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Healers Unite Magazine | June 2013

  1. 1. !!!GEEC RAG Magazine | Volume XLVIII | June 2013S!!P!!I!!R!!I!!T!!U!!A!!L!!!!!!T!!R!!A!!N!!S!!F!!O!!R!!M!!A!!T!!I!!O!!N!!S!!!!T!!H!!O!!U!!G!!H!!T!!S!!!!!!!!!!P!!O!!S!!I!!T!!I!!V!!E!!!!!!!!!A!!C!!T!!I!!O!!N!!Stories of InspirationInside This Edition:Retrain The BrainThe Power Of FocusBreaking The Corporate SpellSelf-Care For Care-TakersOrganizing Your MindThere Is No SecretFeatured Article:Spirit Quest!The Challenge ofEnergetic Projection inOur Changing World!I!!N!!T!!E!!G!!R!!I!!T!!Y!!!!!!!!A!!N!!D!!!!!!!C!!R!!E!!D!!I!!B!!I!!L!!I!!T!!Y!!!!!!!A!!R!!E!!!!!!I!!N!!T!!E!!R!!N!!A!!L!!!!!!P!!R!!O!!P!!O!!S!!I!!T!!I!!O!!N!!S!
  2. 2. !!!!!!!!Inside This Edition1In The June Edition:- Integrity and Credibility arean Internal Proposition* Retrain The Brainby Karen Monteverdi, CPC* The Challenge ofEnergetic Projection inOur Changing Worldby Elaine Lockard, BA,CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CM* The Power of Focusby Lori Hoover Kalfayan2* Breaking The CorporateSpellby Jacke Schroeder- Self-Care For HealersCoaches and SpiritualLeaders* Organizing Your Mindby Kimberly Palm* There Is No Secretby Rick Erlien- Deserving with Grace- Affiliate Marketing3*Invitation & Productsby Karen Monteverdi, CPCOffers, Courses, Sponsorsand Advertising.Would you like free exposurefor your practice?We’d love to see you here!Join us each monthfor insightful stories,perspectives and let us becomeyour source as:HEALERS UNITE!Contact karen@gotocoach.net
  3. 3. !!!!!Retrain The Brain: Tools For Manifesting Your Dreams by Karen Monteverdi, CPCWe! are! having! a! fantastic!time!in!the!class!Retrain!The!Brain!this!month.!!Today!we!are!going!to!help!you! with! one! of! the! tools!from! the! deserving! with!grace! program! teaching! the!mentality! of! success! so;! I!want! you! to! think! about!change! and! how! you!perceive!it.!!I!hear!so!often,!how!change!is!hard.!I!want!you!to!know!that!the!process!of!change!is!not! hard! at! all! what! makes!change! hard,! is! the! story!that!change!is!hard.!!We! want! to! begin! the!process! to! set! a! specific!intention! to! support! your!life.!!Let’s!work!on!the!belief!that!change!is!easy.!!Discover! that! you! can!retrain! your! brain! to!respond! automatically! to!the! belief! that! change! is!easy.!!I!want!you!to!learn!to!be! the! instructor! of! your!subconscious!mind.!!Realize! that! you! can! build!your! daily! operational!manual! of! your! brain! to!stand!in!grace!and!gratitude.!!If! you! begin! to! remove! the!native! language! and! flip! it!on! its! polar! opposites! you!can! create! a! new! paradigm!for!living.!!The!class!helps!you!align!the!mind!body!and!emotions!the!heart! centered! soul!perspective.!That’s! where! we! want! you!to!go!to!today,!recognize!the!gifts! you! receive,! when! you!embrace! the! story! that!change!is!easy.!To!hear!the!full!recording!of!this! class! go! to! the! website!http://gotocoach.net!!Click! on! the! link! that! reads!“Creative! Visualization!Listen!Free!Here”!
  4. 4. !!!During! this! distant! learning!course! you! will! learn! a!technique! to! retrain! your!brain.!This!10Ominute!exercise!will!transform!your!belief!about!change.!• We!share!what!to!do!when!your!subconscious!mind!is!living!with!selfOsabotaging!instructions!• Stand! in! alignment! with!your!soul!perspective!• Learn!change!is!easy!Learn! to! retrain! your! brain!and! stand! that! your!subconscious!mind!supports!you! in! every! move,! as! well!as,!understanding!how!your!automatic! systems! support!you.!!Within! the! coaching! format!we!will!help!you!understand!how! to! access! your! mind! /!body! /! spirit! to! support!your!dreams!and!desires.!Our! program! helps! you! set!up! new! behaviors! /! beliefs!to!put!firmly!in!place.!!We! do! this! by! putting!emphasis! on!transformation.!Register(now.!!
