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You need to know this information for the handbook quiz. You will need to earn 90% or higher. This is your first grade and is worth 10 points

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Ths handbook ppt

  1. 1. Thurston High SchoolParent/Student Handbook
  2. 2. 1. Thurston High School will be open at 7:00 am every morning. Students will not be permitted inside the school before ____ 7:00 am.2. When the 7:40 bell rings, students will not be allowed to “hangout” in hallways, roam the hallways, stand against the wall, or talk to their friends. Students must go directly to 1st their locker or their ________ period class. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action.3. Students are considered late to school if they are not in their 7:45 am first period class by_______.
  3. 3. 4. Student I.D. Badges Students are required to visibly display _________________during the school hours, during lunch, and while riding the school bus. Students are also required to carry I.D. badges at ALL school-sponsored events. Each student in the senior high school shall be issued a student identification badge/card. The student identification card must be produced on request of ANY School District employee or other personnel authorized by law to deal with matters of pupil behavior or discipline. Failure to display the student identification card may be grounds for suspension.5. Students that leave campus without checking out will receive disciplinary consequences _______________.6. Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students are required to remain in the building ___________during the lunch period. Seniors--with signed permission slips and visibly displayed picture IDs--have out of building lunch privileges. In order to reduce classroom disruptions, plan ahead. Outside lunches brought to ANY students before or during the lunch periods should have prior arrangements made with that student for pick up in the front office. Classrooms and lunch periods will not be disrupted for delivery of outside lunches.
  4. 4. 7. True or False - Seniors who have out of building lunch privileges are permitted to bring outside food back into the building following their lunch period. FALSE __________ Extra Curricular8. Students not participating in an ______________________ activity or receiving academic tutoring must exit the building no later than 2:45.9. True or False - To be eligible to participate in athletics, a student must have passed 4 out of 6 classes the previous semester (Michigan High School Athletic Association requirement).In order to participate in athletics; a student must have achieved a grade point average of 1.50 or higher for the prior semester. A student who fails to meet the required grade point average for eligibility for a semester may reestablish eligibility for the second quarter for the semester by achieving the required grade point average during the first quarter of that semester. Athletes must be in attendance the entire school day the day of a meet or contest to be eligible to participate in that meet or contest. TRUE ___________
  5. 5. 10. Students from other schools ______---- visit THS CAN NOT without proper approval from the principal.11. All excused absences should be turned in to the ----- Front Office _________ _________ (including doctor’s notes, court orders, verification of death in family, religious holiday, etc.).12. All Student activities are a privilege. Students should be aware that they can lose these privileges Behavior as a consequence of -_____________ or attendance issues.
  6. 6. 13. Cell phones and electronic devices must be kept off andnot in use from 7:40 a.m. to 2:29 p.m. Possession of a cellphone/electronic device at school will result in disciplinary_________________. Consequences14. Refusal to give a cell phone/electronic device to anyteacher or school official will result in Suspension__________________.15. True or False - Distribution of indecent materials is aCriminal offense. These materials include but are notlimited to, photographs, videos, texts, or other visualmethods containing images of a sexual nature or exposingones sexual organs or transmitting sexually suggestive TRUEmaterial to others within the school environment. _______
  7. 7. 16. True (A)/False (B) - The following will not bepermitted at Thurston High School: low cut blouses orshirts and jeans, slacks or shorts worn below the waist.Bare midriffs, spandex, and spaghetti strap tank tops, arenot permitted. TRUE________.17. Clothing cannot bear anything obscene, immoral, orprofane in content. Clothing that promotes violence,alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex is not allowed. Anythingthat contributes to a hostile school environment oranything that is deemed inappropriate by any school Personnel or Officials___________________ to be morally compromising orthat compromises good citizenship will not be permitted.
