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Social Media for Artists - How to Get Started, Best Practices and Resources
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Social Media for Artists - How to Get Started, Best Practices and Resources


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I love to help artists and with this presentation I aim to inspire, educate and persuade artists to create a Facebook business page for themselves and/or use other social media networks to promote …

I love to help artists and with this presentation I aim to inspire, educate and persuade artists to create a Facebook business page for themselves and/or use other social media networks to promote their work. For more tips on social media, please like my Facebook business page here:

Published in: Business, Technology

  • @KitSturman Hi Kit, thanks for the feedback on my Social Media for Artists Slideshare presentation. FYI: I plan to offer social media online webinars in 2014 and for now, my next class is in Aptos, California. Details here:
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  • hi Karen,

    darn, missed another great presentation by you! your transcript below is very, very helpful....exhausting, daunting....but helpful! thanks so much...look forward to someday working with you :) blessings, kit
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  • 1. Facebook 101 for “Non-Facebookers” Tuesday, August 27th, 7:00-9:00 pm SCICA Gallery, Tannery Arts Center Campus with Karen Kefauver
  • 2. A word about my background... Karen Kefauver •Social Media Consultant • Sports/Travel Writer •
  • 3. Agenda •  Social Media Overview and Trends! •  Focus on Facebook! •  Resources for Artists: For tips for artists and others, like Karen Kefauver’s Facebook business page here: ! •! Video to Watch! • Marketing_Advice.html!
  • 4. Social Media Overview
  • 5. •  Book: I d Rather Be in the Studio:! Artist Marketing
  • 6. Social Media Overview •  Why is Social Media Important for Artists?! •  Social networks continue to play an increasingly important part in many people's lives! Life, death, travel, adventure, sports!
  • 7. Social Media Overview •  3 most important reasons small businesses leverage social media are:! •  Connecting with customers! •  Visibility! •  Self-promotion! •  Also: Get news out fast, challenge competition! •  Action: Share your art and others art!!
  • 8. Social Media Overview •  Set your goals! •  Establish how social media fits into your marketing plan and advertising plan! •  Who is going to do it? Get help!! •  Measure and track results - looking at your goals! •  Stay on top of social media developments/news!
  • 9. 9! Social Media Overview •  Biggest Players in Social Media Field in U.S. ! •  Facebook! •  Twitter! •  LinkedIn! •  Pinterest! •  YouTube (owned by Google)! •  Google+ (owned by Google)!
  • 10. 10! Instagram
  • 11. 11! Social Media for Artists
  • 12. 12! Etsy
  • 13. 13! Etsy
  • 14. 14! Etsy
  • 15. 15! Etsy
  • 16. 16! Artist Website: Natasha Wescoat, Painter
  • 17. 17! Artist Facebook Biz Page
  • 18. 18! Artist Pinterest
  • 19. 19! Artist Twitter
  • 20. 20! Artist LinkedIn
  • 21. 21! Artist You Tube
  • 22. 22! Artist Instagram
  • 23. 23! Artist Google Plus
  • 24. Social Media Overview •  GROWTH of social media! •  Consider these statistics:! •  Facebook: 1.06 billion users; 680 million mobile users; More than 50 million pages and 10 million apps.! •  Twitter: 500 million total users, more than 200 million active users. On average, over 100 tweets happen by the second on Twitter.! •  LinkedIn: 200 million users; Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members, LinkedIn owns Slideshare, an online slide hosting service,!
  • 25. Social Media Overview •  GROWTH of social media!
  • 26. 26! Social Media Overview
  • 27. Trends - Google Glass •  New Technology and Products #1! glass/start/
  • 28. Trends - Video •  New Technology and Products #2!
  • 29. 29! Social Media Overview
  • 30. 30! Mobile Phone Sites s Designed by Eric Bloom of Mobile MarCom!
  • 31. 31! Facebook on Mobile
  • 32. 32! Facebook App for Pages
  • 33. Facebook •  Most Popular Ways to Participate in Facebook are:! •  Facebook PERSONAL profiles! •  Facebook BUSINESS pages! •  Facebook GROUPS!
  • 34. Facebook Personal
  • 35. Facebook Personal
  • 36. Facebook Privacy
  • 37. Facebook Biz Page
  • 38. Facebook Biz Page
  • 39. Facebook Biz Page
  • 40. Facebook Biz Page Social Media
  • 41. Facebook Biz Page Social Media
  • 42. Facebook Best Practices •  Measure your Facebook marketing efforts as well as you can/ Try using Facebook Insights and Google analytics and Google for Social! •  Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and admins with metrics around their content.!
