License to Cull


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Introduction to Creative Commons, copyright, licensing, and fair use.

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License to Cull

  1. 1. "License To Cull"withCreative Commonsby Karen Blumberg
  2. 2. Two 8th grade boys asked for helpinserting a YouTube video into theiriMovie project.They wanted a clip of the Earthrotating and the sun rising.I had a long conversation with them."Just In Time" Learning
  3. 3. Conversation started with...
  4. 4. led us to the Hubblecast...
  5. 5. CopyrightInformation
  6. 6. Attribution 3.0 UnportedYou are free:●To share -- to copy, distribute and transmit the work●To Remix -- to adapt the workUnder the following conditions:Attribution -- You must attribute the work in the mannerspecified by the author or licensor (but not in any waythat suggests that they endorse you or your use of thework).
  7. 7. What is Creative Commons?"We provide free licenses and otherlegal tools to mark creative workwith the freedom the creator wantsit to carry, so others can share,remix, use commercially, or anycombination thereof."
  8. 8. AttributionAttribution Share AlikeAttribution No DerivativesAttribution Non-CommercialAttribution Non-Commercial Share AlikeAttribution Non-Commercial No DerivativesThe different CC licenses
  9. 9.© is optional"Copyright attaches immediately upon fixation ofan expressive work...and saving to a hard drivecounts."Wendy Seltzer, HLSs Berkman Center for Internet and Society
  10. 10. standards for teachersNETS-T4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship andResponsibilitya. Teachers advocate, model, and teachsafe, legal, and ethical use of digitalinformation and technology, including respectfor copyright, intellectual property, and theappropriate documentation of sources.
  11. 11. standards for studentsNETS-S5. Digital Citizenshipa. advocate and practice safe, legal, andresponsible use of information and technology
  12. 12. Barack Obama "Hope" poster the news: The Artist
  13. 13. Lawrence Lessig, co-founderof Creative Commons, shareshis book, Free Culture online. the news: The Lawyer/Writer
  14. 14. Radiohead"House of Cards" video the news: The Music
  15. 15. Limewires $1 billion fineversusBPs $69 million fine the news: The Lawsuit
  16. 16. Commons Search
  17. 17. Flickr Search
  18. 18. Google Search
  19. 19. Wikimedia Commons Reverse Image Searchhttp://www.tineye.comFotopedia to Google
  20. 20. Other online resourcesNYPL Digital Gallery & Life Pictureshttp://www.timelifepictures.comNational Geographic Photography of Congress
  21. 21. citations with EasyBib
  22. 22. ●Locate family portraits, artifacts, CC images●Locate CC music●Use Garageband, iMovie, Keynote, Powerpoint tomix media together (images, text, music, voice)●Cite with EasyBibMake an Identity Slideshow
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