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  1. 1. Passport to Research! A series of webinars and resources to help with your research needs RETURN to menu
  2. 2. Passport to Research • Learn valuable skills for using your digital content, finding key resources for research papers, and ensure your paper is written with proper grammar • All Students (online & residential), faculty and staff are encouraged to participate! • 3 chances to win a gift certificate! RETURN to menu
  3. 3. Instructions • Participate @ campus or online! • Helpful handout is available for download • In order to win a prize & completion certificate, a short assessment survey must be completed based on the links, videos and information given. • Quick tip: if you are using 2 monitors, open a browser on one and view the presentation on the other. RETURN to menu
  4. 4. Your Passport to Research Click below to participate in a specific segment Each segment is about 20 min to complete successfully • Research • Writing • Digital Content RETURN to menu
  5. 5. Research - About the library catalog & ebook collections – Introduction to Undergraduate Research: BOOKS • Watch the Rasmussen College Catalog Basic Search video: (4:26) • Watch the EBSCO eBooks video: (4:44) – How do I get a book from another campus library aka "place a hold"? • Watch video about How to get Rasmussen Materials sent to your campus or to your home if you are an online student: (3:24) – Tell me more about E-Books. • Choose 2 eBook collections to familiarize RETURN to menu
  6. 6. Research – about subscription journal article databases • What is Discovery? – Click on the “online tutorial” to view a video about using Discovery database (4:20) RETURN to menu
  7. 7. Research • Advanced Research assistance – Click through the presentation (4:00) RETURN to menu
  8. 8. Research survey Based on the links, videos and information given, complete the following to have a chance for the prizes https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PPTR2014Library RETURN to menu
  9. 9. WRITING • Using Grammarly – If you haven’t already, sign up for a FREE Grammarly account! • How to access the Writing Lab – Click on the following for an example of what a Writing Lab document might look like • Organizing Brainfuse to create an online study group – (5:40) RETURN to menu
  10. 10. Writing survey • Based on the links, videos and information given, complete the following to have a chance for the prizes https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PPTR2014LC RETURN to menu
  11. 11. Digital Content • Understanding what Digital Content means: – Digital Content Hub: – Watch video on CourseSmart Guide – Click on the Digital Fluency Guide • Watch video in Steps 1 (5:00) • Complete the QUIZ in Step 2 (Quiz) to see what YOUR digital fluency skill level is RETURN to menu
  12. 12. Digital Content • What are eTextbooks and where would I find them? • Is there a list of textbooks / classes so I know what type of course materials my class has: eTextbook, physical, or something else? • How can I get a paper or print copy of my eTextbook? – What does POP stand for? • CourseSmart, Thuze, PDF, oh my! RETURN to menu
  13. 13. Digital Content survey • Based on the links, videos and information given, complete the following to have a chance for the prizes https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PPTR2014DC RETURN to menu
  14. 14. Thank you for participating! Please click HERE to tell us what you thought! RETURN to menu