Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) Online Policy Primer Presentation

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NET303 Online Policy Primer Presentation (Curtin University SP3 2012) by Karl Nemsow …

NET303 Online Policy Primer Presentation (Curtin University SP3 2012) by Karl Nemsow

AUDIO: “Five Armies” by Kevin Macleod from Incomptech. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-3.0. Available at

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  • Hi Karl,

    An interesting and well designed presentation. I play a lot of online games and have never properly read the terms of service agreements when registering for an account. I thought that your mention of the security breaches experienced by PSN and subsequent response by Sony was an excellent example how important it is for users to know what they have agreed to when signing up for a service.

    While I was aware that Sony had experienced a security breach, I did not know of the seriousness of what had happened. Considering the sensitive nature of the data being stored by PSN users such as addresses and credit card details, it is a concern that Sony took almost a week before making users aware that there had been a security breach (Baker & Finkle, 2011).

    It is even more worrying to learn that rather than trying to reassure users that their private data would be secure, Sony took action to prevent them from taking legal action against further security breaches. It gives me the impression that Sony are not confident that their security measures will not be breached again and are taking steps to minimise their accountability (“Sony asks gamers”, 2011).

    The point you made about Sony having the right to utilise user created content for commercial purposes without having to provide monetary compensation to the creator should be taken note of by any content creators concerned about the ownership and control of their property (Sony Entertainment Network, 2012).

    The chosen format of a slide show presentation hosted on SlideShare was well suited to the content and I appreciate that you designed your slides with wide screen displays in mind as this enhanced the visual impact of your presentation.

    Thank you for a great presentation Karl!


    Baker, L. B., & Finkle, J. (2011). Sony PlayStation suffers massive data breach. Reuters. Retrieved from

    BBC News. (2011, September 16). Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban. BBC. Retrieved from

