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It's believed that modern physics nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The astonishing results of the experiment seem to show that elementary particle Neutrinos, Can. It’s the most spread particles and the lightest. Neutrino is a hardly reacting with matter, It can travel right through the earth without interacting, As an example 70 billion Neutrinos per square second continue coming from the sun. These Neutrino parts traveled through the Earth Crust to the detection point and they synchronized between the 2 points to the nearest Nanno second (A billion of a second) in this distance, they discovered that the neutrino were 60 seconds ahead of what light takes to cover this distance. It's the first time we have an experimental evidence something faster than light and that will make a major change in physics as we know it now.

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  1. 1. Physics Lab Presentation Presents
  2. 2. Group 4 • Karim Hesham Khashaba • Hossam • Tarek Soliman • Muhammed Ahmed • Ahmed Ammar
  3. 3. Today we will talk about
  4. 4. Agenda • What is Neutrino ? • What are the types of neutrino ? • What is the difference between neutrino and it’s relatives ? • What makes neutrino fast ? • How Fast can neutrino Travel ? • Where we can find neutrinos ?
  5. 5. What is Neutrino ? • A neutrino is a sub atom particle with no electric charge, • Neutrinos are known for their ability to propagate over considerable distances through solid matter almost unaffected. • Neutrinos were originally thought to have no mass . Today they are believed to have mass, but it is exceedingly small, only a tiny fraction of the mass of a proton .
  6. 6. What are the types of Neutrino ? There are 3 types : • Electron • Moun • Tau
  7. 7. What is the difference between Neutrino and it’s relatives ? • The main difference between the neutrinos and their relatives is the fact that neutrinos are electrically neutral, while the Electron, Muon, and Tau are electrically charged.
  8. 8. What makes neutrino fast ? • Neutrinos are electrically neutral, they are not affected by the electromagnetic forces which act on electrons. • Neutrinos are affected only by a "weak" sub- atomic force of much shorter range than electromagnetism, and therefore it is able to pass through great distances in matter without being affected by it.
  9. 9. How Fast can Neutrino Travel ?
  10. 10. Before September 2011
  11. 11. In the early 1980s, first measurements of neutrino speed were done using pulsed pion beams. The pions decayed producing neutrinos, and the neutrino interactions observed within a time window in a detector at a distance were consistent with the speed of light.
  12. 12. After September 2011
  13. 13. 0.0024 Seconds • Time taken by Neutrinos to travel from Geneva, Switzerland to Gran sasso, Italy • Distance: 723 Km • Is ……
  14. 14. Do you know what does that mean ?!
  15. 15. Pause
  16. 16. Back in September 2011 • in a research project called OPERA. • The scientists sent a beam of neutrinos from CERN, to Gran Sasso Laboratory in central Italy. • 732 kilometers • they found the extraordinary result that …….
  17. 17. The Neutrinos appeared to travel faster than the speed of light.
  18. 18. This experiment proved that the Neutrino particle is faster than light.
  19. 19. Play
  20. 20. If all the previous were proven 100% sure that will mean
  21. 21. Where we can get Neutrinos ? • The Sun
  22. 22. Now The final Question
  23. 23. if all of this were confirmed, can we travel back in time ?!
  24. 24. Waiting for your feedback @KarimHKhashaba
  25. 25. Presented to you by Ahmed Ammar Tarek Soliman Muhammed Ahmed Hossam Karim Hesham Khashaba.
  26. 26. Thank you.