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Healers Unite Magazine | Volume XLVII | April 2013 -

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Healers Unite Magazine

  1. 1. !!!GEEC RAG Magazine | Volume XLVII | May 2013INTENTION!!RESOURCE:!!INTRODUCING!!!C!Y!B!E!R!!!C!I!R!C!L!E!S,!INSPIRATION!!!F!O!R!!!L!I!F!E!:!SAY!YES!!!!!TO!!!WHAT!!YOU!WANT!!Stories of InspirationInside This Edition:Personal Mission StatementProfessional Mission StatementLet Your Love Light Shine!Self-Care For Care-TakersHighest Light HouseManifesting OutcomesCyber Intention CirclesFeatured Article:To Strive, To Seek,To Find and Not Yield!!P!E!R!S!O!N!A!L!!!!!!A!N!D!!!!!!P!R!O!F!E!S!S!I!O!N!A!L!!!!!M!I!S!S!I!O!N!!!!S!T!A!T!E!M!E!N!T!S!,!!!M!E!N!T!O!R!I!N!G!!!A!N!D!!!!C!O!A!C!H!I!N!G!
  2. 2. !!!!!!!!Inside This Edition1In The May Edition:Personal and ProfessionalMission StatementsCoaching and Mentoring- Featured Article:* To Strive To Seek ToFind and Not To Yield!by Elaine Lockard* Let You Love Shineby Love Coach Laura* Retrain Your Brain10-minute ExerciseFree class May 23rdby Karen Monteverdi, CPC2- Stories Of Inspiration* Highest Light House -Tools For ManifestingYour Dreamsby Karen Monteverdi, CPC- BreakthroughsResources for successDonna Jo BergmanTony BurroughsMarie GingaKim HughesIsabella JohnsonKim LundKaren Monteverdi, CPC3- Self-Care For HealersCoaches and Spiritual Leaders* Manifesting OutcomesCyber Intention Circlesin proxy for Tony BurroughsWould you like free exposurefor your practice?We’d love to see you here!Join us each monthfor insightful stories,perspectives and let us becomeyour source as:HEALERS UNITE!
  3. 3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Personal & Professional Mission Statements: by Karen Monteverdi, CPCActionBased,ForwardFocused!Imagine! having! the!confidence! to! stay! your!course! regardless! of! the!circumstances!in!your!life.!!Have!you!ever!let!life!get!in!the!way!of!you!completing!a!task,! or! business! get! in! the!way! of! spending! time! with!your!family?!!Have! you! ever! set! at! your!desk! on! a! Monday! morning!wondering!what!you!should!be!doing?!!It!is!time!to!set!your!course.!Map! out! your! direction! in!life! and! with! each! step! see!your! direction! on! the!horizon.!!!Imagine!having!navigational!landmarks! to! help! you!recognize!where!you!are,!no!matter! what! distractions!come!your!way.!!Imagine!knowing!what!to!do!when!you!get!off!course,!and!how! to! enjoy! the! journey!with!each!step.!What!would!it! be! like! stay! your! course!regardless! of! what! other!people!think!or!say!or!do?!!That! is! what! it! is! like! for!those! of! us! who! have! a!professional! and! personal!mission! statement.! It!creates!an!internal!compass!for! our! actions,! thoughts,!beliefs! and! behaviors.! We!learn! to! communicate! with!love! to! those! who! would!stay!us!from!our!course,!and!set! up! healthy! boundaries!for!our!selfBcare.!This!allows!us! to! create! peace! in! our!hearts.!!!We! know! how! to! let! go! so!there!is!room!for!something!better!to!come!in.!We!intend!that!we!are!guided,!guarded,!protected!and!lined!up!with!the! Highest! Good! at! all!times.!!!This! freedom! allows! our!business!to!focus!on!Higher!Truths.!!
  4. 4. !We! remain! open! to! receive! from! both! expected! and! unexpected! sources.! We! simplify!everything!we!do.!!!This!is!the!power!of!a!personal!mission!statement.!They!are!an!important!part!of!any!serviceBbased!business.!!There!are!many!tools!on!the!Internet!that!can!help!with!your!mission!statements.!!We!recommend!the!Franklin!/!Covey!method.!You!can!build!yours!for!free!online!http://www.franklincovey.com/msb/!The!main!focus!of!our!work!at!BizRichmentTM!is!to!work!specifically! with! Healers,!Coaches! and! Spiritual!Leaders.!!!We!understand!the!heart!of!our! clients,! and! the! special!considerations! needed! to!fulfill!their!mission.!!!We! have! taken! many!different!methodologies!and!customized! them! for! our!industry.! We! know! when!you! have! a! mission!statement! and! you! have!clearly! defined! your! values,!your! needs! and! you! know!your! purpose! it! is! easier! to!fill! yourself! up! so! you! have!enough!to!spare!and!enough!to!share!with!your!clients.!!The!method:!• Set!Your!Course!• Map!out!your!direction.!• Begin!each!step!with!your!destination!in!clear!view!• Learn!to!set!up!navigational!landmarks!!• What!to!do!when!you’re!off!course!• How!to!enjoy!the!journey!!• Let!Go!Of!Bright!Shiny!Object!Syndrome!• Build!forward!momentum!Learn! how! to! set! your! direction! in! life,! and! create!cohesion! in! your! mind/body/spirit! to! support! you! in!your!business!!This! program! includes! 2Bmonths! of! accountability!coaching!to!keep!you!onBtrack!and!Action!Based,!Forward!Focused!!Live! free! to! be! who! you! truly! are! the! most! important!creator! in! your! business! become! ACTION! BASED,!FORWARD!FOCUSED.!Next!class!begins!August!7th.!If!you!would! like! to! have! a! private! course! delivered! to! you!directly!please!contact!info@bizrichment.com.!!
  5. 5. !!!To#Strive,#To#Seek,#To#Find#and#Not#To#Yield! by Elaine Lockard, BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CMIn! a! movie! I! recently!watched!called,!"One!Week",!this!title!was!a!quote!at!the!end!of!the!film,!which!meant!to! the! male! lead! character,!to! not! give! in! to! a! terminal!medical!diagnosis.!!!It! also! meant! to! handle! the!news!in!his!own!way,!on!his!own! terms! and! in! his! own!time.!!Through! the! writers!brilliant! use! of! multiple!layers! of! metaphors,! the!male! lead! traveled! across!Canada,! on! a! motorcycle,!during! a! week,! which!represented!one’s!individual!travel!through!life.!!!He! encountered! many!struggles,! experiences,! and!revelations! along! the! way,!which!finally!brought!him!to!his! selfErealization,! to! his!point! of! finally! “finding!himself”.!!!His!trip!allowed!him!to!find!his!“heart’s!desire”.!!!!What! was! really! important!to! him! in! his! life,! and! to!know! clearly! what! to! do! to!live!a!life!he!truly!wanted!to!continue!to!live.!!!Each! mile! he! traveled! had!allowed! reflection! so! this!heart,! mind! and! soul! could!sift! through! what! was!meaningful! and! distinguish!it! from! "window! dressing",!the!false!perceptions!he!had!been!living!under.!!How! much! "stuff"! do! we!allow! into! our! lives! as!“window! dressing”! which!cloud! or! hide! what! is! most!important?!!Ask!yourself,!if!you!had!one!day,!one!week!or!one!month!to! live,! what! would! be!important! to! you?! How!would! you! choose! to! live!that!remaining!time?!!If! you! are! unsure! or! cant!answer! this,! is! there! too!much!“stuff”!in!your!life?!!!Do! you! really! know! your!
