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Personal Brand Social Media Plan

  1. 1. Personal Brand Social MediaPlanSocial Media MarketingKannetha Koy      
  2. 2.   2  Industry Analysis: Airline Industry  I have gathered this from the IATA annual review2012:Today the global airline industry consists of over2000 airlines operating more than 23,000aircrafts, providing service to over 7300 airports.The growth of world air travel has averagedapproximately 5% per year over the past 30years, with substantial yearly variations due bothto changing economic conditions and differencesin economic growth in different regions of theworld.The economic componentGlobal business and tourism rely on air transport. Accessto international markets and the increasing globalization ofproduction makes worldwide connections essential. Thetotal value of goods transported by air represents 35% ofworld trade.Beyond this, aviation makes a direct contribution to globalGDP greater than most industries, includingpharmaceutical or automotive sectors. In 2010, the $539billion it contributed would have placed air transport as the19thlargest country in GDP terms, approximatelyequivalent to Switzerland or Poland.In 2011, tourism generated $1.8 trillion in global economicactivity and provided nearly 100 million jobs. Fully 51% ofinternational tourism relies on air service, according to theWorld Travel and Tourism Council.Air travel plays a major role in developing nations,generating $490 billion economic activity. Well over half ofall the jobs aviation supports globally—35.9 million—arebased in developing economies.The industry’s economic impact will continue to grow. By2030, it is forecast that 82 million jobs and $6.9 trillion ineconomic activity will have air transport at their root.
  3. 3.   3  The social componentIncreasing cross-border travel facilitates ever-closerrelationships, between countries and betweenindividuals from different nations. Eased restrictions onthe flow of goods and people would encourage evenfurther integration.Airlines facilitate a global workforce and keep familymembers united. For example, over nine millionLebanese live abroad. Three million of Lebanesedescent live in the United States and around a millionlive in the Sao Paulo area. Aviation brings them andtheir families together.Airlines also provide a means for labor mobility, whichin turn lead to remittances, whereby migrant workersare able to send money home. Remittances are animportant source of revenue for developing countries. In the Philippines, morethan 10% of the domestic economy relies on remittances. In Tonga and Moldovathe percentage is even higher.Air transport is equally intrinsic to the good times. Aviation’s ability to connectdistant locations quickly, safely, and securely has given the world the chance toshare and experience firsthand its amazing cultural heritage.While looking at the economic and social components of the airline industry, my passionfor traveling and drive to work in an admired industry has motivated me to do whatever ittakes to pursue a career in this industry. While this personal brand social media planonly highlights the first six months, this is an on going process and it will lead me to notonly land my dream job, but to also be an influential thought leader in my desiredindustry.
  4. 4.   4  Objectives:The main objective of my personal brand social media plan is to pursue a career in theairline industry.There are three main sub-objectives to accomplish my goal:I. Create a professional online presence with a passion for travelII. Network with professionals in the airline industryIII. Build my own knowledge and credibilityGoal I: Create a professional online presence with a passion for travelThe purpose of this goal is to create a brand for myself through social media with mypassion for travel. If an airline industry sees that I can effectively brand myself in aprofessional and global manner, they may understand why I have such a high interest inpursuing a career in this industry.Goal II: Network with professionals in the airline industryThe most important goal is to network with professionals within the industry. In order todo so, I must compile a list of contacts. I can do this by getting connected through mypersonal contacts that know of professionals in the airline industry. I will also connectwith thought leaders through different social media platforms.Goal III: Build my own knowledge and credibilityIn order to find a job in the airline industry, I must prove that I have am worthy andqualified to do so. By following thought leaders on twitter and re-scooping articles, I can learn more about the airline industry and what it takes to be a part of it.Target Audience:The target audience will be professionals and decision makers within the airlineindustry.Here are a few key characteristics I am looking for throughout my search for people toconnect with:• Influential• Positive thinking• Has an established network• Access to decision makers• Interested in interacting andconnecting• Professional whom I have somesort of connection with already
