GAA 2010 -- Marketing Mishaps
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GAA 2010 -- Marketing Mishaps



Georgia Apartment Association 2010 Educational Conference session titled "Marketing Mishaps", presented by Virginia Love of Waterton Residential and Kara Rice of Grace Hill.

Georgia Apartment Association 2010 Educational Conference session titled "Marketing Mishaps", presented by Virginia Love of Waterton Residential and Kara Rice of Grace Hill.



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GAA 2010 -- Marketing Mishaps GAA 2010 -- Marketing Mishaps Presentation Transcript

  • OOPS! Marketing Mishaps
    GAA 2010
    October 2, 2010
    Virginia Love & Kara Rice
  • Sometimes, mistakes are obvious…
  • Soon Fat Chinese Take Away
  • Me Buy Gold
  • Green Pastures Commons
  • Crapi Apartments
  • Sometimes, you’re able to perfectly communicate your message simply…
  • No Unattended Kids
  • In Case There Was Any Confusion
  • Maybe product placement is the issue?
  • Cheap Airport Parking
  • Airport Security Bin
  • Luggage Tag
  • KFC Double Down
  • The Iceberg Effect:
    10% what you see
    90% what you don’t
  • Failure falls into two categories:
  • Bad Ideas
    • You can’t “outcool” Apple, so don’t even try
    • Marketing with benefits and brand trumps marketing with data points
    • Not considering your audience
    • K.I.S.S
  • Bad Execution
    • No overall objective
    • No testing
    • No tracking device
  • You own it ALL!
  • Take Responsibility
    For What’s Out There
    • Print and Internet Ads
    • Photos…just plain ugly
    • Social Media Posts
  • Take Responsibility For What’s Out There
    • Broken links are unacceptable
  • Take Responsibility For What’s Out There
    Advertised Actual
  • Review Sites
  • Apartment Ratings,
    • Respond
    • Apologize
    • Move On
  • Apartment Ratings,
    LOUD construction going on outside my window starts at 6:30am. This vibrates my apt. and between the drilling and hammering I can't hear myself think. Security is a nightmare as any guest you bring back will have to wait in a 20 min line to get their photo taken. Then you have to wait another 20 min in line waiting for another elevator. They say they have 4 elevators per tower but only 2 works at a time. Management double booked my move in elevator and I had to complete with a mean woman who was yelling at me that "this ain't my problem". I would NOT recommend this place to anybody! Downtown Ghetto
  • Apartment Ratings,
    When I first considered Presidential Towers and I came in and spoke to a representative and got a tour, I absolutely fell in love with it. However, by accident, while I was online at home, I came upon reviews for Presidential Towers and was surprised by all the negative remarks. I read almost all the reviews, complaining, bad management, raised prices for things that were once free, etc.
  • Apartment Ratings,
    BETTER! (continued)
    At the time, I had a friend who was living in PT and I asked him how he felt about living here and when he heard of the negative reviews, he was just as shocked as I was. He said his apartment was absolutely spotless when he moved in, maintenance seemed on task, and the staff was friendly. Knowing him personally, I decided to take his word for it over the reviews online despite my skepticism and I am very happy that I did.The fact of the matter is, people don't usually to go out of their way to write reviews unless they have something negative to say. There are tons of other people here who seem to enjoy PT, but where are their reviews?
  • Craigslist: The Bad, The Terrible, The Why Even Bother
  • What’s in Your Title? Long Tail Searches!
    • Great Deal and Convenient Walk to Piedmont Park, Cafes, and MARTA. PETS WELCOMED.
    • One Bedroom w/ Flex Space, FREE WIFI, $749! It’s an Office, Guest Room…YOU DECIDE
    • 2 Bedroom with Washer/Dryer in the heart of Buckhead for $999 per month. No Deposit!
    • Short Term Rental in Downtown Chicago, $1795 per month. Free Parking!