  6. 6. heart’s!desire?!!!!Can! you! even! tell! the!difference!between!the!two?!!Remember&the&quote!!!!Sometimes! you! just! know!but!other!times,!you!have!to!seek! it! out.! The! point! is! to!NEVER& give& up& looking,&NEVER& give& up& the& quest& to&KNOW& and& then& LIVE& your&desire;&LIVE&what&is&right&for&YOU!&&The! knowledge! you! gain!through! your! search! fills!your! spirit! and! enriches!your! life.! You! have!confidence! and! unshakable!clarity,! like! never! before,! of!what! you! want! and! how! to!accomplish! it! and! are! at!peace! with! all! your!decisions.!!This! knowledge! is! the!foundation! to! shaping! what!can!be!called!your!Personal!Life! Mission! Statement! or!that! personal! mantra! or!creed! you! live! your! life! by!every!day.!Having!this!personal,!sacred!knowledge! is! all! the! power!you! need! to! make! the!decisions!about!what!is!best!for!you!in!every!part!of!your!life.!Along! the! way,! uncertainly!and! indecision! is! natural!because!it’s!nature’s!way!of!allowing! you! to! learn! from!the!process.!!!For!me,!I!found!by!obtaining!an! outside! source! of!additional,! objective!information,!I!was!given!the!means!to!take!a!deeper!look!at! my! life! to! choose! for!myself! what! was! best! and!important.!!!One! such! source! I! used!!was! an! ! “Intuitive(Consultation”.!!!It!provided!information!and!inspiration,! in! a! manner! I!would! never! have! thought!of,! which! helped! me! to! see!through! my! “window!dressing”.!!So! today,! as! you! read! this,!ask! yourself! what! are! you!searching!for!in!your!life?!!Have!you!possibly!given!up!your! search! and! yielded! to!others! controlling! and!dictating! your! life! rather!than! following! your! own!heartEled!life!mission?!!!What!one!step!can!you!take!to! learn! more! about!yourself!and!your!heart!and!souls!desire?!!Then! an! Intuitive!Consultation! can! assist! you!too!!!!Request(yours(TODAY!!!!
  7. 7. !About Elaine LockardElaine is and always has been a healer. She heals:•
• throughproviding YOU the tools and processes to heal yourself and yourbusiness physically and through the and transfer of information,andShe firmly believes that all healing, change, success andoccurrences in your life and business begin with YOU! And byhaving the courage to know, understand and develop those parts ofyourself and your business as necessary, you can achievewhatever you desire. Read More http://elainelockard.com!Elaine! Lockard! is! a! Trusted& Business&Enrichment& Provider! Badge! for! Excellence! and! is! approval! by! the! BizRichment!Committee.As#a#BizRichmentTM#trusted#business#provider,#Elaine#Lockard,#offers#5#programs#we#know#can#serve#you#well.##4D( Life( Assessment( :( Put#your#higher#self#in#charge#of#you#income.#Make#sense#of#the#tools#and#assets#you#have#so#you#live#in#the#life,#career#or#business#you#were#meant#to#have#and#cherish.#Intuitive(Consultation(:(Explore#the#depths,#which#you#previously#overlooked#or#unrealized.#Angel(Links(Attunement(:(Link#and#infuse#your#energy#patterns#to#Angelic#Virtues.(Lightarian™(Ray(Attunement(:(Connecting#you#to#universal#energies#for#the#highest#good.#Numerology(Soul(Chart:!Aligning#you#with#your#Soul#to#travel#Life#with#ease#by#knowing#your#Life#Purpose,#Direction#and#Potential#(Each#program#you#buy#helps#fund#this#magazine.#This#is#a#win#for#us;#a#win#for#Elaine#and#a#big#win#for#you.#You#continue#to#receive#great#information#each#month.#Have#access#to#fantastic#business#and#professional#services#that#change#the#“mindPset”#of#your#inner#game.#Elaine#Lockard:#New#Path#For#Life,#LLC#
  8. 8. !!!Let$Your$Love$Light$Shine! by Love Coach Laura (AKA: Laura Wilson, CPC)Today!I!went!to!pick!up!the!children! from! school.! When!I!arrived!I!waited!as!always,!outside! of! our! little! girl’s!classroom.! The! bell! rang;! a!moment! later! my! son!walked!right!past!me!saying!“hi”!and!kept!on!going.!I!turned!to!watch!as!he!went!up! to! a! lovely! woman! who!works!playground!duty!and!gave!her!a!hug.!!As! I! stood! there! watching,!this! woman! was! suddenly!surrounded,!by!a!small!mob!of! children! all! eagerly!moving! in! to! give! and!receive!her!warm!embrace.!!I! was! so! deeply! moved! by!this!simple!moment!in!time,!watching! the! exchange! of!love,!that!I!too!found!my!feet!moving!toward!her.!She!turned!to!politely!greet!me,! and! reached! out! to!shake!my!hand.!!I!felt!compelled!to!speak!the!truth! of! what! I! had!witnessed.! “I! want! to! thank!you”! I! said! “for! your!beautiful!heart.”!!Clearly!she!had!no!idea!what!I! was! talking! about,! she!looked!at!me!questioningly.!!Perhaps! she! thought! I’d!mistaken! her! for! someone!else?!!We! had! not! met! previously!and! she! had! not! given! me!anything,!so!why!would!I!be!standing! there! thanking!her?!!Even!as!we!stood!there,!her!looking! at! me! wondering!what! I! was! talking! about,!more!children!came!flocking!to! her! to! give! and! receive!the! love! she! clearly! offered!so! generously.! “It’s! so!beautiful,!to!see!your!loving!heart”! I! said,! indicating! the!children! who! were!practically! knocking! me!over!to!get!to!her.!!“Thank!you!for!the!love!you!share”!I!explained.!!
  9. 9. Her! face! lit! up,! she!understood.!!I!had!just!acknowledged!her!for! who! she! was,! and! the!beauty! I! saw! her! sharing!with!the!children.!!She! reached! out! her! hand!again!“Thank!you”!she!said.!I! saw! her! love! shining!brightly! and! beautifully! on!everyone! around! her! and!couldn’t!help!but!be!touched!by!it.!!I!had!to!let!her!know!that!it!was! beautiful,! and! greatly!appreciated.!How! many! times! have! I!walked! by! someone,! felt!their! pain,! witnessed! their!sadness!and!not!gone!up!to!give!them!love?!!I! smile! at! people,! but! my!heart! wants! to! embrace!them,! I! want! to! reach! out!and!let!them!know!that!they!are!worthy!of!love.!!Just! as! all! the! children! on!the!playground!need!to!give!and! receive! love,! adults!need!it!too.!I!am!standing!in!this.!!!I! am! standing! for! a! greater!purpose! in! the! world,! a!movement!that!is!far!greater!than! I! can! even! imagine,!to!Love%Consciously%in%an%Ego%Driven%Society.!!!!I’d! like! to! invite! you! all! to!join!me!in!this!movement.!!Shine!your!light!of!love!with!others!!!!Open! yourself! up! to! allow!love!to!come!back!to!you!!!!To! further! this! mission! I!have! recently! created! a!program! that! guides!individuals! through!“Stepping(out(of(your(Ego(and(Into(Your(Heart”.(This! program! teaches! you!the! #1! cause! of! conflict! in!your!relationships!and!how!to! create! lasting! love! in!your!life.!!!For! those! of! you! who! are!feeling! frustrated! in! your!relationships,! and! have! a!longing! for! a! deeper!connection,! or! just! more!peace! and! satisfaction! at!home.!!Re1connect$with$Love$Click$here$Read$More$About$It!