  5. 5. !What%people%are%saying%about%Retrain%Your%Brain…%%!!Laura:! Thank& you,& Karen& I& loved& this& process& it& was& really&actually& easy& and& it& feels& very& firmly& rooted& I’m& extremely&excited& about& that.& It’s& just& there,& when& I& deleted& the& old&thought& and& replaced& it& with& the& new& thought& and& it& feels&really&solid&there.&&&It&feels&big!&So,&it&doesnt&feel&like&its&trying&to&get&a&grip.&It&feels&like&it&has&it&got&a&really&good&solid&grip&so&I&feel&really&good&about&that&C&thank&you.&I&think&for&some&reason&in&my&mind&I&was&thinking&that&this&is&going&to&be&a&lot&harder&and&take&a&lot&of&time&but&&that&it&was&really...&it&just&took&a&mater&of&seconds&and&you&know&if&I&do&meet& resistant& in& the& future& I& can& go& right& back& to& this.& It&wasnt&a&difficult&change&at&all&for&me&to&make.&I&think&this&is&going&to&help&me&a&lot&and&to&not&having&any&type&of&blocks&from&having&me&go&through&my&steps,&not&feeling&overwhelmed&about&anything&that&going&to&be&very&very&very&valuable&in&the&next&few&months&especially&as&I&get&ready&to&go&to&Italy.&Thank&you.!!Update! O! Crossed& off& another& thing& off& my& toCdo& list& for&moving&to&Italy.&I’m&flowing&through&this&river&of&paperwork!&YES!!!!!&Thank&you!!!!!Katherine&says:&May!30,!2013!at!11:21!am!!!O!I&have&been&using&the&Retrain&the&Brain&continuously&and&am&clearing&out&lots&of&stuff.&I&am&clearer&in&my&thinking.&Yesterday,&I&cleared&being&intimidated&and&that&is&a&huge&shift.&I&have&been&doing&what&I&have&to&do&instead&of&doing&what&I&like&or&being&more&spontaneous.&That&is&a&huge&shift.&I&pulled&some&positive&to&the&front&and&am&keeping&those&thoughts&there.&My&whole&body&feels&different&and&spirit&feels&different.&&LaTara!
  6. 6. !!!The$Challenge$of$Energetic$Protection$in$Our$Changing$World$by Elaine Lockard, BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CMDid! you! know! that! our!world! not! only! has! a!spiritual! Collective!Consciousness! but! a!physical!one!as!well?!!!Its! known,! in! part,! as! the!Internet! or! the! World! Wide!Web.!!We! have! many!telecommunication!energies!constantly! moving! and!changing!in!our!atmosphere!that! bombard! us! every!second! of! every! day.! And,!this! energy! is! Conscious,!especially! now! more! than!ever,! because! of! the! everAincreasing! amount! of!thoughts,! feelings! and!information! we! are!personally! interjecting! into!it.!!Not! to! long! ago,! all!communication! was! by!wordAofAmouth,! so! energy!was! limited! in! the! verbal,!firstAhand! exchange!between!individuals.!!!Now! with! TV,! WiAFi,! social!media,! etc.,! that! same!energy!is!everywhere!all!the!time! and! carries! the! power!and! emotion! of! the! person!who!created!it.!!Whether! you! realize! it! or!not,! youre! being! affected!constantly! by! those!energies.! There! are!numerous! scientific! studies!conducted,! which!demonstrate!these!effects.!!So# how# do# you# protect#yourself?##This! is! a! tough! question! to!answer! because! of! the!pervasiveness! of! these!energies.! The! best! you! can!do! is! to! reduce! your!exposure! and! susceptibility!because! you! cant! fully!escape!them.!!Here$ are$ a$ few$ suggestions$on$ how$ you$ can$ protect$yourself:$$A! Limit! the! time! you! are! in!direct! contact! with! devices!such! as! cell! phones,!televisions!and!computers.!!A! Take! advantage! of! several!types!of!energetic!necklaces!or! bracelets! (such! as! zero!point! items),! which! can!help,! reduce! the! energetic!impact.!!
  7. 7. A! At! least! once! a! day,! use!learned! techniques! to! clear!out! negative! energies! from!your!personal!energy!field.!!A! Use! certain! crystals! and!gemstones,! which! have!natural! energy! filtering,!protective!properties.!!A!Learn!to!create!for!yourself!an! energetic! protection!shield! within! and! around!your!personal!energy!field.!!A! Keep! your! thoughts,!communications!and!actions!as! positive! as! possible! so!that! you! do! not! increase!your! negativity! nor! insert!more!negative!thoughts!into!the! Collective!Consciousness.!!I!know!this!may!sound!like!a!daunting! task! but! it! can! be!accomplished.! You! can! be!more! Happy,! Aware,!Positive! and! Protected! in!your! life! and! your!interactions.!!This! was! the! very! reason!why! I! created! an! audio!toolkit!called,!!"Spirit$Quest:$$Empowerment$For$Our$$Changing$Lives!!!It! helps! you! to! learn! to!navigate,!be!protected!from,!and/or! easily! release! the!negativity! from! your! space!in!our!world.!!!It! contains! information,!techniques,!meditations!and!exercises!to!help!deepen!the!effectiveness!of!this!learning!process.!!!It! is! designed! to! be! an!integral!part!to!your!overall!wellAbeing! and! selfAcare!regimen.!!I! think! back! to! my! earlier!childhood! and! the! scienceAfiction! thoughts! of! those!days!and!see!what!was!once!only! a! dream! or! possibility!coming! true! daily! to! the!"Nth"!degree!and!beyond.!!Fiction!has!become!fact!and!only!more!is!on!the!horizon!!!What!steps!will!you!take!to!energetically! protect!yourself!today?!!What!if!today!is!the!day!you!step! into! your!empowerment?!!Are#you#ready?!!If! yes,! click! the! picture!below.!!
