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Healers Unite Magazine | April 2013

  1. 1. ! ! Oh#to#Have#the#Innocence#of#a#Child#Again? by Elaine Lockard, BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CM Take! time! to! revisit! the! they! so! easily! live! and! childs! world.! Talk! to! express.! You! retrain! your! children!and!ask!their!views! thoughts! and! actions! to! and! opinions.! Learn! from! override! the! ones! growing! them! the! simplicity! again! up!have!taught!you.! that! has! been! lost! or! ! forgotten.! We!often!refer!to!children!as! ! "Little! Angels"! because! of! In! our! grown! up,! Also,! play! their! games.! their! ease! in! exhibiting! the! complicated! world,! we! long! When! was! the! last! time! you! Angelic! Virtues! of! for! the! simplicity! of! life,! the! played! Hide! and! Seek! or! Unconditional! Love,! Joy,! unconditional! love! and! jumped! rope! or! made! mud! Peace,! Honesty,! Loyalty,! trust,! the! honesty! and! clear,! pies?! These! actions! help! Curiosity,! Imagination,! unique! insight! that! only! a! connect! you! back! to! your! Purity,! Compassion! and! child!can!experience.! childhood! memories! and! Justice.! Our!world!has!trained!us!all! how! you! felt! or! thought! at! ! too! well! during! our! growth! that!time.!They!allow!you!to! Since! they! are! young,! their! to!adulthood.!It!is!shaped!us! feel! the! freedom! and! souls! are! not! far! from! the! through! our! experiences,! lightness! of! your! heart! and! Angelic! realms! from! which! trainings,! traumas.! It! has! soul!again.! they!came.!This!allows!them! imposed! mankinds! limited! ! to! effortlessly! display! these! beliefs! and! judgments! into! Through! revisiting! the! virtues!due!to!the!innocence! our!bodies!and!minds.! world! of! a! child,! you! gain! a! emanating! from! this! ! new! appreciation! and! connection.! They! do! so! So# how# can# we# experience# understanding!of!the!virtues! because! they! know! of! no! these#again?#!
  2. 2. other! way! to! be.! They! have! #not! yet! learned! our! worlds! What# if# you# could# go#lessons!in!their!young!lives.! throughout#your#day#without#! criticizing# or# judging#A! few! years! ago,! I! felt! the! someone# including# yourself?#energetic! pull! to! reconnect,! How#happy#would#you#be?#renew! and! strengthen! these! What#if#the#world,#or#at#least,#virtues!in!my!soul!and!in!my! your# small# slice# of# it,# held#life.!For!me,!I!found!a!series! Compassion,# Understanding,#of! Angelic! Attunements,! Acceptance,# Peace,# and# Joy#called! the! "Lightarian™! day# in# and# day# out?# How#Angellinks",! worked! long#would#it#take#for#this#to#extremely! well.! I! could! feel! spread# further# out# into# the#the! reconnection! and! world?# Oh# to# have# the# innocence#reactivation!of!the!energy!of! # of#a#child#again!#these! virtues! as! I! received! Can# you# feel# the# freedom#the!attunements.!The!energy! from# and# the# absence# of# all# I! invite! you! to! receive! your!was! so! gentle! but,! as! it! the# negativity,# weighing# on# Connection! to! the! Arch!anchored! in! and! activated! your# shoulders,# being# lifted# Angels! Attunement.! Contact!throughout! my! body,! mind! and#reducing#your#stress#and# me! to! connect! with!!and! spirit,! it! manifested! worries?# LightarianTM! Angellinks! and!profoundly!in!my!life.! bring!back!your!innocence.!!What#would#it#be#like#for#you#to# again# experience#Unconditional# Love# not# only# Elaine! Lockard! &! the! Angel!for# yourself# but# for# others?# Link! Attunement! receive! our! stamp! of! approval! as! a!!Think# of# the# healing# which# Trusted# Business# Enrichment# Provider! Badge! for! Excellence!could#occur!# and!is!approval!by!the!BizRichment!Committee. Disclaimer:#This# program# is# an# affiliate# program.# Not# all# affiliate#programs#receive#the#badge#of#honor. !