  10. 10. ed!Laura!Wilson,!CPC!also!known!as!“Love$Coach$Laura”!!!Meet!this!dynamic!and!heart!centered!Spiritual!Relationship!Coach.!Love% Coach% Laura! works! internationally! as! a! coach,! author,! guest!blogger,!speaker,!and!a!lover%of%love!!!You!can!experience!her!passion!as!she!inspires!her!audience!to!bring!their! uniqueness! to! the! world.! Beauty! and! gifts! begin! to! flourish!when!you!work!with!Love!Coach!Laura.!Her!knowledge!and!expertise!frees! you! as! she! shows! you! the% power% of% a% supportive% healthy%relationship,! and! how! it! is! the% foundation% of% what% we% as% humans%need.!Re-connect with Love Click here to get started now!With!this!Free!offer!you!will!receive…!!• A! clear! vision! of! what’s! possible! for!you!in!your!relationship!• A! powerful! connection! with! what’s!missing!for!you!now.!• Uncover!the!blocks!that!are!standing!in! the! way! of! the! intimacy! you’re!longing!for.!• And! most! importantly,! we’ll! define!the! actions! that! you! can! start! taking!today,!to!move!you!toward!your!ideal!scene.!
  11. 11. !!OverviewThis! 30(minute! course!teaches!you!the!technique!to!Retrain! Your! Brain,! we! use!in! the! Living! Consciously!Education!Program.!!ForIndividualsTell!yourself,!“I#can#teach#my#subconscious# mind# to# work#with#me#in#creating#the#life#of#my#dreams.#I#can#live#in#this#life# free# to# seize# the#possibilities# &# opportunities#based#on#what#is#now.”!Do! you! ever! feel! like! your!subconscious! mind! is! living!with! a! different! set! of!instructions?!It! happens! when! your! soul!is! telling! you! go! left! and!then!you!go!right,!anyway.!Who! is! sabotaging! your!dreams!right!in!front!of!your!eyes?!RetrainTheBrain108MinuteExercise by Karen MonteverdiLearn! to! retrain! your! brain!and! stand! that! your!subconscious!mind!supports!you! in! every! move,! as! well!as,!understanding!how!your!automatic! systems! support!you.!!Gain! access! to! your! mind,!body,! spirit! and! emotions!from! a! whole! new!perspective!to!support!your!dreams!and!desires.!!Our! program! helps! you! set!up!new!behaviors/beliefs!to!put!firmly!in!place.!!Illuminate!The!Dark!Corners!of!Your!Bright!Ideas©.!
  12. 12. TheConsciousMethod:√! Begin! the! process! to! set!specific! intentions! to!support!your!life!√! Discover! you! can! retrain!your! subconscious! mind! to!respond! automatically! for!your!desired!outcome!√!Learn!to!be!the!instructor!of!your!subconscious!mind!√! Understand! why! the!method!works!to!release!the!tapes!from!the!past!√!Understand!the!totality!of!the! instructions! you! offer!your!brain!√! Learn! that! you! can!implement! a! new!perspective! that! supports!your!desired!outcome!√!Understand!the!role!of!the!observer!√! Start! building! your! daily!operational!manual!to!stand!in!grace!and!gratitude!√! See! your! mind/body! and!emotions! from! the!viewpoint!of!your!spirit!√! Discover! techniques!available! to! put! your!directives!into!place!√! Receive! a! 10(minute!exercise! that! will! change!your!belief!about!change!√! How! to! use!!complimentary! care!through! light! therapy,!language,!and!music!√! Use! alternative! methods!of!self(programming!You! will! break! down! your!beliefs.!!Discover! the! hidden!messages!you!tell!yourself.!Begin! to! see! your!perspective!open!up!for!the!possibility! of! living! in!prosperity.!!Use!the!appropriate!laws!of!conscious! living! to! retrain!your!brain.!!“Live! free! to! be! who! you!truly!are!the!most!important!creator! in! your! reality!RETRAIN!YOUR!BRAIN.!Bookings:!!There!are!currently!40!seats!available.!This! free! introductory!course! will! share! the!concepts!to!the!4(week!class!called!Retrain!The!Brain.!Your%thoughts%create%your%reality.% Come% and% learn% a%107minute% technique% to%begin% transform% your%belief%about%change.%!
  13. 13. !!!!Karen Monteverdi, CPC is! the! Owner! and! Program! Director! for!GreenMountain!Enrichment!and!Empowerment!Center.!Her!book!became!a!#1!best!seller!in!2012.!Karen!assembled!a!team!of!experts!who!can!assist!healers,!coaches!and!spiritual!leaders!establish!their!business.!Her!background!was!originally!in!structural!and!civil!engineering.!This!gives!her!a!unique!ability!to!understand!structures!and!technology.!Our!team!will!stand!by!you!throughout!this!journey!as!she!helps!you!understand!the!mindset!of!an!entrepreneur.!!Karen!teaches!Life!Skills!Training,!life!balance!&!Living!Consciously!Education!For!Individuals!are!for!those!who!aspire!to!own!a!30(100k!business!within!the!next! year.! Entrepreneurship+ is+ not+ for+ everyone.+ It+ takes+ self5motivation,+ self5awareness,+and+let’s+face+it+a+lot+of+courage.+You+want+to+make+a+difference+in+the+world.+ You+ have+ a+ product+ or+ service+ that+ if+ people+ knew+ about+ it,+ used+ it,+ it+would+make+their+life+easier,+happier+and+more+fulfilled.!You’ve!taken!the!steps!to!gain!your!education;!you’re!ready!to!begin!your!practice.!Discover!How!We!Can!Save!You!Time!&!Money,!Provide!Stress!Relief!and!Grant!You!Sanity!!!
  14. 14. !!!!!Highest Light House: Tools For Manifesting Your Dreams by Karen Monteverdi, CPCWelcome!to!!Highest!Light!House!We! at! Highest! Light! House!are!honored!to!offer!you!the!finest!in!cutting6edge!Books,!CDs,! DVDs! and! Spiritual!Tools!specifically!created!to!brighten! your! life! at! this!most!significant!time!in!our!history.!!In! the! Spirit! of! bringing!people!together!we!are!also!especially! proud! of! our!growing! HLH! Network! of!Counselors! who! are!handpicked!from!among!the!most! respected! people! in!their!fields.!!They! are! ready! to! provide!you!with!the!best!in!one6on6one! guidance! so! you! can!shine! your! Highest! Light!imaginable.! We! intend! that!your! experience! here! with!us! is! uplifting,! empowering!and!blessed!in!every!way.!This!is!the!headline!that!you!receive! when! you! enter! at!the! virtual! home! of! the!Highest!Light!House.!I!met!the!owner!and!founder!of! the! Highest! Light! House!in! 2009.! His! name! is! Tony!Burroughs! and! his!movement! has! swept! the!globe.!!Highest! Light! House! is! an!offshoot!of!The!Intenders!of!the! Highest! Good.! It! was!developed! because! we!realized! that! many! fine!authors!and!artists!out!there!are!not!being!recognized!for!their! good! works! for! two!primary!reasons.!First,!there!are! extremely! limited!sources! for! the! distribution!of! new! thought,! spiritual!and!metaphysical!materials;!and! second,! many! of! these!highly! dedicated!lightworkers! would! rather!use! their! time! cultivating!their! creativity! instead! of!pursuing!the!often!daunting!task! of! marketing.!!!Thus,! Highest! Light! House!was! born! in! order! to! help!you! connect! with! some! of!the!most!creative!people!on!the!planet.!!We!are!positive!that!you!will!resonate! deeply! with! many!of!our!products!and!tools,!as!well! as! with! the! gentle!guidance! offered! by! our!Network!of!Counselors.!!Accordingly,! it! is! our!heartfelt! intention! that! we!are! bringing! you! the! most!forward! thinking,! helpful!information!available!at!this!time!of!great!change.!
