set global configurations of the site from this page.
  9. 9. Here admin can add/ edit/ delete/ search subjects.
  10. 10. Admin can mark status and set position to displaying the subject while adding a new one
  11. 11. This is for managing exam papers
  12. 12. This is for adding new exam papers
  13. 13. Admin can manage questions for any exam from this page
  14. 14. Admin can find student details from this page
  15. 15. Admin can register a student directly
  16. 16. Admin can see the payments made by students to access paid exams
  17. 17. Admin can evaluate exam papers of all students from this screen
  18. 18. Some glimpses of Student Panel
  19. 19. Students can get registered by themselves
  20. 20. Student panel after login
  21. 21. My Account/ Edit accountStudent can view their registration details andable to edit.Payment historyStudents can view which exams they have paidfor.
  22. 22. Students can see the list of subjects to giveexam. Some exams are free and some arepaid. For paid exams they need to pay onlineor through bank and access the exam paper
  23. 23. Students can see time remainingwhile answering a paper
  24. 24. Students can see their result after adminevaluate and post marks
  25. 25. ASK for customization to fit your needs Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd 116A Purbalok Kolkata – 700099 WB, India Phone: +91 33 2426 4362 Email: sales@karmicksolutions.com Website: www.karmicksolutions.com
  26. 26. Thank You! Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd 116A Purbalok Kolkata – 700099 WB, India Phone: +91 33 2426 4362Email: sales@karmicksolutions.comWebsite: www.karmicksolutions.com