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Marketing Assessment for Seniors At Home
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Marketing Assessment for Seniors At Home


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  • 1. Marketing Assessment for Seniors At Home Prepared By Karina Sanchez May 2008
  • 2. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez 1.1 Orientation Product Established in 2004, Seniors at Home is in the 10- Market business of providing at-home non-medical 9- senior care. This service is provided by highly trained and certified care-providers who 8- address the individual needs of every senior. Societal The revenue for Seniors at Home is limited by 7- the number of care- givers who can provide this Production service. Seniors at Home current orientations is 6- predominantly product and marketing. Sales 5- 2.1 Life Cycle Seniors at Home is in the emerging state. They are a fairly new company in the business with 4 years in the field. Most of the all of their Emerging business has been obtained through referrals. Right now they are trying to achieve adoption. To grow sales, Seniors at Home needs to invest in marketing to create awareness and branding. Also they need to offer a free trial of the service catered information sessions. 2.2 SWOT / Differentiation Analysis Seniors at Home is a non-medical care service business who provides companions and homecare for seniors. Presently Seniors at Home provides service for 40 seniors. The competitors for Seniors at Home outperform it with respect to their advertisement, marketing network, wages and benefits. However, out of 5 competitors Seniors at Home is one of the two service providers who are CAA certified. This certification helps them create a differentiation, but is still very weak. To grow, Seniors at Home needs to invest in marketing. Moreover, they also need to create a marketing plan, which currently does not exist. Their goal should be to emphasize the existing differentiation and create another that can help them strengthen against competitors. Potential Leader 2.3 Brand Analysis / DREK DR Hi, EK Lo DREK Hi Page 2 of 11 New Eroding DREK Lo EK Hi, DR Lo
  • 3. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez Seniors at Home is weak in Differentiation. They are very strong in relevance because there is a growing need for senior care. There is also a high esteem for this service because it also reflects an economic status. However, they are very low in knowledge because not many people know that they are offering this service. To grow, Seniors at Home needs to strengthen its differentiation and invest in promotion to create awareness. 2.4 Gap Analysis Create The biggest gap for Seniors at Home is that there is no Gap 1. No Traffic traffic. All of their business has been on referrals so Communicate they need to start generating traffic on their own. Gap 2. No sales or no satisfaction To grow, Seniors at Home needs better Deliver communication. At-home senior care is a fast growing industry with high demand and Seniors at Home can satisfy that demand; however, it needs to find a way to better communicate it to its target customers. 2.5 Product Mix Service 10 People Seniors at Home markets a Experience 9 service, an experience, and 8 people. The company has invested in events and 7 Event community development. The 6 company has not invested in 5 goods, places, properties, organizations, information, 4 Good Place and ideas. 3 Ideas Org Propert To grow, Seniors at Home needs 2 develop a mix of products that can appeal to the values of to Info the target customer. 1 2.6 Growth Opportunities Page 3 of 11
  • 4. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez Seniors at Home has many opportunities to grow revenue: Line Extension Diversification a. Increase the number of hours of Market New Products Create New Products for service current customers receive. To Current Customers New Markets b. Introduce medical senior care for Medical Senior Care At-Home care for Disabled people current customers. c. Expend the area of service to Eastlake, Penetration Expansion Chula Vista and Orange County. Market More Current Market Current Product to Existing Products to New Market d. Introduce at home care for disabled Customers Eastlake, OC patients. 2.7 Supply Chain Seniors at Home has a single role in the Raw supply chain – they are a service provider. Materials They are last in the supply chain. Seniors at Home can expand its role by integrating Components products with that service. For example, it can create a line of foods for customers that compliments the service given, or create a Products book of care giving tips designed only for the needs of the seniors. Accessories The demand for Seniors at Home is derived on its caregivers. They are depended on people in order to operate. They need to Consumables maintain a strong company policy about rules and regulations. It is also important that they S Service establish a good program of benefits and wages for their employees so they can avoid turnover due to better offers from competitors. 4.1 Product Page 4 of 11
