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  • ONVIF = Open Network Video Interface Forum
  • Sarix Professional RangePowerful, versatile, and affordable, Sarix® Professional (P) range cameras pack the most popular features and functionality of Sarix technology into a wide range of indoor and environmental options, including IP box cameras, bullet cameras, and domes. Mix and match the performance options and form factor you need for almost any lighting condition, environment and application.VideoSarix Professional range cameras support up to two simultaneous video streams, and a third service stream. The two streams can be compressed with efficient H.264 high or main profiles, or MJPEG formats. The streams can be configured to a variety of frame rates and variable bit rates to optimize image quality with bandwidth and storage efficiency.CameraSarix Professional range cameras feature ABF or AF, integrated or CS mount varifocallensing, advanced color science, and a mechanical IR cut filter for better lowlight sensitivity. Additionally, the Domes and Bullets feature a remote zoom lens for wide angle or long range surveillance needs, and advanced integrated adaptive IR illumination is available.Edge StorageSarix Professional range bullet cameras feature onboard edge storage with a micro SDXC card. Video clips of varying lengths can be stored to the card upon alarm, or video can be written continuously to the SDXC card in the case of network outage. Video can be retrieved from the card through the FTP protocol, and the solution is ONVIF Profile G ready for integration with video management systems.Built-In AnalyticsSarix Professional range cameras feature a motion detection algorithm that allows the camera to record or send an alarm when there is motion detected in a selected zone or with the entire scene. A camera sabotage alarm is triggered if the lens is obstructed, or when the camera is repositioned.Open and IntegratedSarix Professional range cameras seamlessly connect to Pelco video management systems such as Endura® version 2.0 (or later), and Digital Sentry® version 7.3 (or later). Sarix Professional range cameras integrate with major third-party video management systems through the open Pelco API, and other third-party software and systems through the open ONVIF Profile S standard.Standard Web InterfacePelco cameras use a standard Web browser interface for easy remote setup and administration. Controls are optimized for convenient one-step camera configuration for features including color, exposure, flicker control, and streaming. A one-click shutter allows you to capture sharp JPEG snapshots of the live view for documenting, positioning, or easy event recording.
  • Pelco IP camera's - Kappa Data product Launch

    1. 1. Sarix Value – Professional – Enhanced IP Positioning Systems
    2. 2. Pelco IP cameras Capture with confidence With thousands of IP camera options to choose from, there’s a Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ IP camera suitable for every lighting condition, environment, and application imaginable. From fixed, entry-level cameras to high-performance extreme environment pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) systems, to thermal imaging, Pelco IP cameras allow you to capture important video data with confidence. Fixed IP cameras IP Positioning Systems Specialty IP Cameras > Sarix Value Range > Sarix Professional Range > Sarix Enhanced Range > Spectra HD dome positioning systems > Esprit SE IP integrated positioning systems > ExSite extreme environment and explosion-proof systems > Sarix TI thermal imaging cameras
    3. 3. Sarix IP Cameras – Value Range Features: – 720p (1280x720) megapixel resolution – Up to 30 images per second (ips) – H.264 compression – Minimum illumination down to 0.5 lux (color only) – PoE or 24 VAC power input – Web-based user interface for easy setup and configuration – Compatible with Pelco and third-party video systems – ONVIF™ Profile S conformant Models: – Sarix IL10 Series indoor mini box cameras – Sarix IL10 Series Indoor micro domes
    4. 4. Sarix IP Cameras – Value Range - Design The camera shape emulates the international triangular shape that means WARNING !! •The Box camera consists of the base module and decorative window pane. •The Box camera can be mounted from the rear or bottom by 1/4-20.
    5. 5. Sarix IP Cameras – Value Range - Design In-ceiling mount ring Base module Magnetic decorative bubble and faceplate
    6. 6. Sarix Professional (P) Range Box IR Bullet Indoor Dome Environmental Dome Environmental Dome with IR Resolution SD, 1MPx (720p), 2MPx (1080p), 3MPx, 5MPx Lensing CS-mount 13M2.2-6 13M2.8-8 13M2.8-12 13M15-50 2.8-10mm or 3-9mm Integrated Autofocus Motorized Remote Zoom Lens IR illumination N/A Integrated adaptive IR illumination N/A N/A Integrated adaptive IR illumination Mounts All standard Pelco mounts Optional: In- ceiling Surface In-ceiling, Surface, Pendant Power Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 24VAC Integration Endura, Digital Sentry, Major 3rd Party VMS, ONVIF Profile S, Pelco Mobile
    7. 7. Sarix IP Cameras - Professional (P) Range Choice / Competitive Specs / Exceptional Value ● Resolutions up to 5MPx ● 30ips @1080p with H.264 compression ● Boxes, Bullets, Indoor and Environmental Mini Domes ● ABF/AF, varifocal lenses, Day/Night ● Accessible Edge Storage with micro-SD slot ● Adaptive Motion Detection and Camera Sabotage Analytics ● Audio in/out, Alarm in/out ● Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 24VAC power input ● Compatible with Pelco and 3rd party video systems ● ONVIF Profile S conformant ● Web based User Interface ● 3 year warranty and support ● Additionally on Domes and Bullets: ● Motorized zoom lens ● Integrated adaptive IR illumination