    Sony Entertainment Network (2012). Privacy Policy. Retrieved from
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  • HI Karl, I like the way you have given the option to play and watch or move through at your own pace. I have done both options and found the play version was really well timed - I didn't feel like I had to rush through the reading before it moved on.
    The breaches in security were interesting. I was aware of the recent one as I was on the PSN when it happened but had not realised that it had happened before. No protections against breaches in Australia was also a good point. The kind of language you hear on some online games I am surprised some users continue to play according to the TOS - with so many players I wonder how they would even be able to monitor it.
    Enjoyed your primer Karl - Thanks
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  • looks great Karl, well done
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  • 1. (SEN, 2012d)
  • 2. The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is a cloud based media service which allowsusers to access various kinds of digital media via electronic and mobile devices. (SEN, 2012e)
  • 3. Registration is free!There are over 90 million registered SEN users worldwide (Osborn, 2012). Are you one of them? To register you must be 18 years or older. If you aren’t you need a parent or guardian to click on the “agree” button for you (SEN, 2012b). By accepting Sony’s “Terms of Service and User Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” you are enter into a legally binding contract with Sony (SEN, 2012b). You may not impersonate someone, or provide false or misleading registration data (SEN, 2012b).
  • 4. So in your rush to get playing games, watching movies or listening to music Did you read and understand these agreements? Lets see what Kratos and Nathan Drake of Sony PlayStation® fame can tell us. (SCE, 2012b)(SCE, 2012a)
  • 5. Account CreationYou will be asked to create an online ID which isa public nickname visible to all SEN users; andsupply a short “About Me” statement, avatar, andchoose your country and language (SEN, 2012a).This information may be published on any ofSEN’s websites at any time – so be careful withwhat information you place in your “About Me”page (SEN, 2012a).You can’t be 100% sure where it will end up!
  • 6. Parental ControlAdults who register own the primary ID which is amaster account that is allowed to create sub-accounts for users under the age of 18. These sub-accounts will receive communications from otherSEN users which you will have no knowledge of oraccess to (SEN, 2012b).Some services may contain language and contentnot suitable for children, and not all content on SENis rated (SEN, 2012b).It is your responsibility to ensure content is suitable(SEN, 2012b).
  • 7. Information CollectionWhen you’re online SEN may collect information such as:• Your Online ID• IP address and device MAC address• Your recent locations• Hardware usage info such as device model, serialnumber, parental control settings, photograph andmusic settings, remote play settings, and devicesconnected to your hardware.• Your media usage profile (i.e. what games, video,music or services you use of browse or download) (SEN, 2012a)
  • 8. What is this Informationused for?Sony use this information to supply and improvetheir services. However this information is alsoavailable to other Sony group companies, andcompanies who help to operate the SEN (SEN, 2012a).It is also used to promote new products andservices and target advertising based on your SENusage habits via account monitoring and cookies(SEN, 2012a).
  • 9. Is your information safe?While Sony does take security of this informationseriously it has been known to leak private userdata ……. From time to time.
  • 10. The Great Data Breach of 2011If you are signing up to an SEN account you maywant to read up about its previous iteration – thePlayStation Network (PSN) (Emerson, 2012).PSN had a few security problems in 2011(Baker & Finkle, 2011). (PSN, 2012)
  • 11. PSN Breach(es) in a NutshellIn 2011 the private information of 77 millionPSN users was exposed by Hackers includingnames, addresses and credit cards.Sony took a week to notify PSN users of thebreach. (Baker & Finkle, 2011).Later in 2011 the private information of another93,000 users was again exposed (Naraine, 2011).
  • 12. What laws protect you andyour data?As the data on SEN may be held in any number ofcountries data protection law enforcement becomescomplicated (SNE, 2012a).Across the globe laws differ greatly.In Australia there are currently no mandatory databreach laws protecting internet users (Lawrence, 2012).
  • 13. SEN insures against liabilityIn the aftermath of these breaches Sony was suedvia a class action by PSN users. In reaction Sonyaltered their “Terms of Service” so that gamerswaived their rights to launch such class actions(BBC News, 2011).If users did not agree to these new terms theiraccounts were terminated (BBC News, 2011).
  • 14. SEN insures against liabilityYou need to check your protections against databreaches within the “Terms of Service” agreementthat applies to your geographic area. By doing soyou will be able to make an informed decisionbefore signing up to the SEN service.Read Section 17 if you are in the United States orCanada (SEN, 2012c).There is no such section for Australian SEN users.
  • 15. SNE is watching you!Sony reserve the right to monitor and recordyour activities and communications (SEN, 2012a).Including: Voice and text chats Time and location, User ID and account details Your IP addressThese will be used to enforce the SNE code ofconduct (SEN, 2012a).