  • 5. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez The product that Seniors at Home sells is intangible. Seniors at Home provides a service, an experience, and people for you must pay before How to Reduce you consume. The disadvantage of an intangible Consumer Risk? product is that you face higher Buyer’s Remorse because you can’t experience it before buying it. Information Sessions What Seniors at Home can do to reduce this Consumer Risk is to offer lots of information, host Free Trials information sessions, to the public where they can Special Offers inform about how important it is to give proper care to the elderly and how Seniors at Home is the best option for that. Also they can offer the first hour of care free, and incentives for special rates. 4.1a Product Line Management The line of product that Seniors at Home offers is of Simple Structure. The same service is provided independently of the amount of hours of service. Seniors at Home requires at least 12 hours of service per week. The live-in care rate is higher than the hourly service. However, there is opportunity to up-sell the amount of hours, meaning increase the amount of hours of service, and/or to cross sell into live-in care, which is when the care-givers lives at home with the senior. Seniors at Home At-home non-medical senior care Hourly Service Includes: Live-in service Includes: • Safety Monitoring • All of the services as the hourly • Assistance w/ bathing oral care, service plus, grooming, and dressing • 24-hr care. • Planning and preparing meals • Assistance w/ walking, light exercise • Medication reminder • Light house keeping • Running errands and transportation 4.2 Placement Seniors at Home conducts Business-to-Consumer transactions. They are a local company located in Hillcrest, and they service customers in La Jolla, Downtown San Diego, Hillcrest, Coronado, and Scripts Ranch. Seniors at Home provides a service for seniors, but the target consumer is the adult in charge of taking care of the senior. As the Baby-Boomer generation Page 5 of 11
  • 6. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez is almost at retirement the need for senior care is growing. People have very active lives and many times cannot dedicate the time needed to care for their elderly relatives. That is the target segment for Seniors at Home. The company has found that in the majority of the time it is a woman who is left with the duty to care for the elderly relative. The segment they are marketing to are women with income of $70,000 or more who live busy lifestyles and who seek professional services that offer quality and reliability, best described by Cohorts Segmentation as an Elizabeth and a Virginia. These segments are in need for a service that will provide a senior care at the higher standards of quality, safety, and reliability. 4.3 Positioning / Mission Seniors at Home holds as it mission “to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable care.” Seniors at Home uses a positioning strategy that relies on quality. Seniors at Home meets the values of these segments because these are affluent women who have very active/busy lifestyles and who value quality. Seniors at Home provides quality in service level, safety, knowledge, and reliability. Seniors at Home delivers product through people, and these people go through vigorous screening and background checks. Moreover, they are educated and certified in senior care. The care-givers are constantly evaluated and trained to ensure the best service is being provided. Furthermore, they offer reliability by providing a 24-hr service and call number where it is guaranteed that an administrator will assist any concern. 4.4 Promotion Seniors at Home has a weak promotion plan. Currently, they only have one ad and that is in the New Lifestyles magazine. Besides that, they rely on door-to-door marketing. They have a representative go to “relevant” doctor’s offices to leave brochures. Also they are currently sponsoring two community events, one for mother’s day and one in June. Page 6 of 11
  • 7. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez Seniors at Home needs to create new ways to penetrate and promote it self in the community. More ads need to be placed on magazines. Moreover, Seniors at Home can achieve more promotion by seeking media coverage for those two events. Also, Seniors at Home could offer classes of senior living at local senior centers that way they can brand themselves and achieve community recognition. Seniors at Home uses as a marketing/ advertisement shield a network called Senior’s Choice. The company markets it self as the local senior care agency, however, this network is national so the consumer gets confused because it is the same logo. They Seniors at Home is not a franchise but by using the same logo as a national network it creates confusion. Also, the brochures used by the company focus on Senior’s Choice so it is inconsistent with them trying to promote it self as a local company when they are using a bigger national agency as a marketing bed. “As a member of The Senior's Choice, a leading companion care service provider for over 18 years, our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable care.” Quote that appears on center on home page *Seniors at Home has only been in business since 2004 *Who are they advertising? Seniors At Home As a consumer it is hard to differentiate who is being promoted. If they choose to keep using Senior’s Choice as a template they need to create a stronger differentiation so that the consumer can tell them apart. Maybe they want to change logos, or not associate so much with Senior’s Choice. 4.5 Price Seniors at Home has the following rage of prices: Hourly Rates: -From $19-$24 p/hr, depending on the level of care and supervision required Daily Live-in Rates: Page 7 of 11
  • 8. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez -$200-$320 p/day, depending on the level of supervision required Short notice service: -Service w/o 24hr notice = $50 service fee Holidays -Time-and-a-half is applied on major holidays Mileage Rate (for transportation services) -$.50 p/mile (caregiver’s car) *no charge to drive customer’s car Their prices fairly low for the industry. As an emerging company they are concerned about keeping the prices competitive in order to penetrate the industry. 4.6 Process Seniors at Home does not have a “process” established. There is no marketing plan in effect, therefore there is no way to measure what the ROMI. Moreover, Seniors at Home has not developed a plan to generate traffic. They are making it up as they go. All of the business has been generated through referrals. There is no marketing role established. Not having a marketing plan means that there is no direction to take. Any king of promotion done has a slim chance of being effective because there is no thought or research behind it. There are four people who run the office, and one marketing intern who goes to do the door-to-door marketing. Seniors at Home needs to implement a marketing plan so that they can measure their ROMI. Roles need to be established and a marketing position needs to be fulfilled for a full time status. 4.7 People Seniors at Home depends entirely on people. Because they provide a service, it is through people that they deliver their product. Seniors at Home currently employs 43 care-givers. These care-givers go rigorous background S Service=People Page 8 of 11