  8. 8. !About Elaine LockardElaine is and always has been a healer. She heals: •
• throughproviding YOU the tools and processes to heal yourself and yourbusiness physically and through the and transfer of information,andShe firmly believes that all healing, change, success andoccurrences in your life and business begin with YOU! And byhaving the courage to know, understand and develop those parts ofyourself and your business as necessary, you can achievewhatever you desire. Read More http://elainelockard.com!Elaine! Lockard! is! a! Trusted$ Business$Enrichment$ Provider! Badge! for! Excellence! and! is! approval! by! the! BizRichment!Committee.As$a$BizRichmentTM$trusted$business$provider,$Elaine$Lockard,$offers$5$programs$we$know$can$serve$you$well.$4D# Life# Assessment# :# Put$your$higher$self$in$charge$of$you$income.$Make$sense$of$the$tools$and$assets$you$have$so$you$live$in$the$life,$career$or$business$you$were$meant$to$have$and$cherish.$Intuitive#Consultation#:#Explore$the$depths,$which$you$previously$overlooked$or$unrealized.$Angel#Links#Attunement#:#Link$and$infuse$your$energy$patterns$to$Angelic$Virtues.#Lightarian™#Ray#Attunement#:#Connecting$you$to$universal$energies$for$the$highest$good.$$Numerology#Soul#Chart:!Aligning$you$with$your$Soul$to$travel$Life$with$ease$by$knowing$your$Life$Purpose,$Direction$and$Potential$Spirit Quest: You$seek$in$your$development,$to$raise$and$increase$your$personal$vibration,$expand$your$awareness,$and$grow$to$higher$levels$of$feeling,$thinking,$acting,$living$and$being.Each$program$you$buy$helps$fund$this$magazine.$This$is$a$win$for$us;$a$win$for$Elaine$and$a$big$win$for$you.$You$continue$to$receive$great$information$each$month.$Have$access$to$fantastic$business$and$professional$services$that$change$the$“mindSset”$of$your$inner$game.$Elaine$Lockard:$New$Path$For$Life,$LLC$
  9. 9. !!!!The$Power$Of$Focus by#Lori#Hoover#Kalfayan$You!are!healthy,!energetic.!!!!You! appreciate! your!vibrancy!and!vitality.!!!!You!adore!your!job.!!!You!love!the!people!in!your!life.!!!!You!are!grateful!for!all!of!it.!!!!You! feel! you’re! the! most!blessed!person!alive!!!!!You! are! in! a! great! place,!manifesting! the! life! you!desire! just! as! easily! as! you!please…!!Where!is!your!focus?!!!!What! are! you! giving! your!attention!to!every!day?!!!What! direction! do! your!thoughts!primarily!take?!!!!Whether! you’re! doing! so!consciously! or! not,! they’re!directed! towards! the! good!in!life,!those!people,!events,!and! circumstances! that!uplift!you,!bring!you!joy,!and!fulfill!you!to!the!core!of!your!being.!!!!The! Law! of! Attraction!guarantees! it;! if! you’re!thinking! about! what’s!working! in! your! life,! you’ll!get!more!situations!working!in!your!life!to!think!about!!!Our! minds! are! incredibly!powerful! and! our! thoughts!really!do!create!our!reality.!!!!There! are! many! objects! on!the! market! designed!specifically!to!help!keep!you!on!the!positive!track.!!!!Enter!the!focusing!tool.!!A! focusing! tool! can! be! any!small! item! you! can! hold,!preferably! smooth,! and!possibly! grooved! for! your!thumb!(think!“worry!stone”!without!the!worry).!!!!The! purpose! of! these! tools,!or! amulets,! is! to! shift! your!thoughts! to! what’s! going!
  10. 10. !!right! in! your! life! –! or! help!you! keep! them! there.!!Turning! your! attention! to!the! good! stuff,! whether! it’s!your! kids! or! your! cat,! can!make! all! the! difference! in!the!world.!The! amulet! you! choose! to!use! is! a! very! personal!choice.! ! Your! feelings! about!it! can! imbue! it! with! the!power! to! serve! as! a!reminder!to!you,!every!time!you! touch! it,! to! give! thanks!for! at! least! one! thing! that!you!feel!good!about.!!!If! you! continue! to! hold! it;!running! your! thumb! along!its! surface,! feeling!comforted,! focusing! on! that!one!thing,!another!will!come!to!mind.!!!!…"And"then"another""…"And"still"another"!The!longer!you!stay!focused!on!the!goodMfeeling!thoughts!that! come! up,! the! quicker!you!notice!a!change.!!!!Before! you! know! it,! your!mood! is! even! better! than! it!was.!!!!You! feel! lighter,! happier,!and!clearer.!!The!entire!tone!of! your! day! shifts! –! all!because! you! purposefully!directed!your!thoughts!!!Like!any!tool,!these!amulets!only!work!if!you!use!them.!!!!But! think! of! the! longMterm!implications!of!doing!so,!the!everMincreasing! abundance!you’ll! allow! into! your! dayMtoMday! life! simply! by! being!aware!of!your!thoughts!and,!when! necessary,! changing!the!direction!they’re!taking.!!More! love,! more! joy,! more!fun…!by!paying!attention!to!what’s! going! on! in! your!mind!and!using!the!Power!of!Focus.!!Lori!Hoover!Kalfayan!SelfMRepresenting!Artist!Life’s!One!Vital!Element™!!
  11. 11. !Lori!is!a!jewelry!designer!and!artist!by!trade,!but!has!always!considered!herself!a!healer!and!an!upMlifter.!!She!knows!in!her!heart!that!we!are!all!one!and!that!we!each!create!our!own!reality.!!Feeling! a! strong! desire! to! empower! others! to! improve! the! lives! they! lead,! Lori! creates!focusing!tools,!called!Abundance!Amulets™,!and!jewelry!items!that!provide!“color!therapy”!for!the!chakras.!!Each!and!every!piece!she!creates!is!imbued!with!love!and!the!powerful!intention!to!bring!clarity,!focus,!and!healing.!!Her!passion!for!people!and!a!deep!belief!in!the!power!of!love!inspired!her!to!create!a!business!name!that!would!have!LOVE!as!its!acronym!–!Life’s!One!Vital!Element™.!!Visit!Lori!on!Facebook!here! !Her!items!can!be!found!at!www.lifesonevitalelement.etsy.com!
