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Can you succinctly describe your marketplace and shoppers? How can you reach all types of shoppers in the market to maximise your penetration? At Kantar Worldpanel we measure the grocery purchasing of thousands of households. We can augment this with their attitudes and opinions. This is the best possible place to truly understand and quantify your shopper landscape and work on strategies to maximise your reach.

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  • Our belief centres around having a new view of how to use segmentations to grow a brand.The old view has been around targeting specific groups – and then gaining loyalty within one defined set. This doesn’t hold true – we agree with this.We need to be talking about segmentation differently – with a new view – which is the need to think about everyone with a suitable product offer. Which most likely will mean different offers for different customers. The art of marketing is to find ways of serving a broad and heterogeneous market without giving up any segment. Talking about segmentation with this new view is crucial to helping us demonstrate its value to our clients
  • So how do we get thisWe believe our approach of combining behavioural and attitudinal data is the best way to create truly distinct groups – groups that will meet these principles and equipped you with a framework you can use to grow your brand or category.And remember our understanding of behaviour is built up from all types of shopper mission – sometimes a challenge we get or see when kantar retail present and try and dismiss segmentations as they don’t focus enough on the distinctions between missions. We’ve done some work around our rebuttal to these challenges so if you are pitching against them or your client is of the view its shopper over segmentation come and speak to me.Reference Paul Ward’s work on understanding more people, more clearly.
  • Ask them how they doOr if no – ask them how do you decide how to divide your sped between all the groups you're going after to manage risk/reward
  • To do this we need to show what impact a people segmentation can have on their business and put this in the perspective of how they will be trying to grow their brand or grow their category. This can be tailored to specifics we know about their growth strategyWe need to create a picture in the clients mind of what this impact will look like - what willyour KWP people segmentation have done for your business in 1 year / 18 months time?It can support and enhanceIt will support your strategic objectives to attract more shoppers – this could be for their brand or for their categoryHow will it do this
  • Kantar worldpanel People Segmentation

    1. 1. SEGMENTATION1 PEOPLE SEGMENTATION Optimise your offer to maximise your reach Understand. Describe. Quantify
    2. 2. SEGMENTATION2 Growth comes from finding ways of serving a broad market without limiting your reach Marketing decisions depend on knowledge about consumers.
    3. 3. 3 Specific Target Group (gain loyalty within one defined set) The need to think about everyone with a suitable product offer OLD THINKING NEW THINKING Segmentation is a tool to help you think about everyone with a suitable product offer SEGMENTATION
    4. 4. 4 Kantar Worldpanel combine Behaviours and Attitudes to create distinct segments of people to fully describe what and why they buy B A30,000 people every week telling us what they buy A unique survey describing why people buy the category + = To create distinct groups of people based on what and the most important reasons why they buy SEGMENTATION
    5. 5. 5 REACH & RESPONSE IDENTITY COMMERCIALLY VIABLE HOMOGENOUS Giving you a RICH understanding of the people in your marketplace SEGMENTATION
    6. 6. SEGMENTATION6 Understand Attitudes & Behaviours that make people different in your category Describe The people who buy you category to align your business on how to maximise reach and sell in your plans to customers Quantify Opportunities to best allocate your resources With a Kantar Worldpanel People Segmentation you can optimise your product and media offers to maximise reach across all of the different types of people buying your market
    7. 7. 7 Our clients use Kantar Worldpanel People Segmentation to drive their Shopper growth by informing and enhancing… Product portfolio Develop variants and format to maximise reach across all shopper types. and target new shoppers Strategic planning & investment Brand planning. Category Strategy. Resource allocation. Customer Relationships Thought Leadership. Highlight opportunities. Ways of working Talk the same language. Solve the same problems Media & Marketing campaigns Develop content and plan media to maximise reach across all shopper types. and target new shoppers SEGMENTATION
    8. 8. 8 We can quantify and track behaviours now and ongoing and deliver through Worldpanel Online to unlock value from the segmentation £Quantify shopper growth opportunities – current and future shoppers Optimise resource allocation Track performance of initiatives to maximise chance of future success Apply across functions , business processes and key issues of the day SEGMENTATION
    9. 9. 9 Size of clusters in spend & buyer terms, shopper metrics (weight of purchase, frequency, etc…) and demographic profile of each group. SIZING General grocery purchasing, specific sector, type and brand preferences, price & promotion habits and retailer choice. PURCHASING In addition to our bespoke questionnaires we collect fifty holistic ‘lifestyle’ responses based around nine key areas known as Shape of Britain ATTITUDES T.V., radio and print consumption gathered from the Worldpanel bi-annual media questionnaire and potential to link to TGI through TGI Worldpanel MEDIA Usage behaviour, such as which occasions are important by segment, wider category consumption, the role of categories (barriers, opportunities) USAGE We can profile each segments using our rich panel data to unlock opportunities SEGMENTATION
    10. 10. © Kantar Worldpanel Optimise your offer to maximise your reach Understand. Describe. Quantify PEOPLE SEGMENTATION http://www.kantarworldpanel.com/en/Expertise For further information please visit: