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Innovation for Digital Talent Acquisition: From Lab Dreams to Real Solutions
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Innovation for Digital Talent Acquisition: From Lab Dreams to Real Solutions


When it comes to innovation in the talent acquisition space, most talks center on big picture strategy development for social and mobile focusing on topics such as online employer reputation, social …

When it comes to innovation in the talent acquisition space, most talks center on big picture strategy development for social and mobile focusing on topics such as online employer reputation, social candidate sourcing, conversation dynamics, and text communications – but there is a huge unmet need in the market for brass tacks social/mobile tools that get beyond the conversation.

During this session we won’t simply talk blue sky concepts dreamed up in our Innovation LabHDx, we will dig into live examples and prototype demos, and see results from real companies leveraging social data in innovative ways. You will walk away energized with ideas and specific tools to apply business-driven innovation to your social recruiting strategy.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 2. WHAT WE’RE COVERING#LabDreamsPersonalized Candidate ExperienceFacebook InnovationMobile InnovationLive Twitter FAQ
  • 3. #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 4. #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 5. #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 6. #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 7. #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 8. PROBLEM TO SOLVEcreate a more personalized experience on CWS #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 9. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Allow job seekers to login w/ their LinkedIn or Facebook profile2) Personalize their experience3) Tap into their network & make it easy to send job recommendations #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 10. MINI with Tomya #LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 11. live demo#LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 12. Original Idea Leverage socialStarter Idea Advanced Idea profile data toMake it easier to make relevant and Create a careerfill out forms & automatic job website experiencenew profile info recommendations that tailors itselfby auto-filling to each user’s & referralswith social data interests, profiles, and interactions on the site #LabDreams Personalized Experience: Takeaways
  • 13. RESULTS/ROI SLIDES not yet, but thats expected#LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 14. with Tomya#LabDreams Personalized Experience: #sjm
  • 15. #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 16. #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 17. #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 18. PROBLEM TO SOLVE SLIDE give Facebook users whatthey want when they want it #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 19. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Give Facebook users what they want2) Build a content-rich mini CWS on FB3) Play intelligently in the stream4) Most importantly: Leverage social data! #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 20. CUSTOM TABS & INSTREAM#LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 21. Original Idea Leverage social Adva nc ed IdStarter Idea data and take ea Play in thMake sure custom tabs levera e str ge so eam,candidates can beyond splashy desig cial d n spl ata,search jobs on marketing and ... pages ashyyour FB Careers that play in the stream intera prom ction otePage without fost and er ahaving to leave comm real unity Facebook #LabDreams Facebook Innovation: Takeaways
  • 22. with Tomya#LabDreams Facebook Innovation: #fbapps
  • 23. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilsocial
  • 24. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 25. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 26. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 27. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 28. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 29. PROBLEM TO SOLVE #1addressing the biggest complaints about mobile web experience: speed and size. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 30. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Speed up access to content by personalizing the mobile experience #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 31. MOBILE live demo#LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobilesocial
  • 32. PROBLEM TO SOLVE #2how to give participants at your event access to the info they need #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mEvents
  • 33. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Leverage Twitter, 4SQ, GPS, and Jobs to engage mobile users @ events #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mEvents
  • 34. MOBILE EVENTS PAGE live demo#LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mEvents
  • 35. PROBLEM TO SOLVE #3stand out from the crowd by creating unique searchexperiences on mobile devices #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 36. #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 37. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Engage the mobile and tech savvy job seeker by creating a unique search experience for smartphone users #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 38. MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY JOB SEARCH live demo #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 39. Original Idea Give mobile users Adva nc r Idea ed IdStarte access to great ea Creat e a to et the content and talent talG lifecy tion of create unique clefounda applic ation your mobile mobile search trans that form recru itment experiences at eve s its elf tup by ry st stra tegy se the e age o f mobile mploy laun ching a lifecy ee cle w ebsite career #LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 40. with Tomya#LabDreams Mobile Innovation: #mobileAR
  • 41. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 42. #LabDreams#LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 43. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 44. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 45. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 46. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 47. PROBLEM TO SOLVE SLIDE giving job seekers unique accessto the info they need/want about your organization #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 48. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 49. #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 50. WHAT WE WANTED TO DO1) Refresh company FAQ pages by injecting them with dynamic, community-driven info via Twitter #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 51. with Tomya#LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 52. TWITTER FAQ live demo#LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 53. Original Idea Adva Leverage Twitter nc ed IdStarte r Idea ea for Live FAQ and Unles s you to int want Twitter bring the erview L everage fire a , hire , conversation to nd co for L ive Q&A all yo nduct your CWS... live. ur bu on Tw sines itter, s with stick the O Idea rigina for n l ow #LabDreams Live FAQ Pages: #twaq
  • 54. with You#LabDreams Continued Q&A
  • 55. TOMYA RYANS DIRECTOR, TALENT ACQUISITION GROUP http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomyaryans ryanst@mskcc.com KANE COCHRAN NATIONAL DIRECTOR, DIGITAL INNOVATION & MOBILE http://linkedin.com/in/kanecochran http://twitter.com/KaneC kcochran@hodes.com#LabDreams Thank You