  12. 12. !!!!!!Breaking The Corporate Spell by Jacke SchroederAn! ancient! way! of!understanding! and!perceiving!the!nature!of!the!universe,! Shamanism! is! a!spiritual! way! of! noticing!what! is! inexplicable.! In! a!sense,! it! is! seeing! through!our!3rd!eye.!!!!!Shamans! are! healers,!“seers,”! problem! solvers,!and! mediators;! removing!obstacles,! infusing! spiritual!power! and! restoring!balance! in! individuals,!businesses,! and!communities.!! Seekers! of!shamans! turn! to! them! for!everything—peace,!transformation,! healing,! a!new!car,!or!a!healthier!bank!account.!A! string! of! devastating!events! led! me! to! receiving!my! unique! professional!purpose.!!!It!began!with!a!“call”!in!my!left! ear! to! move! from!Baltimore! to! Portland.! I!followed.!! Once! in! Portland,!I! cultivated! the! awareness!that! positive! change! can!come! through! a! nonlinear!process.!! !I! had! an! “ah! ha”!moment,!realizing!there!was!a! new! way! for! doing!business.! I! communicated!this!to!the!business!owners!I!met,! and! they! accepted! the!approach!and!gave!it!a!try.!!!It!worked!!I! followed! intuition! and! my!life! changed! completely!because!of!it.!!And!so!did!the!businesses! that! hired! me.!The! results! were!remarkable.!Unfortunately,! the! spiritual!nature! of! this! type! of!business! practice! is! not!widely! understood.!! If! it!were,!every!business!would!want! to! hire! its! own!Corporate!Shaman.!!The! Corporate! Shaman!understands!the!darkness!of!a! negative! workplace!environment,!and!its!impact!
  13. 13.  on   productivity   and   well-­‐being.   Albert   Einstein   said,  “No   problem   can   be   solved  from   the   same   level   of  consciousness   that   created  it.”    Sometimes   we   discover  after  years  of  doing  business  the   same   way   that   we’ve  been   living   under   a   spell,  held   hostage   by   antiquated  business  models,  paychecks,  or  our  own  beliefs.  When   businesses   are  struggling  or  are  “sick,”  with  cash   flow   problems,   low  staff   morale,   or   general  misfortune,   the   Corporate  Shaman’s   consciousness  serves   to   reunite   the  business   or   organization  with   its   spiritual  power.     The   Spirits   of  businesses  need  tending.      Just   like   spouses   and  partners  need  tending!  In   addition   to   general  counsel   and   empowerment,  Corporate   Shamans   assist  with  planning,  staffing,  team  building,   mediation,   and  mergers.  For   example,   an   accountant  needed   guidance   in   making  a   new   hire.   The   candidate  had   tested   positively   in   the  psychological   evaluations  administered,  particularly  in  loyalty.     The   owner   wanted  to   hire   him   but   felt  uncomfortable   and   didn’t  know   why.      To   help   her  make   the   choice,   I   worked  with  her  over  the  telephone  and   made   a   shamanic  journey.     I   was   shown   that  he   was   extremely   loyal,   as  the   test   had   indicated—but  to   his   family,   not   to  work.     The   accountant   said  this   consultation   saved   her  $125,000,   staff   morale,  stomach   problems,   and  frustrated  clients.    On   another   occasion,   I   was  called   to   Arizona   to   help  with   a   merger   between   an  IT   business   and   a   research  and   evaluation   consulting  firm.    From  my  consultation,  they  chose  not  to  pursue  the  merger.    They  claimed  to  be  grateful  not  to  have  spent  a  lot   of   time   and   money   on   a  painful  and  failed  venture.  These  difficult  times  call  for  radical   solutions,   not  business   as   usual.   It’s   time  to  break  the  corporate  spell  and   hire   your   Corporate  Shaman.    Do  you  need  a  Corporate  Shaman?    You  can  continue  along  this  same  path...      ...working   hard   but   its   not  working.  While  you  may  come  up   with   plenty   of   decisions  and  plans  for  action,  the  law  of  “when   you   always   do   what  youve   always   done,   you’ll  always  get  what  youve  always  gotten”   kicks   in   and   your  business  takes  a  nose-­‐dive.    Take  a  moment  click  this  link  and  find  I’m  just  what  you’ve  been  looking  for!!!  
  14. 14.  Jacke   L.   Schroeder,   MSW,  LCSW-­‐C,   founder   of  Corporate  Shaman  U,  brings  spirit   to   work   and   ties  personal   growth   to   the  bottom   line.       She   cracks  open  doors  of  hard-­‐to-­‐reach  places   and   the   truth   slips  in.    Clients  catch  a  glimpse  of  their  greatest  potential.    Her  candid   kindness,   stalwart  companionship   and  unanticipated   comedic  delivery,   reinvents   one’s  change   process.   Disciples  become   their   own   Masters  when   they   invest   in  themselves   as   well   as   their  businesses.    "I  have  a  new  problem-­‐  thanks  to  you.    I  feel  you  really  helped  me  move  past  that  energy  block  and  now  I  am  having  people  calling   me   out   of   the   woodwork!!    The   new   stress   is   how   to  handle  all  the  new  clients  who  are  appearing!!    Better  than  the  money  stress  for  sure!  Thanks  for  your  support."    ~Kaya  Singer,  Awakening  Business  Solutions    "You’re  a  beautiful  soul  Jacke,  a  warm  spirit,  a  great  thinker,  a  caring  person  and  a  healer!  It  was  a  delight  basking  in  your  radiance.  Thank  you  for  the  time  and  for  our  exchange."    ~  Lou  Radja,  International  Speaker    “There  are  people  who  expand  your  sense  of  what’s  possible.  I  think  that’s  Jacke.”    ~  Shaney  B.,  The  Waldorf  School  Baltimore/Washington  D.C.  based,  Jacke’s  local  and  national  delivery  portals  include:  personal  and  executive  leadership  development,   business   consulting,   customized   workshops,  classes  and  speaking  engagements.  Contact:    jacke@jackeschroeder.com  Office:  410.365.4157  To  schedule  an  appointment:  jacke.schroeder.appointment@gmail.com      http://www.jackeschroeder.com  