  15. 15. !!!!!!"Your+ joy+ walks+ with+ you+every+ step+ of+ the+ way.+ You+need+ look+ no+ further+ than+that+which+is+your+own+being.+The+ world+ would+ have+ you+think+ otherwise,+ and+ yet,+what+you+do,+how+you+think,+and+what+you+feel+is+entirely+up+ to+ you.+ You+ are+ truly+ a+magnificent+ entity+ with+powers+ lying+ dormant+ and+feelings,+so+sublime,+ready+to+burst+ forth+ like+ a+ young+flower,+ which+ spreads+ its+petals+ for+ the+ first+ time+ to+greet+ the+ morning+ summer+sun+++How+ long+ will+ you+ wait+before+ you+ see+ yourself+ in+your+ highest+ light+ and+ do+what+makes+you+truly+happy?+What+ will+ it+ take+ for+ you+ to+open+your+heart+and+radiate+outward+ the+ ocean+ of+ love,+which+ lies+ within+ you?+ You+have+ been+ bound+ up+ too+long,+ shackled+ to+ your+ fear,+imprisoned+ by+ ghosts+ who+are+ not+ real+ unless+ you+make+ them+ so.+ The+ world+needs+ you+ to+ be+ happy,+ to+shine+ your+ light+ on+ all+ that+you+ see,+ to+ laugh+ without+limit,+ to+ touch+ the+ hearts+and+ minds+ of+ every+ man,+woman,+and+child+who+come+your+ way.+ Take+ a+ chance+now+and+live+life+like+youve+always+ wanted.+ Envision+yourself+ throwing+ off+ the+fetters+ of+ fear,+ and+ calling+unto+ you+ the+ glory+ that+ is+yours+ by+ right+ of+ birth.+ Let+your+ joy+ blaze+ like+ a+ fire+ in+the+ night.+ Thats+ what+ the+world+ needs+ from+ you.++And,+ more+ than+ that,+ thats+what+you+need+from+you.+"!!Tony&Burroughs!Highest(Light(House(Counseling(Network(In! our! travels! with! The!Intenders!over!the!years!we!have!been!fortunate!to!meet!some!of!the!most!competent!and! clear! spiritually! based!coaches! and! messengers! on!the!planet!today.!!Their! fields! of! expertise!range! from! personal!coaching! to! business!consulting! to! channeling! to!animal! communication! to!talented! card! readers! and!more.!!Each! one! is! unique! and! has!his/her! own! pricing!schedule.!!Please! use! the! Counseling!Network! drop! down! menu!above!to!choose!which!type!of!coach!or!guide!is!right!for!you.!!!!
  16. 16. !!Donna(Jo(Bergman(((Rev. Donna Jo Bergman is an "InnerPeace Coach" and is one of only 400+Ordained Peace Ministers Worldwide.She was ordained in June of 2006 at theSeminary of Spiritual Peacemaking inAshland, OR. Her expertise as a PeaceCoach is in helping others find the"Peace that passeth all understanding"that all of humanity seeks in one way oranother. She knows how to guide, leadand show others how to achieve thisstate of Inner Peace and keep itsustained. She is sought after worldwidefor her counsel.Rev. Donna Jos skills include being aPeace Minister, Reiki Master/Instructor,Cellular Release Therapist, BehaviorKinesiology Therapist, Psych-KPractitioner, an ARCH*Master/Medical Intuitive, ConsultingHypnotist, Counseling ClinicalHypnotherapist, and a MasterHypnotist.For More Information and How toContact Rev. Donna Jo BergmanTony(Burroughs((Tony Burroughs is a 9 time Author andCofounder of The Intenders of the HighestGood. In setting up Intenders Circlesacross the country he has helpedthousands of people get clearer on whatthey want out of life. More recently he isworking one-on-one with people on thephone, on Skype, and in person in order tobe of better service to his fellowmen andwomen. He is especially intuitive aboutshowing others how to turn their adversecircumstances into opportunities."I am here only to be truly helpful."For!More!Information!and!How!to!Contact!Tony!.!.!.!Marie(Ginga((If you would like to make changes in yourlife, then working with Marie Ginga issure to give you the jump-start you need.Marie is the founder of Changing LifesDirection, a coaching and counselingagency located online and based inAlbuquerque, NM. Her first book,Amazing Changes: How to Maximize theInevitable, is expected to be available bythe end of 2011. Drawing on her 17 yearsof counseling experience, Marie bringstogether a beautiful blend of the spiritual,the psychological and the practical aspectsof life to support others in makingAmazing Changes.For!More!Information!and!How!to!Contact!Marie!.!.!.!!!
  17. 17. Kim(Hughes( Kim Hughes embodies the Sacred Self Living philosophy, which says that you are a spark ofcreation equal to and as precious as any other. Therefore it follows that you, your life, andyour energies are sacred. It is your job and privilege to get clear on your Sacred Life Purposein each incarnation, so you will be more focused, more relaxed, more able to attract thethings you need and more fulfilled.Sacred Self Living does not teach; we help you to find your own daily guidance. By usingsound principles of psychology, learning theory, brain research, strength-based coaching, andinner-directed spiritualties, Sacred Self Living helps each individual find and follow his orher own true path."Kim has worked closely with me to change my life from the inside out. As a coach, she hassupported me through major life changes. But the greatest impact she has had on my life isthat she has been a true partner in my efforts to follow my dreams and listen to my heart.With her unwavering strength, clarity of insight, and commitment, I have learned new skillsthat support me every day. She is one of the strongest, most gifted people I know, and I giveher my highest recommendation." ~Maura Fallon-McknightFor More Information and How to Contact Kim . . .!Isabella(Johnson(Isabella Johnson specializes in helping people once again embrace their life as a wonderfulco-creative journey. She has worked as an Intuitive Life Coach and Medium for over 20 yearsand is always delighted to get updates on clients as they regain and remember their worth,power and gain a sense of their place on this beautiful planet. She is able to blend her psychicabilities in order to gently guide fellow travelers to turn every experience into a learning andempowering life lesson. Isabella firmly believes that every situation we experience todaycomes from our past Intentions and she is here to help you INTEND a magnificent future!Isabellas modalities include Intuitive Medium, Energy Healing, Reiki, Clairaudience (She alsohas the ability to remote view, although this is typically used only when locating a MissingPerson), Clairvoyance, Psychometry, and Telepathy." I just got off the phone with Isabella. I like her. She told me a couple things that made me sitback...just things that will help me" ~Pam Baugh, The Intenders FB Founders CircleAdministratorFor!More!Information!and!How!to!Contact!Isabella!.!.!.!
  18. 18. !Kim(Lund(Kim Lund is a Manifestation Coach who is committed to helping others manifest the life oftheir dreams. She is also the founder and president of the Heart Center of Love and Light. Kimreceived her training at The Coach Institute in 2006 and also became a Reiki Master Teacherthat same year. She makes use of a number of modalities that include Life Coaching, Reiki,Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Breathwork and more."Sometimes you need the help of a friend, until you can move mountains again."For!More!Information!and!how!to!contact!Kim!.!.!.!Karen(Monteverdi,(CPC(Karen Monteverdi, CPC, received her certification through the International Coach Academy.Her training incorporates bodywork, biology, physics, quantum physics, meditation, centeredrelaxation, and exploration of beliefs to promote health, aliveness, empowerment and balancein life.Karen coaches locally, nationally and internationally. Her personal style of coaching has beengreatly influenced by The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World. She is the author of LivingConsciously in an Ego Driven Society, which is available here at Highest Light House. Overthe last year, Karen has expanded her coaching to healers, coaches and spiritual leader to assistthem in their business endeavors. Karen is the owner and publisher of this magazine."Karen+has+been+an+amazing+positive+force+in+my+life.+Speaking+with+her+really+is+like+holding+a+light+up+to+the+dark+corners+of+my+being+in+that+she+helps+me+to+see+what+resonates+as+my+own+truth.+It+is+always+a+joy+to+be+in+her+presence.+She+has+powerful+medicine+and+I+recommend+her+help+to+anyone+undertaking+the+great+and+beautiful+responsibility+of+understanding+their+own+life."!~Marc!Bubar!For More Information and How to Contact Karen. . .!
