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Energy Energy Presentation Transcript

  • Madison V
    • Solar energy comes from the sun’s radiation.
    • There are two types of energy:
    • 1. Passive solar energy for example may
    • come from constructing a building to
    • face the sun which will catch the sun’s
    • heat through the windows.
    • 2.Active Solar energy for example gets
    • sunlight and turns it into electrical
    • energy.
    • Advantages:
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Economically Beneficial
    • Easily Accessible
    • Disadvantages:
    • Coast
    • Large area for solar panels
    • Pollution to panels
    • Only useful during the day
    • This energy is a heating of our oceans, earth, and atmosphere by the sun.
    • Wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity.
    • Advantages:
    • Free
    • Renewable resource
    • Clean
    • Non-polluting
    • Electricity
    • Disadvantages:
    • Unreliable
    • More turbines being needed to make a bigger impact.
    • It cost’s a lot of money to build more turbines.
    • In the process of building turbines it could endanger animals
    • Hydropower is the most important renewable source of energy.
    • These are some of the largest producers of hydropower: China, Canada, Brazil, and the United States
    • Advantages:
    • Renewable
    • Water provided by nature
    • Helps reduce green house gas
    • Low costs
    • Disadvantages:
    • Very high investment costs
    • Precipitation
    • Loss of fish habitat
    • Geo means the Earth.
    • Thermal means Heat. So the Earths Heat .
    • Geo Thermal
    • Erath Heat
    • Advantages:
    • Significant Cost Saving
    • Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels
    • Environmental Benefits
    • Direct Use
    • Job Creation and Economic Benefits
    • Disadvantages:
    • Not Widespread Source of Energy
    • High Installation Costs
    • Can Run Out of Steam
    • Suited To Particular Region
    • May Release Harmful Gases
    • Biofuels are made of mixed biological material.
    • Biofuels can be made of relatively any from ethanol, vegetable oil, wood, and even algae
    • Advantages:
    • They are non-toxic
    • Renewable
    • Biodiesel is biodegradable
    • Disadvantages:
    • Biofuels may raise the price of some certain foods.
    • Heavily dependent on Oil
    • Soil erosion will grow
    • Advantages:
    • Nuclear power is reliable
    • Produces small amounts of waste
    • Does not contribute to the green house affect.
    • Disadvantages:
    • A lot of money for safety
    • It can be a disaster if it grows wrong
    • Very dangerous
    • I think that Biofuels are the best out of the six because it is non-toxic, renewable, and it does not let out green house gases also safer for the environment.
    • wind_energy.html