Sanchez1Anna SanchezMrs. RogersEnglish IV07 October 2012                                         Cultural Dancing       Ge...
Sanchez2       One great fun activity that anyone could participate in could be the most popular thingright now,Zumba danc...
Sanchez3at a party and just moving around while working out and although this is easy you’ll still leavesoar. And the toug...
Sanchez4everything their ancestors did had a very special meaning to their music. This dance activityincludes teaching peo...
Sanchez5       Dances come in different forms, depending on the type of music that comes along withthem. Therefore everyon...
Sanchez6foods. Especially those foods your ancestors used to eat and have the opportunity to taste themand if willing to c...
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Cultural Dancing


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Cultural Dancing

  1. 1. Sanchez1Anna SanchezMrs. RogersEnglish IV07 October 2012 Cultural Dancing Generations go through many changes some know their entire cultural background andancestry while other generations know absolutely nothing about who they are or where theyoriginate from. This being the case with today’s generations people are uninformed about theirculture or other people’s culture. People could care less about others and their believes but thiscould be changed if young people would participate in dance activities. This would allow peopleto learn about their history, ancestry and cultural backgrounds. Being involved in a fun activitysuch as dancing could help change behavioral issues with people. If anyone where to participatein a dance class they would be entertained in something productive and not have time to get intotrouble. Not only that but in this activity people would be having fun while they are beinginformed of other cultures. Cultural dancing is learning while having fun. This activity works to helppeople expressthemselves in new ways not involving language and verbal usage. Cultural dancing would helppeople by teaching them to develop thinking, personal and interpersonal skill. People would belearning to cooperate with one another and learn to trust others. This activityis something funwhere everyone fits in. However the only challenging thing would be if they are having troublewith flexibility, agility, coordination, grace, sense of tempo or being able to feel the music movethrough them(Herrick).
  2. 2. Sanchez2 One great fun activity that anyone could participate in could be the most popular thingright now,Zumba dance. Zumba is a very fun activity that involves dancingto bicultural music,so every time you work out, it will be to different music. Although Zumba is very popular rightnow this was not always the case. When Columbian migrant Beto Perez came to Miami lookingfor is big break in 1999. He was turned down by everyone he went to see about his program. Noone was giving him the chance. One day he approached entrepreneur Alberto Perlman and hewas given an opportunity to show Perlman what Zumba was. While Perez showed Mr. Perlmanthe program, a crowd gathered wanting to know where they could go to sign up for this activity,Perez was hired to start the Zumba program(Magazine). When a person joins Zumba they will be introduced to a new way of dance involvingexercise. A person will have a great work out dancing to different Latin rhythms such as:merengue, salsa, flamingo, samba, tango, reggae, cumbia, belly dancing, tribal and many more.In this activity you will never repeat anything every time you go in for a session you havesomething new to do. Starting from the warm up routine all the way down to cooling down afterthis you’ll feel great. Zumba also provides many physical and mental health benefits and isestimated that a person will lose between 50-100 calories if you keep going regularly(Magazine).While doing Zumba you willexperience body toning and have a balance between co-ordinationfor your heart and mind. This activity provides everyone a great whole body workout workingwith everything from your head all the way down to your feet. Everyone would have a bigbenefit because it doesn’t matter if you like to work out or not or if you’re a beginner all the wayto an advance learner zumba works to benefit everyone the same way. However,the creatorsknow that not everyone feels comfortablebeing with athletics or advanced learners. SoZumbadecided to offer eight different classes from the mildest Zumba fitness which is like being
  3. 3. Sanchez3at a party and just moving around while working out and although this is easy you’ll still leavesoar. And the toughest called Sentao which is choreographed to strengthen your core and set upa cardio work out. Also Zumba is not only a physical body improvement it is also mentallygood for people. It produces endorphins (feel-good) hormones, which are released into the bloodstream after a person finishes with a dancing. This is benefitual to people suffering fromdepression because it’ll help their stress levels lower(Bowling). This activity is estimated to haveyou wanting to visit Latin places and wanting to learn so much about where this bicultural musiccame from it also guarantees that you’ll have no clue you are participating in a different culturesactivity. Since Zumba is mostly working out, cultural dancing not so much cultural dancingteaches a person to move along with the music are learning its meanings. A person will be veryinterested learning about key movements and of secret meanings their body language could havewhile they express themselves in different ways. For someone to be able to like cultural dance class they would have to be willing toacknowledge other cultures, not be self-centered and want to learn about them. Therefor culturaldance focuses on teaching people the meaning of certain dances, their originations and theirimportance. In cultural dance a main focus would be to teach people that every dance is not thesame and that each symbolizes different things. This information would be giving depending onthe personal believe concerning certain types of music. Cultural dace will teach students thatback then every dance had a different meaning to their ancestors. This at many times ranked inannouncing the birth of someone important, the celebration of a marriage, announcing a war oreven trying to change the weather forecast.Everyone would learn that human creativity anddance symbolisms had a great role in the meanings of music. By learning this they’ll learn that
