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General trends in social media

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  • Take poll of audience and record results.
  • Take phone poll from audience and record results.
  • Take tablet poll from audience.
  • Ask audience how they feel about using social media.
  • It took Facebook and Twitter more than two years each to hit the 20 million user mark. It took pluckly lil' social media startup Google+ two weeks to do the same. Last week, the (currently) invite-only Google+ passed an estimated 10 million users, and on Friday, doubled that number.This graph above, built by tech engineer Leon Håland, provides a startling visual of the various trajectories, with Google+ taking off like an M16, while its competitors look like they're taking their time toddling up the social networking hill.Google+ currently has 40 million users (November 2011).
  • Facebook Chronicles A Lost Generation DAVID WEIDNER WSJ SEPTEMBER 29, 2011, 11:29 A.M. ET Map of North Africa and Middle East.“In Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Libya young people put guns in their hands and their lives on the line. They dropped the keyboards after their Internet access was cut off.” Use of Facebook and Twitter to organize protests, demonstrations, strikes, and to take to the streets.
  • “You don’t need an authority figure to access information”.
  • Open discussion
  • Social Media Trends Colloquium Seminar

    1. 1. Colloquium Seminar on Social Media Trends by Karen J Yang, PhDAdjunct Professor at Lindenwood University Wildwood Campus, room 101, Nov.15, 2011, 5-5:45pm Westport Campus, room 264, Nov. 22, 2011, 5-5:45pm
    2. 2. Major social media platforms• Facebook • Quora• Twitter • Digg• LinkedIn • Flickr• MySpace • Skype (live video 2-way)• YouTube • Wordpress• Google+ • Blogger• FourSquare (Check-in) • Meetup• Gowala• Shopkick• Facebook Places
    3. 3. Audience pollWhat social media do you mostly use and for what purpose(s)?
    4. 4. The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2011, US annual report Forrester Research
    5. 5. General Findings of Forrester survey• Gen Zers use the Internet wherever, whenever. Of course, for these 14.5 million US consumers, digital is the norm — they don’t know a world without mobiles or the Internet. More than four in five access the Internet outside the home, and two in three use the mobile Internet at least monthly.• Gen Yers are the mobile generation.Gen Yers have the highest uptake of smartphones and are most likely to use the mobile Internet on their mobile. They use their mobiles for a wide range of activities, from playing games and listening to music to looking up directions. Two in three online Gen Yers fall into our SuperConnecteds Mobile Technographics segment.• Gen Xers are comfortable with technology.Gen X is the largest generation, containing 52.3 million US adults, but it is the middle child in many ways. However, in many activities, Gen Xers closely rival or even surpass Gen Yers in adoption. For example, online Gen Xers lead in the ownership of entertainment-related devices like HDTVs, DVR devices and services, and 3D-capable HDTVs.• Boomers embrace technology slowly but certainly.Although neither Younger nor Older Boomers are the first to embrace a new technology, they aren’t technophobes. About 60% of online Younger Boomers (those ages 46 to 55) access the Internet outside the home, and about a third own a smartphone. Also, about one in five online Older Boomers (those ages 56 to 66) uses the mobile Internet regularly, and about a quarter listen to the radio online.
    6. 6. Why is social media important?
    7. 7. “The world is going mobile and social”.Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of SalesforceDreamforce Conference, San Francisco 2011
    8. 8. Going mobile via smartphonesGoogle Android RIM BlackBerry Apple IPhone
    9. 9. Going mobile via tablet computersB&N Nook Apple IPad 2 Amazon Kindle Fire
    10. 10. Main points of Pew Study• 65% of online adults use social networking sites.• Only email and search engines are used more frequently than social networking tools.• Women maintain a foothold on social networking sites.• The frequency of SNS use among young adults was stable over the last year, while usage among older users increased.• Ask about social networking and good thoughts generally come to mind.
    11. 11. Common responses to survey
    12. 12. Social Media Descriptives
    13. 13. Social Media Trends
    14. 14. Search Engines• Google• Yahoo• Bing• WireDoo (forthcoming by MC Hammer)
    15. 15. Trend in Global Politics: Arab Spring 2011
    16. 16. Trend in American Politics: OccupyWall Street Movement (Oakland, CA)
    17. 17. Trends in BusinessSocial Customer ProfilesEmployee Social NetworkingCustomer Social NetworkingProduct Social NetworkSales-focused Buyer-focused Social-focused
    18. 18. Social Media and Inbound Marketing
    19. 19. New features in social media• Facebook Timeline (storytelling)• LinkedIn In Maps (map of your links)• Wordpress (invite people to follow your blog)• Google+ Business
    20. 20. Google+• Google+ features:• Circles• An easy way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents, and almost nothing with your boss. Just like in real life.• Hangouts• Conversations are better face-to-face. Join a video hangout from your computer or mobile phone to catch up, watch YouTube videos together, or swap stories with up to 9 of your friends at once.• Mobile• Lightning-fast group chat. Photos that upload themselves. A birds- eye view of whats happening nearby. We built Google+ with mobile in mind.
    21. 21. Google+ Business Pages• With the Direct Connect function you can now search using the “+” prefix to search for an existing Google+ page. For example, a search query of +Amazon takes you directly to the Amazon Google+ page. Users will also be prompted to automatically add Pages they find through Direct Connect to their circles. This feature is beginning to roll out and may not work for every page.• Businesses can now create custom circles. This is a great opportunity to create a group of premium customers and post special updates and exclusive offers.• The Hangout feature allows for live group chats with webcam support. This is a great tool for product feedback or a quick online focus group for marketing ideas. Think of it as office hours for your business.• Only the business can post to the page. This limits engagement but will keep your content in full view while customers are checking out your new Page.• Soon it will be possible to link your Business Page to your AdWords campaigns for your site. Doing so will aggregate all of your +1s from your Page, website, ads and search results to a single result.5 Things You Should Know About Google+ Business PagesPosted: 10 Nov 2011 08:20 AM PSTby Jason Miller
    22. 22. Google and Facebook buttons
    23. 23. Linking social mediaExamples:• Flickr and Facebook• Slideshare and LinkedIn• Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and music streaming service (internet music)
    24. 24. Internet Radio (music streaming service)• Pandora• Grooveshark• Rhapsody•• Turntable• 8tracks• WeAreHunted• Spotify
    25. 25. Description of additional SNS• Focus: Access advice, research and shared information to help with business decisions.• Technorati: Register your blog with this site that hosts a collection of writers and blogs for Business, Entertainment and Technology.• Mixx: Submit and rate content to drive traffic to your site.• StumbleUpon: Connect to other users through common interests.• Reddit: Upload articles, create a following and drive traffic to your site or blog.• Tubearoo: Create and share video content including interviews, tutorials and seminars• Ning: Design your own social network to connect customers, prospects, vendors and industry associates.• Delicious: Share interests and articles through tagging and networking.• Squidoo: Provide answers to questions about your industry and products/services.Should I Open A New Social Channel? 5 Questions To Ask YourselfPosted: 12 Oct 2011 12:57 PM PDTby Maria Pergolino
    26. 26. Additional SNS
    27. 27. ConclusionSome general statements:• Use of social media to interface and conduct business will increase in the coming years.• Greater need to understand how to use the technology effectively and productively.• SNS will likely yield greater collaboration and creative synthesis.
    28. 28. Any Questions?