  15. 15. !!!!Organizing Your Mind: Tools to Create Space by Kimberly Palm, C.M.I.Our! minds! are! cluttered!with!everything!from!our!to6do! list,! to! memories,!grudges,! resentments,!emotional! upsets,! worries!and!so!on.!!!Many! of! us! have! so! many!thoughts!that!we!cannot!fall!asleep!at!night.!!!With! electronic! devices!taking! over! our! lives,! we!have! even! more! things! to!think!about.!!!That!being!said,!it!is!getting!more! and! more! difficult! to!find! space! in! our! minds! to!be! creative,! develop! new!ideas,!connect!with!God,!and!most! of! all! to! be! in! touch!with!who!you!really!are.!!!In!my!own!life,!I!spent!many!years!with!a!cluttered!brain.!!I! could! never! quiet! or!organize!my!mind.!!!After! many! years! of! trying!many! techniques! including,!meditation! and! cognitive!behavioral! therapy,! my!mind! is! now! peaceful,!organized! and! I! have! the!clarity!I!always!longed!for.!!!I! am! also! more! creative,!have!more!new!ideas,!have!a!greater! connection! to! God!and!I!am!fully!in!touch!with!who!I!really!am.!!Anyone! can! create! some!brain! space,! if! you! are!willing!to!do!the!work.!!!There! is! no! magic! pill! for!mind!clearing.!You!must!try!several! tools! until! you! find!the!ones!that!work.!!!Here!is!what!I!do!every!day!that! has! transformed! my!mind!from!chaos!to!calm:!!1. Keep! a! to6do! list! every!day.! Write! your! to6do’s!on!paper,!sticky!notes!or!a! board.! Getting! stuff! off!your! mind! and! on! to!paper! creates! space! in!your! mind! for! other!things! that! are!important.!!2. Meditate! every! day! for! a!minimum! of! 5! minutes.!You!can!learn!how!on!the!Internet! or! work! with! a!Certified! Meditation!instructor!like!me!to!help!you.!!3. Get!rid!of!worries.!Let!go!of! worries! you! cannot!control!and!deal!with!the!ones! you! can! control.! If!you! cannot! deal! with!them!now,!then!put!it!on!your! to! do! list! with! a!deadline,! so! you! are! not!thinking! or! worrying!about!them.!
  16. 16. !4. Practice! mindfulness!every!day.!Mindfulness!is!“present! moment!awareness”.!!!!Focus! your! mind! on!whatever! you! are! doing!at! the! time! (e.g.!breathing,! listening! to!music,! dishes,! eating,!etc.)! Allow! your!thoughts,! feelings! and!emotions!to!come!and!go.!!!Observe! them! like! a!scientist! studying! an!experiment,! without!controlling! them.! Each!time! something! arises,!mindfully! take! note! of! it!and!refocus!your!mind!on!what! you! are! doing.! Do!not! think! about! past! or!future,!just!focus!on!now.!!!!5. Setting! intentions! and!prayer.! Set! an! intention!every! day! to! keep! your!mind! quiet! and! if! you!want! to,! you! can! say! a!prayer!for!that!intention.!Prayer!is!another!form!of!meditation,! which! calms!the!mind!and!body.!!All! of! these! things! have!worked!well!for!me!to!clear!my!mind.!The!key!to!success!is! using! the! tools!consistently! every! day! and!“practice!makes!perfect”.!!!So!what!do!you!have!to!lose?!!!Give!my!tools!a!try!and!see!what! you! can! do! to! create!more! creativity,! clarity,!peace! and! organization! in!your!mind.!!!Live! a! longer,! happier,!healthier!life!and!have!more!energy! and! stamina! by!reducing!stress.!!Contact! Body! &! Mind!Healing!now,!and!received!a!Complimentary! Stress!Assessment! and! 30! minute!Consultation! (! $125! value),!that!will!help!you!determine!what!areas!of!your!life!need!stress! management,! how!much! stress! you! have! and!get! you! started! with! a! few!simple! techniques! to! help!you!reduce!stress!now.!!Contact! Kimberly! Palm! at!kimberly@healyourmindbody.com/contact!!!or!!(206)!48460312!!!Mention Healers UniteMagazine to get yourcomplimentary StressAssessment.There!is!no!obligation!to!buy!anything! and! you! will!receive! priceless!information!that!will!change!your!life.!!!
  17. 17. !!!!!!!There is No SECRET!: by Rick ErlienI!moved!to!the!mountains!of!San! Diego! County! and!stayed!there!for!14!years!in!order! to! find! out! the! secret!of!spirituality.!!!!My!deep!desire!was!to!have!some! satori! or!enlightenment! experience!for! myself.!! I! lived! at! a!beautiful! property! there!with! a! view! of! the!mountains!and!what!I!came!to!call!a!rock!garden.!!!!This!was!an!area!of!the!land!I!lived!on!that!had!rocks!all!around! it.!! I! would! sit! on! a!rock! choosing! it! for! its!special!feeling!to!learn!what!lesson!it!had!for!me.!!!!Sometimes! I! would! spend!almost! a! year! on! just! one!rock,! learning! and! feeling!wisdom! from! it! about! how!to! live! my! life.!! I! eventually!went!from!rock!to!rock!over!the!entire!time!I!lived!there!hoping! to! find! the! ultimate!secret! of! spirituality! as! if! I!were! a! seeker! looking! for!the!ultimate!wisdom.!!!!Eventually!I!came!to!the!last!rock! and! sat! on! it.!! Heres!what! that! last! rock! told! me!after!all!those!years.!!It!said!to! me! that! the! secret! of!spirituality! is!there! is! no!secret.!!!!That!is!the!secret.!!!I! literally! laughed! out!loud.!! It! told! me! to! have! a!path,! to! live! with! kindness!and! purpose! and! love! no!matter!what!path!you!are!on!is! all! that! is! needed.!! There!is!no!one!secret.!!!!Just! live! your! life! and!appreciate!it!no!matter!what!path!or!belief!you!have.!!!!Anyway,!that!is!what!I!came!up! with.!! There! is! no!ascending! upward! or!climbing! some! spiritual!ladder! of! success! to! evolve!or! reach! some!enlightenment.!!!!In! fact! dont! even! worry!about! it.!! Just! live.!! Thats!what! I! believe.!! You! dont!have! to! agree! but! perhaps!come! up! with! your! own!idea.!!!
