Construction Update 4-28-2010


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KC Soccer Stadium construction update from Turner Construction.

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Construction Update 4-28-2010

  1. 1. From: Brandon Valdez To: David Ficklin - OnGoal Rory O’Connor – OnGoal Office: Kansas City Lee Turner – OnGoal Date: 4/28/2010 Andy Heitmann – Turner Dave Dudzik - Turner Re: Wizards Stadium Project Update – Week of 4/26/2010 Current Activities this Week: Mass Excavation: Mass Excavation Activities are ongoing in Area 3. Clarkson is continuing with backfilling On-Grade Seating Walls, Rock Excavation, and getting to grade. Site Utilities: Installation of the new electrical ductbank will continue Mezzanine Level Area 1 – Backfill at D-Line this week. Wall nearly complete at VIP Entrance. Installation of North Sanitary Manhole is ongoing. Storm Sewer installation (Line 6000) is ongoing on east side of France Family Drive. Foundations: Area 2 Field Level – Footing installation on North Stage Footing has started. Mezzanine Level Area 1 – Sanitary Manhole Area 1 Mezzanine Level – Installation of Elevator Pit Floor installation is ongoing along Village West At Elevators 3/4 has started. Parkway. Area 2 Concourse Level – Installation of 30” Drilled Piers at South East Restroom are complete. Soil Nail Wall: Area 2 – Shotcrete installation on final lift is ongoing. Concourse Level Area 2 – Drilled Pier at south restroom are complete (Column Lines 13.5 – 17). Building the Future
  2. 2. Structural Steel Erection: Field Bowl – Structural Steel Erection is ongoing between Column Lines 28 – 31 and between Column Lines D – C. Deep Underground Plumbing: Sanitary piping is complete to Column Line 20. Underground Electrical: Secondary service ducts is complete from Electrical Room Field Level Area 1 – North Field Walls and 01.34.04 south past Column Line 27. Players Bench Area. Projected Activities occurring next Week: Mass Excavation: Backfilling on-grade seating walls will continue is Area 1 and Grading will continue in Area 3. Site Utilities: Installation of Sanitary Manhole at the north end will continue. Installation of the Storm Line 6000 on the East Side (France Field Level Area 1 – Structural Steel Erection Family Drive) of the site will continue. at West Building continues. Deep Underground Plumbing: Sanitary in Area 2 will continue. Foundations: Area 2 Field Level – Placement of foundations at stage Area will continue. Area 2 Concourse Level – Foundation installation will begin. Structural Steel Erection: Erection of Structural Steel in Sequence 1-1 will continue. Field Level Area 1 – Shot looking north from Concourse Level. Building the Future
  3. 3. Additional Photos: Area 2 – Shotcrete installation has started Mezzanine Level Area 1 – Reinforcing on final lift at South East Corner. installed for Elevator 3/4 pit floor. Concourse Level Area 1 – Shot looking north Field Level Area 1 – Gang forms being set at across Field Club Entrance. South West Vomitory. Area 1 – Shot looking South West showing Field Level Area 2 – Reinforcing being West Building Structural Steel. Notice installed for stage footings (Column Lines precast tub seat connections. 18.5 – 15). Building the Future