  5. 5.   5  Companies & Contacts:Company Name, TitleDelta Air Lines • Bob Kupbens, Vice President Marketing & Digital Commerce• Mauricio Parise, General Manager—Worldwide MarketingCommunication• Tim Boldt, Marketing Manager• Tiffany Jackson, Project Leader—Worldwide MarketingCommunication• Erin Maude, Account Executive—Worldwide MarketingCommunication• Elizabeth Norris, Senior Marketing Associate—Partnership &Merchandising Channel Prioritization• Allison Marques, Marketing Communication Manager• Jonathan Mayfield, Product Manager• Zach Wallin, Product ManagerAmericanAirlines• Ryan Pearl, Product Manager• Patricia Ornst, Regional Managing Director• Rick Elieson, Managing Director—Digital/• Pam G., Marketing Planning and StrategyUS Airways • Jingrui Li, Analyst-Technology LeadSkyTeam • Murli P., Director Marketing and Customer Experience• Jerome D., Director Sales• Fatima D., Director Brand & Communication• Pascal B., Coordinator Marketing & Customer Experience• Mauro Oretti, Air Transport ExecQatar Airways • Radwa A., RecruiterThe professionals I have listed here are either I have already contacted, interacted, orhave some sort of connection with, particularly through LinkedIn. While I currently have20 professionals listed, I continue my search of professionals within the airline industrywhom I can connect with.Tools:The five tools I will be using for my personal brand social media plan:
  6. 6.   6  1. LinkedIn— Twitter— Personal Blog— Pinterest——  The following section will go into more depth of how I will use each platform for the nextsix months.LinkedIn: LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet;the website’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them moreproductive and successful. LinkedIn is such a crucial platform for personal brandingthrough social media. My personal brand social media plan will heavily rely on thisplatform to reach my three sub-objectives.Month 1: Achieve a profile that is 100% completed or ‘all-star’ profile strength dependingon the LinkedIn version. Also, try to receive the new LinkedIn version and continue toadd new contacts while joining groups that interest me and are relevant to the airlineindustry. Lastly, following companies that I admire.Month 2: Begin participating in discussions within the groups by answering at least onequestion a week. There I can further my search for professionals whom I can connectwith.Month 3: Continue networking by connecting with professionals and thought leaders;share updates with my connections by posting content relevant to the airline industryand current contacts.Month 4: Personally contact professionals to establish relationships that will lead to aninformational interview preferably in person or through Skype.Month 5: Continue keeping in contact with professionals whom I have connected with bysharing relevant content and encouraging them to participate in discussions in groups.Month 6: Achieve 150 connections; receive at least three recommendations, and fivenew endorsements from each skills and expertise’s I have listed on my profile.Twitter: Twitter is a real-time information network that connects users to the lateststories, ides, opinions and news about what users find interesting. This is a hugeadvantage to create a personal brand through social media because this platform allowsme to interact with professionals and companies that I desire. My ultimate goal for thisplatform is to connect and interact with professionals within the airline industry.
  7. 7.   7  Month 1: Begin following and interacting with professional thought leaders within theairline industry while identifying and listening to relevant conversations. By interactingwith these professionals, I am hoping they will follow me back as well.Month 2: Promote content through Twitter by utilizing promoted Tweets, re-tweetingcontent from thought leaders, replying to Tweets from content thought leaders haveTweeted that interest me. Share at least one business post or link per week.Month 3: Continue segmenting influencers and start creating lists. Share at least onebusiness related post or link per day.Month 4: Start sending out direct tweets to thought-leaders whom I have continuouslyinteracted with and asking them questions regarding their success stories within theindustry or their job field.Month 5: While interacting with professionals through direct tweets, ask for permissionto add on LinkedIn.Month 6: Continue to gain authority, insight, and followers.Personal Blog: The power of blogging for my personal brand will be used as a way toshare my personal experiences in travel and will show my strong interest in the airlineindustry. My ultimate goal with my personal blog is to become a thought leader for mypassion. I will be using WordPress.Months 1-3: Begin by posting regularly on blog. This will increase recognition andengagement by the number of posts, social shares, subscribers, and SEO.Months 4-6: Continue with SEO improvements by focusing on content, audience growthand subscribers. Begin subscribing to blogs of thought leaders within the airline industryand interacting with them through their blog and other platforms of social media.Pinterest: Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love. Coupled withPinterest’s lifestyle vision, this is a creative way to promote my personal brand on thenetwork and truly jive with its vision and user base. This will allow me to use the socialnetwork to showcase my personal lifestyle and my brand I am promoting.Month 1: Optimize Pinterest profile by creating username, profile information, logo, anda link to my personal blog. Before starting to follow users and boards, I will create a fewpinboards in order to build my interest following. This way, new followers will have areason to follow my pins.Month 2: Promote Pinterest through other channels like Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.Continue to strongly focus and commit to create the best board on a certain topic