  3. 3. ! About Elaine Lockard Elaine is and always has been a healer. She heals:•
 intellectually, emotionally,
• through providing YOU the tools and processes to heal yourself and your business physically and through the and transfer of information, and She firmly believes that all healing, change, success and occurrences in your life and business begin with YOU! And by having the courage to know, understand and develop those parts of yourself and your business as necessary, you can achieve whatever you desire. Read More http://elainelockard.comAs# a# BizRichmentTM# trusted# business# provider,# Elaine# Lockard,# offers# 5# programs# we# know# can# !serve#you#well.##4D#Life#Assessment#:#Put#your#higher#self#in#charge#of#you#income.#Make#sense#of#the#tools#and#assets#you#have#so#you#live#in#the#life,#career#or#business#you#were#meant#to#have#and#cherish.#Intuitive#Consultation#:#Explore#the#depths,#which#you#previously#overlooked#or#unrealized.#Angel#Links#Attunement#:#Link#and#infuse#your#energy#patterns#to#Angelic#Virtues.#Lightarian™#Ray#Attunement#:#Connecting#you#to#universal#energies#for#the#highest#good.#Numerology#Soul#Chart:!Aligning#you#with#your#Soul#to#travel#Life#with#ease#by#knowing#your#Life#Purpose,#Direction#and#Potential##Each#program#you#buy#helps#fund#this#magazine.#This#is#a#win#for#us;#a#win#for#Elaine#and#a#big#win#for#you.#You#continue#to#receive#great#information#each#month.#Have#access#to#fantastic#business#and#professional#services#that#change#the#“mindMset”#of#your#inner#game.#Elaine#Lockard:#New#Path#For#Life,#LLC#
  4. 4. !! ! Long Lost Love: Child’s Play by Karen Monteverdi, CPC ! ! It!is!time!for!you!to!discover! How! do! I! know?! I! was! one! what! your! inner! child! is! who! was! bitter,! angry! and! yearning!for!you!to!hear.! dare!I!say,!hateful!about!the! Does! your! inner! child! want! There! are! those! who! walk! childhood! I! endured! as! a! to!come!out!and!play?! “victim”! of! incest.! I! was! among! you! who! also! have! had! bad! things! happen,! and! outraged!at!everyone!on!the! All! of! us! have! wounds! from! yet! have! a! sunny! planet,!for!creating!a!society! our!past.!! disposition.! that! would! allow! for! something! to! that! torturous! After! taking! the! course! You! ! to!exist!at!all.! Are! Not! Your! Past! from! You! are! ready! to! find! out! ! BizRichmentTM,! you! have! what!they!know!that!you!do! stopped! identifying! with! not…! I! was! angry.! Most! of! all! I! your! negative! childhood! lived! with! guilt,! and! felt! I! ! had! endured! so! much! experiences.! …! Really,! it! is! simple.! These! horror.!Those!souls!who!did! You! are! ready! to! get! from! cheerful!souls!have!forgiven! care,! it! created! pain! for! your!adult!self!all!the!things! their! child! self,! and! their! them.! you! missed! out! on! in! childhood! experiences! for! ! childhood.! the!pain.!! Today! I’m! a! whole! different! ! person.! I! went! through! This%article%is%for%you!% They! have! come! to! realize! inner! training! using! Inner! You! are! here! to! learn! to! their! childhood! gave! them! Dialog! awareness! and! communicate! with! your! something! amazing,! and! created! peace! with! my! inner!child.!!! they!are!grateful!for!it!!!! younger! self! to! enter! into! a! new!reality.!! !
  5. 5. I! now! live! in! joy,! peace! and! we did as adults that helped √! Create! an! opening! for! love! for! all.! How?! I! found! a! us move someone to write communication! way!to!make!life!fun.!! such a glowing statement of our healing process. √!Discover!another!dimension!of! I! learned! to! heal! my! inner! desire! you! may! want! to! create! child.! It! is! nice! to! see! that! for!yourself! how!others!seem!me!now!is! √!Bring!your!inner!child’s!desire! truly!aligned!with!the!work!I! to! play! in! life! to! your! life,! giving! have! done.! I! am! a! new! you!a!fun!new!perspective! person.!Below!is!a!testimony! from! a! very! dear! friend! √! Creatively! learn! how! to! bring! Char.!!! the! fun! and! joy! back! into! your! life!now! “The$ fact$ that$ you$ and$ your$ siblings$ have$ taken$ the$ I have taken the healing !! trauma$ of$ your$ early$ lives$ process I used and turned it a and$molded$it$into$something$ Live$Phone$Courses$ repeatable, predictable, Parenting$Your$Inner$Child$ beautiful$rather$than$remain$ customizable process for you. victims$is$so$beautiful$it$takes$ Within the coaching format we will help my$breath$away.$$ The$Title:$ you learn what your mind/body/spirit Parenting$Your$Inner$Child$ wants to create for your inner child. – You$ extend$ to$ the$ world$ the$ Pacific Time USA Continue reading → most$beautiful$energy,$and$it$ The!method:! Date: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 seems$ like$ you$ are$ always$ able$ to$ access$ it$ and$ view$ √! Creates! a! forum! for! you! to! communicate! what! your! inner! Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm everything$in$life$as$a$gift.“ child!wants!you!to!know! Instructor: Karen Monteverdi √! Learn! to! foster! and! nurture! a! My siblings and I did as a healing! relationship! with! your! Tuition: $447 point of fact grow up in younger!self! trauma. It is through the work ! !!!!!!