  • 43. Facebook Best Practices Photo Credit: Karen Kefauver •  What to AVOID!! •  Lab42’s latest research, 73% of social media users “unliked” a brand if! •  1) Brands posted too frequently" 2) The consumer stopped liking the brand" 3) A bad customer experience!
  • 44. Facebook Ads •  Target NEW people with Facebook ad/sponsored story! •  When you create an ad or sponsored story, you can promote your Page to broad or specific groups of people, including friends of the people who already like your Page. You don't have to spend a lot of money on ads. Even reaching just a handful of new people can jumpstart the growth of your Page.!
  • 45. 45! Good Idea! 45!
  • 46. Social Media Posts - Tip 1-10 •  1. Current Events! •  Holidays, festivals, world issues, relevant events and anything related with current affairs.!
  • 47. Social Media Posts - Tip 2 •  Photos - CONTINUED! •  Photos: brands are made up of people. Using photos to remind your customers of that makes your company and your products more memorable.! •  Post an image from the recent company outing! •  Show your creative team at work. ! •  Let your graphic artist pose with the new package they designed!
  • 48. Social Media Posts - Tip 3 •  3. Get Personal!! •  Share success stories and also failures, achievements, prizes, apologies and thanks ! •  This makes your page more human, accessible and familiar to your community. Many more people will identify with the brand!
  • 49. Social Media Posts - Tip 4 •  4. Use Humor.! •  Funny posts, especially funny photos, get many likes and will be shared a lot. Just remember that being funny is an art.!
  • 50. Social Media Posts - Tip 5 •  5. Video! Optimal length video 1 to 2 minutes max! •  Add captions to explain content of the video! •  Use You Tube app and/or post directly to Facebook video!
  • 51. Social Media Posts - Tip 6 •  6. Educate. Create content that is informative. ! •  Brands sharing content that is useful to their audience get greater exposure and engagement — more likes — especially when using information designed to enrich the brand s fans. ! •  This educational content could include the company s history, the product creation process or the state of the market, for instance.!
  • 52. Social Media Posts - Tip 7 •  7. Ask People to Like your Facebook Business page! •  Ask to be liked and explain WHY!! •  Ask in a polite, fun way, and don t overdo it. ! •  Where to ask: Your personal Facebook friends, email lists, other pages!
  • 53. Social Media Posts - Tip 8 •  8. Promote your brand.! •  When your customer visits your Facebook page, they should leave with a good impression of your brand and a clear sense of the products/services it offers.!
  • 54. Social Media Posts - Tip 9 •  9. Use a variety of styles of posts you put up on your page. Mix it up with different style posts: Video, Photo, Question, Link, Text ! •  Links: Don t limit your links to products and blog posts. Link to interesting websites, related news articles, and even funny tidbits. People log on to Facebook to be entertained. While your product line may be irreverent, not every product link will be. So mix it up.! •  Trivia: Whether it relates to your product or company, current events, or is just interesting, a cool nugget of information will have people looking for you in their news feed.! •  How-To Information: Did you find a new use for a common item? Share it!!
  • 55. Social Media Posts - Tip 10 •  K!
  • 56. Facebook Best Practices
  • 57. Tweetdeck •  QUESTION:! •  What s driving the continued growth of social media? !
  • 58. Hootsuite •  Q !
  • 59. Social Best Practices •  Promote your social media websites on the following places:! •  Your website! •  Your business cards! •  Your storefront window! •  Your front desk! •  Print advertisements! •  Email signature! •  Newsletter, blog, other social media networks!
  • 60. Social Media Action Plan •  1. Continued GROWTH of social media - ! •  Action: Choose best social networks for you, but don t try to master them all! •  2. Expansion in Mobile, Tablets, Apps - ! •  Action: Develop a website that is optimized for viewing on Mobile and Tablets, review what apps you use! •  3. New Technology, Products and Features - ! •  Action: Find a resource or staff person or contractor to keep up to date on new developments!
  • 61. Social Media Action Plan •  Set your social media goals! •  Who is going to do it? Get help!! •  Establish social media policy! •  Select and sign up for social media services! •  Track and measure the results! •  Stay on top: Read social media industry news!
  • 62. Video to Watch! • Marketing_Advice.html! •  Website: The Flourishing Artist:! •  Pinterest: online/! •  Social Media Examiner: Guide to the social media jungle, http://! •  Social Media Today:! Artist Social Sites