  19. 19. !!!!!Manifesting Outcomes: Intention Circles by Karen Monteverdi, CPC for Tony BorroughsThe!Intenders!of!the!Highest!Good! show! you! how! to! set!your! intention! to! have! that!which! you! desire! come! to!you!as!easily!and!effortlessly!as!possible.!!We! have! rediscovered! a!simple! method! of!empowerment! that! we! call!The! Intention! Process,!which! is! making! all! of! our!dreams!come!true.!!We! understand! that! our!desires! are! in! us! to! be!fulfilled! and! that! our!thoughts!create!our!world.!!We! support! and! help! one!another! to! become! as! clear!as!possible!in!our!words!and!our!thoughts!so!that!we!can!live! our! lives! to! the! fullest.!!Anyone!can!do!it!!!Just! by! saying! your!intentions! each! day! and!gathering! together! on! a!regular! basis! with! your!friends! in! an! Intention!Circle,! you! can! change! your!life! for! the! better.!!!These! Intention! Circles! are!designed! to! provide! you!with! a! unique! format! for!coming! together! with! your!friends!and!neighbors.!!You!do!not!have!to!live!near!one!another!in!order!to!use!the!Intention!Process.!!In! fact,! we! offer! several!ways!for!people!who!live!at!great! distances! from! each!other!to!take!part.!!Now,! you! can! easily! join! or!set! up! your! own! Intenders!Cybercircle!!!The!Intenders!is!free:!!There!are! no! dues! to! pay,! no!memberships!to!join,!and!no!leadership! positions! to!occupy.!!You!do!not!even!have!to!call!yourselves!Intenders.!!You! can! create! your! own!conscious! community! by!following!our!guidelines!and!call! your! group! whatever!you! like.!!!The!Intention!Process!is!for!those! who! want! to! use! the!Laws! of! Manifestation! in!their! daily! lives! and! have! a!lot!of!fun!while!theyre!at!it!!!!"The%Intenders%Handbook%%is%simple%and%empowering!%%This%is%one%of%the%best%books%on%the%planet."%L!Lee!Ching!
  20. 20. !!!!!!After! crisscrossing! the!country! countless! times!over! the! last! decade!showing!people!in!cities!and!towns! alike! how! to! set! up!their! own! Intenders! Circle!we!realized!that!it!was!time!for! us! to! adapt! our! unique!Intenders! Circle! format! to!the!Internet.!!So! I! called! Pam! Baugh,! our!networking!director,!and!we!gathered!a!few!friends!with!the!intention!that!we!create!a! practical,! working! model!that! will! make! it! easy! (and!free)! for! anyone! to! set! up!their! own! Intenders!Cybercircle.!!!We! began! by! exploring! the!wide! range! of!videoconferencing! venues!available!and!right!away!we!found! that! Google+!Hangouts! had! everything!we!needed.!• Accessible! through!gmail!• Has! space! for! up! to! 10!people!• Worked! beautifully! on!our! desktops! as! well! as!our!mobile!devices!And,!most!importantly,!!• It!is!free!!(Our%Intenders%Circles%have%always%been%free.)%The!only!challenge!we!had!happened!for!some!of!us!in!our! Beta! Cybercircle!because! we! didnt! have!enough! computer! capacity!or!the!proper!bandwidth!to!take! part! without! our!connectivity! being!interrupted!on!occasion.!!But,! for! most! of! us,! it!worked! perfectly,! even! on!our! notLsoLnew! computers.!!!In!our!first!tests!we!were!all!a! bit! concerned! that! we!might! not! enjoy! the! same!high! energy,! uplifting!experience!in!our!Intenders!Cybercircle!as!we!get!in!real!life.!!Boy,!were!we!surprised!!!We!had!a!blast!right!away!!!We! were! each! able! to! say!our!!• Gratitudes! ("Im!grateful!for!.!.!.")!• !Intentions! ("I! intend!that!.!.!.")!!• Visions! for! our! ideal!world! ("I! see! a! world!where!.!.!.")!!
  21. 21. !!We! easily! and! comfortably,!knowing!we!had!the!support!of! everyone! else! in! the!Cybercircle! because! we!were! all! lined! up! with! the!Highest!Good.!!We! even! toned! by! singing!Ahhh! together! for! a! minute!and! it! felt! great.! Between!the! toning! and! all! of! our!simultaneous! aligning! we!felt! at! One! with! each! other!by!the!time!we!were!done.!!It!all!went!very!quickly!and!the! icing! on! the! cake! came!in! the! socializing! after! the!circle! when! Paul! put! on! a!pirate! hat! from! the! Google!Effects! section! and! we! all!laughed!like!crazy!!The! bottom! line! for! us! is!that! it! worked! well! beyond!our! expectations.! We! had!great! fun,! started! the!conscious! manifestation!process! rolling! by! stating!our! gratitudes! and!intentions,! made! several!new! friends,! and! came!together!as!One.!!I!cant!wait!until!next!week!when! we! Hangout! again!!!!Thank%you%all%so%very%much!%%Im% excited% to% be% a% part% of%this,% and% I% feel% that% we% are%laying%the%groundwork%for%so%many% others% who% are%isolated% to% connect% with%people%who%can%support%and%uplift%them.%Some%awakened%people% sort% of% just% accept%that% they% have% to% travel% a%solitary%road%C%but%that%really%need% not% be% the% case%anymore.% They% can% connect%with%the%encouragement%and%love% of% an% energetic% soul%family% that% they% need!% Its%amazing!% Cant% wait% until%next%week!%:)%Much% Love% &% Light% to% All,%Marina%Thank% you% all!% I% have% been%needing% to% reconnect% with%my%Intention%family,%as%I%have%been% rather% isolated% here%with% my% dad.% So% this% is%perfect%for%me%to%be%with%likeCminded% friends% to% help% push%my%restart%button!%%So% looking% forward% to% next%week%also,%it%will%be%Cinco%De%Mayo,%maybe%Paul%can%have%a%party%hat%for%the%rest%of%us!%%%So% be% it,% and% so% it% is!% In% the%Highest% Light~% Gail!!!
  22. 22. !!Tony%Burroughs%%Tony Burroughs is a 9 time Author andCofounder of The Intenders of the HighestGood. In setting up Intenders Circlesacross the country he has helpedthousands of people get clearer on whatthey want out of life. More recently he isworking one-on-one with people on thephone, on Skype, and in person in order tobe of better service to his fellowmen andwomen. He is especially intuitive aboutshowing others how to turn their adversecircumstances into opportunities."I am here only to be truly helpful."For!More!Information!and!How!to!Contact!Tony!.!.!.!If! you! would! like! to! start!your! own! Intenders!Cybercircle!and!put!the!Law!of! Attraction! /! Intention!Process! to! its! highest! and!best!use.!Please! click! here! to! learn!about! your! computer!requirements! and! helpful!links!and!how!to!videos.!!!By!clicking!on!the!link!above!you!also!receive!some!handy!YouTube! and! FAQ! links! for!learning!Google+!Hangouts!L!and! the! Template! we!created! which! you! can!follow!that!will!make!it!easy!for!you.!!!!