  6. 6. !! ! Blossom: Your Seven Step Journey to Healing by Carolin Hauser ! Looking! to! have! a! survivors,! I! have! come! to! In! today’s! article! I! want! to! breakthrough!in!your!life!or! understand! the! deep! shine!the!light!on!“3!Secrets”! career?! connection! between! trauma! that! can! help! you! to! really! ! healing,! reGconnecting! to! step! into! your! power,! turn! This! article! is! specifically! one’s! own! power,! and! the! on! the! real! you,! and! start! geared!towards!women!that! ability! to! create! the! life! we! making! money! doing! what! have! experienced! childhood! dream!of.!! you!love.!! sexual! abuse,! and! who! are! ! ! on! a! “big! mission”! to! create! In!other!words,!I!have!come! Because,!and!let’s!be!honest! their!dream!life.!! to! understand! that! as! long! here,! trying! to! create! a! ! as! we! do! not! heal! our! dream! life! without! money! My! name! is! Carolin! Hauser! traumas,! our! past,! we! sucks.!! and! I! am! the! author! of! cannot! achieve! the! level! of! ! Blossom&Your* Seven* Step* success!that!we!want.! Really,! I! have! never! met! a! Journey*to*Healing*Childhood* ! woman!who!has!said:!“O,!my! Sexual* Abuse* and* Creating* If! we! are! a! woman! in! dream! life! does! not! need! Your*Dream*Life!* business,! a! heartGcentered! money.”! To! the! contrary,! * entrepreneur! who’s! calling! when! women! start! allowing! I! am! here! today! to! help! you! it! is! to! help! others! and! we! themselves! to! dream! big,! get! clear! on! what! it! is! you! feel! the! we! have! a! big! they!realize!how!money!is!at! need!to!do!to!truly!step!into! mission,! we! can! feel! very! the! very! core! of! creating! your! power! and! take! your! frustrated! with! life! because! that! dream! life.! Not! just! business! (or! business! idea)! everything! we! start! seems! because!they!want!nice!cars! and!life!to!the!next!level.!! like! it’s! undermined! by! our! and! Prada! clothes.! No!! It’s! ! feeling! of! low! selfGesteem! because! they! have! such! big! Through! my! own! journey,! and!powerlessness!that!was! missions,!because!they!want! and! through! working! with! created!by!the!abuse.!! to! do! good,! because! they! many,! many! trauma! ! want! to! make! an! impact,!
  7. 7. and! because! they! want! to! expansiveness,! and! then! step! is,! and! the! next! step! contribute.! dream.!! after! that.! Listen! to! the! ! Dream! as! big! as! you! can.! messages! you! receive,! and! So!if!this!is!you,!here!are!the! Really!ask!yourself!what!it!is! start! taking! action! on! your! 3! Secrets! that! will! help! you! that! lights! your! fire.! impulses.! ReGaffirm! to! start! making! money! doing! ! yourself!that!you!are!guided! what! you! love! right! now! Let!that!dream!become!your! by!higher!powers.! (which! to! me! is! real! guide.!! ! empowerment!)! ! ! ! When! faced! with! having! to! Secret! #3:! Heal! Your! Secret!#1:!Align!with!Your! make!a!decision,!project!the! Emotional!Wounds! Authentic! Self! issue! on! to! the! backdrop! of! This! is! the! biggest! key.! I! Why?! Because! there! is! only! your!dream!and!ask:!“Is!this! think! a! lot! of! us! have! fallen! one!“you”!on!the!planet.!And! bringing! me! closer! to! my! into!the!trap!of!thinking!that! guess! what?! That! unique! dream,! or! is! it! taking! me! positive! thinking! is! what! you,! with! all! its! fabulous! further! away?”! creates! our! lives,! especially! ideas,!love,!and!brilliance,!is! ! after!the!movie!“The!Secret”! exactly! what’s! needed! from! Secret! #2:! Be! Awake! came!out.!Well,!it!is!true!that! humankind! at! this! moment.! Develop! a! sense! of! wonder! when!we!don’t!feel!good!we! ! for! your! life,! and! assume! don’t! think! positive! How!do!you!align!with!your! that! everything! you! need! to! thoughts,! and! we! don’t! Authentic!Self?! know! to! manifest! your! create!what!we!want.!! ! dream! life! (including! ! Well,! your! Authentic! Self! making! money)! will! be! However,! focusing! on! lives! in! your! dreams! and! shown!to!you.!! changing! your! thinking! is! desires.! Take! some! time! ! like! covering! a! bad! stain! today! and! create! a! sacred! Start!cultivating! a! sense! of! with!a!nice!cloth.! space! for! your! self.! Draw! a! curiosity.! Ask! God! (or! the! ! bath,! turn! on! some! music,! Universe,! or! whomever! you! The! only! thing! that! I! have! and! light! a! candle.! Get! believe! in)! what! your! next! seen!work!when!it!comes!to! yourself! into! the! mood! of! !!!