  18. 18. !!!!!Who! knows! what! you! will!come! up! with,! but! I! guess!the!most!important!thing!is!to!just!do!it.!!!Have!a!life,!a!path!with!heart!like! Don! Juan! of! Carlos!Casteneda!fame!said.!!!!!!I!think!it!is!helpful!in!this!life!to! know! who! you! are,! your!identity,! so! as! to! live! a! life!with!heart.!!Thats!what!I!do!with!my!Music!Portraits!for!people!and!my!composing.!!You! could! go! to! a! painter!and! have! a! visual! portrait!done!of!what!you!look!like.!!This!is!a!unique!opportunity!to! go! to! a! professional!musician! and! have! an!original! music! portrait! of!who! you! are,! your! essence!captured! in! music,!intuitively! composed! and!played!for!you!on!the!piano.!!This!isn’t!just!a!capturing!of!what!you!look!like;!this!is!a!capturing! of! your! essence!and! creates! personal!insights! and! healing! as! a!result.!!The! experience! includes! a!CD;!a!$150!value.!!The! first! five! people! who!contact! Rick! Erlien! for! this!offer!will!receive!it!for!free.!!Rick! has! also! generously!offer! our! readers! $10! off!your!music!portrait.!So!even!if! you! don’t! get! it! for! free,!you! can! get! it! at! a! reduced!price!of!$140.!!!This! offer! is! not! valid! with!any! other! offer.! When! the!quota! has! been! filled! this!offer!will!disappear.!!!Get! your! Music! Portrait!before! August! 1st! 2013! by!contacting!rickerlien@sbcglobal.net!Wanted to say that Ricks workwith Music Portraits is amazing!As a licensed acupuncturist, I amregularly introduced to new anddifferent healing approaches.Ricks Music Portrait work is byfar one if the most moving! And itwas so easy! I just sat down andlistened to the most beautifullycomposed music, just for me. Myenergy moved quickly... straightaway I felt more balanced, relaxed,and clear headed. Thank you Rickfor your beautiful gifts of musicand healing."Leslie Deems, licensedacupuncturist!http://www.rickerlien.com!
  19. 19. !Music Portraits, Your Essence And Purpose Revealed Through Music By Rick Erlien:“Take a walk in Yosemite National Park and you’ll be changed forever”. It was a journey andthose words I say opened a door in my life and eventually inspired my release of The Music ofYosemite on Real Music.Born in Wisconsin, Rick Erlien started playing piano as a four year old and began a ten-yearstudy of classical piano at the age of seven. He listened to a variety of musicians who influencedhis composing such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Woody Guthrie, Jackson Brown, Laura Nyro,Major Lance, Debussy Ravel and more.In 1976, Rick moved to San Diego, California. He felt the need to reach out to people and help. Itwas there a Masters Degree in Counseling from San Diego State University. This added to hisprevious studies from the University of Wisconsin where he earned a Bachelors Degree inHistory.Today Rick lives in California and besides being a composer, performer and recording artist, heis a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.Institution and composing on the piano, Rick performs Music Portraits; a person’s essencecaptured in music. Music Portraits is a capturing of not just what a person looks like, but portraystheir essence and creates personal insight and healing as a result. He offers a package of 10-healing Music Portraits over a 10-week period. Each one represents the healing journey bringingyou back to your true essence. The sound vibrations help you enlighten your view of self-expression.From Karen Monteverdi, CPCTo experience first hand the healing sounds of Ricks special song he composed for me on the spot gave me chills. He nailedit!!! My musical portrait was right on. He hit all the low and high spots, and explained to me exactly how I had been living mylife. The deep slow mellow sounds as it began and then the gradual tempo changes as he played to my high life. He explainedhe felt the deep roots of my being, and the deep desire to add more play in my life.Since our short meeting Ive been adding more play into my life, and Ive been so much more productive and having fun again.Im resting more and playing more in my life. Ricks music deeply touched me and reminded me that all work and no play canstop the flow of abundance and joy in life.Meet Rick, read more of his story, listen to his music then contact him for your Music Portrait http://www.rickerlien.com
  20. 20. Deserving with GraceC O A C H I N G P R O G R A MBy Karen Monteverdi, CPC & BizRichmentTMProvidersBecome the empowered heart-centeredleader you were divinely created to be!The First One Year Program That TeachesYou The Mindset Of Entrepreneurship, ByLiving Consciously: In An Ego Driven Society©INVITATION