  23. 23. Deserving with GraceC O A C H I N G P R O G R A MBy Karen Monteverdi, CPC & BizRichmentTMProvidersBecome the empowered heart-centeredleader you were divinely created to be!The First One Year Program That TeachesYou The Mindset Of Entrepreneurship, ByLiving Consciously: In An Ego Driven Society©INVITATION
  24. 24. 2Move From Dreaming To Doing!Welcome to the Deserving With Grace CoachingProgram; specifically design to help you stopdreaming of opening your own business some dayto beginning today!Deserving With Grace Coaching Program is theonly business enrichment coaching program tohelp you create a conscious business by using theconcepts from the best selling book: LivingConsciously In An Ego Driven Society©.A conscious business is one that has a mission,clearly defined service, knows who it helps, andwhy. A conscious business is built to add lightinto the world for the greatest good of allmankind. Conscious business owners are leadersin their communities. They are empowered by ahigher mission to bring about an evolution inbusiness through holistic marketing, serviceoriented healthier ways to live sociologicallyfrom a community mindset beginning with self-empowerment.We have three little steps to complete before youare really ready:1) Identify Your Abundance Blocks2) Assess the keys to establish your business3) Commitment to a deserving mindsetThis program is for those who aspire to own abusiness within the next year. Entrepreneurship isnot for everyone. It takes self-motivation, self-awareness, and, face it, a lot of courage. Youwant to make a difference in the world. Youknow you have what it takes to help your clients.You’ve taken the steps to gain your education;you’ve been struggling to move your practice intoa viable business.• Do you know where to start?• Do you have enough experience?• Do you have enough support with yourenergy, time and money?• Do you have business savvy?• Does what you do fulfill a passion in yourheart and a need in the world?• How you deliver your product or serviceand maintain the level of integrity that youwant?• Do you understand the difference betweenmarketing, sales and advertising?• Have you done your research: who is yourclient, what do they need?• Do you want to know how to get known?• What about your back office, do you knowSave Time & Money, Gain Stress Relief and Grant Youself Sanity as YouStop Dreaming… Step Into It Deserving With Grace!BizRichmentTM“Business Experience Worth Having”Call (503) 762-3118Deserving With Grace Coaching Program
  25. 25. 3Deserving With Grace: Abundance Block IdentifierThe First Step To:Deserving With Grace!Based on a specific set of instructions, you receive a clearing for the healthand wellbeing of you in your business.! Discover hidden messages from far reaches of your mind! Uncover the blocked energy and story behind what stops youPowerfully release the blocked energy through a creative visualization.! Connect to your heart-center and, to your “Source” (“GOD”)! Connect to your body! Release blocked energy! Recharge your mind, body and spirit with positive energy! Notice the magnetic shift into abundance! Create balance and a healthy mindset to grow personallyBizRichmentTM“BusinessExperienceWorthHaving”Call(503)762-3118
  26. 26. Deserving With GraceDeserving With Grace: Abundance Block Identifier!http://tinyurl.com/deservingecourse5Think5 about5 your5 bank5 account5 right5 now.5 How5 does5 it5 feel?5 Are5 you5 happy?5If5the5answer5is5no,5keep5reading!55As5an5entrepreneur,5it5is5your5mission5to5establish5your5business.5The5first5five5years5of5business5is5the5most5critical5time5of5all.5Statistically,5only535%5of5serviceFbased5business5makes5it.5You5need5a5steady5flow5of5income5to5make5your5business5thrive.5We5are5here5to5help5you5beat5the5odds.55To5 succeed5 you5 must5 have5 a5 mindset5 that5 supports5 you5 completely.5 I5 designed5 this5program5for5a5client5who5wanted5to5take5a5mastery5program5to5help5her5business,5but5she5could5not5afford5it.5Not5only5did5she5create5abundance,5she5is5about5to5graduate5from5the5mastery5program5in5June5of52013.55You$can$do$it!$I$believe$in$you!5Enjoy5a5Creative5Visualization5to5release,5and5attract5New!55! Experience5the5vastness5of5everything5our5planet5has5to5offer5! Connect5to5your5divine5truth5! Release5repelling5energy5! Recharge5the5with5positive5attractors5! Notice5the5magnetic5shift5into5Abundance5! Create5balance5and5a5healthy5mindset5to5grow5personally5
  27. 27. 5Sign$Up$Today$and$Receive$your$Abundance$Block$Identifier:$Deserving$With$Grace5!!5http://tinyurl.com/deservingecourse5Receive! the! program! that! changes! your! blocks! into! attractors...!!Explore!this!powerful!eBook!&!MP3!today!Take5an5hour5to5learn5this5life5altering5process!5Hear5the5recorded5live5event,5experience5the5transformation5while5you5listen5to5others5do5it5too.55You5are5not5alone,5anymore.5Join5us5now!55*To# receive# this# gift# you# must# fill# in# all# of# the# questions# below.# Your# answers# must# be#correct# and# true.# We# will# contact# you# please# white# list# the# email# address:#karen@gotocoach.net,#and#accept#the#phone#call#from#(503)#762H3118.#If#you#have#any#questions#please#call#the#preceding#phone#number#or#email#us#at#info@gotocoach.net.#5(Bonus5Gift.5Receive5a59Fpoint5business5strategy5session5click5here5now5and5set5up5your5time5slot5http://www.tinyurl.com/KarenFsCalendar)#
  28. 28. Chapter 7- Excerpt from the bookLIVING CONSCIOUSLYIN AN EGO DRIVEN SOCIETYBYKAREN MONTEVERDI, CPCFORWARD BY LENAR BRAGGCOPYRIGHT May 30, 2010Portland, OregonNo part of this book may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, orelectronic process, or in the form of recording electronic or otherwise, nor may it bestored in a retrievable system, transmitted, or otherwise copied for public or privateuse without written permission of the author. You may contact Karen Monteverdi,CPC at Karen@gotocoach.net for authorization.First Printing June 14, 2010Made in the Untied States Of AmericaLibrary of Congress Cataloging in Publication DataCover by RainWorld Interactive http://www.rainworldinteractive.comSponsored by GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center
  29. 29. 90Chapter SevenLiving ConsciouslyIn An Ego-Driven LifeUnderstanding That What We LearnedCan Be UnlearnedOne of the distinctions coaches make about self-defeatingbeliefs or behaviors is that at one time or another thesethings were survival mechanisms.For example:I learned as a child that if I talked badly about myselfwhen I made a mistake, my family would give me encouragement. But if I didnot say I was stupid or that an action was dumb, they would kindly oblige me byproviding the negative talk from their end. Therefore, as a child I learned that ifI quickly criticized myself, I received validation. When I started school, otherswere not so encouraging. Instead I was criticized for the negative self-talk. Tome this was confusing. Since I still lived with my family and wanted theirvalidation, I thought it was a good idea to keep my negative talk limited to myinternal dialog when not at home. The predictable result was that I began toexperience low self-esteem. In junior high school I was that kid who wasstuffed into the locker, beaten up after school, or teased for the bully’s
  30. 30. 91Living Consciously In an Ego Driven Lifeenjoyment. I had made agreements first with my family and then with my peers,about how I fit into the world. The original idea was a survival mechanism. Aconsequence of that particular behavior was a new belief. The belief was that Iknew less than others about how to live in the world. The key point here is thatno one did this to me; I chose the path myself. Others only acted on what Iperceived to be true.We can be grateful for the belief’s original inception and recognize that thesebeliefs and behaviors once served us. They become self-defeating, however,when the behavior or belief is no longer needed for survival and now impedesour evolutionary process. One way I am grateful for the original experience isthat I was determined to find out about how life worked, about socialinteraction, and about how to navigate with others to create peace in my world.This book is a culmination of that driving force to fit in. I have learned so muchabout life and how we affect it because I wanted to understand why, if we are anexpression of life, we can become so mixed up about the world. When we havea belief, it generates a thought, which brings on an action through an event. In anano-second, we evaluate, and an emotion is formed. We act or react, creating abehavior. We evaluate the consequences, which lead to an evaluation of ouroriginal belief. Then we go out into the world and create additional evidentiaryexperience to prove our logic, regardless of whether or not the logic is flawed.We continue to repeat the process. Through consciousness, however, we canbegin to realize that we have choices as to what we believe, feel, think andexperience and also about how we behave.When we hold the evidence as the only truth, we are looking at the world from asingle, limited perspective. We continue to produce the same results in our livesuntil we recognize the fact that we have another choice. We even createagreements with others, unconsciously of course, to help us identify behaviors,which either support our desires or become signposts showing us that we aregoing the wrong way.