  • What’s in Your Title? Long Tail Searches!
    And the NOT SO GOOD:
    • NoHoFoSho Junior 1 Bedroom
    • Apartment with bedrooms for rent
    • Pool, Fitness Center, etc
    • Oh Yeah, This Apartment Has All the right Stuff
  • Too Much Info!
    How do you eat an elephant?
    • Sell ONE apartment
    • Use bullets
    • Include floor plan
    • Photos of targeted apartments
  • Improving Search Engine Optimization
  • Good SEO Strategy
    • Dynamic Content
    • Low Bounce Rate
    • Competitive Key Words
    • Internet Mapping
    • Google Maps
    • Bing Locator
    • Yahoo Local Listing
    • Optimize Domain Selection
    • Mega-Tags
    • Titles
    • Mobile Site
    • Blog
    • Updated Content
    • Flash
    Enter Another Dimension...A world of leisure, elegance and sophistication. At the Meridian we have combined the ultimate in luxury living with an atmosphere designed for your lifestyle. Inside your home you’ll find thoughtful touches of crown molding accents, designer carpeting and gas fireplaces in addition to fully equipped gourmet kitchens and garden-style oval soaking tubs. Discover a home created for you, and step into another dimension at The Meridian.
  • AFTER:
    Meridian apartments in Hot Coffee, MS offers spacious studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent with washers and dryers in all homes, gas ranges, microwaves, central heating and air, and private patios or balconies. Our pet friendly community is gated for privacy and features 2 swimming pools, 3 spas, private yards, a fitness center and play areas. Garages with remotes are available starting at only $55.00 per month. Our and professionally managed apartment community is just minutes from the 285 freeway, Downtown Atlanta and Emory University.
  • Lazy Marketing Mistakes
  • Nothing Happens Until a Sale is Made
    • Create budget first, goals second (if at all)
    • Being a one-day wonder
    • Delegate then gone
    • Not consulting the sales force
  • It Ain’t Sexy…but It’s Profitable
  • Tracking Results
    • Ready, Aim, Fire beats Ready, Fire, Aim every time!
    • Unique phone
    • Unique URL
    • Inexpensive Splash Page
  • Know your audience
  • Who, Where, When?
  • The Audience
  • The Marketing Initiative
  • The Audience
  • The Marketing Initiative
  • People hate to be humiliated
  • Example A: This is Brad
  • Disconnect dooms your initiative
  • Think your idea ALL the way through
  • Chevy Tahoe gets more than they bargained for
    Click to Play
  • Kings Crossing Apartments,
    Las Vegas
    “Where we treat you like royalty”
    If it’s easy and obvious….beware!
  • Watch your spending. Your clients are.
  • Customers Resent Frivolous Spending
    “You guys are getting fancy new furniture in the clubhouse but you can’t fix my leaking roof?!”
  • When Good Gifts Go Bad
    • Thanks for “Bearing” with us
    • I have an idea where you can put this Monte Blanc pen
    • While my project was delayed, you had time for re-branding?
  • Social Media is a game changer
  • “Too Fat to Fly” scandal unfolds over Twitter
  • SM changes Customer Service forever
    Unhappy customer tells 11 people
    Unhappy customer tells 1100 people… or 11,000
  • Lost in Translation
  • Case Study:Presidential Towers
    • Attitudes improve when you are transparent
    • If you can’t dress it up, don’t
    • Act, don’t react
    • Never under-estimate good PR
    • Change isn’t hard… it’s REALLY hard
  • Case Study:Presidential Towers
    • We decided to OWN IT
  • Case Study:Presidential Towers
    • We decided to OWN IT
  • Case Study:Presidential Towers
    What I learned for $175,000:
    • Segmentation studies
    • Focus Groups
    • Other expensive feedback
  • Case Study:Presidential Towers
    • Your Choice Sweepstakes
    8000+ Online Entries
    2800+ Unique Registrants
    1500+ Twitter Followers
    12,500 reached w/ street teams
    64 Referrals w/ RMOL
  • Virginia Love
    Kara Rice
    GAA 2010
    October 2, 2010
    Virginia Love & Kara Rice