  8. 8.   8  related to the airline industry; this will increase the chances of my board attractingfollowers who are also passionate about the industry. Pin or re-pin at least one contentto each board created per week.Month 3: Engage with other’s pins by continuing to follow users who I think would wantto follow back including companies relevant to the airline industry; I will ‘like’ andcomment on other pins. When someone sees me interacting with their content, theymight check out my account and choose to follow me back. Pin or re-pin at least threetimes to each board per week.Month 4: Create a video gallery. Other than limiting to pinning images, I will start pinningvideos as well. I will create a pinboard of videos my industry would be interested in andare relevant. Continue pinning/re-pinning to boards and interacting with followers.Month 5: Launch a daily pin theme. The idea is to come up with a catchy slogan that istied to the airline industry and is memorable enough so that the images get re-pinned.Month 6: Continue to curate my passion for travel and the airline is a curating platform that helps users increase their visibility online.It enables professionals to share important ideas with the right audiences giving themopportunity to create and maintain a meaningful web presence, a crucial component tothe success of personal branding.Months 1-3: Begin curating by creating my own topic, specifically related to the airlineindustry. Complete the bio section with information about myself and add links to mywebsites including my personal blog and LinkedIn. Also, follow top curators posts.Months 4-6: Once I have curated and followed a good amount of curators and posts, Iwill start distribute the articles to my other social media platforms like LinkedIn andTwitter, and write articles regarding the author of the posts in my personal blog.Content Strategy:Here I will highlight certain content that will be on each platform. It will consist ofmaterial on what I will post on each platform that will target my desired industry as wellas my personal brand.LinkedIn: Optimizing all aspects of LinkedIn including but not limited to keeping up todate with my profile, constantly networking and making new connections, and takingpart in discussions. My goal is to be connected to all of the professionals I havementioned in my Companies & Contacts section and have at least one informationalinterview with a professional in each company I have mentioned within the six-monthperiod. Now that I have received the new version of LinkedIn, I currently have a profile
  9. 9.   9  strength of an ‘All-Star.’ I can continue to build my network by not just connecting withmore professionals, but also joining and participating in groups related to the airlineindustry and travel.Some groups I have found so far include:• Airline Start-Ups and AviationJobs• Jet: The Business TravelerNetwork• International Business• Airline• Airlines Industry ProfessionalsWorldwide• Travel 2.0: Interactive TravelIndustry ProfessionalsI have noted that I will shareupdates with my connections,content I will share will be morepersonally and socially relatedrather than industry related. Forinstance, I have shared thisarticle on the left in the past viaLinkedIn.
  10. 10.   10  Other articles could be relevantto the airline industry like thisone below:These articles I have foundwere found through otherplatforms of social media likeTwitter,, Flipboard, andeven on my LinkedInhomepage. Both of thesearticles will help me create mypersonal brand and authoritythrough LinkedIn.In order to connect and keep incontact with professionals, Imust find a way to interact withthem first. I can do this bygetting introduced by someone Ipersonally know through LinkedIn. From there, I can ask if they would like to meet withme for an informational interview. After meeting with them, I will continue to stayconnected by thanking them and continue connecting with them through LinkedIn orother platforms of social media by sharing content that is relevant to them. Whileconnecting with professionals, I can receive recommendations from current andprevious co-workers and managers. There is more of chance for me to receive arecommendation if I will write one for them as well.I will also follow companies within the airline industry whom I admire. I am currentlyfollowing:• Delta Airlines• American Airlines• SkyTeam• Qatar Airways• US Airways• JetBlue Airways• Southwest AirlinesFollowing these companies will help me find out what connections of mine have aninsight in the company along with any career opportunities available. This will also helpme connect with even more professionals within the company whom I can have aninformational interview with.Twitter: The Company that I ultimately admire in the airline industry is Delta Air Lines. Iam currently following @Delta and @DeltaNewsroom, re-tweeting their tweets I wouldlike to share with my followers. From the companies I am following, I can find thoughtleaders and start interacting with them by re-tweeting and replying their tweets.