    8. 8. Sarix Professional (P) Range Unique Value-Added Features ● Pelco unique design ● Ease of installation with different mounts ● Accessible RJ45 to set FOV ● Faster Boot Time ● Standard Pelco web-based User Interface ● Integration through Pelco API ● Support for PelcoMobile ● Integration with Endura Utilities and Device Utility 2.2 ● IQ developed for excellent LowLight, accurate color reproduction and reliable auto focus ● Simplified video stream settings, fewer dependencies ● Local Storage for video clips accessed though FTP (full integration coming) ● Robust, tested power circuit for reliable PoE and 24VAC power
    9. 9. Sarix Enhanced Indoor, Vandal and Enviro Domes Indoor Indoor Vandal Environmental SD IMES19-1 3-9mm IMES19-1V 3-9mm IMES19-1E 3-9mm 1MPx (720p) IME119-1 3-9mm IME119-1V 3-9mm IME119-1E 3-9mm 2MPx (1080p) IME219-1 3-9mm IME219-1V 3-9mm IME219-1E 3-9mm 3MPx IME319-1 3-9mm IME319-1V 3-9mm IME319-1E 3-9mm plastic, white, black available, microphone Aluminum, light grey, microphone, IP56, NEMA4X, IK10++ Aluminum, light grey, microphone, IP66, NEMA4X, IK10++, -40˚C to 50˚C Pendant Mount (add suffix‘P’) - Use with WMVE-WT and WMVE-SR wall mounts Surface Mount (add suffix ‘S’) - Attached to standard electrical boxes In-ceiling Mount (add suffix ‘I’) - Plenum Rated Auto focus, motorized zoom, D/N, micro SDHC slot, IPv6, smoked domes available
    10. 10. Sarix Enhanced Series Box Cameras Type Resolution Lens Model Number Box SD CS Mount Auto Back Focus IXES1 1MPx (720p) CS Mount Auto Back Focus IXE11 2MPx (1080p) CS Mount Auto Back Focus IXE21 3MPx CS Mount Auto Back Focus IXE31 Aluminum and plastic, grey (RAL9022), IPv6, microphone, CS mount lens options, Day/Night, micro SDHC slot, up to 55˚C peak operating temperature Recommended Lenses: 13M2.2-6 MPx lens, f/1.3 ~ 2.0 13M2.8-8 MPx lens, f/1.2 ~ 1.9 13M2.8-12 MPx lens, f/1.4 ~ 2.7 13M15-50 MPx lens, f/1.5 ~ 2.1 Available Q4/2013
    11. 11. Sarix IP Cameras – Enhanced (E) Range ● Automatic WDR and Lowlight with anti-blooming ● NEW - 3D noise filtering ● Improved tone mapping for better color and sharpness ● Smoother response to changing light levels ● Resolutions from SD to 3MP ● 2 streams both up to 30ips@1080p, H.264 high profile cVBR ● Boxes, Indoor, Vandal and Environmental Mini Domes ● Box: CS lens with ABF, Dome: 3-9mm and 9-22mm AF, motorized varifocal lens ● Adaptive motion and camera sabotage – edge analytics ● PoE only, Built-in: Audio, Alarm, Relay, USB, micro SDHC slot ● Compatible with Pelco and 3rd party video systems ● ONVIF Profile S conformant ● IPv4 or IPv6 ● 3 year warranty and support Performance / Optimized Design / Mission Critical
    12. 12. Spectra HD dome cameras Incorporating the award-winning Sarix imaging technology platform, Spectra™ HD 720 and HD 1080 are an all-digital system that deliver HD resolution (up to 1920x1080 at 30 ips), high-profile H.264 compression, built-in analytics, and much more. Featuring HD-optimized dome bubble technology, a revolutionary solid pendant design to eliminate vibration noise, and precise 360-degree PTZ control, Spectra HD is setting the industry standard for high-definition image quality and video security performance.
    13. 13. Spectra HD dome cameras Spectra HD family features: – Ability to control and monitor video over IP networks – Built-in analytics, including AutoTracker and adaptive motion detection – Open IP standards – ONVIF v1.02 conformant – Two Simultaneous video streams: dual H.264 and scalable MJPEG – Supports: TCP/IP, UDP/IP (Unicast, Multicast IGMP), UPnP, DNS, DHCP, RTP, NTP, and more – PoE models – USB expansion slots for alarms and audioaccessories – Compatible with Pelco and third-party video systems
    14. 14. Spectra HD dome cameras Spectra HD 720 product features: ● 16:9 aspect ratio, 1280x720 resolution at 30ips; 4:3 aspect ratio, 1280x960 resolution at 20ips ● 1.3 megapixel, 18X optical zoom ● 360˚ continuous pan rotation at 400˚ per second ● 16 Preset tours, 255 dome presets, 8 window blanks ● Wide dynamic range camera (WDR) Spectra HD 1080 product features: ● 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920x1080 resolution at 30ips ● 2.0 megapixel, 20X or 30x optical zoom, 12X digital zoom ● 360˚ continuous pan rotation at 280˚ per second ● 16 Preset tours, 255 dome presets, 32 window blanks ● Wide dynamic range camera (WDR)
    15. 15. USP’s Pelco by Schneider Electric ● OPEN Standards (ONVIF, PSIA and API/SDK) ● End-to-End System solutions ● Integrated solutions for One to Thousands of Cameras ● Broad range of products (5.000 different products) ● Camera On board storage ● Integrated IR-Leds with POE ● Free VMS software (First 4 cameras No License fee) and mobile client ● Up to 3 years warranty on most IP products ● Fanatical Customer Service
    16. 16. Target markets Complete market cover from Low end to High end, Integrated solutions for One to Thousands of Cameras ● Data Centers ● Gouverment ● Hospital Security ● Airport and Infrastructure ● Retail Stores ● Industry ● Gaming ● Oil & Gas ● Correction ● Transportation ● Etc.
    17. 17. Support Our mission: “We consistently provide professional support expertise, enabling our customer worldwide to understand, install, operate and maintain Pelco products successfully every time." Global Technical Support Present in 19 countries, Pelco serves its international customers throughout the world and meets the needs of its markets with products adapted to the standards and practices of each country.
    18. 18. Thank you