  31. 31. 92LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO-DRIVEN SOCIETYIf we recognize that we are not producing our desired results, we can begin tolook for another perspective. We can create a course correction in our thoughts,look at the event from another viewpoint, review our evaluation and use ouremotions as a gage of what we do and do not like. We can adjust our behaviorand re-evaluate it, even though we are currently living in the consequences ofour past experiences. This process affects our beliefs. We then go out and createnew evidentiary experience based on a truth, which will produce the results wewish to create.By replacing the directives consciously into our subconscious mind, we begin tolive in harmony and create cohesion and balance in our lives. We essentiallybecome our own best friend. We gain strength and confidence, which ourinstincts, behaviors, beliefs and actions are completely supporting, so as to livean enriching and empowering life of our intentional design.To enable maximum efficiency, one can discover his/her personal method oflearning. The practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming can evaluate how welearn. Typically the process takes about 30-minutes and the categories areAudio, Visual, Kinetic, and Digital/Audio. Many tools are available on the webto assist in the evaluation of our particular mode of learning. Discover, if youhaven’t already, your best method of absorbing new information at asubconscious level.To live consciously is to be aware of our subconscious beliefs. As we do so, webecome aware our underlying automatic commitments for survival. Underlyingautomatic commitments (UAC) can be a positive tool for our consciousexistence.For example if we have a UAC, which says we are capable, we show up capablein any situation. We know we can learn anything; be present in the moment. Weknow that our body and mind support our ability. Our greatest gifts are the
  32. 32. 93Living Consciously In an Ego Driven Lifeability to adapt, learn, and create. We open up the doors to our experienceswhen we see how easily and effortlessly we can adapt to new situations.We can, for instance, take an old belief, which no longer serves us, see it withnew eyes for what it is and replace it with the mental attitude of, say,competency. We thus begin to see ourselves as committed to serve in everysituation and be what is needed. This knowledge penetrates every cell of ourbody and mind. Our spirit comes forth, and we connect with others in a waythrough which they instinctively know we are capable of supporting them. Wecan take on the management roll or be innovative and creative. This example isonly one use of a UAC. We can do this for any experience we wish to have. Ifwe want to embody love, hold a space for learning, be adventurous, etc…whatever experience we choose to have or want to be in life, we can create thedirective for its manifestation. If you have a belief that change is hard, thismight be a starting point for experimentation.Benefits of Living ConsciouslyIn the movie, The Matrix, the character Neo is aware that something else isgoing on in his world, something covert and secret. He digs and digs; openingdoors to find the truth of what life is really about. He discovers a matrix built tolive in a dream world.In the Four Agreements, the Toltec also see that the world is but a dream;waking up changes everything. Unlike the matrix though, the universe supportsthis freedom to create a reality, which is more beautiful than the dream worldunconscious people tend to create. For me this has now become the absolutetruth. I live in a world that is supportive, safe, loving, kind, open, and aplayground for exploration of whatever my mind body and spirit are capable ofcreating. It is profoundly more rewarding than the dream I once lived in.
  33. 33. 94LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO-DRIVEN SOCIETYMost of us have times when our subconscious mind has undermined ourrelationships with self and others as well as our lifestyle (but never our spiritualprogression; our spirit is always evolving-it is the observer in my opinion). Thetransformational life coaching process educates us to retrain the brain so as tosupport our goals, dreams, financial situations, health, social interactions, andthe awareness of our instructions to mind, body and spirit. Through powerfulquestioning, we actually discover our unconscious desires. What are we trulycommitted to?One of the most powerful tools in our toolbox is our acceptance oftransformation to discover our underlying automatic commitments. As wediscussed in chapter three, we are always committed to something. In chapterfive we explored a case study and learned how those commitments move us toseek out what we have lost in childhood and how these desires can trap us in dis-ease. Throughout the book we talked about forgiveness being a primary tool inletting go of the past. In chapter six we came to understand that our beliefs areeasily transformed as we learn and grow throughout our life. When we get stuckin the past, we lose our vitality for life. These processes are part of humannature, and yet we can re-train the unconscious, starting with forgiveness, so thatwe are no longer operating on the outdated version of our operational code.It is an advantage to be consciously aware; our brain has the ability to processour experiences in life and is perfectly designed for the evolution ofconsciousness.Part of our social training is to propagate the feeling of blame, shame or guilt.My goal is to give you a perspective, which helps you understand that these arefeelings based on beliefs that serve only to keep you entrapped in the dream.The truth achieved through letting go will indeed set you free to experiencereality.
  34. 34. 95Living Consciously In an Ego Driven LifeSometimes negativity is essentially resistance to the unknown. From resistancewe develop desires. We can choose to transform our perspectives so as tosupport our lives. Have you ever noticed that when you look at a problem as abig, scary issue, you sometimes see no way out? When you begin to look foroptions, the problem becomes smaller, and all of a sudden you become bigenough to handle any challenges you face!Thoughts can be easily and effortlessly manageable. You can cancel any thoughtand replace it in the moment to create the movement of your progression. Whenyou become consciously aware of your own self-talk and teach yourself tosupport your life, the retraining becomes a streamlined process. When westreamline our process through positive self-talk, we are much more effectiveand efficient in the retraining techniques, which create the outcome of ourdesires, dreams, relationships, health, etc. But do not be deceived. Positiveself-talk is not the only tool you need in order to transform your life. In theAmerican King James version of the Bible it is written “And ye shall know thetruth, and the truth shall make you free.” Essentially I see this freedom as beingknowledge and choice of the agreements we allowed into our operational code.We can evaluate whether or not the agreements are serving our highest good.For example if you tell yourself that you are smart, but you have not addressedthe original opposing directive, the positive self-talk will feel inauthentic. Thislack of authenticity was, I believe, the single most contributing factor for thefailure of the movement in the 1980’s to promote positive thinking. This culprithas undoubtedly prevented other self-help techniques from working in our past.We cannot build new beliefs on top of the old ones any more than we canconstruct a new and beautiful home on quick sand. We must clear out the oldbeliefs and become self-expressed about our emotions. Talk therapy is oftenhelpful in this area, along with coaching, child-regression therapy, somaticbodywork (such as Radix) or simply talking to someone who sees thingsdifferently.
  35. 35. 96LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO DRIVEN SOCIETYI often put a time limit on negative emotional release. For example when I seean expression of my own negative emotions, I pull from the past the string thatconnects all thoughts. I find the original offensive directive and begin theclearing out. I tell myself that today I will allow myself to feel upset for onlyone hour. After that, I will create a different set of directives to navigate theremainder of my day. If the emotion is not cleared out, I allow myself tocontinue for as many days as I need so as to complete the process. After we areself-expressed, it is much easier to release the ego’s need to be right.Ego creates separatism, which is essential for knowing that we, as individuals,view the world separately from how others perceive it. There is perfection inthat separatism if we use it for our benefit as a gauge. When we let go of ouridentification of self as ego we can observe freely. The evidentiary experience iswhat we create out of our beliefs, thoughts and actions. If we are unhappy withthe consequences of past relationships, we must “clean it up” with the otherperson involved. We need to employ forgiveness, especially if the other persondoesn’t have the tools or knowledge to forgive in return. Or, as in my case withChris, if the other person is no longer alive, or even if to make contact with theother person would be harmful to you or your loved ones, we can journal or useprayer and meditation, to clear out the pain of the past.In my case with my father I used all of the tools to help me heal. Forgivenesswas never about my father it was about me. Knowing how to forgive, in no waycondones activities such as of being a pedophile in anyway. Nor does it allowhim access to my family or me. His actions are dangerous; my forgiveness doesnot change his behavior as dangerous man. I no longer set up scenarios in mylife that attract people that would do me harm. I understanding how the anger,blame and fear kept me trapped in recreating scenarios so I could continue tofeel anger, blame and fear. Those operational beliefs poisoned me against me italso affected my relationships. By healing my own belief about life I createdamazing transformations for myself.