  8. 8. changing! how! you! feel! and! After!all,!l!arrived!in!the!U.S.! holding! you! back! from! getting! out! of! feeling! from! a! small! town! in! where! youd! like! to! be,! pick! hopeless,! exhausted! and! Germany,! with! little! money! up!a!copy!of!Blossom,!follow! depressed! into! feeling! and! a! limited! fluency! in! the! steps! to! integrate! and! better! and! happier! is! to! English!! transform! your! emotional! really! integrate! your! “stuff”.! ! stuff! into! a! life! of! When!we!integrate!our!pain,! But! in! spite! of! my! doubts! empowerment! and! the! energy! that’s! been! held! and! fears,! I! went! for! it.! I! authenticity,!and!join!me!on! in!the!body!and!psyche!gets! began!to!write.! the! world! stage! in! all! your! set! free! and! becomes! fuel! ! power!! for! our! growth.! The! more! And! as! I! was! writing! I! was! ! integrated! we! are,! the! more! taken! on! my! very! own! My!Love!to!you!! we! feel! our! own! authentic! healing! journey,! a! healing! ! energy!and!power.!! journey! I! thought! I! had! ! ! taken! since! I! had! already! ! When!that!happens,!nothing! gone!through!many!years!of! ! can! stop! us! from! becoming! training! as! a! Humanistic! wildly! successful! and! happy! Psychotherapist.! in! our! lives.! ! ! I! realized! through! that! ! process,!my!healing!journey,! When! I! started! to! write! that! when! we! do! our! work! Blossom,! I! had! no! idea! what! (our! inner! work),! our! outer! it!would!be!about.!I!did!have! work! and! life! starts! to! truly! a! dream! of! wanting! to! be! “blossom”.! like!Marianne!Williamson!or! ! Neale! Donald! Walsh,! but! I! If! you! are! a! woman! that! felt! like! there! was! no! way! I! knows! that! you! are! here! on! could!ever!become!a!famous! this! planet! to! do! big! things,! author,! coach! and! speaker.! but! something! seems! to! be! ! !!!!
  9. 9. !About!Carolin!Hauser! If!you!are!suffering!deep!unhappiness!and!lack!of!fulfillment!in!your!relationship,!and!want!to!change! all!that,!than!you’ve!definitely!come!to!the!right!place.! Without!a!doubt,!the!number!one!thing!I’ve!spent!most!of!my!life!trying!to!figure!out!was!the!whole! “love!and!relationship!thing”.! I!am!33!years!old,!and!I!have!spent!more!then!half!my!life!both!learning!and!teaching!about!love.! In! Germany,! where! I! am! originally! from,! I! am! both! a! Naturopathic! doctor! and! Humanistic! Psychotherapist.!I!have!been!involved!in!the!field!of!Personal!Development!for!more!then!18!years.! I!conduct!workshops!in!the!United!States!and!Germany,!as!well!as!work!with!clients!on!a!oneGtoGone! basis.! I! am! publishing! a! book! on! the! subject! of! healing! early! sexual! trauma,! which! will! be! released! early!next!year.! But!that’s!not!what!makes!me!an!expert!on!love,!intimacy!and!relationships.!That!comes!out!of!my! own!childhood!experiences.! Beginning!at!the!age!of!eleven,!I!suffered!from!immense!“soul!pain”!for!over!12!years.! Today,!I!now!know!that!most!of!this!pain!was!caused!by!early!sexual!abuse,!which!I!had!no!memory! of! until! relatively! recently.! The! result! of! the! trauma! resulting! from! early! sexual! abuse! was! that! I! suffered! from! serious! eating! disorders,! addictive! behavior,! coGdependent! relationships! and! depression.! I!basically!felt!“broken”!for!most!of!my!life,!and!I!desperately!and!continually!needed!to!do!something! in!order!to!not!feel!the!pain.!
  10. 10. At! the! age! of! twentyGone,! I! finally! had! what! I! now! call! my! “ToiletGWakeGUpGMoment”.! It! was! an! epiphany,! a! moment! when! time! stood! still,! and! it! became! crystal! clear! to! me! that,! if! I! continued! to! do! what! I! had! been! doing,! my! life! would!be!over!very,!very!soon.! There! would! be! no! merging! with! “the! one”,! no! family,! no! children,! no! happiness.! There! would! only! be! a! body! found! on! the! bathroom! floor.! My! body.! One! that! had! suffered! a! painful!and!tragic!death.! Fortunately,!that!didn’t!happen,!Instead,!that!moment,!that!epiphany,!was!the!beginning!of!a!journey! within.! I!was!incredibly!fortunate!to!have!been!guided!towards!some!of!the!most!profound!teachers!in!the! field! of! personal! healing,! and! was! extremely! lucky! to! have! had! the! opportunity! to! study! with! and! learn!from!them.! There!was,!however,!an!even!greater!contribution!to!my!own!healing!then!all!the!“official”!teachers.! That!turned!out!to!be!the!numerous!men!that!appeared!in!my!life.!Numerous,!because!I!was!always!in! search!of!the!perfect!relationship,!the!perfect!man,!“the!one”.! Each! of! the! relationships! was! wonderful! for! a! time,! than! became! a! lot! less! so.! However,! I! am! now! grateful!for!each!one,!as!it!brought!me!a!little!closer! to! the! truth! about! love,! intimacy! and! my! very! own!heart.! Today,! I! am! fully! recovered! from! my! early! sexual! trauma.! I! am! now! happily! married! to! “the! one”! that’s!just!right!for!me!(instead!of!the!fairyGtale!“perfect!one”).! We!live!in!beautiful!Santa!Barbara,!California!with!our!two!wonderful!children,!and!I!now!travel! around!the!world,!teaching!women!with!a!similar!history!to!mine!about!how!they!can!heal!and!create! a!trustGfilled,!deeply!connected!relationship!with!their!man.! Connect!with!Carolin:!Self!Help!from!SelfGrowth.comG!GSelfGrowth.com!is!the!most!complete!guide! to!information!about!Self!Help!on!the!Internet.!!!
