Construction Update 3-17-2010


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KC Soccer Stadium construction update from Turner Construction.

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Construction Update 3-17-2010

  1. 1. From: Brandon Valdez To: David Ficklin - OnGoal Rory O’Connor – OnGoal Office: Kansas City Lee Turner – OnGoal Date: 3/17/2010 Andy Heitmann – Turner Dave Dudzik - Turner Re: Wizards Stadium Project Update – Week of 3/15/2010 Current Activities this Week: Mass Excavation: Mass Excavation Activities in the Main Bowl continues In Areas 1, 2 and 3. Clarkson is excavating and hauling Sandstone and Rock to Area C. Area 4 Mezzanine Level – Rough grading of the Slab on Grade Seating has begun. A shot from Mid-Field Looking South Site Utilities: BPU has removed the power from switchgear to manhole. Foundations: Area 1 Field Level – D-Line wall have been placed to Column Line 30.5. Area 1 Field Level – A Line wall placement has begun at Column Line 32. Area 1 Field Level – A-Line footing placement has Area 2 – Shotcrete Installation on 2nd Lift begun south of Player Field Entrance. Area 1 Concourse Level - D-Line Wall Placement is currently placed to Column Line 29.5. Area 2 Concourse Level – D-Line Wall Placement is completed to Column Line 14, along with associated waterproofing. Soil Nail Wall: Area 1 – Soil Nail installation has started on the 3rd lift. Concourse Level Area 1 – Pumping Concrete for D-Line Walls (near Column Line 24) Building the Future
  2. 2. Area 2 – Working platform for soil nail installation is currently being removed so soil nail drilling can begin. Projected Activities occurring next Week: Mass Excavation: Area 1 and 2 Field Level - As the soil nail wall progresses, the working platform (sandstone bench) will continue Area 3 – Sandstone Excavation behind A- to be removed. Line Site Utilities: Installation of the new electrical ductback will begin. Boring under the Field Level D-Line Wall for the Sanitary Lateral Line D will begin. Foundations: Area 1 Concourse Level – Waterproofing of D-Line wall will begin. Area 1 Field Level – A-Line wall placement will continue. Area 1 – E-Line Grade Beam Reinforcing off of D-Line Wall Soil Nail Wall: Area 1 – Shotcrete installation on 3rd lift will begin. Area 2 – Drilling for the soil nails on the 2nd lift will begin. Area 1 – Field Level D-Line Wall with forms stripped Building the Future
  3. 3. Additional Photos: Area 1 – Pump truck setting up for A-Line Area 1 Field Level – Setting wall dowels for Footing Pour A-Line Footing Area 2 – Concourse Level D-Line Walls Area 1 – Rock Excavation, Footing getting backfilled Excavation and Hauling Operations Area 2 – Concourse Level Waterproofing Area 4 – View of the Future Cauldron Club installation on D-Line Walls Area Building the Future