  4. 4. Sanchez4everything their ancestors did had a very special meaning to their music. This dance activityincludes teaching people of different dance origins. This includes learning about dance place ofbirth, year/century it got started in and the kind of people that got the dances’ started. This type of dance class is very unique and important because it will teach young peopleof its importance in society and why it should be something all generations participate in.Cultural dance should not be allowed to die because off all the things it has to teach. Like howeach ethical group belonged to a certain type of music which included its own dress code andway of behavior that reinforced their acceptance in other communities. Not only this but itwould help today’s societies not forget about their family history and cultural background. Thiswould include people to be informed of their economic and political consequences that today’sgenerations have gone through. Because today’s type of dance and music doesn’t have anythingto do with political consequences and back then it did. This would inform everyone about manythings and they would end up knowing about how many things in history got started just becauseof a simple dance. A very fun, interesting new dance that was lately introduced into the world of culturaldance is Tribal. It is a mixture of jumping around and basically going around incircles. It wasintroduces by Indian tribes but was unknown until about to years ago. When in Texas someLatin Americans came up with a new catchy dance with a new type of techno music. Along withintroducing new music the dance came along with some strange new footwear, boots or betterknown as BotasPicudas/ Tribaleras. The dance is not so popular in the American communitybut they are huge in the Latin community. And as soon as more people hear about it more andmore people will want to be moving around to this new techno tribe dance(Treks).
  5. 5. Sanchez5 Dances come in different forms, depending on the type of music that comes along withthem. Therefore everyone will be introduced to many dances and music styles. Forms of dancein cultural dance included ballet, modern jazz, and various ethical music groups. Also the classwould teach the young people to be able to tell the difference in every music. For instants manypeople today mistake folk dance and it music with clog dancing. But they are to completelydifferent things because each teaches an individual something completely different. In this classstudents would be presented to different types of dances some fast moving such as Oddisssiclassical, tap dance and the dance of the mimicking animals (Many times danced for a certaintype of hunting reason or to show how important an animal was for them.), deranges dance,square dance and la danza Azteca(Graffon). Something else that is nice about cultural dancing is that it is very healthy and benefitsstudents in so many ways. One way in which it benefits is that it helps build strong muscles andbones. A person will gain strength from leaping, skipping, tumbling, running and basically justmoving around everywhere. Everyone in this class would have their bodies moving in variousways. The dance will have you stretching, jumping and doing a lot of strength with your handsgiving you a lot of muscular strength(Herrick). Which you’ll continue to have as long as youkeep getting involved in this class, your muscles will get stronger and stronger. By doing all thisactivities you won’t even notice that you’re learning about cultural dance. Not only will a personhave gained muscular strength but bone strength too. Due to the fact that this dance involves alot of joint related moves it helping them get stronger bones. Which is helpful because it teachesof many things your ancestors did to stay strong and healthy leading to not getting hurt so easily.Having all this benefits introduced to a person’s health there would be a gain in muscular andbone stimulation. In this activity you would be learning about many organic and nutritional
  6. 6. Sanchez6foods. Especially those foods your ancestors used to eat and have the opportunity to taste themand if willing to change your diets as well. Another health benefit of cultural dancing is that is reduces stress levels. It helpsanindividual not be so stressed out(Craddock). It does this by giving them something fun to do andkeep their minds off of anything that might be worrying them. It teaches a person that there cannever be something so bad a little dance and knowledge can’t help them get over their worriesfor a little while, and change their sense of thought. The good thing about having this mentalhealth benefit is that. You will be able to stay in an average weight range. The reason of thisbeing the case is that when a person is too stressed out they tend to eat too much and not domuch moving around. While in cultural dance you won’t have time to think about yourproblems and be moving around most of the time, leading to being in good health. When apersongets involved in this activity they’ll have much physical and mental health beneficialoutcomes. This will help anyone from gaining a lot of excessive weight, reduce their stresslevels while increasing life satisfaction and prevent cardiac risks. So not only does culturaldancing give you something fun and interesting to do but it also will give you historicalknowledge. Due to all the good benefits gained from Zumba and Cultural Dancing a personshould really think about joining one of this programs. So at least you can try and experimentwith something different and unique give Zumba or Cultural dance a chance you won’t regret it.