  11. 11. 321 ! ! ! ! How to Develop an Appreciation Lifestyle for Successful Living by Alicia Isaacs ! ! Developing! an! appreciation! With! this! knowledge! in! Be% aware% that% a% greater% lifestyle! requires! practice,! mind,! lets! look! at! some! force%is%at%work! and! is! worth! all! the! effort! practical! steps! you! can! put! ! you! make.! Appreciation! into! use! right! away! to! Rest! in! the! assurance! that! produces! wholesome! practice! appreciation! to! the! Great! Universal! Spirit! benefits,! not! only! to! your! create!successful!living.!! has! everything! under! mind,! body! and! spirit,! but! ! control!in!spite!of!how!bad! also! expands! into! the! lives! Make%a%conscious%effort%to% things! may! seem.! of! the! people! and! look% for% and% appreciate% Everything! is! working! out! environment!around!you.!! the%good%in%others! for! the! greater! good! of! all! ! ! involved! and! in! accordance! When! you! surround! Whatever! you! are! seeking! with! the! divine! plan.! That! yourself! with! more! positive! youll! find.! Instead! of! does! not! mean! that! you! do! energy,! you! increase! your! focusing! on! faultCfinding,! nothing.! To! the! contrary,! it! life! force.! Negative! energy! shift! your! focus! on! looking! should! encourage! you! to! drains! your! life! force! and! for! the! good! in! others.! This! focus! on! your! part! of! the! disconnects! you! from! the! will! take! some! conscious! plan,!your!purpose!and!do!it! Source!of!your!life.!! reminder! until! it! becomes! a! with!a!heart!of!gratitude.!! ! habit.! You! may! even! find! it! A! heart! full! of! appreciation! difficult! with! those! you! find! is! open! to! love,! and! love! irritating,! but! be! patient! nurtures,! heals,! grows! and! with! yourself! and! with! produces!life.! others!as!well.!! !
  12. 12. 645 Appreciate% and% be% mom! makes! it! difficult! to! doing! something! that! you! thankful% for% the% people% say! goodbye! for! now.! But! think! is! foolish,! be! thankful! who% are% in% your% life% right% we!cherish!each!memory,!no! for! your! wisdom,! but! also! now! matter! how! small! they! may! stop! and! whisper! a! prayer! ! seem,! and! in! doing! so,! fills! for!them.!Ask!that!the!Spirit! No!one!knows!how!long!of!a! our!hearts!with!appreciation! open! their! eyes! to! see! the! time! span! we! have! here! on! that! we! have! been! blessed! truth! and! gain! access! to! the! planet! earth.! Appreciate! the! with!such!a!great!man.! wisdom! residing! within! people! who! are! in! your! life! ! them.!! right!now.!People!come!into! Appreciate% the% nuggets% of% ! our! lives! for! a! season.! That! wisdom%you%possess! And! if! you! have! the! season! may! seem! like! a! ! opportunity! to! respectfully! lifetime!in!human!years,!but! We! all! possess! wisdom! correct! them,! share! your! one! day! that! time! ends! within! us.! When! you! look! wisdom! in! an! uplifting! when! they! leave! this! realm.! within! to! your! own! heart,! manner! that! will! help! make! My! father! just! recently! that! wisdom! emerges! as! a! difference! on! their! passed! ! leaving! a! legacy! of! guidance,! not! only! for! you,! journey,! one! that! they! will! great! memories! for! us.! 58! but! for! those! around! you.! remember!for!a!long!time.!! years! of! marriage! to! my! When! you! see! someone! ! !
  13. 13. 21 Alicia Isaacs grew up with a very spiritual background and developed her unique way of connecting with her Source which enables her to live a very enriched life and communicate these experiences and truths in such simplistic but profound terms. Alicia is a mother of 8, a writer and life-coach and shares many of the steps, tips, inspiration and observations shes encountered from experiences in her personal life - relationship, family, work experience etc. When applied, these steps will elevate you to a higher level of inner connection, spiritual growth and ultimately outward manifestation of your desires. Would you like to learn the steps to living a higher life, a more meaningful life with clarity and purpose? Get Free instant access to a Teleseminar Audio Recording at http://www.changinginsideoutnow.com/higherlifeteleseminar. Get daily life-changing inspiration when you visit http://www.changinginsideoutnow.com !