  21. 21. 2Move From Dreaming To Doing!Welcome to the Deserving With Grace CoachingProgram; specifically design to help you stopdreaming of opening your own business some dayto beginning today!Deserving With Grace Coaching Program is theonly business enrichment coaching program tohelp you create a conscious business by using theconcepts from the best selling book: LivingConsciously In An Ego Driven Society©.A conscious business is one that has a mission,clearly defined service, knows who it helps, andwhy. A conscious business is built to add lightinto the world for the greatest good of allmankind. Conscious business owners are leadersin their communities. They are empowered by ahigher mission to bring about an evolution inbusiness through holistic marketing, serviceoriented healthier ways to live sociologicallyfrom a community mindset beginning with self-empowerment.We have three little steps to complete before youare really ready:1) Identify Your Abundance Blocks2) Assess the keys to establish your business3) Commitment to a deserving mindsetThis program is for those who aspire to own abusiness within the next year. Entrepreneurship isnot for everyone. It takes self-motivation, self-awareness, and, face it, a lot of courage. Youwant to make a difference in the world. Youknow you have what it takes to help your clients.You’ve taken the steps to gain your education;you’ve been struggling to move your practice intoa viable business.• Do you know where to start?• Do you have enough experience?• Do you have enough support with yourenergy, time and money?• Do you have business savvy?• Does what you do fulfill a passion in yourheart and a need in the world?• How you deliver your product or serviceand maintain the level of integrity that youwant?• Do you understand the difference betweenmarketing, sales and advertising?• Have you done your research: who is yourclient, what do they need?• Do you want to know how to get known?• What about your back office, do you knowSave Time & Money, Gain Stress Relief and Grant Youself Sanity as YouStop Dreaming… Step Into It Deserving With Grace!BizRichmentTM“Business Experience Worth Having”Call (503) 762-3118Deserving With Grace Coaching Program
  22. 22. 3Deserving With Grace: Abundance Block IdentifierThe First Step To:Deserving With Grace!Based on a specific set of instructions, you receive a clearing for the healthand wellbeing of you in your business.! Discover hidden messages from far reaches of your mind! Uncover the blocked energy and story behind what stops youPowerfully release the blocked energy through a creative visualization.! Connect to your heart-center and, to your “Source” (“GOD”)! Connect to your body! Release blocked energy! Recharge your mind, body and spirit with positive energy! Notice the magnetic shift into abundance! Create balance and a healthy mindset to grow personallyBizRichmentTM“BusinessExperienceWorthHaving”Call(503)762-3118
  23. 23. Deserving With GraceDeserving With Grace: Abundance Block Identifier!http://tinyurl.com/deservingecourse5Think5 about5 your5 bank5 account5 right5 now.5 How5 does5 it5 feel?5 Are5 you5 happy?5If5the5answer5is5no,5keep5reading!55As5an5entrepreneur,5it5is5your5mission5to5establish5your5business.5The5first5five5years5of5business5is5the5most5critical5time5of5all.5Statistically,5only535%5of5serviceFbased5business5makes5it.5You5need5a5steady5flow5of5income5to5make5your5business5thrive.5We5are5here5to5help5you5beat5the5odds.55To5 succeed5 you5 must5 have5 a5 mindset5 that5 supports5 you5 completely.5 I5 designed5 this5program5for5a5client5who5wanted5to5take5a5mastery5program5to5help5her5business,5but5she5could5not5afford5it.5Not5only5did5she5create5abundance,5she5is5about5to5graduate5from5the5mastery5program5in5June5of52013.55You$can$do$it!$I$believe$in$you!5Enjoy5a5Creative5Visualization5to5release,5and5attract5New!55! Experience5the5vastness5of5everything5our5planet5has5to5offer5! Connect5to5your5divine5truth5! Release5repelling5energy5! Recharge5the5with5positive5attractors5! Notice5the5magnetic5shift5into5Abundance5! Create5balance5and5a5healthy5mindset5to5grow5personally5
  24. 24. 5Sign$Up$Today$and$Receive$your$Abundance$Block$Identifier:$Deserving$With$Grace5!!5http://tinyurl.com/deservingecourse5Receive! the! program! that! changes! your! blocks! into! attractors...!!Explore!this!powerful!eBook!&!MP3!today!Take5an5hour5to5learn5this5life5altering5process!5Hear5the5recorded5live5event,5experience5the5transformation5while5you5listen5to5others5do5it5too.55You5are5not5alone,5anymore.5Join5us5now!55*To# receive# this# gift# you# must# fill# in# all# of# the# questions# below.# Your# answers# must# be#correct# and# true.# We# will# contact# you# please# white# list# the# email# address:#karen@gotocoach.net,#and#accept#the#phone#call#from#(503)#762H3118.#If#you#have#any#questions#please#call#the#preceding#phone#number#or#email#us#at#info@gotocoach.net.#5(Bonus5Gift.5Receive5a59Fpoint5business5strategy5session5click5here5now5and5set5up5your5time5slot5http://www.tinyurl.com/KarenFsCalendar)#
  25. 25. !!!!!! !Affiliates Of The Month – Paid & Free OffersGlobal Coach Training FacultyOur! trainers! come! from! all! around! the!world,!and!are!a!strong!connected!group!of!professionals! who! meet! weekly! to! discuss!curriculum!issues,!student!progress!and!the!quality!of!the!coaching!they!are!observing!in!class.!Coach!Certification!Training!International!Coach!Academy!!!Coaches(Back(Office(Support(Wish!there!was!one!place!to!find!everything!to!run!your!coaching!business?!There!is.!Organize!your!marketing,!online!scheduling,!client!management!&!online!billing!from!the!industry’s!leading,!allEinclusive!application.(Coaches(Console!!Back!Off!ice!Support!!! ! Academy!!!P!!!Coach!Training!Facility! Living! Consciously! Book!!Your!Personal!Mojo! ! ! Conscious!Awareness!Attunements!! The! Invisible! Close!!