  11. 11.   11  I can also find certain trends that are industry related through hash tags. Here are thesearch results when I search for #airline:While searching through #airline, I have found numerous airline companies and most ofthem have lists I can look through to find even more professional thought leaders whomI can connect with. Not only will my tweets be in regards to companies, but I will alsotweet about my passion for travel. Also, I will utilize other forms of social mediaplatforms to find worthy articles that grab my attention.Personal Blog: Content I will be posting on my personal blog will be my personal travelexperiences and material from outside sources. I will make sure to write about my pasttravel experiences first by posting personal stories with a bunch of photographs I havetaken on my trips. I will also write about thought leaders whom I admire and what sort ofcontent I have found from them. One blog I have found so far is entitled airlineblogger. Ican start with this blog to find other blogs airline industry related. The content I willstrongly focus on with my personal blog is content from current thought leaders. This isa way for me to gain my knowledge and credibility about the airline industry to the pointwhere I feel confident enough about talking about the industry myself.Pinterest:Pinboards I can start creating are:• My Personal Travels• Adventure Gallery• Airlines• Business Travel• Leisure Travel
  12. 12.   12  Here are some examples of snapshots I have found when I simply searched the term‘airline’ through Pinterest; there are many pins, boards, and pinners:  
  13. 13.   13  Just by looking at pins, boards and pinners of the keyword airline, I have found so manyways to brand myself just through this one platform. I can follow companies, re-pin pins,follow boards and find just about anything to help inspire my personal brand; thisincludes infographics. I am aware that infographics are all the rage right now, and theyare doing very well on Pinterest. I am hoping to find industry data that can help me gainknowledge about the airline industry.Not only will I re-pin content that is already on Pinterest, I will pin my very own visualcontent from my past travels under ‘My Personal Travels’ board. For each visual I willhave a little story behind the picture. I have also mentioned videos that I could post onPinterest. Through all of my travels, I have compiled plenty of videos that I could pin onmy board ‘Adventure Gallery.’ I am currently following:• Allplane: Airlines Strategy &Marketing• Aviation & Airliners• About International Business• Connected Airline• Globalize International Business• Travel & Tourism MarketingI will also create a topic that is relevant to both travel and the airline industry. From thereI will start curating articles relating to the topics.Manage & Measure:Here are the platforms I will be using to manage my personal brand social media plan:• Tweetdeck• Hootsuite• Klout• Crowdbooster• Pinreach• RepinlyLinkedIn: One thing I have been doing to track my influential status is Klout. I haveintegrated Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with this. Thus far, I have a Klout score of55! In order to receive a higher Klout score, I must engage in influential moments. Thiscan happen by sharing updates and receiving likes and comments on them.I have also been measuring LinkedIn by my profile views, network growth, and searchresults.Twitter: Twitter has been a huge influence on my Klout score. My Klout score canincrease by @mentions from followers. In order to receive @mentions, I must beinteracting with professionals in the airline industry.
  14. 14.   14  Here is a snapshot of what my Klout profile looks like:Crowdbooster helps achieve an effective presence onTwitter and Facebook. The system shows analytics thataren’t based on abstract scores but numbers that areconnected to the personal brand and social mediastrategies including impressions, total reach, andengagement. This is a great tool to use measure mypersonal brand through my tweets and followers.
  15. 15.   15  Personal Blog: Managing and measuring my blog will consist of interactions with blogcomments, and being sure that my blog is known by promoting the website throughother social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.Pinterest: I am probably one of the only women that are left to hop on the Pinterestbandwagon. I have decided to research some measuring tools for Pinterest to help meget started. I have found two analytic programs that I can benefit from, Pinreach andRepinly.
  16. 16.   16 I will be measuring my influence in through curating and keepingtrack the number of views, followers, and re-scoops I have. I plan on having so muchcontent to the point where I can be one of the top curators for the airline industry, or atleast to get on the first page when searching.I am currently 3rdon the second page when searching ‘airline.’
  17. 17.   17  Screenshot Comparisons:LinkedIn: Before I did not have a professional picture or a summary. I also had lessthan 100 contacts.
  18. 18.   18  Now that I have received the new version of LinkedIn,my profile strength is an ‘All-Star.’I also have a professional picture, a summary, and myheadline is much more catchier than before. I havegained so many new contacts; I am currently at 117.
  19. 19.   19  Twitter: I had forgotten to take a before snapshot. However, I do remember I did nothave as many followers as before. An estimate of my followers before I startedimplementing my personal brand was less than 150 followers.
  20. 20.   20  Personal Blog: I had first used tumblr for my personal blog, but now have switched toWordPress.Before: tumblrAfter: Wordpress
  21. 21.   21  Pinterest: My Pinterest boards are a little unorganized and does not help me determinemy personal brand.Before:After: I have created the boards I have listed in my content strategy and have beenpinning away!
  22. 22.   22 I have created a topic and began curating.