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Love My Lessons presentation

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More in: Technology
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  • Did you ever feel so frustrated and confused that you wanted to throw your computer out your window? I remember trying to figure out how to change the spacing on two lines for my term paper….
  • Is is hard for you to focus due to all of the clutter?
  • Are you keeping Post It notes in business? Have you ever seen the commercial where someone opens a window and all of the post its and notes go flying around the room?
  • I help people improve and simplify their lives through technology. Getting a handle on information in your job, and at home, can be overwhelming. One of the programs that I use to show people how to organize all of this information….
  • OneNote is designed to help you keep track of research, notes, organizing lists, and more — and keeping it all in one place.
  • Hold up notebook to compare and talk about tabs.
  • Whether you’re in accounting, the legal field, real estate, coaching or just want to get organized personally…..OneNote can be customize to suit your needs.
  • This is a notebook that I created for WR. You can add, delete or change the order of the tabs as needed. Hold up the notebook and show to everyone.
  • Have you ever taken notes about something you’ve seen on the Internet, and later wondered where you found the information? You’ll love this. With just one click you can capture pictures and information from any site and paste it into one page.
  • OneNote is fully integrated with other Microsoft Office programs. You do not have to leave the program to go into Outlook..saves time. Outlook is another great program that I teach.
  • What do all of these have in common? Memory overload. How many different screen names do you have? What about passwords? They say it is not secure to use the same one . How about your Facebook account, your Twitter, Your website host, etc. Have you memorized them or written them down and where did you write them? Can you find them when you need them?
  • Any information you type into this program automatically is saved. I love this! How many of lost information because you didn’t hit save?
  • Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you need or want through and email? Sometimes it’s misconstrued, right?
  • Well, with OneNote you can use pictures and diagrams along with your words to get your message across.
  • There will be less chance of a mistake being made with OneNote. When Laurie made my business cards I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted with only one email because I could use pictures as well as words. Do you know how much time that saved us?
  • Do you ever purchase anything on the Internet? You can save so much$on printer cartridges and paper.
  • No more fax machines, or stamps necessary…but most importantly…..important docs get there FAST! And, Save you time and money!!
  • But not the yellow pages but the Internet!
  • Do you ever do comparative shopping and the more you see the more confused you get? In order to save money we don’t just buy the first thing right?
  • You can save time and money buy researching the products and prices you before you go to the dealership or store.This is how I shopped for my car…I was so confused at first but after pasting all of the pictures on one page, I could easily make a decision
  • In this day and age it is difficult to move our business, as our personal lives forward without the use of technology. It can be very frustrating and confusing. You have two choices: either you have someone else do it for you, and you are in big trouble if they aren’t around, (share about Richard) or you learn how to use it.
  • Staff training at your office, technical help- I can see your computer and walk you through a problem.How many of you didn’t buy a smartphone because it seemed to confusing?


  • 1. Inspired Learning
    I can teach what you may think is out of reach.
  • 2. Did you ever feel like doing serious damage to your computer?
  • 3. Are you drowning in clutter?
  • 4. Are you up to your ears in paperwork?
  • 5. Do you know someone whose desk looks like this?
    I am
    • I love technology,
    • 7. I love to help others, and
    • 8. I love to teach.
  • Microsoft OneNote
    is just one of the many programs that I teach.
    I believe that it is one of the best kept secrets!
  • 9. It’s a digital notebook.
  • 10. OneNote Notebooks
    can be customized to suit any profession.
  • Download or create your own notebook.
    Add tabs as you need them.
  • 18. OneNote side note is just like a legal pad.
  • 19. Audio & Video recording capabilities.
    You can verify notes that that you have taken in class.
    You can use a video recording to capture an important demonstration.
    You can annotate each item you clip when researching with an audio-recorded note about the item to later remind yourself about its significance.
    The Possibilities are Limitless!
  • 20. Downloadable custom templates are available.
  • 21. Are you are a Realtor or a Real Estate Attorney?
    Clip your choices from the Internet, paste on one page and email to your client.
    Clicking on the blue link will take you to the site.
  • 22.
  • 23.  
    You can email the properties right from OneNote.
  • 24. Integrated with Microsoft Office
    • Send notes in an Outlook e-mail message.
    • 25. Send notes to Word.
    • 26. Mark a note as an Outlook task.
  • Auto Save Feature
    Have you every lost important documents because your forgot to save them?
    That will never happen in OneNote !
  • 27. Screen names
    Email accounts
    Social Networks
  • 28. With OneNote
    you can password protect your information.
  • 29. Communication
  • 30. Do you have a problem describing what you want to your webmaster?
  • 31. A picture is worth a 1000 words!
    Now you can explain in words and pictures.
  • 32. Who wouldn’t like to save $?
  • 33.  
    Print directly to OneNote and save on printer cartridges and paper!
  • 34. Scan your invoices and important documents directly to OneNote.
    Great organizational tool for preparing for tax time!
  • 35. Internet research is made easy.
    Have you ever taken notes about something you’ve seen on the Internet, and later wondered where you found the information?
    You’ll love this.
    When you copy any text from a Web page and paste it into OneNote, the URL of the source page is included for you — with no extra effort at all.
    And if you copy a hyperlink, it retains its functionality and doesn’t turn into plain text.
  • 36. Scan and Save!
  • 37. Do you find that you don’t have enough hours in a day?
  • 38. Confused?
  • 39. Just Clip
    Compare !
    Like the commercial says, “Let your fingers do the walking.”
  • 40. See everything on one page.
  • 41. You can save time, money and your sanity with technology!
    "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG."
    - Bill Gates
  • 42. And I would love to help you do just that!
    Free consultation
    No job is too small
    Your home or office
    • Basic Computer Skills
    • 43. Email
    • 44. Social Media Setup
    • 45. Microsoft Office:
    Word, PowerPoint,
    Outlook or Excel
    • Website/ Blog Design
    • 46. Organizational tools:
    Scanning documents
    Smartphone training
    I can show you how or create it for you.
    It depends on your needs.