  36. 36. 97Living Consciously In an Ego Driven LifeAnother process that works is learning through the experiences evident in oursociety. By learning from people’s mistakes or triumphs, we can see evidence,and therefore avoid personally experiencing those follies or achievements inorder to understand them. That is one reason we read books, watch movies, goto school, make friends etc.Now that we understand what the ego does and does not do effectively, we canrecognize the signs of how the ego is being used in each moment. We easilystep out of ego to choose wisely in order to create a course correction orcontinue on the original course, based on the life we want to create and how wewant to exist and feel in each moment. How to be is the question. The onlychoice for me in creating the experience I want to live, is the method of beingopen to the possibilitiesUnderstanding the deep, unfaltering connection with all that exists is the stage ofevolution gives us the wherewithal to take the sort of action, belief, behavior andthought, which shares a common interest with the collective consciousness.Through the process of creating an experience, which is beneficial for all ofmankind, the planet, solar system, universe and all that is; our behavior is, bynecessity, incredibly impacted. We create a gauge through our emotions, ego,and evidentiary experience. With reality, we decipher a way of being. Thisdirective can become the most effective way to create our desired outcome.Upon this directive, we base our mode of existence, our behavior and ourphysical reality concerning who and what we want to affect. We, who areworking for the greatest good, keep all aspects of our creation in check with howwe will consequentially affect internal and external reality.In the next chapter we will discuss the laws of conscious living. The followinginformation is a holistic point of view for the simple evolution of ourconsciousness. I say simple because we as humans make tasks too complicated
  37. 37. 98LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO DRIVEN SOCIETYat times. This viewpoint is a compilation from a myriad of sources, which Ihave discovered for my own use and the use of my clients. It demonstrateseffective ways to see the realities of the universal knowledge.Many scientist, theologians and philosophers talk about the unity consciousness.This is also known as the collective consciousness as we will discuss on page112.We have learned about the idea of projection, which is what we see in others asan expression of the internal workings of our selves. We understand that todaywe are living in the consequences of our past expressions, and yet we are in themoment creating the consequences we will or will not continue to live by. Wecan decide to create new consequences and develop a new experience of life.We have learned that the only moment of creation is in the present moment.Let’s jazz it up a bit. As the population of this world; we are our expression ofself through the outer experience of our existence, which again is a reflection ofself. Live in joy, and you will discover so many joyful things about living!Deepak Chopra talks about the 5 levels of consciousness. Aristotle talks aboutknowing one’s self. I present the idea that you are connected to your own higherself. My personal belief is that if we are consciously aware, we experience theworld through our ego, our 6 senses, brain waves, electronic impulses, feelings,emotions, magnetic fields, soulful connection. We are inspired and affected bythe forces of nature, creativity of the universe, universal knowledge and a deepvastness of nothing. All of this is translated to the whole of our experiences, andfrom our viewpoint, it is unique beyond belief. With approximately 6.8 billionpeople on the planet, our experience is so amazingly defined by all of the forcesof nature and our own perspective; not one experience is exactly the same.
  38. 38. 99Living Consciously In an Ego Driven LifeCan you imagine being a consciousness, which wants to experience everything?You’ve seen it. Kids have this joy, and it shows up when it’s time to go to bed.They don’t want to miss anything; they want a drink of water so they can comeout to see what you’re doing, or they beg for one more story. They don’t wantthis experience of life to stop. They love it, and I believe that is what is meant bythe biblical saying of be ye like little children. This is the adventure, the curiousnature, the lack of any expectation other than a knowing that there is anotherexperience coming right up. If you go to sleep for one minute, you will misssomething really important. What if you were the whole of the universe and youwanted to know every corner of existence? If you were the consciousness ofthis universe, wouldn’t you want to experience everything from a different pointof view?The nature of our experience is that we all have unique pathways of informationcoming to our subconscious, which I believe has a direct connection to ourhigher self. Our higher self is then connected through an unseen dimension Icall the all that is. The all that is connects all things, all that have existed, all thatexist now, and the numerous possibilities, which could exist. This is the placeof infinite wisdom, knowledge and expression… the experience some peoplecall GOD, or the ether stream, the vortex of all knowledge of all that exists inthe universe. What you call this awareness is not important. What is importantis that in this space you will find total acceptance, love, joy, bliss, inspiration,truth, trust, confidence, harmony, insight, and creativity. This unseendimension, I believe, is the all that is experiencing its own consciousness andawareness; being able to experience everything at once through the awareness ofother points of consciousness. This phenomenon - this universal wisdom isthere for us to tap into anytime we wish, like a magic flowing river. Thedifference is… it is real. I know; I have been there. It is where the greatvastness of information came together for me in writing this book.
  39. 39. 100LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO-DRIVEN SOCIETYHow do you get there? Like our personal experiences, it is a personal process.Again, Deepak gives a 5-step process, which for me is one way of attaining thisexpression of the all that is. You can read his book the Third Jesus or pick up hisDVD called Secrets of Enlightenment. I rented it from Netfix.For me, the connection with the all that is comes when I am working with myclients, talking about life, understanding how we affect our reality, experiencingthe luscious multitude of layers life has to offer. I begin to allow my mind todrift, and forms begin to shape. I see the world not as it is, but as myconsciousness wishes to experience it. I drink in the space and, as the observer,I begin to hear sounds, see pictures, and taste the flavors of life. The beauty andjoy, the pain and sorrow, the creativity of the universe, the oneness where allexists, is all present. The other day I was eating a piece of albacore tuna broughtin by my nephew, who is a commercial fisherman. In that first bite it was as ifan alternate reality was present. I saw the tuna in the ocean swimming free in itsschool. I saw what it saw in the ocean; the travels far and wide. My experiencein that moment was life and the abundance that is present for the tuna. I felt thehook as the tuna was being caught. I felt the excitement and the joy of mynephew; I felt the waves and the boat as if I was the water crashing onto the sideof the ship. I was the ship being held together, flowing naturally in the water. Iexperienced the tuna stopping his struggle and giving up his life for thefisherman. I experienced the flash of light move into the flow of the all that is. Ifelt gratitude as the fish nourished my body and began to digest and beprocessed as my flesh. I recognized the great gift that I had received this dayfrom the simple process of eating a meal. Was it real? To me my experiencewas as real as your experience of reading this text. Was this life expressionavailable to me to experience? Yes, because it was my experience. Do youneed to believe that this really happened to me to make it real? No. All thatmatters is that you now have an idea of what it was like for me to lavish in thatmoment in the joy of life.
  40. 40. 101Living Consciously In an Ego Driven LifeAbove you can see a depiction of a moment in time and space in which realitywas captured through the lens of a camera. I then created a painting to expressthe moment. My representation of this moment is not a perfect depiction of theactual scene. However, it gives the viewer a representation of the reality Iexperienced; the calmness and irregularity of the bridge, the peace I felt in thatmoment. This visualization is how I experienced life in the presence of being inthis space. It is not the actual experience, nor is it the actual place. All of mysenses, seen and unseen are expressed in the painting. For me, this paintingrepresents the holistic view of this delicious moment in time.
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