  14. 14. !! ! Forum Of Safety: Parenting Your Inner Child by Karen Monteverdi, CPC ! psychology!or!therapy!along! willing! to! accept! several! dimensions,! responsibility! for! their! including! the! structure! of! experience!of!life.!If!you!are! the! relationship,! the! nature! in! blame,! or! shame! about! The Forum of of! the! client,! purpose,! and! past! events! and! cannot! focus.! come!to!terms!with!how!you! Safety still! create! the! past! in! the! The!coaching!relationship!is! present!we!recommend!that! ! a! horizontal! relationship! of! you! find! a! therapist.! In! this! partners,!as!contrasted!with! regard!a!coach!would!not!be! My! goal! for! this! article! is! to! the! more! vertical! appropriate!for!you!now.! help! you! engage! in! a! forum! therapeutic! relationship. of! safety.! Impart! knowledge! Many people ask me this If! you! need! coping! skills! that! allows! you! to! know! if! question: because! you! are! coaching! is! right! for! you.! I! overwhelmed! by! your! How! do! I! know! if! I! should! emotions! for! months! on! have!included!two!exercises! help! you! move! into! a! forum! use!a!therapist,!a!coach!or!a! end;! and! it! is! interfering! within! the! safety! in! your! with!normal!functioning!and! combination!of!both? relationships! in! daily! life,! a! own!mind.! counselor! is! best! suited! to! Please& note:! This! article! is! Are! you! able! to! take! help.! written! from! the! responsibility! for! changing! perspective! of! a! coach! and! your! attitude,! perspective,! You! as! a! client! must! be! healed!person!who!used!the! or!circumstances?! emotionally! available! to! processes! described! in! this! tolerate! the! discomforts! of! article!effectively.! If!not,!a!counselor!would!be! taking!risks!for!change.! a! good! choice.! A! coach! can! Coaching! is! distinct! from! only! help! if! the! client! is! If! you! can! be! selfEregulating!
  15. 15. and!willing!to!try!something! ! past! exists! only! in! your! new! to! create! a! perspective! mind.!! change,! then! you! are! ready! I!offer!you!this!skill!to!allow! you! to! open! to! the! ! for!a!coach.!If!you!are!having! shortEterm! issues! and! its! a! possibility! that! the! wounds! Your! perspective! of! your! new!situation!for!you,!shortE of!the!younger!you!are!not!a! child! self! is! only! accessible! term! counseling! may! be! life!long!scar.!! through! your! mind,! no! one! needed! alone! or! in! ! else! can! tell! you! how! you! conjunction!with!coaching.! experienced! an! event! we! Instead! it! is! an! opportunity! can! only! interpret! the! ! to!create!a!vision!of!life!you! information!you!give.!! You!must!take!responsibility! only! may! have! dreamed! of! until!now.! ! for! what! you! create! in! your! life,! if! you! cannot,! then! ! You!may!feel!uncomfortable.!! therapy! might! be! a! good! ! We! begin! by! essentially! choice!for!you.! clearing! out! years! of! body! The! more! uncomfortable! ! karma! and! emotional! upset! you! feel,! the! deeper! the! The! best! way! to! tell! is! to! to! allow! your! child! self! to! need!for!this!work.!! listen! to! how! you! relate! to! come! play! with! you! in! the ! the! world.! If! you! are! present. The! discomfort! is! a! signal! constantly! in! emotional! from! the! ego! that! there! is! a! turmoil! by! a! situation! or! The!idea!is!to!create!a!space! deep!hurt!that!wants!to!stay! person!then!check!and!see!is! where!you!come!face!to!face! hidden.!! this! a! pattern! in! your! life?! with! your! younger! self.! There!may!be!some!work!to! The! problem! with! hidden! Using! the! primary! Law! of! do! with! a! combination! of! a! issues!is!that!they!affect!our! Conscious! Living! also! coach,! a! therapist,! and! a! beliefs! even! if! we! are! not! known! as! Mindfulness,! you! bodywork!practitioner.! aware!of!them.!! recognize! the! future! and! !!!!!
  16. 16. ! The! freedom! comes! when! ! new!synapses.!! we! allow! the! exposure! of! ! ! erroneous! hidden! beliefs,! ! ! You!are!smarter,!stronger,!wiser!and!more!adaptable!than within!a!safe!environment. ! ever before. It is now safe for you to explore the “life- As! an! adult! you! have! the! ! threatening” perceived dangers that your child self could not. ability!to!protect!yourself!in! ! ! Write&down&anything&that&comes&to&mind.& ways!that!you!could!not!as!a! ! child.!! ! & ! ! ! & The!dangers!that!existed!for! ! that! child! are! not! the! same! ! ! & dangers! you! now! face! in! your!life.!! ! ! & ! ! ! & You! have! skills! and! adult! ! cognition!that!your!child!self! ! & did!not!have.!! ! ! & ! ! You! have! new! ! & understanding! about! the! ! world! and! the! ability! to! ! ! & think! things! through! using! ! logic! that! the! child! self! was! ! & not! capable! of,! this! is! ! because! your! brain! has! ! On# the# next# page# you# will# find# the# TeleCourse,& Parenting& matured,!grown!and!created! ! Your&Inner&Child,#a#visualization#exercise& ! !!!!!
