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Study for an Oil and Gas LLM at RGU

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The new wonderful_oil_and_gas_brochure

  1. 1. enhance your career inenergypractical rewardingflexible accreditedmy time my career my future LLM/MSc Oil and Gas Law
  2. 2. History of Oil and Gas in AberdeenAberdeen is recognised throughout the world as aninternational energy capital. Its engineering and technologyexpertise is exported around the globe, building on a longhistory of international trade and global communications.
  3. 3. HistoryAberdeen has been home to the international Oil and Gas industryfor over 35 years, when oil was first discovered in the North Sea.The industry was attracted here because of the city’s status as aninternational trading port with a natural harbour and over eightcenturies of trade. This was also supported by the city’s excellentcommunications network with airport, heliport and rail links, theresource available from the city’s two universities and, not least, bythe region’s innovative and pioneering spirit.International Trade Oil and gas activity will continue to be a drivingfactor for Aberdeen’s economy for several decades and withlong term confidence in the future of offshore operations, the citycontinues to be acknowledged as the Energy Capital of EuropeWorld Class ExpertiseAberdeen based businesses have forty years oil and gasexperience and have developed world class engineeringexpertise in drilling, well technology, well intervention, pipelinetechnology, control systems, subsea, smart instrumentation,monitoring, oilfield logistics, and design and construction. Thegreatest concentration of subsea expertise in the world is locatedin Aberdeen.Global Energy CapitalThe city is now home to more than 3,000 international energycompanies, from multi-national operators to large-scale serviceproviders and innovation focused SMEs. Together theseorganisations provide a critical mass of energy industry activity,which underpins Aberdeen’s status as a Global Energy Capital.Renewable EnergyAberdeen’s energy businesses are again diversifying andcapitalising on new opportunities. The city is now hailing theemergence of Renewable Energy and applying the technology,skills and processes developed for the oil and gas industry toglobal opportunities in renewables.Aberdeen truly has the resource and capability to identify andexploit global energy sector business opportunities and to leadthe development of a 21st century energy industry in the UK.
  4. 4. OIL AND GAS LAWLLM/MScPart-time Full-timeSemester 1 (Year 1) Semester 1 (Year 1)• Energy Law and Policy • Energy Law and Policy• Energy Taxation • Energy Taxation • Oil and Gas Law • Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas LawSemester 2 (Year 1)• Oil and Gas Contract Law Exit with Postgraduate certificate• Renewable Energy Issues (PgCert)Exit with Postgraduate certificate(PgCert) Semester 2 (Year 1) • Oil and Gas Contract Law • Renewable Energy IssuesSemester 3 (Year 2) Choose from:• Oil and Gas Law• Environmental Aspects of Oil and Route A Gas Law • Arbitration Practice and Procedure • Arbitration Law Route BSemester 4 (Year 2) • Oil and Gas ManagementChoose from: • Dispute Resolution in Oil and Gas ContractingRoute A• Arbitration Practice and Procedure Exit with Postgraduate Diploma• Arbitration Law (PgDip)Route B• Oil and Gas Management Semester 3 (Year 1)• Dispute Resolution in Oil and Gas Contracting • DissertationExit with Postgraduate Diploma Exit with Masters (LLM/MSc)(PgDip)Semester 5 (Year 3)• DissertationExit with Masters (LLM/MSc)
  5. 5. Mode of Study CAREER OPPORTUNITIESOn-Campus (full time and part time) FURTHER ACADEMIC RESEARCHDistance Learning (full time and part time) OPPORTUNITIES• PgCert 4 months (full time) The Oil and Gas Law course recognises the lack of rigorous or 12 months (part time) academic publications in the oil and gas law field. Key issues will be addressed and are considered throughout the course.• PgDip 8 months (full time) For those students interested in further academic research or 24 months (part time) there will be the chance to develop this further in different forms, e.g. research projects, Masters Dissertation or• MSc/LLM 12 months (full time) doctorate/PhD level research. There is also the opportunity or 30 months (part time) to present research findings for journal articles, textbooks, Oil and Gas Law conferences and other publications. (PgCert/PgDip/MSc/LLM)The LLM/MSc Oil and Gas Law has at it’s centre practical in-depthknowledge and understanding of the main legal issues arising inthe oil and gas industry. The course develops a number of skills,both practical and academic, and a detailed understanding of thediverse range of legal problems and issues in the industry.AimsThis course is aimed at oil and gas professionals and/or graduatesfrom any jurisdiction. The course provides the opportunity tocritically assess and examine key legal issues in the oil and gassector both in the UK and in other leading jurisdictions. By theend of the course you will have developed the analytical skills andknowledge to provide them with a solid foundation for work inthe oil and gas sector.The course team have a wealth of experience in law, businessand the Oil & Gas industry and have designed the course withemployability and practical skills at its core.· William J Craig· Leon Moller· John KarlbergEntry RequirementsNormally a first degree in a relevant discipline is preferred, butnot essential - relevant experience in the oil and gas sector mayoffer an acceptable substitute for a formal undergraduate degree.All international students, for whom English is not their firstlanguage, must gain either IELTS 6.5 or TO EFL 570 (230 on thecomputerised test)
