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iBooks and iBooks Author
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iBooks and iBooks Author


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This presentation shows how to use Apple's iBooks Author and iBooks app to create media-rich electronic books.

This presentation shows how to use Apple's iBooks Author and iBooks app to create media-rich electronic books.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. That’s all it took to make an iBOOK? for ASTD Kentuckiana by Karl Richter President of
  • 2. We’ll answer thesequestionsWhat is an iBook and why would I want to make one?What do I need to make one?Isn’t this an app?How do I get the book to my users?
  • 3. What is an iBOOK?An electronic book,similar to what you’dsee on an eReaderHOWEVER, theyalso supportembedded movies,audio, and more..
  • 4. Why iBOOKS?Replace expensive paper copieswith an eco-friendly alternativeThey’re harder to lose: Employee manuals Electronic copies of course materials Product guides for sales reps in the field How often do YOU smile when you’re making copies?
  • 5. What do I need to do this?
  • 6. iBOOKS AuthorAvailable for free on your Mac. Sorry PC users.No, you can’t make them on your iPad.
  • 7. Open in iBOOKS in iPAD
  • 8. Not foriPHONES or iPODS!iPHONES or iPODS!
  • 9. Using iBOOKS Author
  • 10. An overview of iBOOKSAuthor
  • 11. Make it InteractiveSwipe through aslideshowInsert a movie or audiofilePut in a quizEmbed a presentationand more...
  • 12. Is this an App?
  • 13. Not an AppIt’s an interactive book.That means you don’thave to use the appstore to deliver it.It stays private.It works offline. Apps are sexy, but there are drawbacks.
  • 14. OK, It’s kind of like an appLike an app, an iBook can be given away for free, or can besold through the iTunes store.
  • 15. Does this meanwe can’t accessiBooks on our iPhone? Not exactly.
  • 16. Publish vs Export You can Publish your finished book to make it available for iPads via the iTunes store You can Export your finished book to distribute it without iTunes.
  • 17. Export Options dExport as an iBook for iPads. Email it to users as an attachment or have them download PDFs for Kindle, Nook, and iPod/iPhone.
  • 18. PDF CompatibilityA PDF will not have all the interactivity that is found in theiPad version of an iBook, but it can be viewed on thefollowing devices. iPods with the iBooks app iPhones with the iBooks app Kindle Barnes and Noble Nook Sony eReaders
  • 19. Key Takeaways The iBooks Author software is free. The iBooks app on mobile devices is free. If you have iPads and a Mac, you can make an interactive book as easily as you could make a PPT slide. An iBook has the ability to embed audio video, pictures, and other interactivity.
  • 20. Thanks!