  • 9. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez checks and intense training. Moreover, its owner and director is a Certified Senior Advisor. Seniors at Home hires people based on attitude. The care-givers deal with senior customers; these can be very difficult at times. That is why the company spends so much time in employee education. They company understands that they are completely liable for their agents. In addition, Seniors at Home must train their employees on how to handle emergency situations because they cannot perform any kind of medical procedure on the customer; this includes healing, or any kind of first aid response. Care-givers are constantly motivated to perform at their best capacities. They are empowered with autonomy because they are working onsite; also they have reliability that someone will always attend their concerns. Seniors at Home monitors very closely the dress attire of the care-givers to ensure the proper image is being delivered. Moreover, a full revision on the care-givers driving record is done for the safety of those customers who require transportation. Seniors at Home takes all possible precautions to guarantee that the people working with the senior customer are qualified at best and that their safety is guaranteed at all level. The care-givers are what drives the business in the end, the more prepared the people are the higher the level of satisfaction. Seniors at home also relies on people for its marketing; they rely on people to communicate and educate consumers about the product. The company relies on Network Marketing (MLM). 4.8 Props The props that Seniors at Home utilizes are mostly atmospheric. Seniors at Home focuses on projecting an image of being home. The office building is actually a house located on Hillcrest. They are marketing the image of being a friendly, cozy, and nice organization. The inside of the building is just like a home. There is a poodle by the name of Sasha playing around, fresh cookies are always baking, and there are many little decorations that make the place inviting, comfortable, and with a home atmosphere. Page 9 of 11
  • 10. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez All of the decorations and paintings inside the house are themed with hearts. This is to create harmony with the company’s logo, which is a heart. It is a way to stimulate branding. The furniture in the house is very inviting. One thing to note, however, is that because the office building is a house, it is hard to find. It does have a sign, but it is relatively small. Also the sign gets lost with the green arch-way that frames the entrance blocking it. When driving by, one will probably miss it the first or second time. It is very important that this issue gets fix right away because it is decreasing traffic as people can’t find the place, and as they can’t see the sign that lets them know what kind of business is done in that place if any as one might think its just a house. Other props used by the company are brochures, pens, folders, post-its, business cards, and they now created a newsletter which will be delivered to existing customers and a hand-out for doctors’ offices. The brochures which are currently being used are extremely confusing. The context markets Seniors Choice, which is the network that Seniors at Home uses as backbone. The only thing on those brochures that even says Seniors at Home is a sticker on the back page, everything else is about Seniors choice. New brochures are being created, but mean while that what they are giving out. Seniors At Home was founded to provide caring assistance for the senior in need and help relieve stress brought on family caregivers. Our affiliation with The Senior's Choice, a national leader in senior care, allows us to share resources and continually improve our services. *included in the website at the bottom, The website is very weak. First, the address is which is confusing to the customer because of the dashes in between. Also when one googles up the company, there is another company with the same name and mission statement that is located in San Francisco. When one finally gets to the website, again it is confusing to understand is they are a franchise or are they privately owned because the first thing one sees is “Seniors Choice”. The website is also under new construction, but mean while that is what the consumer sees. Page 10 of 11
  • 11. Seniors at Home Marketing Assessment Karina Sanchez This is from website In conclusion: Seniors at Home is at an emerging phase and its main focus is to penetrate and achieve adoption. The weakest part in this organization is the lack of a marketing plan. It is of vital importance that steps toward creating one are taken immediately as this is a crucial point for the company; it cannot try to penetrate an industry with out the proper planning and research. It is also very important that a professional team of marketers is contacted or consulted so they can get directed properly. As this is a fast growing industry, in order to survive the company must stay on top in concerns to all aspects. Page 11 of 11