  8. 8. 18. Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall measure noshorter than ____ inches from mid-kneecap are not 3permitted.19. True/False - Blankets, pajamas, and slippers areconsidered acceptable dress at Thurston HighSchool. _________ FALSE20. True/False - The wearing of underwear as outerclothing, hats, bandannas, pajama bottoms, headcoverings, ear buds and sunglasses are not allowedat Thurston High School. ________ TRUE
  9. 9. 21. If a student is in violation of the dress code theymust change their clothing and contact theirParents/Guardians______________ and/or face suspension upexpulsion.22. _________________ of any type, including ear Headphonesbuds, are not permitted to be worn inside thebuilding between 7:40 am and 2:29 pm. If they areworn, they will be confiscated and a parent willhave to retrieve the item.
  10. 10. 23. True /False - Handling, selling, possessing, using, or being under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol at school functions or on any school property or at any school sponsored activity is prohibited. Students caught with alcohol or illicit drugs will face TRUE disciplinary consequences up to expulsion. ________24. Use or possession of any ____________ product is TOBACCO not permitted in the school buildings or on the school campus. Students who violate the tobacco rule will be subject to disciplinary action.25. Any student in the hallway during class must possess PASS an official school hall _____________.
  11. 11. 26. Hall passes will not be issued to students to make Vendingpurchases from ____________ machines for any reason.27. Students are responsible for making arrangements Teacherswith their ____________ to make up all work missed dueto absences.28. True /False - Unwelcome sexual advances, requestsfor sexual favors, and other inappropriate oral, written,or physical conduct of a sexual nature when made by astudent or staff member to another student or staffmember constitutes sexual harassment and will result indisciplinary consequences and police involvement. TRUE_________
  12. 12. 29. True/False - Driving to school is a right;students can never lose their driving privilegesby violating school policies regarding absences,tardies, or other behavior issues. _________ FALSE30. True (A)/False (B) - Rules that apply atschool also apply to riding the bus. TRUE ______
  13. 13. 31. True (A)/False (B) - “A student shall not knowinglypossess, handle, or transmit any object that can reasonably beconsidered a weapon or dangerous instrument either on theschool grounds or off the school grounds at any schoolactivity, function, or event. This rule applies to any firearm,explosive (including firecrackers), knife, and any otherdangerous objects. Students in possession of a dangerousweapon or firearm, or who commit arson or rape on schooldistrict property or at school district events, shall bepermanently expelled from school and shall be referred to thecriminal justice system or juvenile delinquency system and thestate or county department of social services or communitymental health agency. The student and the students parentor legal guardian shall be notified of the referral.” (MCL-380.1311,380.1313). TRUE ______________
  14. 14. 32. Even though we have very few fights at FIGHTING school, THS will not tolerate ___________ at all. Students involved in a fight will be referred to the Redford Township Police Department for Disturbing the Peace in a public building. In our effort to resolve conflicts before larger difficulties emerge, we have established a peer mediation program. Students are trained to mediate disputes among their peers. Students, teachers, parents, or administrators can recommend a mediation session for parties in a dispute.
  15. 15. 33. True /False - Students and staff must be able tomove through halls without interference. Studentswill not run in halls. Grouping of students in thehallways should not block passage.______________ TRUE34. True /False - Physically or verbally disruptinghallways or classrooms may result in a suspension._____________ TRUE Throwing35. ____________ or tossing any object orprojectile that disrupts the activity at hand is notpermitted and will result in suspension.
  16. 16. 36. All food and beverages are to be consumed inthe ____________. Students are personally Cafeteriaresponsible for disposal of their trash. Whenfinished with eating, students may only be in the400 & Senior Halls.37. True/False – If ANY adult in the building asks astudent to do something, it is the student’sresponsibility to comply. If you do not think it is fair,do it and go see your assistant principal and discussit with him. Failure to comply will result in thestudent being suspended from school. ___________ TRUE
  17. 17. • 38. True /False - In order to maintain order and discipline in the schools and to protect the safety of students and school personnel, school authorities may search students, students’ lockers, and students’ and may seize any illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials discovered in the search. Students’ lockers and desks are school property and remain at all times under the control of the School District; however, students are expected to assume full responsibility for the security of their lockers and desks. Students should not expect privacy regarding items placed in school property because school property is subject to search at any time by school officials. Periodic general inspection of lockers and desks may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant. A student’s person and/or personal effects--including an automobile-- may be searched whenever a school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that the student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized materials. ______________ TRUE