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  1. 1. INSTITUTIONLow Budget –Panic ButtonHigh Budget- Inception
  2. 2. 1) What are the main institutions used for each of the films? for Inception is Warner Bros. Pictures. This company is The institutions well known for producing some of the most greatest movies ever to be made. Examples would be The Dark Night, Harry Potter and Superman. The majority of people have some acknowledgement about these films and is widely known across the world, this shows how well Warner Bros, Pictures company has made progress and is known in the film business. The institution for Panic Button is Movie Mogual Films. When researching about this company, there are not many films the company have produced, furthermore none of the films have made as much money as Warner Bros. Pictures has.
  3. 3. 2) How much money was usedto produce each film? Inception which was released in 2010 cost an overall of $160,000,000 to make. Panic room which was released in 2011 cost an overall of £300,000 to make.
  4. 4. 3) How much money wasmade from each of thefilms? In the Opening Weekend Inception made a total of $62,785,337 (USA) (18 July 2010) (3792 Screens) There are no results shown about how much Panic Button made.
  5. 5. 4) How Popular are the Institutions usedfor both the high budget and low budgetfilm? High budget – Warner Bros. Pictures: Warner Bros. Pictures , founded in 1918 as the studios and April 4th , 1923 has been making excellent progress ever since then. This company has been well known over huge amounts of years. They make incredible amounts of money, with the major hit films made by them. Low Budget – Movie Mogul: When researching about this company, it seemed that Movie Mogul Films are not well known at all, as they have only produced 4 films, which only Panic Button is most popular. When compared to Warner Bros. Theres a huge difference in the companies.
  6. 6. 5) List the differences between the Highbudget film and the low budget film in termsof institutions The Difference between the two type of budgets films would be…. 1) Warner Bros. films have made more than triple the amount of films than movie mogul films. 2) Warner Bros. films is a American company whereas Movie Mogul films is British. 3) Three out of the four Movie Mogul Films are drama/thriller whereas Warner. Bros. Films have a wider range of films made.
  7. 7. 6) List the Similarities that exist between the highbudget and low budget film in terms of theinstitutions Between the high budget and low budget films, there are not many similarities between the companies, apart from they have both produced thrillers. Both companies are very different in the films they make and the money which is made. Furthermore the two companies are even based in other countries.
  8. 8. 7) WHAT OTHER FILM HAS THEPRODUCTION COMPANY MADE? WERETHESE AS SUCCESSFUL? WHY/WHY NOT? A successful film that Warner Bros. Films has made would be Harry Potter, it is known and liked by many people which made it incredibly successful. Huge amounts of money was gained as Harry Potter made it worldwide. This also boosted the recognition of the company therefore more money could be invested to make new hit films. Whereas Movie Mogul have only made four films including Panic button which as researches seemed to show are not as known as Harry Potter. The main reason for this would mostly be, the company just is not well known therefore audiences run low
  9. 9. 8) WHAT GENRE OF FILMS DOES THE COMPANYUSUALLY PRODUCT? IS THIS IMPORTANT WHENCONSIDERING WHO COULD PRODUCE YOUR FILM?WHY?Movie Mogul films are mostly all to do with thrillergenres, however Warner Bros. films have a wider range ofgenre films, which cares for a larger proportion of audiences.If I was to watch a film, I would choose to watch Warner Bros.Film production as there variety is more whereas Movie Mogulonly seems to have 2 sets of genre types.
  10. 10. 9) WHAT AUDIENCES DO EACH OF THEINSTITUTIONS AIM TO APPEAL TO? IS THISREFLECTED THROUGH THEIR FILMCHOICE, OR DOES THIS VARY? The films produced by Movie Mogul Films tends to aimed at an older target audience as the genre of these films are mainly drama and thriller. Whereas Warner Bros. Films have produced films that are suitable for a wider range of audiences.
  11. 11. 10) WHICH INSTITUTION DO YOU FEELOUTPERFORMS THE OTHER AND COULD CLAIM TOBE MORE SUCCESSFUL, CONSIDERING YOURRESEARCH? EXPLAIN YOUR REASONS Warner Bros. Films is extremely more successful and defiantly outperforms Movie Mogul films. From the amount of hit films Warner Bros. have produced its easy to see how well the company has been doing. On the other hand Movie Mogul films has only ever produced four films, which just by the number of films being produced we can instantly see that, that company is less successful compared to Warner Bros. Films.