  6. 6. CAREER PROSPECTSThis LLM/MSc Oil and Gas Law course will enhance your ability, professional standing and employability within the oil and gas industry.There is an increasing need for knowledge of the legal technicalities that affect the oil industry today. Masters level is a very highlyregarded asset in any professional or academic sector. The oil and gas industry is no exception, and this qualification is key to careeradvancement.Law students at Aberdeen Business School have excellent graduate employment prospects. Our close links with industry and professionalaccreditation helps ensure that our graduates are well equipped to meet the needs of employers globally. Our graduates are employedworldwide in all sectors – industrial, governmental, technical, administrative, operational and self-employed – in companies such as AgipOil, Halliburton, Amec, Marathon, Schlumberger, Shell, Stolt Offshore, Total and Weatherford.TESTIMONIALSHaving worked within the oil and gas industry for the past 17 Having worked as a contracts engineer for a subsea constructionyears, with 10 of those being within a commercial/contractual company for almost 4 years I decided that I wanted to expandsphere, I decided that in order to assist with my career my legal knowledge on oil and gas related issues that I use ondevelopment, I should consider a Legal Course that would not a daily basis in my working life. I had previously completed myonly enhance and compliment my existing knowledge base but BA(Hons) Law and Management at RGU which had given me analso support me in my working environment. In order to maintain insight into general legal issues such as contract law, so I knewmy day job combined with studying it was important for me to that RGU was a good place to study. I found out that Oil and Gassecure a programme of study that allowed flexibility and having law was taught through distance learning which was a must foralready completed a Postgraduate Course in Management me as I work full time and attending classes would be difficult.through RGU’s Virtual Campus programme I was delighted tofind that they offered the Oil & Gas Law course through this Once I started the course I found the variety of topics coveredmode of study. This course was more akin to my requirements extremely enjoyable. I also liked interacting with other studentsthan a general legal course, whereby over the term of the via the forums on the portal, which was invaluable to me as aprogramme I was due to tackle areas specific to those faced distance learning student as I would have no interaction withby my existing employer including: renewable energy; doing classmates without overseas; mergers and acquisitions and understandingthe laws, structure and processes associated with the oil and I have not graduated yet from this course but I am already beinggas industry. As Contracts Manager of a major Subsea company able to apply some of the theory learnt in my day to day working is imperative that I keep abreast of the legal issues affecting My job entails responding to tender packages from clients, pricingthe industry to ensure the protection of the company whilst the work to be carried out, reviewing and ultimately negotiatingmaintaining compliance and this course certainly provides me contracts. This course applies as it is giving me greater exposurewith the knowledge to assist me with key decision making and the to some of the legal issues that need to be negotiated within thecompetency to provide guidance to other work colleagues. contract and it is giving me an insight to the view points of an operator. For example in one of the modules we looked at permitsRGU has a wealth of Oil and Gas knowledge available to them and licensing regimes for oil and gas exploration, this is somethingthrough their industry contacts and I would recommend this I have never had any exposure to in the past but has given me ancourse to like minded professionals who wish to gain a broader appreciation for what an operator must do before they come tounderstanding of the legal complexities pertaining to the Oil and contractors, such as the company I work for, to install infrastructureGas Industry which will assist them in tackling the issues facing the required for exploration. This course was recommended to me by aindustry on a day to day basis. college and I would be more than happy to recommend it to others, it is definitely a useful course to study and is going to be so beneficial toJason Keith, LLM/MSc Oil and Gas Law my career in the oil and gas industry. Elaine Skene, LLM/Msc Oil and Gas Law
  7. 7. How to apply Visit: Tel: +44 (0)1224 262728 Fax: +44 (0)1224 262147 E-mail: Contact Us William J Craig (Course Leader, LLM/ MSc Oil & Gas Law) E: T: +44 (0) 1224 263417 LLM/MSc Oil and Gas Law is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and the Energy InstituteThe Robert Gordon University, a Scottish charity registered under charity number SCO13781