  • 16. Why is Sony watching you?Sony may use this information for legal reasonsand “may retain, use and/or disclose any of yourinformation as required or permitted by law,regulation or order, including to the police or otherappropriate authorities, to investigate complaintsmade by or against you, or to protect or defendourselves, or others, against illegal, criminal orharmful activities” (SNE, 2012a).So understand the SNE code of conduct!
  • 17. SEN Code of ConductThere is a code of conduct on SEN – breaching thiscan result in the suspension or termination of youraccount. These include:Stalking, bullying, harassing, abusing or invadingthe privacy of other users (SEN, 2012b).The sharing, posting, streaming, uploading ortransmitting of content or media which compromisethe security of yourself or others (SEN, 2012b).
  • 18. SEN Code of ConductYou must not access or create content which isdeemed to be abusive , offensive or vulgar.Including any action which is racially,ethnically, sexually or religiously demeaning,offensive, defamatory, threatening ordiscriminatory; sexually explicit, illegal orpromotes hate speech, violence or drug use(SEN, 2012b).You must not undertake, incite or endorse anyillegal activities (SEN, 2012b).
  • 19. SEN Code of Conduct- CopyrightYou must not access, use, post, transmit ordistribute any material that is pirated orinfringes copyright or trademark (SEN, 2012b).Services on SEN are protected by DigitalRights Management (DRM) technologies thatcontrol how you consume and use services onthe network (SEN, 2012b).
  • 20. Any breaches of this code of conduct may lead toyour account being suspended or terminatedmeaning it is: GAME OVER
  • 21. Who Owns User CreatedMaterials?User material created by you will belong to you(SEN, 2012a).You agree that Sony may refuse, remove or deleteyour materials at anytime (SEN, 2012a).However you authorize SEN, its affiliatedcompanies , and other SEN Users, to use, distributecopy, modify, display and publish your materialAND online ID throughout the network (SEN, 2012a)
  • 22. Who Owns User CreatedMaterials?Sony and affiliated Companies may commerciallyexploit your user materials without payment to you(SEN, 2012a).You waive any moral rights to your materials (SEN, 2012a).
  • 23. “Terms of Service” ChangesFrom time to time changes to the Terms of Serviceagreement will be made.Users will be notified of these changes (SEN, 2012b).The continued use of SEN after these changessignifies the acceptance of these changes by themaster account and all sub-account holders (SEN, 2012b).If you do not agree you must stop using SEN (SEN, 2012b).
  • 24. Service TerminationIf you breach any of the conditions in SENs“Terms of Service” or of any other extraterms connected to affiliated services thenSony will terminate or suspend your account,or disable access to the network (SEN, 2012b).Any funds that that were left in your accountwill not be refunded in this case (SEN, 2012b).Sony reserve the right to bring legal actionagainst you for any ToS breaches (SEN, 2012b).
  • 25. So when clicking “agree” make sure you understand what this agreement with SNE means for you.
  • 26. ReferencesBaker, L. B., & Finkle, J. (2011, April 26). Sony PlayStation suffers massive data breach. Retrieved from, R. (2012, June 2). PlayStation Network Accounts Rebranded As Sony Entertainment Network Accounts. Huffington Post. Retrieved News. (2012, September 16). Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban. BBC. Retrieved from, J. (2012, May 9). EFA supports mandatory data breach notification. Electronic Frontiers Australia. Retrieved from, R. (2011, October 12). Sony PlayStation Network hacked again 93,000 accounts compromised. ZDNet. Retrieved from, A. (2012, March 7). Number of Registered PlayStation Network Accounts Reaches 90 Million. PlayStation LifeStyle. Retrieved from Network (PSN) (2012). PSN Logo. Playstation Network. [Online Image] Retrieved from Computer Entertainment (SCE). (2012a). Kratos God of War III.jpg. Wikipedia. [Online Image] Retrieved from Computer Entertainment (SCE). (2012b). Nathan Drake Render 2.png. The Uncharted Wiki. [Online Image] Retrieved from Entertainment Network (SEN). (2012a). Privacy Policy. Sony Entertainment Network. Retrieved from Entertainment Network (SEN). (2012b). Terms of Service and User Agreement. Sony Entertainment Network. Retrieved from Entertainment Network (SEN). (2012c). Terms of Service and User Agreement (US & Canada). Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). Retrieved Entertainment Network (SEN). (2012d). Sony Entertainment Network Logo. Sony Entertainment Network. [Online Image] Retrieved Entertainment Network (SEN). (2012e) Sony Products. Sony Entertainment Network. [Online Image] Retrieved from
  • 27. Copyright StatementAll copyright material used in the production of this presentation was done so under terms of “FairDealing” as outlined in the Australian Copyright Act of 1968 sections 40 and 103C allowing for theuse of copyrighted materials for Research or Study.If you intend to use this production in the production of derivative works, it is the responsibility of thecreator of these derivative works to, (i) respect copyright owners and (ii) adhere to local copyrightlaws of their region, in the production of these derivative works.All original materials created in the production of this presentation, are available under CreativeCommons (CC-BY-SA 3.0), all other content is covered by copyrights of their respective owners, orother specific license agreements allowing for their use in this presentation. All materials used in thecreation of this presentation are attributed in the credits and can be sourced from the links provided.