  17. 17. Exercise 3.2: Visualization If   you   have   never   experience   visualization   as   a   technique   it   is   a   powerful   tool   for   transformation,   information,   and   retraining   the   brain.   Visualization   is   creating   a   mental   picture   of   something.   Visualization   makes   events   feel   real   and   allow   you   to   create   a   clear   picture   of   what   needs   to   be   known   to   the   conscious   mind.   Free   form   visualization   is   like   daydreaming.   Using   visualization   as   a   tool   to   see   a   specific   event   is   considered   directive   visualization.  You  will  use  the  latter  to  see  your  child  self.   If  you  are  having  trouble  seeing  yourself  recognize  this  could  be  a  way  to  block  your  progress.   Ask  for  permission  to  see  the  younger  you.   Here  are  some  additional  suggestions:   • Look  in  a  mirror  and  see  your  younger  you   • Sing  song  you  sang  as  a  child   • Look  at  a  childhood  picture.     Close   your   eyes   and   think   about   the   image,   song,   or   feeling   at   the   age   you   wrote   in   the   previous  exercise.     Note:   If   you   see   anything   resembling   the   picture,   you   are   visualizing.   If   this   isn’t   effective   for  your  or  if  you  want  to  improve  your  visualization  skills,  take  a  photograph  of  your  child   self   and   while   looking   at   it,   close   your   eyes   and   open   your   eyes   and   close   your   eyes   again.   Do   this   as   many   times   as   possible   for   a   few   minutes.   Soon   youll   be   seeing   the   picture,   but   you   wont  know  if  your  eyes  are  open  or  closed  -­‐-­‐  and  you  will  be  visualizing  better  than  before.   Practice  this  technique  often.  Open  your  eyes  and  write  down  what  you  see.     If   you   are   ready   to   use   some   of   these   techniques   in   a   coaching   session   please   contact   Karen   Monteverdi,   CPC   at   (503)   762-­‐3118.   Or   set   up   your   free   informational   call   at   http://tinyurl.com/Karen-­‐sCalendar            
  18. 18. !! ! Trusting Yourself: And Others by Karen Monteverdi, CPC ! ! ! Trusting)Yourself)And)Others) ! ! Join!us!for!this!Free!TeleClass!Continue!reading!→! ! ! Within!the!coaching!format!we!will!help!you!to!trust! by!accessing!your!mind/body/spirit!infinite! intelligence.!Our!program!helps!you!set!up!new! behaviors/beliefs!to!put!firmly!in!place.!We!do!this!by! putting!emphasis!on!transformation.! The!method:! • Discover!what!trust!means!to!you.!!! • Discover!what!is!lacking!in!your!ability!to!trust!! and!be!trusted.!! • Discover!who!you!can!trust!and!with!what.!! • Discover!your!motives!for!trusting.!! • Tools!to!create!an!authentic!evaluation.!! • Tools!to!ask!questions.!!! • Tools!to!let!go!of!fear!and!become!curious.!! • Reflect!on!what!your!body!is!telling!you;!glean!! the!information!for!your!empowerment.!!! “Have&you&ever&had&an&Ah/Ha&moment?&! A&moment&where&the&light&goes&on?&! What&would&it&be&like&if&you&could&have&that&every&!! week?&!! Come!discover!life!skills!training!with!the! GOTOCOACH”.!Karen!Monteverdi,!CPC.! !
  19. 19. !! ! Re-Write The Past: Into A New Future, by Karen Monteverdi, CPC ! At! GreenMountain! Enrichment! and! Empowerment! Center! we! are! known!for!our!ability!to!help!our!clients!move!from!the!place!of!pain! and!sorrow!to!living!a!life!filled!with!joy.! One! of! the! most! popular! consciously! and! empower! remember! what! it! was! like! courses!we!offer!is:! their! life! through! mindfully! to! live! in! that! state! of! pain.! !You$ Are$ Not$ Your$ Past$ –$$ creating!the!life!that!sings!to! That! gives! us! a! unique! A$ Step$ To:$ Living$ their!heart.! perspective.!! Consciously$ In$ An$ Ego$ ! ! Driven$Society.$! I!bet!you!want!to!know!what! Here! are! some! other! points! ! the! secret! sauce! is! in! this! you! might! want! to! know! People!are!attracted!to!any! program! that! makes! it! so! before! coming! to! our! type!of!work!that!offers! successful!and!so!popular…! program:! freedom!from!pain.!! ! ! ! …!Besides!our!great!training! 1) You! receive! personal! In! our! marketing! through! through! the! International! permission! to! reGwrite! BizRichmentTM! we! offer! this! Coach! Academy,! it! is! years! your! past! into! a! new! course! as! a! way! to! help! our! of! personal! growth.! All! of! future.! practitioners! reGwrite! the! our! coaches! have! taken! on! 2) You! learn! distinction! past! into! a! new! future! years! of! work! to! keep! their! between! truth,! honesty! within!their!business.! vessel!clear.!This!helps!us!so! and!opinion.! ! we!do!not!resonate!with!our! 3) You! speak! out! loud! the! We! found! it! works! in! so! client’s! issues! on! a! personal! internal! dialog! you! many! different! arenas! to! level.! Of! course! we! can! feel! never! tune! into.! You! help! those! who! wish! to! live! the! empathy,! and! we! have! the! story! reflected!!!
