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Concept paper pcse2014-03aug13

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2013 brought together CIOs and other C-level Industry along with the industry professional at one platform to discuss the issues that matters to them the most. Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2014 takes this initiative further and is planned to support the CIOs/IT Heads take the strategic direction of technology adoption in their organization in par with the regional and global IT trends. The summit will get together international and local experts who will share knowledge and experience that would assist the attending delegates to move to the next level of leadership strategies and techniques for personal and organizational growth.
  2. 2. DATA AND VENUE The Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2014 is proposed to be held on March 25-27, 2014. The proposed venue for the event is DHA Golf & Country Club, Karachi. Situated at Defense Phase 8, Defence Authority Country and Golf Club has gained popularity as the city's most prestigious social club. Spread over 140 acres, along the shores of Arabian Sea, the club provides a scenic view and peaceful environment for professional and personal group activities, High security parameters within the boundaries of the club make it an ideal location to organize international events. The newly built convention center at the club is a state of the art structure well suited for holding major conferences, conventions and summits.
  3. 3. SUMMIT THEME The theme of the summit is 'Solutions for Tomorrow' as the summit explores upcoming trends and technologies that are bound to change the way information is captured, processed, stored and used making a fundamental shift in the requirements for resources and leadership skills required by CIOs. Solutions for Tomorrow
  4. 4. SUMMIT STRUCTURE Summit is fragmented into focus sessions with each session comprising of an International/Keynote presentation followed by Q & A session, sponsored slots, case studies and presentation by academia.
  5. 5. Session:1 Future of BI - From Big Data to Smart Data The production of Data is expanding at an astonishing pace, with all the talk about the next big thing “Big Data”. Smart Data makes sense out of Big Data by providing value from harnessing the challenges posed by volume, velocity, variety & veracity of Big Data. In this session, we will learn how actionable information is extracted to improve decision making, how background knowledge, experiences, advanced and contextual reasoning, and personalization is used to extract Smart Data from Big Data. Cloud migrations can be large efforts that require an initial investment before the payback. It is important to establish the intended scope of systems that are being targeted for migration. In this session we will discuss about a support program, a business case which should be published to articulates the efficiency, agility or cost savings goals of Cloud Migration Session 2: Cloud Migration FOCUSED SESSIONS
  6. 6. New technologies bring new opportunities but at the same time information systems are exposed to new security threats. New solutions are developed to counter these threats. This session took a holistic view of the new security paradigm. Discussions leading to solutions were explored in areas that include Network Security, Confidentiality, Business Continuity, Access Control, Risk Assessment and Compliance. Radio Frequency Identification is one of the most widely applicable wireless transmission technologies that drives our automated daily life. When combined with WiFi, GPS, 4G Networks, Cloud Computing and other technologies only sky is the limit! In this session our experts will discuss how RFID & Sensors are coming together in hundreds of ways to create meaningful change for our business. Session 3: Mobile Applications Management for Enterprise FOCUSED SESSIONS Session 4: RFID Enterprise Info-Graphics
  7. 7. Old school Data Centers were about warehousing, with no awareness of who else was in that Data Center. The Next Generation of Data Centers are trying to foster the concept of Internalization. They are attempting to make cross-connects and form a type of marketplace for industry segments, thus evolving from simply an infrastructure provider to a more business-to-business environment. In this session our experts will discuss what implications this trend holds in terms of accessibility & privacy. The Software Defined Network is one where all infrastructures have been virtualized, and the management of that infrastructure is completely controlled by software that is driven by policies. In this session, domain expert will discuss what this emerging trend is essentially doing by taking what has happened over the last 15 years with server virtualization & bringing that to the network and storage levels. Once these three levels of the infrastructure have been virtualized, the data center becomes orders of magnitude more agile than ever before. Session 5: Next Generation Data Centers Session 6: SDN & Vitalisation FOCUSED SESSIONS
  8. 8. The enterprise of the future will be very different from the one we know. It will be complex, develop hitherto unforeseen forms, and we will have to respond to unforeseen challenges. All while the windows of opportunity and response will continue to shrink. There will not only be the need to be agile and adapt to changes as they occur, but to be proactive in shaping the next generation enterprise to be ready for the future. In this session research experts will discuss what the CIOs today can do to lead the transformation and realize the opportunities that are coming. Session 7: CIOs Role in Business Transformation FOCUSED SESSIONS
  9. 9. MAJOR TAKEAWAYS Pakistan CIO Summit & Expo 2014 offers an interactive & networking experience to exchange ideas and receive guidance from prominent CIOs, research experts and senior executives from leading technology experts & providers. It focuses on helping to turn your insights into actionable results by:  Gaining from the proven practices and market insight of your CIO peers  Teaming up with leaders who understand challenges  Transforming your CIO role with new leadership skills and organizational behaviors  Moving the organization forward through future- facing technologies, applications and approaches  Explore the issues that are top-of-mind for your CEO and business counterparts
  10. 10. PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS To ensure the success of Pakistan CIO Summit, the organizers will look forward to partner with a limited number of companies that offer valuable solutions and expertise. The event Sponsors are leaders in the provision of services, technology and information to senior IT executives. They will provide state of the art solutions to forward thinking corporations interested in staying ahead of the market. Local and International organizations, associations including ministries and government departments that support the cause of the summit and related topics will be requested to become Supporters for the Summit. An institute of repute that imparts IT education will be requested to become Knowledge Partner of Pakistan CIO Summit. The role of the institute will be to guide in the selection of theme, topics and speakers for the summit. Supporters Sponsors Knowledge Partner
  11. 11. PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS A research institute or a certified/accredited body that may join Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2014 by sharing expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the attending delegates. Local / International Organizations & Government Bodies who may work with Pakistan CIO Summit & Expo 2014 through deep, collective & determined approach to realize common goals by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus to reach an identical objective. Leading national/international magazine(s) of the industry will be chosen as Media Partners for the summit. Research Partner Collaborating Partner Media Partner
  12. 12. EXPO Alongside the summit, an IT exhibition will be held where solution providers will display their products and services for the attending delegates. The expo will provide valuable opportunities for business networking. It will showcase cutting edge solutions and technologies and offer enhanced prospects for new commercial ventures. The expo will cater to a broad range of sectors in the ICT industry and will bring business professionals together under a lucrative environment.
  13. 13. Contact Details for Sponsorship & Exhibiting Event Secretariat: Solutions Inc 112-C, Overseas Society, Amir Khusro Road Near Karsaz, Karachi Pakistan. Email: Tel: 0092-21-34375792-93-94-95 Fax: 0092-21-34395105