  26. 26. Living(Consciously(Book:(The!guidebook!that!started!it!all!!Living!Consciously:!In!An!Ego!Driven!Society!!!Living&Consciously&In&An&Ego&Driven&Society&is&a&guide!to!creating!conscious!awareness!of! your!own!experience!of!life.!Karen!Monteverdi!uses!her! unique! story! to! guide& the& reader& through&the&resources&that&support&awakening&to&your&true& nature.& The& Living& Consciously& Book&became&a&#1&best&seller&in&June&2012.&&Awaken! to! the! simplicity! of! life,! after! three!years!the!book!is!rapidly!gaining!popularity.!As!Best! Selling! Author! and! Motivational! Speaker!Tony! Burroughs! says;! "Karen& Monteverdi& has&given&us&a&book&that&is&as&wise&as&it&is&timely."&Today!we!are!seeing!a!great!shift!in!the!human!experience.! We! are! feeling! deeper! than! ever!before,! we! pick! up! information! from! others!through!our!sensory!perceptions.!It!seems!more!important! than! ever! to! understand! self! at! a!much!deeper!level.!The(deep(understanding(of(self(allows(us(to(know!what!is!important!to!care!for,!and!what!is!a!distraction!that!pulls!us!away!from!the(focus(on(our(true(nature.!Learn&more&at:&&http://livingconsciouslybook.com&&&1Boosting(Your(Personal(and(Professional(Mojo((Instantly(Downloadable(Audio(Course,(Plus(Worksheets(2• Identify#and#change#self/sabotaging!• Recognize#and#overcome#patterns#and#habits!• Practicing#body#centered#protocols#!• Energize#your#life#force.!• Learn#how#to#relax#more#and#react#less#!• Trust#and#make#choices#that#are#grounded!• Identify#and#release#blocks!• Learn#how#to#manage#stress!• Discover#and#embody#purpose#and#passion!• Boost#your#manifestation#power#!Steve!Sisgold!E!Personal!&!Professional!Growth!Boosting!Your!Personal!and!Professional!Mojo!
  27. 27. !1Elaine!Lockard:!!New!Path!For!Life,!LLC!!Lightarian™!Ray!Attunement!!!2Elaine! Lockard! is! a! BizRichmentTM! Service!Provider.! As! such,! we! stand! behind! her!products.!!!The!Lightarian™(Ray(Program,!assist!you!in!your!transformational!journey.!!A! powerful! series! of! guidedEmeditation!attunements;! they! help! to! facilitate! an!acceleration! of! your! personal! and! spiritual!transformation.!!From! the! Lightarian! Institute,! the! Ray!Attunements! are! linked! to! the! energies! of!the!Ascended!Masters.!!Read!more!about!it!here.!!!!!Here’s(where(you(can(pick(up((your(FREE(GIFTS(from((Lisa(Sasevich!((Click!Here!to!download!an!article!Lisa!wrote!on!Seeding:!How$to$Create$Hunger$and$Desire$in$your$Audience$Without$Being$Salesy.!She! will! share! to! answers! to! your!questions!about!‘What!is!Seeding!and!why! is! it! such! an! underutilized! yet!powerful! technique’! along! with! how!I’ve! used! both! seeding! and! speaking!to!expand!my!reach! to!the!tune!of!a!multiEmillion! dollar! business! in! a! few!short!years...!and!how!you!can!too!!!
  28. 28. 8Structures,#Types#of#Services#One/on/One#Coach/Mentor#Programs#• Assessments!• Executive!Coaching!• Planning!• Result!Based!Solutions!• Entrepreneurship!• Provider!Programs!• Product!University!• Certifications!Online#Self/Study#Courses#• Leadership!and!Development!• Life!Skills!Training!• Living!Consciously!Education!• Business!Building!Skills!• Books!Live#Telephone#Courses#• Signature!Program!!• SelfPKnowledge!Is!SelfPPower!• Leaderships!and!Development!• Life!Skill!Training!• Living!Consciously!Education!• Lectures!&!Free!Teleclasses!Business#Assessment#&#Efficiency#Training##• R.I.V.A.!Assessments!• SelfPKnowledge!Is!SelfPPower!• Product!University!• Sponsorship!Programs!• Provider!Programs!• Multiple!Streams!Of!Income!9Resource!Building!• Result!Based!Solutions!• Strategic!Planning!• Team!Building!I!&!II!• We!Speak!For!You!–!Company!Wide!Message!Delivery!System!–!Enthusiasm!&!Team!Building!• Customize!Personnel!Training!Courses!Products#$10.50#to#$49#• Living!Consciously!Book!• Deserving!With!Grace!–!Abundance!Block!Identification!• Save!90k!on!Research!Marketing!• Article!Writing!With!A!Book!In!Mind!• Communicating!Your!Authentic!Commitment!• How!To!Seduce!Your!Audience!• How!To!Engage!Your!Audience!• Power!TeleClass!Sign!Up!• Reminders!With!Love!• Time!Management!For!Project!Manager!–!(free)!Free#Resources#• Articles!• Case!Studies!• Provider!Programs!• Lectures!&!Teleclasses!• eBooks!• Webinars!• Slideshow!presentations!!0BizRichment##The$Branch$Of$Service#BizRichment™ primary purpose is to enrichthe lives of business owners through businesssystems and processes to create a powerfulmindset of self-support while making adifference in the world through service-basedbusiness.BizRichment™ was founded in 2009 fromthe Healers Unite Lecture and furtherdeveloped by The Meeting Place and HealersUnite Portland Movement and through thePortland Peace Conference.The wake up call:It was a stark realization to the group that80% of all new coaches failed to create aself-sustaining income through coaching inthe first year. Further discovery proved that65% of practitioners in the healingcommunity specifically alternative healthindustry went out of business in the first year.These statistics gave us pause, armed withthe knowledge we could assist ourcommunity of healers, coaches andpractitioners, through coaching andmentoring we began to see results. Theoverall statistics have changed in the nationalnumbers. However, we noted that thosebusinesses that chose to create a relationshipwith a coaching mastermind group, personalor executive coaching, began to see resultsright away. They increased their ability tomaintain their success in “staying afloat” inthe critical years.Get involved contact info@bizrichment.com