  20. 20. back!to!you!from!a!coach! internal! deep! desire! to! 11) Begin!to!look!at!the!cost! perspective.! This! allows! let! go! of! the! past! once! analysis!of!fulfilling!your! you!to!let!go!of!judgment! and!for!all.! dream.!Determine!if!you! and! speak! your! internal! 7) Begin! to! leave! the! past! still! committed! to! honest! thoughts.! For! in! the! past! by! transforming!your!life.!! some! it! is! the! first! time! experiencing!a!short!but! 12) Watch! your! patterns! they!have!ever!done!this,! effective!release!of!grief.! change!as!you!engage!in! it!is!surprising.! 8) Look! at! the! grief! of! a! new! thoughts! and! 4) Understand! the! physical! past! unfulfilled.! possibilities! that! never! and! emotional! state! of! Forgiveness! is! key.! could!have!existed!in!the! trauma!from!the!internal! Discover! the! truth! in! old!belief!system.! wounds.!Understand!the! why! your! dream! was! 13) Time! for!a! reality! check,! bodies! desire! to! never! fulfilled?! Discover! are! you! up! for! the! experience!aliveness.! if! there! still! a! deep! challenges! that! it! will! 5) From! the! experience! of! burning!desire!to!satisfy! take! to! move! your! aliveness! change! begins! that!dream.! dream!into!reality?! to! become! possible,! no! 9) Step! into! reality! with! 14) Once! again! you! will! face! longer! needing! to! feed! your! dream.! Discover! your! fears,! you! will! the! body! adrenalin! by! the! pathway! now! that! create! forgiveness! for! reliving! the! trauma,! a! you! have! let! go! of! the! yourself!and!others.! gentle! loving! past.! New! possibilities! 15) Now! it! is! time! to! transformation!begins!to! sprawl! in! front! of! you! completely! retrain! the! surface.! (This! is! the! like! a! new! universe! was! brain!so!that!your!dream! same!technique!I!used!to! born!today.! becomes!the!only!reality! help! family! members! 10) The! weeks! that! follow! you!can!logically!see.! and! myself! let! go! of! begin! to! move! you! from! 16) Stand! in! the! field! of! PTSD.)! old! pattern! behaviors! to! achievement! while! your! 6) Stand! from! a! place! of! new!awareness’s!of!your! coach! cheers! you! on! as! disconnect! and! find! the! dream!being!fulfilled.! realize!your!vision.!!!!!!
  21. 21. Sixteenweek*program*–*course*work*for*eightweeks*then*oneonone*coaching*for*an*addition* 8weeks*as*you*rewrite*the*past*into*a*new*future.*Click*here*to*register*!!!!!!!!!
  22. 22. ! Karen*Monteverdi,*CPC* ! Author,! Owner,! Program! Director! &! Resident! Professional! Coach! of! ! GreenMountain! Enrichment! and! Empowerment! Center,! The! Meeting! Place,! ! Healers! Unite! Magazine,! BizRichment,! The! Living! Consciously! Education! ! Program,! Living! Consciously:! In! An! Ego! Driven! Society,! The! Living! ! Consciously!Blog,!Spirit!of!A!Coach!Facebook!Group!and!much!more:!You!can! ! read!more!here! $ !!!Karen!Monteverdi,!CPC!offers!Free!Friday’s!on!the!First!Friday!of!every!month.!!You! can! ask! anything! about! business! building! techniques,! technology,! resources! we! offer,!coaching,!healers!unite,!or!just!call!to!say!you!like!what!we!offered.!Skype!at!:!Karen.S.Monteverdi!!If!you!have!questions!we!will!offer!our!time!to!you!for!free!each!Friday!between!9aG12p.!!Or!you!can!schedule!an!appointment!to!with!Karen!at!!http://tinyurl.com/KarenCsCalendar$!Radio*Interview*Living*Consciously*In*An*Ego*Driven*Society*with*Karen*Monteverdi* You*can*hear*Karen*Live*on*Energy* Healing*with*Krystalya* The!show!aired!on!April!3rd,!2013! Listen!to!the!fun!recorded!interview! ! here!**!
  23. 23. !! ! Healing The Heart: Living Consciously For Business Owners by Karen Monteverdi, CPC ! Free Class!!!!!!!!
  24. 24. !! Listen to week 1 & 2 recordings!! then call in on April 19th.
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  34. 34. 21 ! Elaine!Lockard:!! Here’s(where(you(can(pick(up(( New!Path!For!Life,!LLC! your(FREE(GIFTS(from(( Lisa(Sasevich!(( ! Lightarian™!Ray! Click!Here!to!download!an!article!Lisa! Attunement!! wrote!on!Seeding:!How$to$Create$ Hunger$and$Desire$in$your$Audience$ ! Without$Being$Salesy.! Elaine! Lockard! is! a! BizRichmentTM! Service! She! will! share! to! answers! to! your! Provider.! As! such,! we! stand! behind! her! questions!about!‘What!is!Seeding!and! products.! why! is! it! such! an! underutilized! yet! !! powerful! technique’! along! with! how! The! Lightarian™( Ray( Program,! assist! you! in! I’ve! used! both! seeding! and! speaking! your!transformational!journey.! to! expand! my! reach! to! the! tune! of! a! ! multiEmillion! dollar! business! in! a! few! A! powerful! series! of! guidedEmeditation! short!years...!and!how!you!can!too!! attunements;! they! help! to! facilitate! an! acceleration! of! your! personal! and! spiritual! transformation.! ! From! the! Lightarian! Institute,! the! Ray! Attunements! are! linked! to! the! energies! of! the!Ascended!Masters.! ! Read!more!about!it!here.!! ! ! ! !