MSU Flathead and ChannelCare case study


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Flathead County WIC center uses ChannelCare digital signage to improve health literacy in rural Montana

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MSU Flathead and ChannelCare case study

  1. 1. ChannelCare® digital signage enhances health literacy A case study: Flathead City - County Health Department, Montana“ ChannelCare is the idealmedium for enhancing ourhealth literacy communications ”efforts. Leslie Deck, MPA, CHES Health promotion coordinatorThe Flathead City – County Health Departmentin Flathead County, Montana employs Vericom’sChannelCare digital signage in its Women,Infants, and Children’s Center (WIC). The WICprogram provides supplemental nutrition to lowincome pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding The importance of health literacywomen and children. According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Title V, the ultimate measureLow health literacy is an issue this center routinely of strong health literacy is the degree to whichfaces, and providers and educators strive to an individual has the ability to use health informationcommunicate information via digital signage to make the right health choices. Every day, peoplein a way that makes it easier for audiences to take encounter situations that involve life-alteringaction to improve their health and use services at decisions about their health, yet nearly 9 out of 10the center. Messaging informs the community adults have problems understanding and using healthabout car seat programs, cancer prevention, information (Centers for Disease Control andimmunizations, home visit programs for pregnant Prevention {CDC}).women, teen pregnancy programs, and pubertyand reproductive health classes.
  2. 2. The CDC asserts that without a clear understanding ChannelCare provides a built-in content libraryof health information, people are likely to allowing clients to select pre-made messages“skip necessary medical tests, end up in the designed to promote health education and supportemergency room more often, and have a harder time their programs. This content library makesmanaging chronic diseases like diabetes or high it easy for the health department to routinely chooseblood pressure.” The problem of low health literacy new messages to keep programming the Flathead County community impacts the abilityto access and effectively use critical services to ChannelCare plays to a captive waiting audienceprevent illness, encourage wellness, and get who benefits from health education content theynecessary treatment. wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise.The high definition messaging is engaging and pertinent to the location.“ According to Leslie Deck, MPA, CHES, health ChannelCare is easily promotion coordinator at the center, “The images are awesome, the software is easyunderstandable, so audiences to use, and most people have rated the messagescan begin to make necessary ” as being very informative and relevant accordingbehavior changes. to survey feedback.” Leslie Deck, MPA, CHES Future communication plans at Health promotion coordinator Flathead City-County Health Department How ChannelCare helps improve ”A lot of our communication plans for the futurehealth literacy involve teaching people how to stay healthy on a budget. How to exercise when you don’t haveChannelCare content motivates audiences to take access to a health club or equipment andaction, influencing them to get screened, eat right generally eating well for little cost,” says Deck.and exercise, quit smoking, and more. If audiences “We know ChannelCare is the ideal mediumcan’t understand health information, they can’t act for enhancing our health literacy communicationson it. Vericom’s health writers, clinicians, and efforts to ensure we not only deliver the messaginggraphic artists use health literacy techniques such as: important to our center, but that it is easily understandable so audiences can begin to make • Avoiding the use of medical jargon necessary behavior changes.” • Keeping the information focused on a single aspect of a topic • Using images that reinforce the meaning of the text Copyright © 2012 Vericom Corporation 1000 Holcomb Woods Parkway, Suite 408 • Roswell, GA 30076 800.800.1090 |